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The Rose of Self


What is normal? Is normal what is perceived by society as what should be or is anyone ever truly normal in the eyes of society? But what happens when someone acts 'outside the norm' or acts differently to what is considered normal outside of society? Should they be rejected and shunned or should their differences be embraced and just be seen as a 'little bit quirky'?

It is the year 1906, this is the story of a girl who broke through the rules and constraints of society and had someone embrace her differences by loving her for who she is. But wait, I am getting ahead of myself...This is my story of how I found love and acceptance in the most unlikely of places because...Can anyone ever truly considered to be normal by definition or is it in the eyes of society that defines what 'normal' is? Learn how I was loved and accepted for being just 'a little bit quirky' and finding my place in the world...and finding out where I truly belonged in society...