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Here's the Leivinia Birdway chapter starting off the year of 2016 for me in fanfiction. I had really wished I could have released this sooner but college finals and the holidays took me away from that. But anyways, on to my thoughts.

I really love Birdway's character and the interactions she's had with Touma. I liked the influence she had on him during the first half of New Testament where she was pretty much the cause of all of his development after Hawaii. If you think about it, she really understands Touma deeply more than most other characters. That was why she was able to manipulate him in the first place. But not only that, she also really understands Touma's most prominent trait of trying to save everyone. Examples of that such as when she confronted him in NT10 and understood him and his situation more easily than all of the others and let him go. Or even in the recent volume in NT14 where she withheld the information of herself being at risk because she knew he would worry. Their dynamic together is also pretty fun. She's basically best imouto.

I was pretty glad that we got to see her get involved in the story again with NT14. I'm hoping that she sticks around for the next couple of volumes, which seems pretty possible given the ending of NT14. I actually secretly hope that maybe she'll become Touma's 3rd major companion since she's pretty much been a major character through most of New Testament. But I can only dream.

NT14 also gave us some more exposition on Touma's character as well now that he's had to face someone who is pretty much in the same situation as he was in. One line in particular stood out to me. It was the one where it said Touma said that Kamisato hadn't yet realized he was beloved by people and it was ironic because he hasn't realized it either. I liked that line because it was kind of in line with the premise for this fic where Touma really undervalues how much he truly is loved by his friends.

Anyways, with all those thoughts aside, hope you guys enjoy this chapter.

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The lights of Academy City came in through the view of a window in a plane.

A girl peered out as she watched the city of science come closer to her view. This girl was Leivinia Birdway.

Using the resources she had as the leader of the largest magic cabal the Dawn-Colored Sunlight, she had taken a private plane in order to travel to Academy City. It wasn't like she could have taken normal means to get into the City anyway, especially since she was a high profile magician.

Now why was she visiting Academy City?

Birdway leaned on her hand. She thought over the reason why she was coming to this city. She wanted to see a certain boy that lived in this very city. A boy named Kamijou Touma.

After causing a big disturbance back in Denmark over the issue of the Magic God Othinus, the boy had managed to actually resolve that whole ordeal. It was a very impressive feat, and yet, Birdway was somehow not surprised that he had managed to save her.

She just knew that that boy would be able to do it, that was she believed when she saw him back in Denmark.

And that was why she was headed to Academy City now, that was the last time she had saw him. She wouldn't have admitted it to anyone, but she wanted to visit him to check up if he was okay. Along with that, she had a couple of questions to ask him.

She sighed as she leaned back into her chair and recalled back to when she was in Denmark.

"Let me go!" Index shouted as Birdway still held onto her legs from the ground.

"I can't do that."

"But we need still need to talk to Touma!"

"Just let him go."

"Why are you letting him leave? I thought we came here to stop him!"

"Hmph, I figured out what it was he was doing. Besides, don't you trust him?

"I do..but..."

"Then it's fine."

Touma was currently laying down in his hospital bed and sleeping. In his sleep, all he could see was darkness as his eyes lay shut and closed. His mind had shut down and relaxed as he slept. But even in his sleep, he still had some subconscious awareness.

Suddenly he felt a disruption in his comfortable position while sleeping. It felt as if a pressure was now pushing down on his body. He could feel the pressure starting at his chest and soon spreading over the rest of his body.

What's going on? He subconsciously thought.

The pressure seemed to step pressing down but the weight persisted. It now felt as if there was just something laying on top of him.

His eyes had begun to slowly open. As he began to wake up, a couple of his senses were alerted that there was something wrong.

First off was the pressure he felt while he was still asleep had remained.

Second was a nice smell that entered his nostrils.

Third was the sound of soft breathing.

And the last sense that was affected was his sight. In his eyes he could see fluffy blonde hair right on top of his chest. As he took a closer look, he could see that the form resembled a familiar girl he knew named Leivinia Birdway.

W-what is this familiar scene?! Touma thought as he recalled the instance he woke up to Lessar and Birdway in his bathtub back at his apartment. What is she doing here?!

He lifted his head up and looked down in surprise at Birdway laying down on his chest.

While Touma had a nervous, surprised look of disbelief at the scene, you could say that Birdway's expression was the exact opposite.

Her eyes were still closed as she was still sleeping. She was lightly breathing as she inhaled and exhaled in her sleep. But the most surprising feature of all was the expression on her face. Birdway had a smile on her face. It wasn't like her usual sadistic smiles, it was one that seemed content. To compliment it, her face looked very relaxed as her head laid on its side on top of his chest.

If he didn't know her personally, he would have thought that she was a very cute little girl. Experience otherwise told him otherwise though that

Not only that, it seemed like she was tightly gripping her arms around his body. As if he was like some teddy bear to her.

