Chapter 3 - James

The next day Ginny was ready to go home, but hospital policy dictated that new mothers wait a minimum of twenty four hours. A number of healers filtered through the room with a variety of excuses. Mostly, everyone just wanted to witness the unique Potter family. Harry was one of the most famous wizards in the world and his three-way Bonding was something that many did not quite comprehend.

On the second day after Ginny entered the hospital, she was due to be discharged at noon. Harry paced while Ginny and Luna fussed over Sirius and the time seemed to drag. Luna got up at one point to visit the loo when she suddenly yelled for Harry. Rushing to her side, Harry saw the familiar puddle and yelled for a healer.

The healer on call entered and inquired.

"Mr. Potter, can I help you?"

Harry was holding Luna as he excitedly answered.

"My wife's water broke. My OTHER wife."

Ginny jumped out of bed, took hold of Luna and put her in the bed instead. The healer smiled as he replied.

"Well, here we go again."

Then the healer began Luna's examination and put her initial pain block spells in place. As the he performed his duties, Harry sent two patronuses with the news, one to the Burrow and one to the Lovegood house.

The commotion woke Sirius and Ginny took him to Harry's recliner to nurse. When Ginny's primary healer arrived to finalize her discharge, he stopped dead as he walked into the room. Taking in the scene of his patient sitting up and another patient, her wife, in what had been her bed and the father and husband of both of them standing to the side with a concerned look was a bit much for him to comprehend initially. Ginny smiled and spoke up.

"Good morning healer, it's Luna's turn now. I guess we aren't going anywhere for a while."

Shaking his head, the he left to collect the notes from the on call healer. The lead healer returned a short time later and finalized Ginny's discharge papers, officially making her a visitor instead of a patient. Normally a newborn wouldn't be allowed in a delivery room, but given the unique circumstances he didn't even bother to mention that. Soon the family was arriving and this time Xeno Lovegood came as well. He rushed into the room, looking concerned.

"Luna! How are you? It's time? I brought some dirigible plum tea to help you."

Harry stepped forward before Xeno could continue.

"Hello Xeno, thanks for coming. We appreciate the tea, but hospital policy doesn't allow patients to consume outside food or drink."

Harry remembered Xeno's tea and was not about to let his wife and child be exposed to anything potentially hazardous at this critical time. Xeno grimaced, but desisted. Then Luna finally spoke.

"Daddy you made it. FINALLY. Where have you been? Our son Sirius was born almost two days ago. Now you show up? Have you even looked at him?"

Luna was unusually upset and Ginny was at her side to calm her down. Xeno finally looked over to the bassinet where Sirius slept. After staring for a minute, he turned back to Luna.

"He's nice, but he looks nothing like you."

At that point Luna lost it and started throwing things at her father; a pillow, a water pitcher and a hairbrush all hit Xeno before Harry pulled him out of the room. Harry trusted Ginny to calm Luna down while he took Xeno aside.

"Xeno, I want you here for the birth of your second grandson, but your failure to appear for the birth of your first grandson has made Luna quite distraught. If you want to be part of our lives, then you need to accept our whole family, not just those you choose."

Harry's face was set in a determined scowl as he regarded his father-in-law. Xeno stared at Harry for several minutes, then turned and ran down the hall. Harry sighed and returned to Luna's room.

Luna's labor progressed smoothly and, in typical Luna fashion, she seemed to breeze through with only two pain blocks. Shortly before six in the evening, Harry was wiping her face when Luna's eyes grew huge.

"HARRY! It's time."

Ginny was on her other side and ran for a healer, but Harry realized that Luna was pushing and he yanked up the sheet. He almost fainted at the sight of his second son's head already delivered. With no healer yet available, he reached down and grabbed the baby as Luna finished her single large push and the baby slid out into his father's hands. Seconds later, the healer and Ginny arrived. Ginny screamed and the healer started shouting orders. Harry turned his son over and looked at him. He was slimy and his one ear bent a bit strange, but Harry thought he was beautiful. Looking up at Luna, Harry beamed.

"We have another son Luna love."

Luna smiled and sank back into the bed. The healer took over quickly and Ginny proudly took the opportunity to draw her wand and sever the cord. The baby was taken for examination while Luna's healer took care of the afterbirth and examined her. Mother and child were both declared healthy and baby James Antioch Potter was swaddled and placed in Luna's arms. Like his brother, he looked much like his father, but his head was topped with a mass of golden brown curls. Harry felt like he had been hit with a never-ending cheering charm as he gazed at his family. Luna looked tired, but content as she held James to her breast. Ginny sat on the bed with her, cradling baby Sirius and unable to take her eyes off her wife's new son. 'This is why I fought a war and continue to fight for peace. So that my family and others can have lives like this.' Harry thought.

Once everyone was settled, the anxious family was allowed to file in and Mrs. Weasley made as much of a scene over James as she had over Sirius. Luna finished nursing and James made the same round to all the assembled family that his brother had before him. It took a while, but soon the entire family had a chance to hold him. Harry was disappointed that Xeno was nowhere around, then Xeno suddenly appeared at the door. In his hands he carried two teddy bears and placed one in each of the two bassinets that now crowded the Potters' room. Looking over at Luna, he smiled and kissed her forehead. George was finishing his turn with James and handed him to Xeno. The look on his face as he held his grandson was like light come through a cloud. Without taking his eyes off James, Xeno sat on a corner of the bed next to Ginny, who was holding Sirius. Xeno finally looked over and smiled at baby Sirius. Harry let out a deep breath that he hadn't realized he had been holding.

Several minutes later, Xeno handed James to Harry and announced that he had to leave, but would be back to visit the next day. The rest of the family also began to file out to let the new mothers and their babies rest.

With both the boys asleep in their bassinets, Ginny and Luna curled up together on the bed and Harry just sat watching. As he looked back on the previous two days, Harry calculated the two deliveries. Sirius had arrived at exactly eight in the evening and James at just two minutes after six, two evenings later. '46 hours' Harry thought. What an amazing 46 hours it had been.