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It was a beautiful day, and a young girl of ten was humming as she collected herbs in a straw basket. She was cute, with brown eyes and long blue hair that reached her shoulders, dressed in a green dress, and stamped on her right shoulder was a symbol that looked like a cat. Next to her was a white cat walking on hind legs, dressed in a pink dress with a ribbon tied on her tail.

"I think this is enough, Wendy," the cat said, looking at the herbs. "We have enough, now let's go."

"Okay, Carla," Wendy replied, carrying the basket happily. She was Wendy Marvel, a young mage in the guild Cait Shelter. Her companion was a flying cat that hatched from an egg she found.

She hummed happily as she and Carla walked back to where their guild was located. The master asked for them and she was happy to oblige. Suddenly, her sensitive ears picked something.

"Carla, I can hear something," she said to the cat.

"What is it?" Carla said, tensing.

"It sounded like…someone breathing," Wendy said. She followed her ears. She heard ragged breathing behind the bushes. She and Carla looked behind the bushes and were shocked to see an injured boy. "He's hurt!"

She put the basket down and rushed to the boy. He appears to be her age, with black hair and pale skin, dressed in rags and beaten. He seemed sick, with his cheeks flushed and him breathing heavily. She placed a hand on his forehead, and felt that he was burning.

"We need to take him back to the guild!" Wendy exclaimed, picking up the boy. She stumbled a bit before huffing. Carla sighed before white, bird-like wings appeared on her back. She grabbed Wendy's back and flew off, carrying the boy with them.

As they flew to their guild, the boy slightly opened his eyes. His vision was blurry, but he could see someone with wings carrying him.

"…An angel…" he muttered before sleeping. Wendy heard him and turned red from what he said. Carla noticed her blushing and gave her a deadpanned look.

"Why are you turning red?"

"N-no reason!"

The two arrived back back in their guild, which was also a small village. Villagers were doing their usual thing, weaving clothes, farming or cooking. But once Wendy and Carla came with an injured boy, everyone stopped what they were doing and rushed towards them, asking the little girls questions.

"Stop," an elderly voice said, causing everyone to stop. They all looked and saw the guild master and chief of the village, Roubaul, a short, old man with a white beard that connected to his eyebrows and wears a feather headdress, blue pants and shoes, bandages wrapped around his arms and the guild's symbol at the center of his forehead.

He looked at their youngest guild members before at the boy they brought. He eyed him critically, sensing something strange inside him.

"Take him inside," he said, causing the older people to take the boy from the girl's grip and into the guild building. Roubaul then looked at Wendy. "Where did you find him?"

Wendy told them how she found the injured boy when she was gathering some herbs in the forest, injured and sick.

"Why didn't you try healing him?" Roubaul asked.

"I…I wasn't sure…I can heal him," Wendy mumbled, looking down.

"You have to be more confident, child," Roubaul said, patting her on the head. "You are, after all, a child of a dragon."

Wendy looked up a little from that. Even though she wasn't a prideful person, she was proud to be the daughter of the Sky Dragon, Grandeneey. She loved her dragon mother, but she suddenly disappeared five years ago. She was then found by a nice boy and they traveled the world for a bit, looking for Grandeneey, but he left, leaving her to Cait Shelter.

"Now, go on and heal the boy," Roubaul said in an encouraging tone.

Wendy nodded and entered the guild. She walked to the medical room, where the boy was resting peacefully, being tended by an old woman. She excused herself in and walked towards the boy. Taking a deep breath, she extended her arms and cast a spell.

Her palms emitted a soft glow that slowly covered the unconscious boy. Almost immediately, all the injuries the boy had disappeared. Slowly, he opened his eyes, showing bright blue. Wendy couldn't help but stare at his eyes, feeling like seeing the sky.

"…You…the angel?" he said, his voice tired. Wendy blushed, but quickly shook that off.

"Who are you, child?" Roubaul asked gently.

"Name…Danny…Phantom," the now named Danny replied, rubbing his head. He then looked at Wendy. "Are…you an angel?"

"N-n-no!" Wendy stammered, waving her hands.

"Hm…" Danny said, looking at her closely. "Well…you don't have wings and a halo…and your butt's not out…"

Wendy turned atomic red before covering her face while Roubaul just looked at them with a deadpanned expression.

Time Skip…

"C'mon, Wendy," a thirteen-year-old Danny said, turning to a twelve-year-old Wendy. He was dressed in a black vest with white trimming, white pants kept by a black belt, black boots and black wristbands. His hair was spikey and on his right shoulder was the symbol of their guild. "You're so slow."

