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Change Season 3 : 3 Votes

I promised myself I would never do this because it always annoyed me when I see a new chapter but it turns out to be a Authors Note, but sadly I have no choice. Before you jump to conclusions, just now that "Remnants of a Friend" IS NOT BEING CANCELED. Unfortunately with how Season 3 ended up going, I'm not sure where Season 4 will end up. With how the poll is going I will be changing Season 3 a bit, but that makes some problems with uploading chapters. The thing is that I want my first story to follow Monty's vision as close as I can, but if I'm going to be changing Season 3 a bit, I need to see Season 4 first so I can not mess with the future plot to badly.

So, as much as it pains me to say, "Remnants Of A Friend" will go on temporary hiatus until we see Season 4. I would do an original story arc like I did between Season 1 and 2, but with where we are in the story, that's difficult for me to do. Now, I may release a chapter here or there if an idea comes to me, but as of right now I'm having a case of writer's block for anything original and I don't just want to jump into Season 3 for the reasons stated above.

So onto my next announcement. If you guys and gals are afraid that I will be dropping off the face of Fanfiction, then have no fear. After this announcement, I am leaving summaries for other story ideas and I want you guys to vote on which one will fill the space between now and the next chapter of "Remnants Of A Friend". I'm sorry if this has upset some of you and I hope you can forgive me and continue following my stories...

Halo/Mass Effect

When Cal-141 was killed in action during her mission with O'Brien's squad, she expected to pass into the next life. She closed her eyes feeling content. The mission had been a success. The ODST's had survived. Her brothers and sisters would continue the fight and drive the Covenant out of Humanities colonies. And when their time came, her family would join her in-a sudden sense of vertigo made Cal open her eyes in shock. Through her visor, she could see sky and tall grass surrounding her. Sitting up, her neck and shoulder groaned in pain as she look all around her. Confused as to where she is, what will Cal-141 do with a second chance in a second world?

RWBY/Dark Souls

It was over. The Flame was extinguished, putting an end to the endless cycle of death and rebirth for all as darkness settles. But as the Firekeeper said, "One day, tiny flames will dance across the darkness. Like embers, linked by lords past." With a final sigh, the weight of his duty lifted, the Ashen One turned his back to the Firekeeper and sank his blade into the ground, forever her watcher throughout the darkness. "Ashen One, hearest thou my voice, still?"

I am excited to write these stories. I've played all three Mass Effect Games backwards and forwards and have done the same with Dark Souls 3. I hope you guys and gals are as excited as I am and I also hope these stories will slate your thirst for stories. Go and cast your vote on my profile for both this poll and the one for changing/keeping Season 3. Until next time my readers :) …

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