Chapter 27: The Fated Day Arrives


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"Coming!" Ashley called, setting her pen down atop her open journal.

Legolas stood in her doorway, "Ready for practice?" he asked, a wicked grin on his fair face.

The woman rolled her eyes, "You enjoy torturing me, don't you?"

"Oh... maybe just a little." he replied, leading the way down the hall. "I have been thinking however, perhaps we could take the day off?"

Ashley blinked, "You... cancel practice? That's a first. Why?

"Aragorn is due back tomorrow and," Legolas looked to his companion. "I suppose you know what that means."

Ashley nodded, "We'll be leaving soon."


The woman stopped, taking Legolas by the arm. "Hey, everything'll be alright. You'll see. Besides, even if things don't go completely as planned, I'll be there to help... whatever comfort that would be."

Legolas smiled, "It is indeed a comfort, Nil. Who knows of our quest better than you, correct?"

"Are you making fun of me?" Ashley asked as they continued on down the hallway.

"Not at all."



Boromir knocked patiently on the door to the woman's room. He was loath to enter uninvited, for it would indeed show a lack of manners. From his perspective, he had already shown plenty of that.


He knocked again, still receiving no answer. Gently, Boromir pushed the door open.

"Ashley, are you in there?"

No answer yet again. The man from Gondor let the door fall closed behind him as he stepped deeper and deeper into the room. Not a soul was present, though he had already suspected that before entering. The bed was made neatly, a cloak cast aside in one of the room's spare chairs. Legolas' cloak, Boromir noted.

What she saw in that blasted Elf the man was not sure. He knew one thing however, that their relationship would spell trouble in the end and doom the both of them to a life of grief. That was something, that strangely, Boromir did not want to see happen. However, as long as Ashley and Legolas were together, the Steward's eldest son could find no way to come between them. And, to his dismay, they were always together.

Walking across the cold floor, Boromir found himself admiring the decor of the woman's room. It appeared much different from his own quarters, more elegant he supposed. Though, it was also a room fit for a lady. He took in the draperies upon various walls. Most depicted tales which Boromir could hardly remember. One however, he recalled from legend as the Lay of Luthien.

How fitting, the man thought. At least that would be a constant reminder for Ashley that mortal men and Elves did not belong together. There may have once been great alliances, but that was in the past, and Boromir saw little help ever coming from the Elves in this dark hour.

The curtains of Ashley's room seemed to sway lightly in the breeze which wafted in from her open balcony. Morning sunshine rained in through the thin curtains, giving the room a mysterious awe about it. It was the same awe found in all Elven things, Boromir admitted to himself.

Lastly however, the man came upon the woman's writings. Her journal lay open upon her desk, the edges being slightly turned up by the breeze. Boromir picked the small red bound book up in his hands, carefully lifting each and every page. He recognized the writing, for it was like the common speech of the world. Being a Steward's son, Boromir was well versed in the more prominent languages of Middle-earth. He could speak common, yes, and read it as well. He could also understand the language used in Rohan, as well as the Sindarin tongue of the Elves.

Sitting on the edge of the bed, Boromir began to read carefully through the journal entries. He took the upmost of care, wanting to return the small book exactly as it had been before he picked it up. As the man read, he came upon one entry in particular which caught his eye. It was written during the lunch break of Elrond's council.

~ "Already though I can see Boromir's plans. I really did like him, in the beginning that is. Or did rather... The first time I saw the movie, he was my favorite. I mean, I had never read the books and so I liked him. Yet, as you know, he dies and I couldn't watch two more movies without a favorite character!" ~

Boromir's hands stopped, as did the turning of pages. She knew, all along, she had insight into his own death?!

"How can this be?..." the man whispered, shock developing in his features. "She knows I am going to die and yet tells me nothing of it! When!"

He continued to read Ashley's journal, looking for any clue as to where and when his death was destined. At last, the man came upon the only evidence he could find.

~ "I swear, Boromir is going to drive me up the wall. I don't quite know what he's thinking but, if he continues on in this way, I swear that I'll tell him about Amon Hen! I swear it! I can't believe this is happening... Coming here is now sounding like a very VERY bad idea!" ~

"Amon Hen..." the Gondorian whispered, setting the journal back atop Ashley's desk.

He returned the pen to it's proper place, as well as laid the book open to it's original position. Nothing should appear disturbed in the room... absolutely nothing. Quietly, Boromir left Ashley's chambers, heading down the hall.

He needed time alone to think.


"Aragorn..." Legolas whispered as he and Ashley sat outside on the front steps of Imladirs.

The woman looked to him for a moment, "Legolas? Did you..."

"Aragorn has returned. I can hear the hoof beats of three horses in the near distance. They shall be here shortly."

Ashley stood, taking Legolas' hand and pulling him up as well. "Come on then, we should go greet them."

Together, the two walked toward the path where they were sure the horses would come from. Within minutes, three horses appeared round the bend and trotted into sight.

"Ho! Legolas! We have return!" Elladan's fair voice called out.

The prince smiled, "And it is well that you have, for we have watched for your coming all day!"

Aragorn frowned from his horse as the three reigned in their mounts. "All day?"

"Yes, all day." Ashley replied with a grin.

Realization dawned on Aragorn's features, "Of course. You would know of our return."

"Actually... Well, yes, but Legolas knew as well."

"I had forgotten..." Estel said, looking at the Elven prince, "You have lived these days once already."

Legolas nodded, "'Tis true. However, the important thing is that you have returned and we may leave on the morrow for the journey."

Elladan and Elrohir had already taken their horses to the stables and, as Aragorn did the same, he frowned. The frown quickly disappeared however, "Yes, but first I will have the chance to freshen up and get some rest. The next few months will be hard ones I expect."

The woman shook her head as they walked toward Rivendell's entrance, "You have no idea."


They stood, ready to take on the world. An all powerful Istar, four brave Hobbits, one stout Dwarf, a handsome Elven prince, two mortal Men of great houses, and one woman who knew their fates. Weapons and provisions were carefully tucked away or being carried atop Samwise's faithful stead, Bill the pony. The entire group looked nervous, save for Legolas, he had been here before. Ashley was more eager than nervous, though she silently prayed that she could be of help when the time came. Now, as Lord Elrond of Rivendell bade them farewell, the entire company knew... it was a perilous quest indeed.

Ashley drifted back into what the Elven Lord was saying, forgetting about her own thoughts for the present.

"No oath nor bond is laid to go further that you will. Farewell. May the blessings of Elves and Men and of all Free Folk go with you." Elrond put his hand to his chest, then slowly drew it away in an Elven parting.

Legolas did the same, as did Aragorn and Ashley herself. Now was the destined moment... the first steps out of Rivendell's safe grounds.

The woman looked at Frodo, the poor Hobbit appeared to be much more nervous than she had thought. He quickly turned, walking down the path. It branched not far ahead and Ashley could hear Frodo asking Gandalf which way Mordor lay. Stopped, only for a moment, the woman looked at Legolas. He was ready and willing to return to the nightmarish hell of Moria, though he would still protest going there. Ashley knew this, she could not stop his decision. But then her eyes lighted on Aragorn. The man, the future King of Gondor, stood gazing back into Imladris. He gazed, Ashley knew, at Arwen, for he did not know if he would ever look upon her again.

Out of Rivendell the company walked. Ten companions though, if Ashley had her say about things, history would remember only nine of them.

And so began the journey of the fellowship of the ring.



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