"You're walking to fast, Danny!" Wendy groaned, trying to catch up with him. She was dressed in a yellow and blue dress and white shoes with wing like patterns. Her hair grew longer and she grew a little taller. "Slow down!"

Danny smiled a little as he slowed a bit, letting her catch up. Things changed for him since he met Wendy. After regaining his strength, Roubaul realized something about Danny; he has no memory of his life before Wendy and Carla found him. He also seemed to lack common sense, since he would strip even when people were in the room, pat people in the groin to find out their gender, and would ask very uncomfortable questions.

But his magic was interesting and rare, Ghost Magic, a Forgotten Magic, founded during the Golden Age of Magic. With his magic and potential, he joined Cait Shelter, teaming up with Wendy and Carla, going on missions and earning a name for himself as the guild's ace, despite his young age.

And right now, he and Wendy were picked to join the alliance to destroy Oracion Seis, one of the three Dark Guilds that was part of the Balam Alliance.

Wendy was actually excited, despite being so nervous. One of their allies was a guild called Fairy Tail, a very infamous one, with them causing property damage in every mission they do. Two of their members were Dragon Slayers, so Wendy was hoping to meet at least one of them.

"Look, there's the place," Wendy said, looking at the building where the meeting would take place. "Mou…I'm so nervous."

"Calm down, Wendy," Danny said, looking at his friend. "No need to be nervous. There's a reason Old Man Roubaul picked us for this. Just be confident. Besides, you breath air! She use air to pound people away! And you heal people. That's pretty important."

Wendy blushed, showing Danny that she was happy with what he said. He found out a long time ago that when she's red, she's happy. That, or she's embarrassed. He then grabbed her hand, causing her to turn redder. He pulled her towards the building and came in.

"Cait Shelter has arrived!" Danny exclaimed, getting everyone's attention. Wendy grew nervous as Danny grinned at them. Inside the building were the guilds of Fairy Tail, Lamia Scale and Blue Pegasus. All the older mages looked at the two with surprised looks as Danny dragged Wendy in.

"What? Children?" the pink haired woman said.

"Cait Shelter sent two kids?" the busty blond from Fairy Tail said.

"Cait Shelter seems to be looking down on us," the gray-haired one from Lamia Scale said.

"What's Cait Shelter thinking, sending two kids?" the black-haired guy in Fairy Tail said.

"No," the short one in Blue Pegasus said, eying the two. "I can smell wonderful parfume on them."

"Indeed," the bald one from Lamia Scale said, looking at the two. "These two are strong."

"But still, why just two of them?" the red head asked. "This mission is too dangerous for two children."

"It's three of us, actually," a voice said. The two kids looked up and saw Carla flying above them.

"A female Happy!" the pink-haired guy exclaimed in shock. The blue cat just stared at Carla with big eyes, looking love struck.

"Another Happy," Lucy said.

"Carla, you followed us?" Wendy said as Carla landed beside them.

"Hmph, like I would leave you two alone," Carla said with narrowed eyes. "A boy and a girl, all alone, without supervision. I will not allow that!"

"Carla!" Wendy exclaimed, red face.

"Aw, so you were worried about us," Danny said, not knowing what Carla was implying.

Suddenly, Wendy and Carla were surrounded by three guys wearing suits. Danny blinked as the shortest one seemed to be making her uncomfortable. The guy grab her hand and kneeled down.

"I never thought I would see a beauty such as you," he said as he leaned and kiss the hand.

"Dude, that's gross," a voice said. Eve looked up and saw that he was holding Danny's hand. He looked at him before at the hand before he screamed and run back. Everyone was shocked as they turned to Wendy, who looked relieved.

"How did he do that?" Erza said, looking at the boy as he grabbed Hibiki's coat and rubbed his arm on it, much to the guy's dismay.

"Anyway, my name's Danny Phantom," Danny said as he walked towards Wendy, gesturing at her.

"And I'm…Wendy Marvel," Wendy muttered shyly before pointing at Carla. "And she's Carla. We are the representatives of Cait Shelter."

"Hm?" Natsu said, furrowing his brow as he looked at the girl. "Wendy?"

"Want some fish?" Happy asked nicely, offering a big fish to Carla, who just huffed and looked away.

