Hello, Megatronus here. To bring you a new story of Naruto fanfiction. Today i would like to give a fare warring: I AM WRITING THIS ON A CELLPHONE. so please forgive any and all spelling and grammar mistakes.

Now for the story... its a Xover between the anime Naruto and the Thailand movie 'MercuryMan'. Now while the movie was nice for action sciences the actual story was... horrible thst sharknado look like a five start movie. Concept was great, practice was poor.

Chapter One:



Sun and Moon.

Long ago in a distant time, long before the shinobi era, before the time of the sage of six paths, before Kaguya Otsutsuki, and far beyond the time of the shenju No juubi. There existed a council of gods and Goddesses.

To being this council where the Six Elemental Gods; their Leader Raiden God of Storms, Suigami goddess of the seas, hogami goddess of fire, Fuujin god of wind, Dojin god of earth, and finally Tami goddess of darkness.

These six gods and goddess answered to the King and Queen of the gods; Tsukimi goddess of the Moon, and her husband Yukinohi the god of the Sun, both where happy with their immortal lives and paid little attention to the on goings of their kingdom.

But once they heared of how a man was blessed by the gifts of Council of Six, the two had became enraged by the blasphemous actions of their children, but they did not punished them.

No, they say fit to create two magical crests that will be wielded by their chosen Avatars, the Medallion of the Sun, and the Amulet of the Moon.

The Medallion of the Sun; empowers the chosen with the gifts of Fire, Metal, and Strength.

The Amulet of the Moon; gifts the wielder powers of Wind, Water, and Speed.

For countless millennia, their chosen had lived and died before they could cross paths, and to be joined like the king and queen.

But it was not until a thousand years after the sage of six paths had came about when their chosen were finally destined to meet and fall in love.

the first to given their gift was a young girl of the age of 5, living in a land that hated the powers of ones blood. While her mother was of this clan, she did not pain these gifts of what was now called a bloodline limit. but it was not until Tsukimi made her presence know to he little girl. And gave her the Amulet.

it wasn't until she had shown her new found powers to her mother did she learn of the pain of loss as her own father had killed his Wife and was prepared to kill his own daughter.

But due to powers of the amulet, it had defended her and killed her fatherand those that tried to harm the chosen Avatar of Tsukimi.

Yukinohi on the other hand had to wait until his chosen was ready...

-skip 10 years-

A young boy around the age of 13, with wild blond hair, crystal clear blue eyes, six whisker marks upon his checks, And wearing a neon orange jumpsuit.

This normally happy go lucky boy was now terrified, saddened, and truly scared. As tonight he had just learned he housed a demon that once rampaged his home 13 years ago.

but in his sorrow he never seen the the humble god of the sun appearing a ways from him dressed in begger's clothing and showed he either homeless or blind from the grim and dirty cloths he wore.

"hello young one." The old begger greeted the hiding child. "What are you doing there?"

See in he was not given a reply he searched the surface thoughts of the boy and had found the reason.

"Tell me boy, if you pour water into a glass, does the glass become the water or does the Water becomes the Glass?"

"What are you talking about old man?" The frightened blond asked still lookin out for the Silver haired Chunin that tried to kill him earlier.

"Simple lad, i asked what becomes of the water and the glass." The man said as he had kettle pouring the tea into the glass and drank at a modest pace.

"Nothing the water is water and the glass is still the glass."

"Exactly, so what if you have the kyuubi within you. You are still you, no matter what is sealed within you." The man said as turned to leave.

But seemed not to notice when a small golden medallion dropped from His pocket, building the blond had.

"Hey old man you dropped this." Naruto called out only for the old man to turn back and smiled.

"Uh? I didn't drop anything, must be yours." The man said said as he left the area but not with out humming a tune.

Looking down at the golden item, only to look back up to the old man, just to find had disappeared.

But this little mystery was halted by what he heared from his Academy Sensei.

-follows cannon-

When naruto had returned home, finally happy he had graduated and became a shinobi, making it one step closer to his dream to become Hokage.

But what he did not know as he slept, was that the Medallion he now wore glowed a deep orange color be for the amber jewel in the center slowly began to melt into his bare chest. All the while naruto slept with minor discomfort as the liquid amber soaked into his skin.

Leaving behind a now rusted medallion that looked ready to break, and the tribal like mark of the sun on the center of his chest before it faded away.

-team selection-

Naruto in classroom along with the other graduates, although between the constant noise and squeals made from the fan girls that chased after the classes 'bad boy' sasuke Uchiha. Naruto had to say everything felt ... weird.

He noticed the day after he found out about his burden, and found that strange Medallion. This began to feel weird physically weird. at first he thought nothing of it. But now he found to strange to ignore.

The first was that his normally cold shower had started to steam off his skin, while still being freezing cold, the second was when a villager threw a rock at him and a loud clanging sound like the hitting of metal was heared, and finally the fact he found the cut he gained from the thrown rock was covered in a rough patch of metal which seemed to be iron.

Which now explained the small dime sized pieces of metal on the desk as naruto played with a Kunai against his finger and watched the iron droplets fall o to the desk.

But his somewhat morbid fascination was halted as a pair of girls rushed into class, both of which were late as Iruka had been waiting for them to show up for the last thirty minutes.

"Sakura, Ino. I know today is the last day for classes but please try to be on time. After all a ninja must show his or her detection to his or her village if they wish to be paid." Iruka said causing the two to rush to their seats.

