Character Bio:

Name – Davian (Davin) Kadar

Age – 14 ½ at time of appearance

Age – 18 when found again

Race – Faunus (Wolf), Male

Hair Color – Silverish Grey (Originally Black)

Hair Style - Cut short on sides and slightly longer on top. The hair above forehead is styled up. (Alistair from Dragon Age)

Eye Color – Sapphire Blue (Crimson when truly pissed)

Complexion – Slightly Tanned

Physic – Lean, but muscular

Semblance – Short range telaportation (About 20 feet range)

Aura Color – Grey (Black when truly pissed)

Semblance Manifestation – A slow dissipating thick mist (Mist turns black with the wisps being crimson)

Kidnapping Case Final Report – Davian Kadar, only child to John and Sianna Kadar, were all part of the White Fang before the reform. Mr. and Mrs. Kadar payed for their son (11 ½ at the time) to fly to Vale and attend Signal Academy with room and board, planning to join him when possible. Davian befriended the Xiao-Long family and moved in with them when Mr. Xiao-Long offered to house him so his parents could come quicker. Davian stayed at the Xiao-Long residence and grew close to the family, especially Mr. Xiao-Long's daughters

Yang Xiao-Long and Ruby Rose.

When Davian Kadar was 14 ½ , he and Ms. Xiao-Long were preparing for a combat evaluation at Signal Academy in a clearing behind the Xiao-Long residence. According the Ms. Xiao-Long (the only eye witness present at the crime) when she and Mr. Kadar were taking a break, some men in White Fang uniforms approached them, demanding for Mr. Kadar to come with them. He refused, resulting in the Fang attacking. After Mr. Kadar took a hit for Ms. Xiao-Long, she was distracted and was held hostage by the leader of the group. He threatened her, which forced Mr. Kadar into dropping his weapon and being knocked out. The Fang hit Ms. Xiao-Long in the head, knocking her unconscious. Mr. Xiao-Long found his daughter two hours later and brought her back to their house. He went searching for Mr. Kadar after calling the police, but turned up nothing. Sadly ,Davian Kadar was never found and is presumed dead.

Hey guys and gals, thank you for taking the time to read my intro to "Remnants of a Friend". As you might of noticed, this is my first story, so any criticism is welcome. Thank you and enjoy reading.

Prologue (3rd Person)

"We found him."

With those three simple words, two people get in their car and rush to the hospital. Someone had found him, their child, after three and a half years of being missing. They found him. John and Sianna Kadar rush into the recovery wing of the hospital and found the nearest doctor.

"Where's our son!" John quickly asked the doctor. The doctor, shocked from the sudden spin, collected himself.

"I'm going to need more information than that sir."

"His name is Davian Kadar, he has black hair, and blue eyes. He went missing three and a half-"

Putting a hand on his shoulder to steady the babbling man, "Sir, sir, please slow down, yes I know who you're taking about, please follow me." The doctor turned around and walked down the hallway to a door with a window to see into the room and regarded the anxious couple behind him. "Ok, please allow me to give you the details before you go rushing in. He was found on the edge of the city unconscious and his body was showing signs of traveling a large distance on foot very quickly. Scars cover about forty percent of his body and his hair has changed from black to gray. The good news is that any injures he sustained have completely healed an is free to go. The bad news is that...judging from the scars, he most likely won't be the same person you remember." Letting that sink in, the doctor excused himself to go attend to his other patients.

(1st Person)

"Everything is different. Not different like you just got back home after being gone for a decade, it just...feels different." Thinking to myself I look out of the window of my room, all I see are shady corners and dark allies, as if I'm constantly checking for danger. I guess I have a right to, after all, my life has been hell for the last however long its been.

"Davian?" Turning around at the sound of a voice I haven't heard in a long time, I find my parents standing in the doorway with tears in their eyes. They rush forward and we hug for the first time in years, my mother on my right and my father on my left. My family.

Looking down, I realize how much taller I am than my mother and father, six and four inches respectively. By now, I can feel my shoulders getting damp from my parents tears, overjoyed to have me back. I take a half step back and look at them with tired eyes.

"Can we go home?" They look at me with uncertainty, unsure in I'm really ready to leave the hospital. Eventually nodding their heads, the three of us leave, a family again. By the time we're walking out to the car, the sun is barely peaking over the horizon, bathing the sky in purple and... "In gold" I whisper to myself, old wounds resurfacing. We get into the car and drive off towards home.

Sitting in the back seat, all I can think about is who I've lost. My two best friends, killed. Yang's joking attitude, Ruby's adorable smile, all gone. Killed by the bastards that took me. Turning my head towards the window so mom and dad don't see, I silently weep.

We pull up to the house and stop the car before I realize we were home. Wiping the tears from my eyes and face, I put on the blank look I had perfected over the years and get our of the car. Walking towards the front door, I realize my parents are keeping a few feet between us. As if their preparing for something to come rushing at me. Stepping up to the front door, I hear the very familiar sound of someone squeaking with excitement and someone shushing her, but...that cant' be possible, they're gone. Confused, I open the door and step into the foyer and look around to find...nothing. Sighing, I mentally kick myself for getting my hopes- "OOF!"

"DAVIAN!" Looking down, I see a little red ball of joy squeezing my lower torso. That's all I'm able to figure out before I'm forcibly spun around to be bear hugged by a sobbing-

"Yang?" That's all I'm able to comprehend. Yang and Ruby, safe, alive. "H-how are you two-?" I don't care, I don't care how it's possible, I don't care what bullshit the Fang pulled to make me see what I saw. I don't care. I pull Ruby and Yang into a hug, "I'm home" I say to them, smiling for the first time in years.

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