Time Skip…

After a brief explanation on what the mission was about and the enemies' identities, the Light Alliance immediately rushed out the building. Natsu ran off, followed by his guildmates, then by Danny, who dragged Wendy and Carla, then by Lamia Scale, minus Jura, and Blue Pegasus, minus Ichiya.

The group ran through the forest, towards Blue Pegasus' secret weapon, Christina. Suddenly, Danny stopped, feeling something strange.

"Stop!" he called, causing everyone to stop, looking at him.

"What's wrong? Tired?" Gray asked, looking at the kid.

"There's something wrong," Danny said as he looked around the place.

Suddenly, a large shadow covered them, causing everyone to look up and see a giant, flying battleship with a horse on it.

"Behold, Blue Pegasus' pride and glory, Christina!" Hibiki said.

"Guess your bad feeling was just nerves," Eve said, shooting a smug look at Danny, who just narrowed his eyes at the ship, before his eyes widened. "Look out!"

As soon as he shouted that, Christina blew up. Everyone stared in shock as their weapon against Oracion Seis was destroyed. Debris started falling towards them, and before they could react, a green dome surrounded them, protecting them from the debris.

"What the?" Lucy said, looking at the dome. "Where did this…"

She then saw Danny, his hands raised, which were glowing green. He then lowered his hands, causing the dome to dissipate.

"Just nerves, huh?" Danny said, looking Gray and Eve.

The group stood ready as a small group walked towards them. Five, strangely dressed men, and one of them was sleeping on a flying carpet, the purple-haired one had a purple snake around him, a square-headed, curly-haired man with a book, a guy that looked like a turkey with a red and white, skintight suit, and brown-skinned, white haired man with six markings on his face and a staff with a skull on it.

"Impressive, you have one competent mage," the man with the staff said. "But that doesn't mean anything. As we speak, one of our own has taken care of your strongest mages."

Their eyes widened when he said that. To think they're strongest mages were beaten before they even started.

"And now, it's your turn," he said before looking at the three mages who were awake. "Kill them."

Time Skip…

After what felt like forever, the Oracion Seis has finally fallen, with Nirvana finally destroyed. After it was activated, it was revealed by that Brain, who turned into Zero, wanted to use Nirvana to destroy Cait Shelter, Danny, Wendy and Carla's guild.

With some help, they finally discovered a way to stop Nirvana, by destroying the power orbs. Though they were surprised that Danny chose the path that led him to Zero. Wendy was deathly worried as she waited for her best friend.

"Hey," Lucy said, crouching next to the worried girl. "It's going to be alright. I'm sure your friend is fine."

Wendy looked at Lucy and nodded. Suddenly, a familiar scent caught her attention, and she immediately looked at the direction, so did everyone else as they heard footsteps. Walking towards them was a slightly beaten Danny Phantom, dragging an unconscious Brain with him, a smirk on his face.

"I'm back," he said simply, letting go of Brain.

Suddenly, something tackled him to a hug. He looked and saw Wendy crying happily as she hugged him. Blinking, he awkwardly returned the hug.

Time Skip…

All the members of the alliance were celebrating their victory in Cait Shelter, where they were offered new clothes and delicious food, as thanks for saving them.

Wendy and Danny were entertaining their guests, well, Wendy was, she was just dragging Danny around, smiling widely.

Now, with new clothes and stomachs full, the master of Cait Shelter gathered everyone to say something.

"First, I would like to thank you all for saving Cait Shelter," the master said in a grateful tone. "If it wasn't for you, we would be destroyed by our own folly."

"What do you mean, master?" Danny asked.

"Nirvana was created by us a long time ago," Roubaul explained, much to the alliances' shock. "We created it to try and rid the darkness in everyone's hearts, but we didn't realize that the opposite could be done. We hid Nirvana to prevent it from being used again, but we should have just destroyed it. We were too proud to think someone would find it. I spent many years to make sure it would never be used again, ever since it almost destroyed my people."

"Hang on," Danny said, confused. "You sound like you were there, master."

"I was," Roubaul said, surprising them. "I spent hundred years guarding Nirvana. I am the last of my people."

What do you mean?" Gray asked, crossing his arms. "What about everyone in your guild?"

"They are but manifestations of my magic," he said, shocking the two children and cat as their guildmates looked at them with sad expressions. "I created the guild, for the sake of Wendy here, as a favor from a young acquaintance…But now that Nirvana is gone, I can finally rest."

"W-what?" Wendy said before everyone she knew started disappearing. "No! Master!"

