As the sun set over Beach City, Peridot was at her favorite spot, sitting on top of the hill behind the lighthouse, watching the sea painted in hues of red and gold. She's adapted rather well to working with the Crystal Gems and helping protect humanity. In the beginning, things were tougher, but Steven was always supportive. And Lapis was...

Peridot flinches are a pair of slim blue arms encircle her from behind. "Hey, Peri," Lapis greets, laughing a little. Peridot relaxes again, leaning back into the other gem's embrace.

[Lapis...] she sighs in her mind, smiling faintly.

"Yes?" Lapis asks inquisitively. Peridot flinches in surprise, blushing a darker green.

[Holy crap I said that out loud?] Peridot hangs her head as Lapis laughs. "Did you want something?" Peridot asks, sounding a little more caustic than she intended, but Lapis doesn't seem put off.

"Oh, I was feeling bored, and I decided I'd come annoy you." Peridot rolls her eyes but can't help but smile at the blue gem's honesty. "Besides, I was feeling a craving..." the gem whispers into Peridot's ear, causing her to shudder.

"Really? Up here?" Peridot sounds more than hesitant as Lapis pulls her into her lap.

"Come on, no one's going to be out at this time of night. Sun's set, people are at home. We're alone up here." Peridot tries to disagree, but Lapis interrupts her with a heated kiss. She only resists for a moment before succumbing to her desires and opening up. As the water gem's tongue invades her mouth, Peridot responds in kind while wrapping her arms around her companion. "I want to feel your hands," Lapis breathes, interrupting the kiss for only a moment.

Peridot nods, deepening the kiss as her hands rest at her sides. In a slight hiss of steam, the armor on her arms detaches, revealing long, thin, pale green arms. She buries her now freed fingers into the other gem's hair, shuddering at the feeling in her fingers. Lapis smiles into the kiss, lying back and bringing Peridot with her. Peridot is now straddling the other gem, and as she sits up, she smiles down at the other gem. Lapis licks her lips and slides her hands up her body before cupping her breasts.

Peridot grins and slides her own hands under her partner's, lightly kneading the fleshy globes beneath her, causing Lapis to moan lightly. "Peri..." she sighs, throwing her head back. Peridot takes this chance to kneel down and press her lips against the slope of her lover's neck. Lapis shivers and lays her hands above her hand, releasing control to the other gem. "Oh, Peri... More..." she begs, and Peridot is more than happy to obey.

The gems both glow as they remove their clothing, leaving the pale green gem straddling a fully bared dark blue one. Peridot blushes again, having never before been so vulnerable in public, but Lapis smiles and laces their fingers together. "It's fine, Peri, no one's going to find us, and even then it wouldn't matter. This isn't Homeworld. We can love each other." Peridot blushes harder but doesn't pull her hand away, instead gripping tighter.

"Yeah, you're right. I can love you. I DO love you," she admits, suddenly looking at Lapis in fear and excitement. "I love you, and I'm going to show you." Lapis smiles and purrs in pleasure as Peridot kisses her deeply, hands returning to fondling the blue breasts and teasing the navy hued nipples. Lapis, in response, slides her hands along her lover's back to cup the green gem's bottom firmly.

"Mine," she mutters, causing Peridot to smile.

"Yours," Peridot agrees before kissing her way to suck on a nipple. Lapis groans and Peridot can't help but laugh. "While these are mine." The watery gem arches her back, seeking more contact.

"I need you!" she rasps, hands clenching on the green gem's shoulders. Peridot nods, kissing her softly before moving back. The two gems intwine their legs, shifting closer until their cores meet. The pair gasp as they press against each other, rubbing and building friction. "Yes!" Lapis moans, holding herself up on her arms to watch her companion. Peridot, meanwhile, is on her back and fisting the grass below her, simply enjoying the sensations.

With a playful smirk, Lapis raises a hand, and through a moan she gathers some water into a sphere. She shapes the water into a vaguely phallic shape and wills it to slide between the joined gems. Despite being made of water, Lapis had willed it strong, and it provided wonderful friction for the gems, further raising their pleasure.

Moaning, Lapis raises a shaking hand and commands the water to change shape. It spreads out, flowing into the two gems before filling and hardening, now the two gems sharing it between them. They thrust their hips at each other frantically, moaning out loud now.

"Lapis! I'm-" Peridot doesn't finish her statement, shouting and climaxing hard. Lapis keeps the momentum going for another few seconds before her own follows. As the two relax, Lapis's control over the water fades, and it flows out from the pleased gems, not as clear as when Lapis had gathered it.

After a moment, they shift and hold each other, spooning together with Peridot curled up into Lapis's embrace. The gems bask in their joy and pleasure gained together, and Lapis idly links her fingers with Peridot's.

"I love the way your hands feel in mine," she comments before kissing the back of her partner's neck. "I especially love that they're only for me." Peridot laughs and raises her lover's hand to her lips, planting a soft kiss on their joined digits. "But most of all, I love you."

As the moon rises over Beach City, the two gems are painted in the pale light, and under that soft caressing glow, they sleep.

I ship Lapidot, which is why this was more loving than some other stories I'll write. I just want them to be happy, okay?