Perseus Jackson ran as fast as he could from the gigantic black hound with glowing red eyes that seemed to be intent on chasing him, he had been running for what seemed like a year.

He weaved through the trees of the forest he was in. He had cuts littering his entire body; they were all from previous monsters that had chased him previously, a Minotaur, then a Cyclops and a myriad of other monsters.

He had left after his mother's death he wasn't going to stay with the foul smelling Gabe. He packed a small bag and ran all the way to the forest he had now found himself in, he had no idea where he was or even what the date was.

Percy felt pain radiate though him as he felt something claw at his back. He couldn't help himself as a scream tore through his throat.

Further away Talia Hale heard a scream laced with the strong scent of fear, so she sprinted as fast as she could toward the origin of the sound. Not even a minute later she found a boy who she assumed had tripped, until she saw random claw marks being inflicted on his body out of nowhere.

Her eyes turned red and it allowed her to see a gigantic black hound about as large as a truck with flaming red eyes, she roared as loud as she could to get the beast's attention.

The hound instantly locked onto the new threat and lunged at her.

Talia rolled out of the way and slashed the hound with her claws. She was surprised to see that the hound didn't bleed blood, but rather it was a form of golden dust.

The hound did a one-eighty smashing down a few trees and slashed at the Alpha. Talia dodged the giant's claws as she slashed through hound's throat, then flipped on top the hound and drove all of her claws into its head with all her strength.

The hound roared one final time before it crumpled into golden dust.

She went over to the young boy and saw multiple claws marks from the hound that blurred into one large wound.

The Boy lifted his head as he processed the most beautiful pair of sea-green eyes.

"Thank you," he whispered with a hoarse voice. She listened to his quickly fading heartbeat, something that worried her greatly.

"I can save you… If you want?" she asked the dying boy, with only a hint of hesitation.

"Please," Percy begged, he didn't want to die, not yet anyway.

Her eyes turned Alpha red as her fangs grew; she grabbed the child's arm and bit down quickly in hopes of saving him.

She knew the bite would most likely take a while to set in and in his current state there was a chance that the bite might not even take.

But there was no other way to save him; by the time she got him to the closest hospital he would have been long dead.

So imagine her surprise when the bite took almost instantaneously.

"Well that was quick," she mumbled to herself in confusion. Getting over it quickly, she picked the boy up and ran straight to her house.

The boy was light; she didn't have any trouble keeping him on her back as she sprinted back home.

In only a few minutes the Alpha Hale was back home.

Talia walked into her house passed her entire family. Ignoring their questioning looks easily; she went up to her room and carefully placed the boy on the bed.

"Mom, who's that?" her thirteen year old son Derek asked.

"The newest member of our pack," she answered, quickly getting to the point.

"You gave him the bite?" her brother asked in a more antagonistic tone.

"Yes," she shot back, her eyes flashing bright red, reminding her brother who the Alpha was.

"Mother what happened?" asked her eldest child, sixteen year old Laura.

"I was in the woods when I heard a scream. I ran as fast I could, and when I got there I found him lying on the ground, with claws marks appearing from some invisible creature I couldn't see with my normal eyes. When I used my wolf sight, I saw a big black hound the size of a truck with flaming red eyes. We fought, I wounded it, but it didn't bleed blood."

The Hale Pack just looked at each other.

"If it didn't bleed blood, what did it bleed?" Derek asked.

"It was this golden dust. In the end I killed it, and it decomposed into the same golden dust it bled. Then I went over to the boy. I knew he wouldn't be able to survive the wounds, so I offered him the bite, and he said yes."

The pack nodded, not all of them were happy but you didn't argue with the Alpha.

"But the strangest thing happen right after I bit him," she said.

"What's stranger than a gigantic hound with flaming red eyes?" Laura asked sarcastically.

"The bite took instantly, and I mean instantly. The moment I bit him, his back healed faster than anything I've ever seen."

The pack, surprised at the revelation, looked at the young boy with interest.

"Laura, Derek, watch him," Talia ordered as she stood up, and they knew not to argue, she wasn't asking as their mother she was asking as their Alpha.

"I'll be back as soon as possible. I've got a druid to see." Talia left after she changed out of her dirty clothes.

She walked into the Animal Clinic not long after.

"Alan" she called.

The druid walked out from the back of the clinic. "Talia what can I do for you?"

"I need to know about a creature," she started.

"Describe it." He was rather curious about a creature the elder Hale couldn't identify.

"It was a SUV sized black hound with flaming red eyes. I couldn't see it with my human eyes, but I could with my wolf ones," she explained.

Deaton opened the front panel allowing the Alpha into the back. Talia, taking the hint, followed him into the surgery room.

"Well it could be a hellhound, or some kind of black dog. How did you come across the creature it's not like you just happened to use your eyes and saw it."

In response to clear up some more, Talia told Deaton the story of how she stumbled upon the boy.

"Probably a hellhound, as for the child I've never known a wolf bite to take so quickly. Especially to one so weak at the time, he must have incredibly strong will," he said.