Roubaul looked sad as the two children started crying as the fake people said goodbye. He didn't want to do this, but his time came a long time ago. Besides, the Danny, Wendy and Charla have each other, and there are more guilds out there.

"Don't be sad, children," Roubaul said as his old body started fading. "It is time for you to see the world. And you are not alone. You have each other, and the new friends you'll make. Farewell."

With that, he and Cait Shelter disappeared, leaving the others alone. Wendy held on to Danny and Carla as they cried, since the family they had disappeared.

"What are we going to do now?" Wendy asked, as tears flowed from her eyes.

"…You can come with us," Erza said, stepping forward, causing the three to look at her as she gave them a gentle smile. "Come with us, to Fairy Tail."

Time Skip…

"Wow," Wendy said as she looked around the guild with wide eyes full with awe. "We're in Fairy Tail."

"It's big," Danny said as he saw a swimming pool.

"It's noisy," Carla said with a huff.

"Everyone, we're back!" Natsu exclaimed, getting everyone's attention.

Everyone gathered around them, asking how the mission was, before spotting the three newcomers. Erza noticed, so she gestured at the them with a small smile.

"These are Danny, Wendy and Carla," she said, introducing them. "They have nowhere else to go, so we decided to take them with us."

"I see," a man said. Everyone then saw a short, old man, so short that he was only taller than Carla and Happy. "Well then, I welcome you all to Fairy Tail!"

"…He's so short," Danny whispered to Wendy, but everyone heard him, causing the master to sweatdrop and the others to laugh.

"I'll handle this, master," a beautiful woman with white hair said, walking towards the kids and cat.

"Wow~ It's Mirajane!" Wendy said with starry eyes. "Look, Danny, it's really Mirajane!"

"She's wearing clothes," Danny commented, since the only time he ever saw Mirajane was in those magazines, wearing only swimsuits. "I thought she was always naked."

"Ara, ara," Mirajane said with a laugh, but there was a demonic presence behind her. "You're so funny. Now, where do you want your guild stamp."

Once the three got their stamps, they started to mingle with the rest of the guild. The rest of the guild were shocked to see another Happy, and were surprised to have another Dragon Slayer. Wendy was embarrassed by their compliments as Danny just stood there, not used to have so many people around, so he didn't know what to do.

Suddenly, a brawl started, and Natsu was thrown to Danny by Elfman, Mirajane's younger brother. Wendy exclaimed, rushing towards Danny to see if he was alright, when the boy suddenly stood up.

"You're gonna pay for that, Elfman!" Natsu exclaimed as he stood up. Before he could charge, Danny grabbed him and threw him to Elfman, much to their surprise. The two slammed to each other, hitting other people.

"That felt good," Danny said with a satisfied sigh.

Suddenly, the people who got hit by Natsu pounced on Danny, causing another guild fight. Lucy, Wendy, Carla and Happy took refuge on a fallen table as the rest started fighting.

"Welcome to Fairy, I guess," Lucy said with a small laugh. Wendy soon laughed as well, while Carla sighed as Happy offered her a fish.

Time Skip…

As Danny and Wendy continue walking on the street they stop by an ice cream stand and order some ice creams with two scoops, Danny took chocolate and vanilla and Wendy took chocolate and raspberry. They were sitting on a bench eating their ice creams with smiles on their faces enjoying the flavors.

Meanwhile, their friends were still watching them as they all took a sit on the tables with each of them eating their own ice cream.

Wendy asked Danny out on a date, with encouragement from Lucy. Danny agreed, but then he asked what a date was, so Lucy said that it was a thing two friends do together.

"Even though they're on a date, with Danny being so clueless, they look more like just children than a couple," Carla said observing, eating a Darjeeling Tea-flavored ice cream.

"Oh come on, even couples eats ice creams. Besides they look so cute," Lucy reply eating a caramel ice cream.

"Indeed, it is. Nothing like eating ice cream with the person by your side," Erza said eating a strawberry sundae.

"It was about time we take a break and have a snack," Natsu said eating a coal-flavored ice cream.

"Aye sir," Happy replied eating a fishsicle.

"The cold doesn't bother me as an ice wizard," Gray said eating an ice shaved.

Both Lucy and Carla signed. "Boys."

"This is good!" Danny exclaimed, never having ice cream before.

"Yeah, it sure is," Wendy replied with a happy smile. She didn't noticed that some got on her nose, but Danny did.

"Hey, Wendy."


"You got some on your nose," Danny pointed. Suddenly, before Wendy could react, Danny licked it, causing Wendy to freeze and turn red.