I need to get out of this situation again!

As if she could read his thoughts, she challenged his prospects and moved around in her sleep. She rolled her body over until she was laying back onto him.

Now he was even more restricted. If he tried to move his body at all, then surely she would be able to feel the shifting right below her. Actually, he didn't even know why he would try to move. This was his hospital bed that he was supposed to be sleeping and recovering in.

Maybe he could try to move her off of him? While he didn't like the idea of handling someone as dangerous as her, maybe he could be able to gently move her away without her waking up.

Touma tried to shuffle his arms out from underneath and spread them out. He motioned to try to grab Birdway from the side where he would try to hold her, inch out from underneath her, lift her, and move her off to the side.

"No...no...this jetlag is still killing me. Let me keep sleeping." Birdway muttered as he tried to move her.

As his hands tried to grab ahold of her, she did something he didn't expect. While still sleeping, she moved both of her arms to each of his arms that were trying to grab her from the side and instead grabbed onto them and wrapped them around her. Her arms remained in position to keep them in place.

What is this development?!

The new position they were in looked like as if Touma was holding and hugging Birdway from behind now. He tried to pull his arms away, but that only caused Birdway to grip onto his arms stronger.

I can feel her strength. She's not letting me gooooooo.

Since he couldn't get his arms back, he came up with another plan. He would roll his body over to on its side so that Birdway's body wouldn't be on top of him and then maybe he could slip away.

He set his plan in motion as he lifted the left side of his body so that he would end up on his right side. Touma found that Birdway was actually a very light girl as he lifted her along with him. Now they were in a more precarious position as they looked like they were spooning. But since Birdway was smaller than him, you would think that it was more of an adorable scene.

All he needed to do now was try to slip his arm away from underneath her.

The sound of a door opening came to his ears. "Excuse me, I was informed that a visitor came in here-" The voice rang out and stopped.

It was one of the nurses in the hospital. She saw the current scene and didn't know how to react. Touma on the other hand was panicking and shaking his head as if to say 'This isn't what it looks like!'. The shaking of his body was also stirring up Birdway who was still in his arms.

"Hmmph...onii-chan... is warm..." She said in her sleep.

Both the nurse and Touma flared up at her words. Onii-chan?!

Birdway wiggled a little bit in his arms before settling down again and sleeping.

"I'm sorry, I'll leave you two." The nurse said before she backed out of the room and closed the door.

"Fukou daaaa." He let out.

"...Shut up...you idiot...trying to sleep..." Birdway muttered.

Touma let out an internal sigh. He relented from trying to escape since he had not been able to escape Birdway's grasp.

At this point, he started to feel his own eyes begin to droop as he suddenly felt difficulty keep them open. Since Birdway had interrupted his sleep in the first place, he did not have his full energy. He let himself go to the need to rest. Even with the difficulty of falling back to sleep due to Birdway's hair being nestled in front of his face, his consciousness began to fade.

Touma slowly opened his eyes as he began to wake up again. There was one thing he noticed as his consciousness returned to him. There was originally a person that was supposedly right next to him in the bed and now was gone.

As his vision returned, he turned his head and could see that the person of question was still there. Birdway was now sitting in the chair right next to his bed. She was stretching her arms out and yawning.

"That was a pretty good sleep if I do say so myself."

Touma pushed himself up off his bed to turn his attention to her as he rubbed his eyes.


"Hmm?" Birdway turned over to him. "Well, look who's awake."

"When did you wake up?"

"Just a little bit ago, the position I found myself waking up in was questionable but yet very warm."

"Why are you getting comfortable with these sort of positions?!"

"Don't blame me, blame the fatigue I obtained from jetlag traveling here."

She crossed her arms and had a calm expression on her face. He was actually surprised that Birdway didn't try to harm him after waking up. Even though she was the one that crawled into the bed with him, he just somehow felt blame would be pinned on him.

Touma let out a sigh. "What are you even doing here Birdway?" Touma said questioningly.

"Why do you think I'm here?" Birdway responded haughtily.

"Uhh, I don't really know, that's why I asked."

"I would think that even someone like you could figure out the reason why I would visit someone in the hospital."

"What? How would I know why you're here?"

A little tick appeared on Birdway's forehead at his response.

"Tch, it doesn't matter. Just be glad that I'm here to visit you." She said as she turned her head.

The underlying meaning in that statement was her saying that she was actually worried about his well-being, but she would never tell him that directly.

Leivinia could briefly recall an encounter with Ollerus and his group in Denmark in the aftermath of the situation. Apparently Touma had encountered his group right after he had encountered her. She had talked with them, and she could remember some particular irksome words that came from Silvia. "I'm sorry I beat up your big brother Birdway-chan. Maybe you should check up on him to make sure he's okay like a good little sister you are."