"If you'd like, when the child wakes up I can check up on him, though I'm not a human doctor," he offered Talia.

"I would appreciate that very much, thank you," the Alpha said.

Percy awoke with a groan, and a painful sensation in his back.

"Hey kid, its ok," he heard a male voice speak.

Percy opened his eyes to see a boy and a girl, both with brown eyes and brown hair, looking at him with some measure of concern.

"W-Who are you?" he asked timidly.

Laura sent a polite smile toward young Percy and introduced herself. "I'm Laura Hale."

"I'm Derek Hale, Laura's younger brother," the boy next to Laura introduced himself.

"Can you tell us your name?" Derek asked lightly, careful not to spook his new pack mate.

"Percy," he said.

"Nice to meet you Percy," Laura responded with a slight smile, as Derek nodded in agreement with her.

"You look like the woman who saved me from the hound," Percy mentioned.

"That was our mother, Talia." Laura answered the unasked question.

"She said she could save me. I don't remember much, but I think she bit my arm. Seems to have helped though," Percy mumbled mostly to himself.

"Yeah mum bit you, to save you," Derek cleared up.

"You see Percy. Laura, me, our mother and most of our family are werewolves," As Derek spoke the last word his eyes glowed a bright yellow.

Percy's eyes went wide as he backed up into the wall and curled himself into a ball.

"Please don't hurt me," he begged, terrified of having to run from yet another monster.

"Percy we are not going to hurt you," Laura tried to reassure Percy as she raised her hands to show him she meant no harm.

"The other monsters did," Percy shot back, not at all believing her claims.

"Percy, yes some of our kind can be monsters, but I promise you. This pack isn't. Especially to other pack members. Our mother saved you, she turned you. That makes you pack," Derek tried to resolve the situation.

"I'm a monster?" Percy asked, his tone seemed accusing, and even slightly terrified.

"Do you feel like a monster?" Laura asked.

"No," Percy answered. "I feel the same as always," he said, slightly comforted by the fact.

"Then you're not a monster, you're just Percy. The newest member of our family," Derek said as he sat next to the boy, doing his best to comfort the newest pack member.

Percy threw himself on Derek to hug him; Derek hugged him back and ignored the slight dampening of his shirt.

"Thank you," Percy whispered in a choked sob. "I haven't had a family since my Mum died," he clarified the reason of his gratitude.

"Now you have us," Derek comforted as he tightened the hug.

No doubt hearing the sounds coming from the room, a young girl around the age of seven came running into the room. She saw Percy and Derek hugging, so with a smile she went up to her elder brother and asked rather adorably, "Derek I want a hug too."

"Then get up here," Derek invited as he waved his hand over to them. Cora climbed up next to Derek, eagerly taking him up on the invitation.

"Percy this is Laura's and my little sister, Cora. Cora this is Percy, he's a new member of the pack." Derek introduced the two children to each other.

"Hi," Cora said with the normal cheerfulness of a seven year old, Percy found it rather adorable really and replied in kind. Both of them enjoyed the warmth of the hug for a while longer.

Talia walked into her room and saw Laura standing to the side smiling at the congregation of little people. Derek was in the middle hugging his sister and the mysterious young boy.

"Well, this is sweet," she brought her presence to their attention. Derek blushed red and looked away in an effort to hide his embarrassment.

"Hi Mummy," Cora greeted her mother with a wave, though she made sure to still keep herself within the warmth of the hug as she did so.

"Hi Sweetheart," Talia responded with the smile only a mother could have, Cora could practically smell the scent of love in the air, she really liked it.

The Alpha turned to the young boy and decided to introduce herself, "I'm Talia Hale and you are?"

"Percy Jackson, well Perseus Jackson is my actual name. But you can call me Percy," Percy said with an ease of practice, introducing himself like that had basically become habit.

"It's nice to meet you Percy," she said as she sat at the end of her bed.

"So, Derek said that you guys are werewolves. But he said you're good werewolves. He also said I was family now… is that true?" he asked hesitantly, after all the woman in front of him could simply kick him out if she decided to.

"Yes we are werewolves; yes we are good werewolves, we don't go around attacking people. Yes you are pack… Percy where are your parents?" She answered as she laid his fears to rest, yet at the same time bringing a painful memory to the forefront without meaning to.

Percy started crying, he wasn't over it after all, and his mom was the only thing that existed for him for a long time. "M…Mum…Mummy is dead," he choked out.

"I'm sorry Percy, what about your father?"

He simply shrugged. "I've never met him. Mummy said he was lost at sea. Then she married Smelly Gabe, but I don't like him, he always hit me when Mummy wasn't around," Percy whispered.

"No one is going to hit you here Percy," she stated.

"So I can stay? I feel safe here," Percy asked who he hoped would be his future family.

"Of course you can stay," Talia reassured him, he was pack after all, and pack stuck together.

"Yes!" Percy exclaimed as he threw himself at Talia, he hugged her as if she was a life line, and she hugged him back just as tightly.

"Thank you," he whispered.

"You're welcome," she whispered back.

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