"Why the nerve of that boy-!" Carla was about to snap until Lucy stops her.

"Now, now, calm down Carla, it's not like he did an in-direct kiss," Lucy said trying to reassurred her.

"That's the last thing I ever wanted to see!" Carla said.

"Then what about a direct kiss?" Happy popped out the question.

"THAT is the last thing I ever wanted to see!" Carla snapped.

Time Skip…

"Wow…" Danny commented as he looked at the Edolas version of Fairy Tail, especially at Edolas-Wendy, who was the same age as Lucy. He then turned to normal Wendy. "She's bigger than you!"

Wendy, staring at Edolas-Wendy's chest, deflated in depressions, looking at her chest, even though Danny meant that she was older than her, not about the chest size.

"Hey, that kid looks like the Specter," Edolas-Droy said, looking at Danny with a hint of fear.

"You're right," Edolas-Jet said, eying him suspiciously. "He looks the Danny Specter."

Time Skip…

Danny panted as he lied on his back, next to his Edolas counterpart, Danny Specter, one of the King's trusted governor. He was older, with the same hair and eyes. His weapon, the Soul Shredder, and black armor was broken.

"Hey, you're pretty good, kid," Specter said, wincing from the bruises he had.

"Well, I am you, so that's no surprise," Danny said with a smirk before looking at the dark sky. "Wonder how Wendy is doing?"

"Wendy? Who's that, your girlfriend?" Specter said with a smirk.

"Yup," Danny said, not knowing what girlfriend meant. "Isn't the Wendy here your girlfriend?"

"She's cute, but she won't be interested in a guy like me," Specter said, remember Edolas-Wendy.

"If I like my Wendy, you'll like your Wendy," Danny said before he started glowing. "Huh, looks like I'm going home. See ya, other me."

"Heh," Specter said as he saw his younger self fly to the sky in a ray of bright light. "Good kid."

Suddenly, a figure stood before him. Blinking, he saw that it was Wendy, who looked worried.


"Long time, no see, Wendy," Specter said as Edolas-Wendy kneeled next to him, tending his wounds.

"You big dummy."

Time Skip…

Danny waited alongside Mirajane, Gajeel, Laxus and Juvia to be called. They were participating in the Grand Magic Games, to reclaim their old glory from seven years ago, after getting trapped in the First Master's sphere to protect them from Acnologia, but that was another story.


"Let's go," Laxus said as they all huddled together, to make their epic entrance. In a flash of lighting and green energy, they appeared in the arena.


Everyone was shocked to see that there was another Fairy Tail team, especially the team consisting of Natsu, Erza, Gray, Lucy and Wendy.

"Hi!" Danny said as waved at Fairy Tail, who were still dumbfounded.

Time Skip…

The Grand Magic Games was finally over, with Fairy Tail as the victor, and they finally regained their former glory.

But not, they were fighting something important, something that they neglected to finish.

"Now, it's time to settle the bet between Team A and Team B," Makarov announced as the two teams looked at each other. "Pick your representatives."

"I'll handle this," Laxus said as he cracked his knuckles.

"Good luck, Laxus," Mirajane cheered.

"You better not lose!" Gajeel exclaimed.

"Have fun," Danny cheered.

"Sorry, Laxus, but I shall win," Erza declared.

"Beat him up, Erza!" Natsu exclaimed.

"Don't lose," Gray said.

"Please don't lose," Lucy cried, not wanting to know what they would do with them.

The two glared at each other before they moved. Erza was using scissors while Laxus was holding rock. He smirked as Erza stared at her hands in shock.


After that, Natsu, Lucy, Happy, Erza, Gray and Carla were forced to get something from a forest. Wendy would have gone them, but she was doing something.

"H-here," Wendy said as she held a piece of grape to Danny's mouth as he rested his head on her lap. She was blushing as Danny ate the grape.

"This does feel nice," Danny said as he gestured at Wendy for another grape.

"Aw, how cute," Mirajane said as she took a picture.

Time Skip…

He didn't know what was wrong as he stared at the black-haired man, the world around them was halted. Fairy Tail was currently in a war with what appears to be monsters created by Zeref, and they were having a tough time.

"…You have grown from the last time I saw you," he said with a small smile. "Sadly, you are not strong enough to kill me."

"Who are you?" Danny asked as he stared at the man. There was something familiar about him, but he didn't know why. "How do you know my name."