Birdway could feel a tick mark appearing on her forehead and her expression getting angry as she shut her eyes and scowled at that memory. Touma noticed it too and felt like he should answer the question so she wouldn't get even more angry.

He wasn't sure if he should have been glad that she was here.

"Thanks, I guess..." Touma sweatdropped.

"*Sigh* If you really want to know, I'm obviously here to check up on what happened after that whole situation in Denmark." Birdway said as she turned back over to look at him with a serious expression. "I believe you owe me an explanation after letting you go back then."

"I guess I do." Touma said scratching the back of his head. "Well I think that everything turned out as best as I could hope. As you can see, I'm still alive and Othinus is still alive as well." He responded.

"So I guess you were able to achieve your objective of saving this 'girl' then?"

"Yes. At the end of it all, she lost most of her power and was given her punishment."

Birdway put her hand underneath her chin.

"Hmm, so I guess my decision to let you go wasn't a wrong choice after all."

Touma smiled.

"You know, I still need to thank you for that."

A surprised look suddenly appeared on Birdway's face at his statement.

"What for?"

"Back in Denmark, you seemed very understanding of the situation. You just let us go and placed your trust in me."

"I know and understand you very well more than most other people. I had a feeling you were just caught up in something only you would do. Back then I did say you would owe me for that."

"Hahaha..." Touma said rubbing the back of head.

"If you really want to thank me, then oblige me with one thing."

"What is it?"

"I know I was very accepting of the Othinus situation, but the one I want to know is what happened in that instance you were gone that caused you to turn sides." Birdway crossed her arms. "I believe now is as good a time as any to tell about what happened. You were pressured under the conditions you were in at Denmark. But now that we're here, we've got all the time in the world."

Another thought flashed into her mind. She was recalling the memory of that New Light magician named Lessar teasing her back at the Sargasso after Touma had disappeared with Othinus. "Hee hee hee. Are you upset that your precious big bro was taken from you?"

And again a tick mark appeared on her head. It was indeed surprising to her that the boy she had been working closely with all of a sudden would go out to help the world's greatest enemy. He had given her the lowdown over in Denmark as best he could about the circumstances, but she knew there was more to the story in that time they were gone. It had to have been very significant from what she could tell when she looked into his eyes back then.

Touma also noticed her inquisitive look.

"Some things happened...But you could say that me and Othinus came to an understanding."

"An understanding huh?"

Touma nodded.

"Hmm, that may be true, but I don't think something like that came as simple as you've told me. Something else happened didn't it?"

"What do you mean?" Touma said with a confused look.

"Don't take me for a fool. Obviously something more had happened in wherever you went off to, I saw it in your eyes." Birdway said as she pressed her face forward towards him. "A look of guilt."

Touma grew nervous as she leaned in on him. The words Birdway said triggered something within him. He could feel sweat about to run down his face. He knew exactly the cause of it.

The Omega World. The world of happiness he had destroyed.

Birdway leaned back away. She definitely noticed the change in his demeanor.

"Now I won't force you to tell me, but I do believe this whole process will definitely be much easier if you just tell me."

Touma turned his head away from her to the side. He could still feel Birdway still staring intently at him in the side of his head.

'Should I tell her?' was the question that run through his mind. She and him had come to an understanding during the Ichihanaransai that they would each do what was best for the world. 'What would she think about him destroying that world?' was the question that caused doubt in his mind.

But even at his hesitation, the words of the Will echoed in his mind. They were telling him that he needed to tell everyone what happened back then if he wanted their forgiveness. The next step that he had to face now was Birdway.

"You're right, something did happen..." Touma said as he turned his head back to her.

Birdway's piercing eyes softened up at seeing him let go of his reluctance. She sat with opened ears as she waited for him to continue.

He let out a sigh before he started. A melancholic look popped up onto his face.

"In that time we were gone, the world was actually destroyed by Othinus. But as she was able to destroy the world, she was able to remake it as well. She threw me through many worlds that she remade. But..."

Touma paused.

"There was one world, one certain world that she showed me..." Touma gripped the bedsheet around him tightly as he crunched his fists. "Othinus had created the perfect world. It was this world where everyone was happy."

"So what? Obviously that world was just a fake made by Othinus." Birdway interjected.

"No...It was all real. The power she had made everything that was there real." Touma said shaking his head.

"It was essentially a world where Othinus had saved everyone and they all had smiles on their faces. But...in order for me to come back to this world I...I had to destroy it all!" Touma's voice raised at the last segment. "Everyone in that world was happy! That world had the best outcomes for everyone and I had to just go and tear it all down and steal it away from them!" He then stopped as his head faced down in what seemed to be frustration.

Birdway took notice of his pause and frowned. The silence persisted in the air for a little while before he began to continue.

"There was just one condition needed to keep that world...All I had to do was give up my life for it."

Birdway's form flinched at his statement.