Naruto was grateful he chose not to sit by the uchiha as the girls now fought to sit beside the brooding heir.

-team one-six skip-

"Now for team seven under command of Kakashi Hatake; Sasuke Uchiha, Sakura Haruno (take that Ino-Pig!), and Naruto Uzumaki..." upon hearing a metallic bang and saw Naruto's head now resting deeply in his desk, may thought it was his headband that made such a sound.

"Great, a fan-girl and a whining bitch. We are so dead." Naruto mumbled just loud enough for everyone to hear him.

"Got something to say Dope?" The uchiha glared as he stood up.

"Uh? Did in say that aloud?" Naruto asked himself lazily though they all could hear the mocking tone being used. "But if you had trouble of hearing after having sooo many cocks in your ears i guess i could repeat what i said, 'a fan-girl and a whining-son of a whore-baby back bitch, we are so dead.' Was thst loud enough for you Sasgay You-chicka?"

being so enrage at be insulted by a supposed clanless orphan, sasuke started to weave his fingers much to fast for the average genin to see, though Iruka recognised the jutsu and was about to alert the other student to move aside quickly but naruto was faster and acted like a human shield.

"Katon: grand fireball Jutsu!" Yelled the sol uchiha as a fireball the size of a fully grown man spewed from his lips and struck naruto dead center.

After a few moment many thought naruto was dead or close to it. That was until a slightly cinder hand reached out from the fireball and grabbed the uchiha by the neck.

the whole room watched in shock as the flames died out, revealing naruto in burnt clothing and soot. His once blue eyes where now a bright golden yellow. His veins now pulsed and bulges thst increased his muscle mass. He slowly started to grow until he went from his short hight of 4'7 to 5'6, clearly standing 4 inches taller than Sasuke.

"this is new." Naruto said to himself as he looked as his few hand as fire continued to burn but not effecting him in the leased, he also noticed that the fire continued to burn as he played with it, and it grew hotter and hotter until the once yellow flame burned blue. "I wonder..."

Making a pointing gesture, the fire started to started to become focused and the heat was unbearable. As naruto move the digit over the metal of the desk cutting it effortlessly.

"I like this." Naruto mused to himself before turning his attention back to the uchiha, moving the blazing finger toward the now panicking teen as he struggled to get loose of the iron grip. (Ironic) "watching you squirm is amusing."

With that naruto dropped the now seething child as he left the room to get some fresh, perhaps some fire resistant clothing.

-skip to kakashi's introduction-

Naruto now sat on a stone bench in his new cloths, a gift from the old Hokage as a graduation gift.

His new cloths were fire retardant, Polybenzimidazole or PBI fiber weaved with Tungsten wire shirt, jeans, boots, and boxers. Thus allowing him to generate flames without the risk of burning his clothes. While his shirt was just a sleeveless black t-shirt with alive flames,his jeans and boots shared the same design, his underwear... shall stay unknown.

"alright, lets start with introducing ourselves shall we?" The ailver haired man said as he gave a creepy eye smile.

-ignore Sakura's question and his intro-

"Now than lets start with you, Pinky." Kakashi said gaining a growl from the girl and a snicker from the blond.

"the name is Sakura Haruno, the things i like... i mean the person i like is..." hearing a girlish giggle, caused the older shinobi to groan in disappointment. "My hobbies are..." this was followed by a glance to the raven haired teen and another giggle. "My dream for the future..."

"Alright... next up Sir Broody."

"I am Sasuke Uchiha, i dislike many things, and like even few, i dont have any hobbies." The Uchiha stated though every moment naruto mumbled something he couldn't hear, but the jonin had and was straining to keep his laughter hidden. "And my dream... no my ambition is to-" "cough-suck-cough-dicks-cough. sorry sasuke has something gay in his throat" "to kill a certain someone."

By now Kakashi's face had changed a to a dark red as he contained his outburst of laughter. "Blondie you're up."

"Naruto Uzumaki, i like a few things, i dislike a few more things, hobbies... not much really. As for my dream? To find what i feel is missing." Naruto said more to himself on the last bit than to the others, he felt... incomplete.

"Right..." th silver haired jonin said before gaining his soon-to-be students.

(Skip the unnecessary Sakura outburst.)

"Yes, as i was saying before i was soo rudely interrupted." Kakashi said before glaring at the pinkette, before giving a sigh. "There is a 66% fail rate, meaning only 1 out of 3 teams fail, now your test starts tomorrow at 0-400 tomorrow morning. oh, dont eat or you might throw up."

the look of shock and desperation on the faces of the genin was something hilarious, well on the two of them anyway. Naruto only felt his skin heating up as he glared at the jonin before said jonin vanished from existence leaving behind a cloud of smoke.

While the other two walked down the stairs. Naruto sat on the roof, trying his best to understand his powers.

It was almost two hours before naruto realized he could use Magnetism to a degree of control. As he levitate a Kunai and Shuriken in the palm of his hand with a grin plastered on his face.

"Yes, this is good. Quite good indeed." Naruto said before he ran to the edge of the building and jumped off, to the normal eye it would seem he was swung from ninja wire. But in truth naruto was using the Water Towers' sheet steel or Aluminium as a central pendulum, (a point to swing from) as he made his way home.

-end of chapter-

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Fire and Steel.