"I am Zeref," the man said as he held a book that spelled E.D.D. "As for how I know your name, you are not ready to know it yet. Now, there is a situation I must handle, I only came to say hello. We will meet again, Danny."

Before Danny could ask, he disappeared, and the world started moving again.

"Danny?" Wendy asked as Danny looked around in confusion. "Is something wrong?"

"N-nothing," Danny said as they continued searching for the others.

Time Skip…

Danny, Wendy and Carla were walking on the road with their luggage after leaving Magnolia behind. After the Tartaros battle, Makarov has decided to disband the guild metting with outrage by the guild, however Makarov angrily shouts that Fairy Tail is forever done, and that anyone who utters that name in his presence again will regret it. He wanted them to follow their dreams and move on. It was hard for the members, especially to Danny and Wendy. So right now, the three companions were travelling to their next destination.

Wendy looks down as she stopped making Danny and Carla to stop as well to look at her.

"Wendy?" Carla asked in a worried tone.

"I... I still can't believe that it's over... after everything we went through, it's over," Wendy said as she's about to cry.

Suddenly, Danny approached and he hugs her, surprising the Sky Maiden.

"It's okay, Wendy," Danny reassured her. "Fairy Tail may be no more, but we have so many memories with everyone, I'm sure they won't forget us and neither will we. For now, we should move on and find a new place for us."

Wendy was so touched by Danny's words, he was always there for her whenever she was in trouble or feeling down, and he still is even after they joined Fairy Tail. Now that she think about it, the two of them went through everything together. Wendy slowly wrapped her arms around Danny, returning the hug.

"...Thank you, Danny," Wendy muttered.

"I hate to break the moment, but if you two stayed like this, you would be stuck in the middle of the road," Carla said teased, but also glad for the boy to cheer Wendy.

The two separated with blushes on their faces, Danny was slightly while Wendy was beat red.

"Come on, let's go!" Danny said grabbed Wendy's hand as they run with Carla flying. "Let's go join a new Guild!" He cheered.

Time Skip…

Thanksgiving Parade is an annual event held by Lamia Scale in their city, Margaret Town. Being part of the celebrations, many prominent members of Lamia Scale participated in the talent show portion of the festival. The festival was for promote and prioritize the harmony between the city and the guild.

Danny, now a member of the guild for a year, was behind the stage as the guild master, Ooba Babasaama, was performing a formal dance. It is the first time he'll be perform on a stage, he was wearing clothes that makes him look princely, the hag insisted that he wears them, or else she spins him. Needless to say, he looks like he stands for his title.

"Next, our guild's Prince of Ghosts..." Yuka announced, it was Danny's cue to appear. "Please welcome, Danny Phantom!"

The crowd, especially the females, cheer as he entered the stage. Danny wave at the crowd with his grin.

Danny then raise his hands in the air as he activated his magic, causing eight ghostly energy orbs to appear as they circled around him. With each second, the orbs spun faster and faster, soon enough they have become a ring of ghostly energy. Danny raise one hand high in the air with the ring before he clenched as the ring burst into sparks.

The audiences cheered at the act he performed, but he wasn't done yet. He created another orb on his hands, then threw it in the sky, causing it explode, creating an image of the Lamia Scale's emblem in the air, causing the crowd cheered loudly this time.

"And that was Danny Phantom, folks!" Yuka announced as Danny bows to the crowd before he left. "Next is our lovely Maidens of the Sky, Wendy Marvel and Chelia Blendy!"

The air shimmered as a whirlwind appeared in the stage, and out appear Wendy and Chelia, dressed like royal maidens as they started performing a dance with their magic.

Behind the stage, Danny watched Wendy dance, mesmerized. It took him a while, but he finally realized his feelings for Wendy, the girl who saved him and the first friend he ever made. It was only after talking to Chelia, did he find out that his feelings were love.

But he didn't know how to tell him her feelings, since he's never done it before.

Suddenly, a flash of pink and blond colors caught his attention. Eyes widening, he looked closely and saw two faces he hasn't seen in a year.

Time Skip…

The War between Fiore and Alvarez was going on for almost a day. They managed to ward off an army that was attacking them, but they ward them off, somehow. Danny and Wendy were currently walking back to Fairy Tail, to regroup with the others.

"You feeling okay, Wendy?" Danny asked as they made their way to their guild.

"I'm just nervous," Wendy replied, sweating a little. "We're going to war with Alvarez and Zeref…But I'm not worried, since you're with me."

