Despite her better judgement, she found herself lobbying for Vegeta's release. She couldn't explain how she knew, but she was certain he was no threat. He hadn't killed in cold blood – that anyone knew of – since she had stopped chasing him. She argued that it was by his choice and not because he was underground. After all, he hadn't stopped murdering when and where he pleased in the years prior. Yet no one seemed to believe her. They couldn't understand that just because he was still lethal and dangerous, he had made the choice to refrain from killing.

She couldn't explain how she knew this – knew he had done it for her.

No one believed that the Legendary Golden Warrior had simply…. quit. It was as if they needed to believe the monster still existed.

She'd been thrown out of the guild, accused of turning into the thing she had chased for almost a third of her life. She wasn't certain they were wrong.

Yet, as though her actions were not her own to control, she had stolen a transport and had left the planet illegally. She may not be a bounty hunter any longer, but she didn't wish them harm. She'd not sabotaged anything when she left, except to assist her escape. She knew that within hours the guild would disperse to protect itself. So many in one location made it vulnerable, but no single place was headquarters. They'd reconvene in a new place and then they'd come after her. She didn't have much time.

Hours later, she landed on the planet that had been Earth – ironically, the place where Vegeta had surrendered himself was the place where it had all begun. It was called Pyzon, now.

She ditched her transport on Pyzon's moon where it would quickly be either stripped down for parts or quickly resold. Either suited her. Though she had scrambled the identification number, it would only buy her so much time if they sent someone with a brain cell after her. She had perhaps two days on Pyzon at most. She purchased a private shuttle ticket for the privacy and because she knew she could buy off the pilot. Private shuttles were flown by those barely shy of criminal status themselves and went from port to port ripping people off until they were chased to the next port.

Once they broke atmosphere, she instructed the pilot in where to go. He grunted ascent and she glanced out the window. The shuttle was very small and the interior was shaped like one of former Earth's limos. If she remembered correctly, limos were still in use for alien visitors thrilled with the gimmicks of the planet's former owners. She snorted in derision.

Resting her head against the seat, she let her eyes wander to the darker corners of the interior. Ah.. and there it was. A camera. She tried not to smile.


Not looking at the camera was easy, but she ensured it had an excellent view. She couldn't wear her uniform any longer, but she had chosen a skirt partially for precisely this…

Slipping her fingers past the hem of the skirt, she fingered herself through the thin cotton fabric of her lace panties. It's easier to drive the thought of the pilot from her mind than she thought it'd be, and she works herself quickly into orgasm. It's mild, but it would serve her purpose. She opens her eyes and finds that the pilot has increased his speed. Apparently, he had slowed down to ensure she'd finish before he had to land.

As the shuttle gently touches down and the canopy opens, she glances into the camera and winks.

When the pilot stiffens, she laughs. "I was practicing," she tells the camera.

The pilot speaks from the front seat. "Feel free to practice anytime, lady."

She stands to disembark and hands him a credit chip to pay for the ride.

He can't quite look at her in the eye, as his focus is on her bust. Even if he did want to turn her in, he'd have no idea what she looked like. His brain was likely no more functional than pumpkin mush at this point. A corner of her lip curls upwards. She clears her throat and he jumps. "No payment is necessary. I wish I could say it's on me, but I guess it was close enough."

She grins widely and reaches over him to touch a miniature electronic pulse device in the palm of her hand to the consul. It would fry any recording devices, but not disable the craft itself. When he sputters in protest, she pats his thigh. "I wouldn't want you to feel used, now." She tosses the credit chip into the cabin and turns to jump to the ground.


In front of Vegeta's cell once again, without saying a word, she strips her wet panties off and shoves them into one of the holes in the glass where he grabs them. Pulling out a capsule, she opens it. A single chair remains when the smoke clears. Humming to herself, she brings it close to the glass, hikes her skirt up so that the material bunches around her waist, sits down, raises her legs and braces her feet against the glass so he can see, and masturbates in front of him.

