Someone I a review told me to do some Danny Phantom crossover one-shots. I forgot who reviewed and where the review is, but the idea hadn't left my head and since I'm a little stress, this will be my stress relief. So, here you go, one chapter fluffiness with girls from different shows! Be warned, this one will just be girls from the cartoon shows, not anime. Also, this is my 20th story, so hurrah!

So enjoy the first one-shot, featuring Mary Test!

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A thirteen year old girl with long, curly red hair with a moon shaped beret and teal colored eyes behind her glasses. She was wearing a yellow shirt with a crescent moon on with, baggy jeans and a pair of olive green sneakers with the crescent moon on it. Her most noticeable clothing was her lab coat.

She looked around block, hoping that her twin sister and little brother didn't follow her. She did managed to give them the split. She complimented herself for being smart enough to get away from them. Now she was waiting for someone to see her.

Unknown to Mary, her siblings, and pet dog, managed to find her and were hiding behind a corner, using some kind of super binoculars.

"Target sighted," another thirteen year old girl with red hair said. She looked just like the girl, except her hair was straight with a star beret, her glasses square and eyes blue and she was wearing a black skirt, black shoes and a blue shirt with a blue star.

"Uh…tell me again why we're following Mary?" an eleven year old boy with flaming colored hair with blue eyes wearing a nlack shirt with a hazard symbol on it under a blue jacket, green pants, a watch and a pair of black sneakers.

"Mary's been acting weird these past couple of weeks," Susan explained, remembering how her sister acted weird. "She keeps staring out into space and when Gil Nexdor took his shirt off," she said the name with a dreamy expression, "she didn't even look at him!"

"And that's bad because?" Dukey the dog asked, drinking a cup of coffee.

"If Mary ignored a shirtless Gil, then something is wrong," Susan explained. Since they were kids, Gil was always there main objective, and to see her own sister not drooling at the sight of shirtless Gil was very worrying.

"And this is my problem because?" Johnny asked with a bored expression.

"Because she's your family, and family should watch out for each other," Susan said in a dramatic fashion. When she saw the bored look on Johnny's face. "And because without her, we can't make cool inventions for you to test out."

"Okay, I'm in," Johnny said.

"But I'm out," Dukey said. "And there is no way you'll convince me otherwise."

Johnny and Susan gave him a deadpanned look before Johnny pulled out a steak from somewhere. Dukey stared at the stake with wide eyes before he grabbed it and ate it in one bite. "I'm in."

Suddenly, the binoculars started beeping, getting the three's attention. They all looked backed to where Mary was and saw that she was no longer alone.

It was a boy who appeared to be a year older than her, with messy black hair and blue eyes, wearing a white shirt with a red circle on the chest, blue jeans and red sneakers.

"I hope you weren't waiting long," the boy said with a grin.

"Don't worry about it, Danny," Mary said in a tone that she only used for Gil. "I just got here."

Danny offered his arm, which Mary eagerly took. As the two walked away, they did not noticed the disbelief look of three people following them.

"Is she…on a date?" Susan asked in shock.

"Who was that guy?" Dukey asked, never seeing that guy before.

"He's Danny Fenton, our new classmate," Susan replied, recognizing the black haired boy. "He moved in Porkbelly months ago."

"There, we know what's wrong with her. Can we go now?" Johnny asked.

"No, we have to follow them," Susan said before she grabbed Johnny by the arm and dragged him with Dukey following them.

The three followed Danny and Mary through their date. First, the couple shared a banana split with them feeding each other, much to Johnny's disgust. After that, the two went to see 'Mushy, Mushy, Kissy, Kissy Romance' and Johnny was forced to watch the movie with Susan, who was still following the couple.

After the movies, they followed the couple to the amusement park. It was there that Johnny actually enjoyed following the two. The couple rode the roller coaster, the Ferris Wheel, the Tunnel of Love (which made Johnny gross), and then they played a few game booths, where Danny won Mary a big bunny.

"Do we still need to follow them?" Dukey asked, eating his tenth chili dog. "I'm tired."

"And bored," Johnny said with a groan, eating some cheesy nachos.

"We need to keep Mary safe, okay?" Susan said with an annoyed sigh. "What happens if this Danny is actually a super villain?"

"So? I'll just kick his butt as Johnny X," Johnny said with a shrug. "What could go wrong?" Suddenly, a gold plane embedded with diamonds appeared on top of them. Without warning, a giant tentacle came and grabbed Susan and carried her away.

"Susan Test!" someone from the ship exclaimed. In the pilot's seat was a pudgy boy with brown hair wearing expensive clothes and jewelry, especially a bling bling of two letter B's. "You will mine!"

"Woah…didn't see that coming," Johnny admitted before he and Dukey were swatted aside by the tentacle. As Bling Bling Boy flew away with Susan, Mary and Danny looked at the commotion.