Danny looked at her before smiling. She was right, as long as he was with her, he has nothing to worry about. His thoughts then turned to his feelings to Wendy. Thanks to Chelia, he finally knew how to act.

"Wendy," he said, getting her attention. "If we survive this, I'm gonna make you my bride."

It took Wendy a minute to process what Danny said as he walked back to the guild, before her face turned red.


Time Skip…

Danny panted as he stood in front of the First Master, protecting her from Zeref. He didn't know what happened to the others, all he knew was that all the Dragon Slayers were taken somewhere, along with Acnologia.

He then found himself alone in the guild with Mavis, and was fighting Zeref. He didn't know, but he was compelled to fight him, to kill.

"What a fitting scene that you would be here with us, Danny," Zeref said as he stared at Danny and Mavis. "Perhaps it is time I tell you who you are."

"Who I am?" he repeated with a confused expression.

"Do you ever wonder who you are or where you came from," he asked as he looked at the E.D.D. book in his arms. "Or who your parents are?"

"Not really, no," Danny said with a shrug.

"Just like your mother," Zeref said as he looked at Mavis. "Always focus on the present than the past."

"My mother…" Danny said, following Zeref's gaze. "The First…That can't be…"

"That's right," Zeref said as he walked towards them. "Mavis was your mother, and you are my son."

"Son…" Danny said as Mavis' eyes widened.

"Yes, I am your father," Zeref said as he held the book. "You are the last of my demons, created from your parents' blood. You are Etherious Danny Dragneel. And your purpose is to kill me if Natsu fails."

"…That's kinda messed up…" Danny said as his hands glowed. "I'm a mage of Fairy Tail, and we don't kill."

Zeref looked at him before he sighed. Suddenly, his expression changed, his eyes glowing red. Danny's eyes turned green before he charged. Zeref fired a wave of black energy, but Danny swiped it aside with a wave of green energy. This was why he gave Danny Ghost Magic, since it would counter his Death Magic, in hopes of giving him an advantage of killing him.

Zeref ducked as Danny kicked at his head. Danny got on his hands before jumped towards Zeref, spinning as his fist glowed. He aimed the fist at Zeref, who dodged it, but his cheek got grazed. He suddenly punched Danny in the gut, sending him flying.

He landed on the table before he started firing at Zeref, who just dodged it with waves of black energy. He then fired at Danny, who jumped to the air and started kicking green waves towards Zeref. He simply raised his hand and a black dome blocked the waves. When the dome dispersed, he saw that Danny was gone. He turned around and saw Danny behind him and aimed threw a kick, hitting Zeref's chest. Danny followed with several punches, before Zeref caught his fist before slamming him to the ground. Zeref released a wave of black energy towards Danny, who quickly blocked it by creating a green shield. He then threw the shield, slamming Zeref away from him. He jumped towards Zeref, who raised his hand and fired another wave of black energy. Danny growled as he just punched the wave away with a glowing fist. Zeref just narrowed his eyes as he moved his head to dodge the punched before punching Danny on the face.

Danny slammed to the wooden floors, before he growled, eyes glowing green. With a roar, he started firing at Zeref, who moved his hands in a circular motion to create swirling, dark energy, blocking the green blasts.

Mavis watched as Father and Son fought. It tore her heart to see these two fighting so violently, when parent and child should love each other. But now, they were fighting in her home, and it brought tears to her eyes. She watched as the two prepared strong attacks, intent on hurting each other.

"Stop!" she exclaimed. Zeref, surprised, faltered, allowing Danny to punch him.

"Got you!" he exclaimed as his entire body was covered in a green aura. Zeref watched with wide eyes as Danny's aura spread to Zeref's body. "Now, let's finish this!"

Zeref screamed as the aura entered his body. Danny grunted in pain as he felt his magic leave his body. It was his first time using this spell, but he knew what it was for, to finally give Zeref what he wants.

Zeref screamed as he felt his magical core ruptured by the green energy. He screamed as black energy flew out of his eyes and mouth. Once it was, the two fell to the ground, along with the E.D.D. book.

Mavis rushed towards the two, worried. Danny grunted, feeling tired from using that move. He looked as Mavis kneeled next to them.

She gave him a worried look before turning to Zeref, who looked weak.

"What…did you do?" he asked as he felt old.

"My job," Danny replied as his eyelids felt heavy. "My Ghost Magic was used to destroy the curse…You're free…"

"So…I finally lost," Zeref said, a small smile appearing on his face as Danny fell asleep. "Thank you…son…"

"Zeref…" Mavis muttered, tears appearing in her eyes. "You idiot…"

"Mavis…" Zeref said as he patted her cheek. "I'm sorry…for everything."