He takes the lacy underwear – a bridge between them despite the glass barrier - and smells them while he watches her, enraptured. Freeing his dick, he starts to pump it in time with her breathy moans. When she comes, it's hard and powerful, as is his own a few strokes later. Her legs, too heavy to hold up, fall to the ground and she leans forward to catch her breath. Slowly, she stands up and looks at him. His eyes peer back at her, deep and fathomless, glinting in the dimness. She puts her hands against the glass and he responds by raising one of his own to press against hers, where he able to touch her.

"Lick your fingers," he says, his voice thick and husky.

She brings her fingers to her lips but doesn't put them in her mouth. Instead, she shows him how wet they are. "Isn't that for you to do?" she says softly.

He takes her underwear and licks the crotch while looking at her. She smirks "Not the same thing, is it?" She sucks on her fingers and Vegeta groans as if he's in pain and puts his forehead against the glass.


She watches him a minute. "Your dark horse wants to know the price for your promise that you'll do no harm beyond what she will ask of you."

His lips twitch. "Clever girl. Your people have already declined my freedom so you came here to negotiate my release yourself." He grins at the pun and jerks his semi-limp dick which starts to harden again. "Well done. You have purchased my cooperation cheaply. Aside from what must be done to catch your alien, I will leave your – forgive me, I mean your former planet- untouched.."

"And all of the current inhabitants," she interrupts.

He smirks. "I cannot agree to that. How are we to fuck if I am not allowed to touch?"

She presses her mouth in a thin line. "Is that all?"

He stands "No. I also need the means to freely leave this wretched planet and I must be allowed the chance to punish the Saiyan who lived here as Human. I know he is here. That is the second reason I chose this place to surrender my freedom."

Bulma narrows her eyes. "I'm going to ignore your implication that you have or ever would surrender anything. You knew I'd bust you out, though I didn't know that for sure until 10 minutes ago." She sighed. "The ship is easy. I won't ask how you knew he was here. But I will ask what makes you think you'll be able to punish Goku?"

He cocks an eyebrow. "I said I wanted the chance."

She shifts her weight. There was a trick in there, somewhere. Vegeta didn't try anything. And what kind of punishment could he mean? She knew he wouldn't kill – she supposed that was part of the price he had paid up front to ensure she would release him. Well. It was no use guessing at could be's. She needed to know how she would be punished. "What more do you want of me… besides polishing your dick?"


He smiles but doesn't answer for a moment. "It is good the horse acknowledges her horseman."

He pauses again. "Since it is you who will meet my terms on behalf of these people - though why you champion them is beyond me as they are not your own - perhaps I may agree to keep the promises I've given you. So long as it is between now and three days. Any longer or the deal is invalid. Go now, then. Do as you must to set me free.

She turns and starts walking away. He smiles as he watches her leave.

Within the hour, he hears a high pitched hum as the plexi-glass starts to vibrate. The sound nearly bursts his eardrums as the speed heats it with such violent force, it shatters. He takes a deep breath and leisurely jumps from the cell. As he walks through the darkness, he tears the ki supressors from his flesh.

Pain would never be enough to hold him.


In the end, capturing the alien menace is simple. He had trapped the thing before he had turned himself in. True to his word, the Saiyan Prince did not kill it. It would be a mistake the new inhabitants of Pyzon would regret, but that wasn't his problem. For now, he left the creature incapacitated and easy to find. It would be a matter of time and greed that would ensure its eventual escape. Beings of peace were always fascinated with those of violence. They always felt they could tame the beast and use it for their own ends.

They never seemed to understand that only the beast could decide whether or not it would be tamed.

Or, at least, as tame as they were capable of being.

Also as planned, the Saiyan raised on the planet that had been Earth had found him. Vegeta could barely hold in his glee when he was challenged.

"I know what you're trying to do," the tailless Saiyan had called out.

"Then you know it will be done," Vegeta replied calmly, pleased.

"I can't let you do it!"

