Chapter 01: The What Fairy?

A brunette twenty-one year old sighed as he was in an empty apartment that had nothing but a couch, dresser and a fridge in it, wearing a black sleeveless vest over a white shirt and glasses.

His name was Peter Benjamin Parker.

Or if you knew him from School as a blonde stereotypical football jock, you would call him Puny Parker the science geek.

But if you knew him in the Hero Community when he wore a different look, people would call him Spider-Man.

Peter snorted as the image of his red and blue skintight outfit came to his mind as he looked at the dresser where he had it placed.

He used to love being Spider-Man, a hero to everyone in New York despite how people just thought he was a menace due to a certain Newspaper Publicist.

For six years he spent his life helping people and he did some great things in his life so far.

As Spider-Man he took on all kinds of criminals ranging from the Mobsters alongside the Defenders a group of Street-Fighting Superheroes to defending the world alongside the Fantastic Four and Avengers, two different teams that protect the world from cosmic powered beings or the occasional madman trying to rule the world *Cough Doom Cough*

But as Peter Parker he wasn't as accomplished.

Barely graduated High School because being Spider-Man are so much of his time, people thought he was a scrawny wimp because he didn't want to accidently hurt people with his powers due to being stronger than the average human and he had a job at the Daily Bugle to take pictures of himself as Spider-Man for the guy who tarnishes his reputation that makes the Police shoot him on sight.

He only did one year in College due to how much money the Parker family had and he was beginning to think he got the hang of balancing being both Peter Parker and Spider-Man.

He actually got a stable relationship with a girl named Gwen Stacy and found great friends in Harry Osborn and Mary-Jane Watson and thought things were going great before Gwen's father who was the Chief of Police was killed in a fight between him and one of his enemies Doctor Otto Octavius leaving Gwen to have a deep resentment of his Hero-Ego.

It only got worse when one of his enemies the Green Goblin found out who he was and kidnapped Gwen before tossing her off a bridge.

In an act of desperation, Spider-Man tried to save her by shooting a web strand from a wrist-mounted device he created called Web Shooters, but the force of the stop snapped Gwen's neck.

So in truth, Gwen died by his hands, nearly breaking the hero as he snapped when Goblin taunted him about that and proceeded to beat the ever living shit out of him before the man tried to kill him with his own glider but it malfunctioned and he impaled himself by accident.

That was when Spider-Man found out that the Goblin was Norman Osborn, the father of Harry Osborn who swore to get Spider-Man back for the death of his father.

So his Girlfriend was dead, his best friend hated his hero half and his other best friend Mary-Jane became distant due to a modeling career and Peter was thinking it couldn't possibly get any worse in his depression.

… He was so very wrong.

His Aunt May, the only family he had left began to get sick a few months later and that was when he discovered she had cancer.

In panic, Spider-Man went to every doctor he knew.

Whether it was Doctors of Science like Reed Richards, Bruce Banner and Donald Blake or Doctors of Sorcery like Stephen Strange he found no help except for sympathy.

Hell he even went to criminals like Doom, Octavius who easily figured out who he was and Loki and found neither help or sympathy.

When May died she actually revealed she knew about Peter's Double Life and said his Uncle Ben would've been so proud.

'Tch, yeah right.' Peter thought sadly. 'Proud of what? The young man who can barely keep the people closest to him safe? The man who killed his own girlfriend? The man who all of New York wants to lynch?'

After her death, Peter was in major debt with the bills, but he was saved because of the life insurance money his Aunt put out for him.

Out of debt, Peter sold the house he was raised in and everything in it to move out of New York.

He got on a bus and left without looking back, he gave the Avengers back the ID card that showed his membership and left despite a worried Captain America trying to ask if he was alright, he didn't tell any other heroes that he was leaving.

After hours of being on the bus, he made it to a place called Hunie City, weird name but the apartment was cheap so he took it.

"What am I going to do?" Peter muttered looking up at the ceiling as the fan slowly rotated.

In hindsight, it was stupid to go to a random city he knew nothing about without a plan, but he didn't care.

Hell he nearly forgot that today was the day he did turn twenty-one if it wasn't for the text he got from Harry wishing him one and asking if he found a place yet.

He didn't respond to it because he didn't want to make Harry's life worse than he already did.

Looking at the time to see it was only seven, Peter sighed.

"Well I'm legally an adult." He said deciding that maybe he could get a drink to drown out his sorrow.


Peter frowned as he had two empty bottles in front of him and a third one in his hand in the local Hunie City bar.

He felt nothing.

The alcohol burned his throat on the first sip but that was it.

No buzz… Can he even get drunk?

'Well I get woozy from certain stuff.' Peter thought remembering how Kraven drugged him quite a few times to hunt him down like an animal. 'But come on this is ridiculous.'

He looked to the side to see various people talking and he saw some couples making his heart ache as he remembered how Gwen laughed and how she smiled.

It has been a year since Gwen died.

Maybe he should go back out there and try to talk with someone-.

"Hey there."

Peter blinked as he turned to see a beautiful young lady with chocolate brown hair and green eyes, wearing a revealing red dress that had a bunch of ribbons and he couldn't help but stare.

When he was thinking about going out there and talking with someone, he didn't expect for it to happen this soon.

A hand waved in front of him. "Anyone home?" The lady asked with an amused smile. "I didn't break you did I?"