"Don't talk," Mavis said as she held his hand holding her cheek. "Just be quiet."

The two stayed like that until Zeref stopped breathing. Mavis eyes were filled with tears as he finally died. She then saw the book E.D.D. turning to ashes. Eyes widening, she turned to Danny, who was slowly disappearing.

"No," she said as she thought of a way to stop this. She then got an idea, turning to Zeref. "I'll join you soon, Zeref."

She then closed her eyes as she placed her hands on Danny's chest. Using her remaining magic energy, she transferred it to Danny, trying to stable him. She hoped that since she was his mother, she could prevent him from disappearing.

Suddenly, Danny's body glowed brightly as E.D.D. disappeared. Mavis watched as the light died, revealing Danny, but his hair changed from black to white.

"I wish I knew who you were sooner," Mavis said in a sad tone. "I always wanted a family."

She gave him a peck on the forehead before she went back to Zeref, feeling tired. With a small smile, she lied down next to him, holding his hand. With a small smile, she closed her eyes. When she opened them again, she saw Zeref sitting in a bright place, a happy smile on his face.

Mavis smiled as she took Zeref's hands and the two walked away, finally at peace.

Danny groaned as he sat up, rubbing his head. He turned to the side where Mavis and Zeref were, but their bodies were gone. He looked at the place with an unreadable expression, before he stood up and shakily walked towards the doors.

"Only one more thing to do," he said as he went to look for the others. "Hold on, Wendy. I'm coming."

Time Skip…

It's been a month after the Fiore-Alvarez War, and it took a lot of time to recover from that, but some can't, like Chelia, who lost her magic when helping Wendy fighting a strong opponent from Alvarez, but she was still a member of Lamia Scale, and was living happily.

Everyone from Fairy Tail were shocked when they saw Danny's new hair, and was even shocked when he told them he was the son of Mavis and Zeref, making him Natsu's nephew.

Everyone were in the kingdom of Crocus, celebrating the recovery and victory of Magnolia. It was a party that made all the other parties they ever know seem boring.

Danny and Wendy were happily eating glaze cakes that shimmered like diamonds.

"So, when do people usually get married?" Danny asked, causing Wendy to choke on her cake.

"Married?" Lucy, being so near to them. "What are you guys talking about?"

"I told Wendy I'd make her my bride once we won the war," Danny replied without missing a beat.

"WHAT!?" everyone paused as Lucy covered her mouth, with Wendy blushing lightly. "B-but you're too young!"

"Oh, so we have to be older to get married," Danny said, nodding. "Okay."

Everyone watched as Danny kneeled down and grabbed a blushing Wendy's hand, having read this in a book.

"Wendy, when we get older, will you marry me?" he asked.

Wendy stared at him, and inside, she was really happy. This was something she always dream would happen when she's older.

"…Yes," she said with a smile. "When we're old enough, I'll marry you."

Everyone from Fairy Tale and Lamia Scale cheered at the young couple's engagement. Chelia was hugging Wendy as Lyon congratulated Danny in his courage as the others had another reason to celebrate.

Time Skip…

"Wendy?" he said, getting her attention. She opened her eyes, blinking. "You okay?"

"Yeah, just reminiscing about the old days," she replied with a smile as she looked at her husband to be. Danny gave her a smile that melted her heart. The two were in the Kardia Cathedral, with all their friends inside, smiling and crying happily.

It's been seven years since the war, and everything was quiet, now that Zeref is gone, all the dark guilds were easily taken down by the light guilds, the king decided to remake the council with all the guild leaders, to make a more just order. Laxus, after Makarov's retirement, became the ninth master of Fairy Tail.

Danny grew taller and leaner, with all the training and mission they did. Wendy also grew, but was a foot shorter than Danny, but also grew beautiful, like all the girls in Fairy Tail, especially in the chest compartment, something she was insecure about when she was young.

Danny was dressed in a black tuxedo while Wendy was in a white wedding gown.

"You may now kiss the bride."

Everyone cheered as Danny and Wendy kissed. When the kiss was done, the two walked down the aisle, waving at their friends. As they left, Danny could have sworn he saw Zeref and Mavis, but they suddenly disappeared. He just smiled as he and Wendy held hands.

"I guess it's time for our next adventure," Danny said as he and Wendy got on the carriage.

"I can't wait for it," she said as they kissed one more time.

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