Vegeta laughs. "If you have a claim on her, so much the better for me." He sobers slightly and peers at Goku with eyes full of mocking mirth. "Though I know that you have no such claim."

Goku grits his teeth. "I will stop you."

"You can try," Vegeta barks in laughter.

Goku snarls. "This is as far as you go!"

"Is it?" Vegeta purrs. "Why should it be? It was her idea." He throws Bulma's panties at Goku who catches them, shocked when he can smell Bulma's juices on them. His face falls and Vegeta smiles maliciously. "So you see? She wants what I want. And I have wanted it long enough. I will wait no more."

Vegeta smirks when Goku cringes. "You know why I am no danger to her. I've already rid the alien plague and even promised her to leave this little planet in peace. So. Will you stand aside or do you insist I kill you despite my word? You know how unhappy that would make her…."

Goku, rigid, does nothing to stop Vegeta as the Prince flies by.


It isn't difficult to find her. He doesn't know if this was somewhere familiar to her from prior to his purge, or if she has called in favors from sources or some-time partners accrued in the last seven years, but the place in which she sleeps is affluent. It suits her. Vegeta walks through the sheer curtain of her window, and it is tugged off the rod when he steps on the gossamer hem. Like a cloud, he blankets her with it and kisses her lips through the fabric to wake her. She shifts under the filmy drapery he uses to hold her down, and he moves his mouth over her body.

She doesn't resist him when he fucks her again and again – but she lost her mind to him years ago. If he had to guess, it hadn't been long after she had realized he was chasing her just as obsessively as she chased him.

As promised, she had a ship ready for him in a capsule by her bedside. He is gone before she wakes.


11 weeks later, she finds him again. He is impressed; he didn't leave her clues this time. But perhaps that's why it took her so long. Yet, in the end, where else would he go but to return home to Vegetasei? Though, if she had taken any longer, he'd have been forced to retrieve her. He had promised his people... and they had been waiting seven years.

He smiles wolfishly at her as she approaches. He had known the moment she had entered orbit, and had ordered his throne room emptied. She had known where to go. He had left no other path for her to take. "How like you my gift?" he says softly.

"It's no gift to me," she replies just as softly. "I only carry it for you."

"Ah, but it is an honor to carry the heir of the King," he rumbles. It would have been a growl if not for the gentle teasing laced within it.

She approaches the stairs and climbs them. When she nears where he sit upon his throne, she lowers herself to her knees and smooths her hands up his thighs. "Then honor me…My King."

He barks in amusement. "Your King… YOURs?" She opens the front of his pants and slides her hand inside. He hisses as she caresses his hardness. "You are mistaken, little one. I am not yours." He pulls her from her knees to straddle him, tearing the flimsy clothing she wears that denies him her flesh. As he thrusts into her, he snarls, "You are mine."

"Yours…? Yes," she whispers breathily.

He whips her around so that he is positioned on top of her. On his knees with her sitting on his throne, he slides her legs so that they curl around his hips.

Her voice in his ear makes his blood sizzle. "I am Your Queen. And here is the King on his knees before me."

"Clever girl," he groans between clenched teeth.

"Tell me you love me," she whispers.

He huffs in derision. "Such words are meaningless," and to silence her, he drives her to the edge of release and holds her there until he can't stand it any longer and pushes them both over.

"Swear it!" she yells in the midst of her climax.

He spills into her, but she waits as they pant in recovery. She knows he will speak. He doesn't know how she knows… he hadn't known it himself. Still buried within her, so close they breathe the same air, he looks into her soul just as she looks into his.

"I have put aside my own nature, left your planet untouched, cast down its enemy for your asking, and was lenient on one of my own because he is your friend. I have given you my seed. My world and my people are yours to command and here am I, on my knees before you. I will reorder time, move the stars, turn worlds upside down for you. I will show you your dreams made real. Your want is my will. It is so now, and will be until all things and all that lay beyond, unknown and unmeasured, exist no longer. This I swear."

She smiles. "I love you, too. Vegeta. I love you, too."