"I pitted the lives of everyone else in the world against my single life. What I did was incredibly selfish, and I can't forgive myself for doing that. I could have saved everyone with that but I didn't I should have just gone through with it, I-"


"What are you saying..."

Birdway had her right arm extended. Touma had recoiled back from the slap she gave him. He turned back to her with a hand on his cheek to answer her question.

"I'm saying that everything was my fault."

Birdway lowered her arm and took a step back. She had her head tilted down. A shadow covered over her eyes. Her mouth suddenly changing from it's frown into clenched teeth. Her hands right by her sides clenched into fists.

"You...you idiot!" Birdway exclaimed as she lifted her head up at him.

Touma was taken aback at her exclamation.

"You blame yourself for this whole situation? I know this is something that I should have expected from you but I still can't wrap my head around how you can take it to this extent!"

"But it really was my fault! I even told to you Birdway that I would offer up my flesh to save everyone." Touma said. Birdway did indeed remember those words they exchanged during the Ichihanaransai. "I didn't follow through with my words which makes me nothing more than a hypocrite!"

"Whatever it is you said to me doesn't matter. Shouldn't you be more worried about yourself?!"

"How can I place my life above the lives of everyone else's?!"

"Do you not care about your own life?!"

"I can't after what I've done! I can only blame myself for everything that's happened to me."

"If there's anyone to blame for what's happened to you it should be me!" Birdway yelled at him

Touma was taken aback by that statement. What? He thought to himself.

"Everything that's happened to you that lead up to this point, it's all my fault! I was the one that started the chain of events that happened to you when I saved you from the ocean! I was the one that manipulated you into coming to Hawaii! I was also the one that betrayed you at Hawaii! I was the one that was the cause behind the events at Baggage City! I was the one that caused you to be shot during the Ichihanaransai! I was the one that opposed you on the issue of Fraulein Kreutune! I was the one that utilized you as bait and as a tool against GREMLIN! If there's anyone that should be blamed for everything you've gone through it should be me-"

Birdway stopped and cut her sentence.

What had interrupted her abruptly was a hand. Kamijou Touma's right hand had been placed on her head.


Touma didn't say anything more and neither did Birdway as his hand laid on her head.

Touma didn't know how to feel about this. He was very sure to himself that everything that had happened had been his fault. And yet, Birdway was trying to tear down that ideal of his.

After a couple of more moments of silence, Birdway continued.

"I don't know how you can place blame on yourself but not me..."

"I've already forgiven you for all of that."

Birdway looked up at him with shaking eyes.


"I told you back during the Ichihanaransai didn't I? I know that everything that you do, you try to do what you think is the best for the world. All of those things you did you did in consideration of what you thought was the best choice, and I can't fault you for that."

Birdway drooped her head down.

"Idiot...I'm the one trying to console you and you're the one that's consoling me."

"I appreciate what you're trying to do though." Touma said as he melancholy smiled. "I meant everything that I said during our fight. You're the hardest working girl I know that tries your best."

Touma's melancholic smile then dropped down back into a frown. "But I can't say that you're the one to blame for my actions back in that Omega World. That was out of my own volition. It feels unfair to drop that fault onto you."

"*Sigh* I guess that's just the way you are." Birdway said. "You truly do try to take on the weight of the world. I don't know whether to admire your heroics, or berate you for being an idiot."

She moved out from underneath his hand and Touma pulled his hand back to him.

"But...even if you don't value your life as much, there are others that do." Birdway turned her head to the side. "Including me." She muttered.

She said it in hopes that he wouldn't hear that, but he caught her words.

Touma was honestly taken aback from everything she's said to him. His predisposition of her had not allowed him to believe what she just said. To him, she was the sadistic boss of the Dawn-Colored Sunlight. She was the one that was merciless to anyone that got in her way. She was the one that did not care about the lives those that worked underneath her if it was deemed necessary. He even said to her himself that she could use and think of him as nothing more than a tool to be used. To hear her say that she cared for his wellbeing was bizarre, and also pretty significant.

"You've done more than enough that you've needed to for this world and for most people. I've seen you do that ever since I met you all that time ago here in this city where you swept me off my feet. You need to understand that you affect others more than what you think, you really do undervalue yourself very so." Birdway said with her usual demeanor. "There's nothing more I can say than that. But I do think that you need to get that through your thick idiotic skull before I have to beat it into you."

Touma could only sit in silence as he absorbed the words she gave him.

Birdway sighed. "With all of that said, I guess that settles my business with you. I think I'll go visit that Index back at your apartment before I return to England." Birdway said as she started to turn to walk out.


Birdway turned around back at him before she took a step, only to find his hand on her head for a second time.

"Thanks." Touma said as he patted and rubbed her head.

Birdway blushed. She wouldn't admit it to anyone, but the feeling of his hand on her head was very nice.

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