Peter's brain finally rebooted after that. "W-Who me?" He asked in shock.

The lady rolled her eyes. "Yes you." She said with the amused smile. "The name's Kyu, what's your name?"

"P-Peter Parker." Peter said wondering what was wrong with him.

It was like he couldn't think straight, maybe the alcohol was finally taking effect.

"You okay there, you look like you're having trouble holding it together."

"What, no I-I'm chill." Peter said trying to figure out what was going on.

Who was she?

He never really spoke to another girl as Peter after Gwen's death, so he didn't know how to react.

As Spider-Man he would crack jokes and possibly annoy the hell out of them, but as Peter Parker he was lost.

"Psssh! That's a fat load of shit and you know it." Kyu said not losing her smile.

"Well it's just that you're so pretty and stuff-." The words left Peter's mouth before he realized what he just said.

"Oh God, did you just say that?" Kyu asked giggling. "Is this really happening?"

Peter winced. 'Smooth.' He thought shaking his head.

Maybe it was still too soon to think about dating.

"Well I already embarrassed myself enough for tonight." Peter said finishing the last bottle of beer as he put the money on the table. "I'll just leave before it gets more awkward."

Peter went to get up only for Kyu to grab his arm. "Hmmmm, wait you know what? This might actually work." Kyu said with a thoughtful look as she grinned. "Yeah… Yeah, oh man this is your lucky day buddy."

"Wait, what?" Peter asked completely lost.

"Listen, I gotta go, but we'll meet again real soon, trust me." Kyu said as she got up and left causing Peter to turn towards her as she put an extra sway in her hips, knowing he was watching. "Niiight."

Peter blinked as he looked away from her to the bartender. "Did that just happen?" He asked in confusion as the Bartender gave a shrug.

"Strange things happen in Hunie City." The old man said as he fingered his sunglasses. "You'll get used to them."

"I suppose so. Thanks-." Peter looked at the Name Tag. "Stan."

Stan gave a nod as Peter left. "Nice guy." He said as he got back to wiping the counter.


Peter felt like he just fell asleep on the couch when he heard a familiar voice around two in the morning. "Hey you, rise and shine, we have work to do… Oh God, is this where you actually live?" Thinking he was still asleep, Peter ignored the person. "I said. GET UP!"

"Ugh five more minutes." Peter muttered before he felt someone grab his wrist and that was when he reacted, kicking forward causing someone to cry out in surprise as he instinctively jumped up, landing on the ceiling, ready to fight before he blinked.

Staring at him in astonishment was a girl who had pink hair pulled into pigtails wearing a pink and white babydoll with light pink panties showing, but what had him confused was the butterfly wings on her back.

Her green eyes and face did look familiar.

"That get-up… I'm definitely still dreaming." Peter muttered as he dropped from the ceiling, back onto the couch.

"H-How did you?" The girl said and that was when Peter recognized her voice.

"Wait… Kyu?" Peter asked in surprise. "What are you doing in my room-... And I thought you were a brunette?"

"Oh this? I can change my look whenever I want." Kyu said giving a twirl as she was floating due to her wings. "It's what comes with being a Love Fairy."

"... That's it I learned my lesson." Peter said resting a hand to his face. "Stay away from alcohol, you can wake me up now."

"I can't because this is totally happening." Kyu said in a teasing tone. "So are you a Meta or a Mutant?"

"Uh I don't know-." Peter tried to lie as Kyu gave him a deadpanned look.

"I just saw you stick to the ceiling." Kyu said before grinning. "Oh well we'll come to that later, it's time to do what Love Fairies do best."

"Love Fairy-?" Peter shook his head and looked Kyu straight in the eyes. "What exactly is a love fairy?"

"Good question, I'm glad you asked." Kyu said with her usual smile that was slowly becoming familiar to Peter. "You see as a Love Fairy it's my job to help poor saps like you out with the ladies, it's just what I do."

"Oh no." Peter said as he saw where this was going.

"Oh yes." Kyu teased. "Now I don't like to brag, but I'll have you know that I have a very impressive track record. All of my previous clients are basically walking babe magnets now. You though… Let's just say you will be my greatest accomplishment yet."

"Hold up, what's in it for you?" Peter asked suspiciously wondering if she was working for one of the Supernatural Criminals he helped Strange fight… Or maybe she worked for Loki to get revenge on him for interfering with the Trickster God's plan to kill Thor.

"Man what's with all these questions?" Kyu asked a little annoyed. "Can't a fairy just help a brother out? We need to get started right away, tell me how many dates have you been on?"

That question caused Peter to think back on Gwen and it was like the wound was reopened as he looked down.

Kyu gave a start at seeing the sorrow in his eyes as she frowned. 'I'm guessing he either broke up with a girl recently… Or something bad happened.' She thought before speaking. "Well we'll come back to that one later."

"Look." Peter said looking away. "It's late and I just want to sleep because I have a college to register into tomorrow so can you please leave?"

He didn't let her answer as he just laid back down and closed his eyes.

Kyu just stared, a little annoyed by how he was practically throwing away a chance of a lifetime here. "Fine, see you tomorrow." She said turning away.

She had a perfect track record with her clients and she wasn't going to fail now.

Just you wait Peter Parker, Kyu is going to find you a date.

To Be Continued…

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