I know this has been done to death, and most people tire of seeing their authors as the main character of a fanfiction AND that many may find it rather childish... I just had a dream last night and have decided that doing this story after all, may not be such a bad idea.

If you liked my last story (which I'm still writing) than you may like this one. It involves only Legolas however, until later chapters when they return to the world of Arda. But for now, I hope you will bear with me. The only things in this story that even resemble me, is the name of the character and her eye color. Everything else is purely fiction from my own mind. So I guess, in a way, it isn't really me. But you still understand what I'm getting to so I'll get to the summary now!


While practicing archery in the forest near her home, a young woman sees a mysterious flash of light. Thinking it to be a fire or some other awful happening, she runs to investigate it. Only then does her adventure begin. It is then that she finds an unconscious Elf. Legolas has been sent into the present day world, much to his dislike, after taking a few nasty hits from an unknown villain. As their friendship grows, Legolas and the women find themselves transported back to Middle-Earth to defeat this evil. It has already claimed the life of one of Legolas' closest friends, but will it claim his life as well?

This story is rated PG-13 for violence only.


Chapter 1: Out of The Blue


"Stupid arrows!" the women said, finding yet another of her weapons broken on the ground, "Even when I do fire them right, they only break on impact. Maybe..." she whispered, "Maybe I'm not making them properly."

Light was soon fading from between the trees and Laura knew that the sun would soon set behind the mountain range. With a sigh, she picked up her quiver and began to head home.

She lived, as one could guess, in a deserted part of the forest. Sure, she had electricity, running water, all the comforts of home but... it just wasn't the same. A love for nature and quite had driven her away from the city, but the women soon grew tired of only the trees for company and had decided to move back into town within the next couple months.

It began to rain and, rather then trying to find her way through the blinding downpour, Laura took shelter under a huge pine tree. Wiping strands of wet light brown hair from her eyes, she took in a deep breath.

This was why she stayed, the smell of the trees all around her. Fresh pine in a spring rain.

Just as she had decided to face the rain, a flash of light blossomed over the tops of the trees. It continued for quite some time until she could see it deep within the forest. A thought struck her but, ignoring the warning she set off.

The women ran and ran, deeper into the forest, hoping against hope that it was not a lightning bolt which had caught the trees a blaze. Of course she didn't even want to go with the paranormal approach, her fascination with that had ended the same time The X-Files did. But something drove her forward.



Or maybe insanity.


The first thing Laura noticed, was that there was a large gapping hole in the treetops, filled with swirling black and grey. It almost looked like water, save it did not drip.

With another flash of blinding light, it disappeared and the women began to wonder if her second thought, of something out of this world, was really true.

Walking ever so slowly, arrow fitted to her bow, she crept along the grass, avoiding any brush that may hinder her movements. It wasn't long before her foot brushed something hard and, lowering her weapon the women looked down.

It was a body.

Dropping the bow and arrow in fear that the person before her was dead, she turned the body over. The next thing she realized, was that it was a man. A very tall man at that, whose body looked so lithe that she feared he would break. He was covered in cuts and bruises, an elbow was even broken. Moving the golden hair from his face, Laura inspected his forehead, wondering if something had knocked him unconscious. It had, to her knowledge anyway, but that wasn't the most surprising find of all. Upon looking closer, she moved her hands gently over the sides of his head and her eyes widened. Lifting up a hand, she looked at his ears.

They were pointed.

"What Tolkien wouldn't give to see this." She exclaimed, realizing what was happening, "An Elf?..."


Disclaimer: Alright, I don't own Lord of the Rings or it's characters or places. The guy I mentioned who'd like to see a real Elf owns it all! The great J.R.R. Tolkein is the owner of this huge book and movie hit! Though... I wish I did own Legolas, or even a day with him... or his actor.

*shakes head*

But, I don't. So, I 'll have to take it like it is and give the credit where it's due!