"Susan!?" Mary exclaimed in shock as she saw her twin, yet younger, sister being carried away.

"I got this!" Danny told her as he ran behind a tree. "Goin' Ghost!" With a flash of light, Danny changed his appearance, turning into Danny Phantom. It was a good thing he told Mary about his secret.

Danny flew after the gold plane, grab Susan by the arm, turned intangible and slipped her out of the tentacle. Confused, Susan looked and saw Danny carrying her to safety.

"Wow…thanks," Susan said as Danny put her to the ground.

"No problem," Danny said before he looked and saw the gold airplane pointing guns, blasters and missiles at him.

"I will not have my love for Susan Test be stopped!" Bling Bling Boy exclaimed. "Surrender, white haired boy!"

"Or how about you chill out, Eugene," Danny said before firing a blue ray at the plane. In a flash, the plane, weapons and Eugene were trapped in solid ice. "Well, my job here is done! Um…stay in school!"

He then disappeared in front of the crowd as Johnny and Dukey came in. When he was far enough, Danny transformed back to his human half, where he was hugged by Mary.

"That was so brave of you, Danny," Mary commented to the blushing boy.

"It was nothing," Danny said with a grin as he rubbed the back of his neck. "I fought meatloaf tougher than him."

Soon, it was time to take Mary home. Holding her hand, Danny led his date back to the Test House. He led her to the door before letting go.

"I had a really great time, Danny," Mary said with a blush and small smile.

"Me too, Mary," Danny said with a blush. "If you want, we ca do this again sometimes."

"I would like that," Mary said. Before Danny could react, Mary leaned forward and pecked him in the lips. She then opened the door and went in, leaving a frozen Danny outside. A second later, Danny cheered before back flipping to the sidewalk.

Mary giggled as she walked to her room. She didn't even cringed when her dad said that dinner would be ready in half an hour, and they're having meatloaf, again.

As she entered her room, she was suddenly tackled by Susan, Johnny and Dukey.

"Hey! What's wrong?" Mary asked, confused to what they were doing.

"Who are you and what have you done to the real Mary Test?" Johnny interrogated.

"What are you guys talking about?" Mary asked as she pushed them off her.

"They were wondering why you were going out with that Fenton boy," Dukey explained.

"Oh, that?" Mary said with a smile. "Why didn't you say so?"

"So why were you going out with him?" Susan asked, looking at her twin, yet older, sister.

"Well, it started about three weeks ago," Mar said as she remembered how she and Danny met.


Mary was carrying a lot of books as she walked through the hallway. Susan was sick because Eugene tried to use a super chemical chocolate to make her fall in love with him, but it gave her food poisoning.

She walked towards the stairs, not seeing a water bottle on the ground. She stepped out on it, causing her trip down the stairs. She yelp as she dropped the books and fell. Before she painfully hit the ground, she felt someone caught her.

"You should watch your step there," a voice said that got her attention. She looked up and saw Danny carrying her in a princess carry.

"Oh…um…thanks…" Mary said with a smile and a blush.

"No problem," Danny said as she put her down. "You want help carrying those books?"

"I'd like that, thanks," Mary said as the two picked the books up.

Flashback End…

"And after that, we just hang out a lot," Mary said with a shrug as she walked towards her bed and placed the stuff bunny on her pillow, pushing the framed picture of Gil off. "You should see the stuff he made. He's a genius."

Before they could respond to that, the doorbell rang.

"Can someone get that?" their dad called from downstairs. He was busy preparing another meatloaf terror.

The group walked downstairs and Mary opened the door. They were surprised to see Gil Nexdor in front of their door, his grin in place.

"Gil Nexdor…" Susan said dreamily with heart-shaped eyes. Mary just gave Gil a disinterested stare.

"Hey there, Mary," Gil said, looking at Mary with a grin that made his teeth shine. "I was wondering if you wanna chill out sometimes."

Susan, Johnny and Dukey were shocked that Gil would ask Mary out on a date. But when they looked at Mary, they were even more shocked when they saw that Mary was not interested.

"No thanks," Mary said with a shrug. "I'm pretty busy."

Gil looked surprised that he got rejected.

"Okay…well…" he said awkwardly. "If you wanna hang out, call me sometimes, kay?"

"Whatever," Mary said before walking back in the house.

"0kay, did that just happen?" Johnny asked to Dukey, who also looked shock.

"Um…Gil, I'm not busy," Susan said, getting Gil's attention.

"Uh…Have I seen you before?" Gil asked with a confused expression, much to Susan's dismay. "Later Johnny-bro! Mary! Girl I Never Meet Before!"

When Gil left, Johnny closed the door and they all looked at Mary, who was sighing as she looked at a holographic picture of Danny Fenton.

"Danny," she said dreamily.

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