Chapter 02: Picking up a Stray

Peter yawned as he woke up. "Man what a crazy dream." He muttered before Kyu floated upside down in his face.

"G'morning." Kyu greeted with a smile causing Peter to cry out as he fell off the couch. "Wow, jumpy much?"

"Y-You're real?!"

Kyu laughed. "Oh I know, how can something as cute as me be real, right?" She asked earning a look. "But anyways it's time to get started, so let's get out there and talk to some broads."

"Hold up, I didn't agree to this whole Matchmaking ploy you have going on here." Peter said a bit annoyed. "Plus I need to register for the upcoming semester at College."

"College huh?" Kyu grinned. "Nice choice to pick some chicks up rookie."

Peter stared before he pinched his nose in frustration.

He was just going to ignore her.


It didn't take long to reach the college campus as he stood outside the building with a flyer.

'Alright, just go in and get registered.' Peter told himself. 'Then worry about a part-time job to pay for it as well as the bills.'

He was about to go in before he stopped and stared.

The reason was he saw a blonde haired young woman with blue eyes reminding him painfully of Gwen, except her hair was in pigtails just like Kyu's tied with red ribbons as she wore a white school shirt and a short red skirt.

She was talking to another woman with dark hair and gray eyes wearing a loose black neck tie and a green jacket over a white shirt, glasses and white shorts.

"Oh Ms. Yumi, I'm glad I ran into you." The blonde said with a smile. "Have you had a chance to grade our exams yet?"

"Uhhhh, remind me what that was on again?" Ms. Yumi asked looking like her mind was somewhere else.

"You know, the conservation of whatever-you-call-it." The blonde said as Ms. Yumi gave a nod.

"Oh yeah, yeah… I think those are on my desk." Ms. Yumi said to her. "... Somewhere."

"Ohhh okay." The blonde looked nervous. "Do you know when you could get them back to us?"

"Later, next week probably." Ms. Yumi said with a small smile. "I'm sure you did fine, Tiffany."

"You think? I hope so." Tiffany said looking away. "I don't know, I was having trouble with some of the material. Do you know what we're going over next week? I want to try to get a head-start when the new semester starts."

"Next week? I don't know yet." Ms. Yumi apologized. "Actually, I have a pounding headache, can we do this later please?"

Tiffany smiled sheepishly. "Yeah okay, sorry to bother you Ms. Yumi."

"No it's fine, I'll talk to you later." Ms. Yumi said as she turned to leave.

"Whoa, is this chick serious?" Kyu asked flying up shocking Peter as he quickly looked to see if anyone was watching but to his confusion, no one was batting an eye at the fairy next to him. "That schoolgirl uniform is a little on the nose, don't you think? She's cute though. Blonde too so… Bonus points."

"Uh… Yeah." Peter said looking away.

"This is your classic girl next door situation, she's nice so don't say anything to scare her off." Kyu advised getting started on her job. "But don't be afraid to take a chance."

"I'm not going to-... Why isn't anyone seeing you flying?!" Peter asked looking around.

"Oh yeah, don't worry they can't see or hear me." Kyu said with a smirk. "After all I'm just a figment of your imagination. Ploooot twiiiist"

"... So I am insane?" Peter asked hanging his head.

Kyu laughed. "Nah, I'm crazy real, I just hid myself so I can give you advice on the sidelines." She told him laughing at his face. "This chick is clearly out of your league but there may be hope."

"I don't care about that." Peter muttered not wanting to listen to her at this moment as Tiffany was heading to walk past him. "I'm just going to-."

Peter stopped as a buzzing in his head went off before Kyu shoved him so hard that he stumbled as he nearly bumped into Tiffany, accidently knocking her books down.

"Sorry." Peter apologized wanting to glare at Kyu for that as he helped Tiffany pick the books up. "I uh… Wasn't paying attention to where I was going."

"No, no it's fine." Tiffany said not sounding too annoyed as Peter stood up handing her back her stuff. "Thanks, wait I've never seen you around here before, are you new?"

"Depends on if my application is accepted." Peter said to be nice. "Do you know the way to the Student Union?"

"Sure do, I know this place inside and out." Tiffany said with a smile. "You go past the building here and take a left at the fountain, you can't miss it."

"Thank you and sorry if I'm holding you up from class." Peter said wanting to get out of there because she was reminding him so much of Gwen that it was a bit scary.

"No don't worry about it. My classes are all done now." Tiffany said before holding her hand out. "My name is Tiffany by the way, it's nice to meet you."

"I'm Peter." Peter said accepting the handshake before Tiffany walked off but the blonde smiled at him.

"You seem like a cool guy, so I hope to see you around campus." Tiffany said before she left.

Kyu took that moment to cheer. "No way you did it, with my help of course." She said before tossing a phone to Peter. "I nearly forgot to give you the Hunibee this morning."

"The what?" Peter asked looking at the phone.

"It's an essential lifeline for any player on the go."

"Player?!" Peter asked not sure about that.

"It automatically registers the info of new girls you meet and can even track their location." Kyu said as Peter was now giving her a disgusted look.

"So basically the perfect tool for stalkers." Peter said slipping into his spidey persona without realizing it. "Can I order take-out on it too or is it like the ID Card Stark gave me?"

Kyu blinked. "Did you just crack a joke?"

Now Peter was staring. "Kyu you obviously don't know who I am." He said deciding to pocket the Hunibee because it was better he had it rather than someone like say… Deadpool.

"Hey what's that supposed to mean?!" Kyu asked in annoyance as she flew after him into the school.


It didn't take long for Peter to get registered for the school as he was leaving and heading to the park to explore more of the town with the Love Fairy who wouldn't leave him alone.

"You know you aren't making my job any easier." Kyu remarked as she was eating a thing of fries that Peter momentarily wondered where she got them.

"I never asked for you to interfere with my love life." Peter told her wondering why the weird things were still happening to him despite retiring from being a Vigilante. "You're welcome to leave anytime."

"No way, I have a reputation among Love Fairies to uphold." Kyu said jabbing a fry at him. "There's no way I'm losing my perfect track record."

"So basically I'm stuck with you." Peter commented shaking his head as Kyu glared.

"You make it sound like I'm insufferable." Kyu said crossing her arms.

'My how the tables have turned.' Peter thought remembering how his enemies and some of the other heroes said he was insufferable. 'Is this how they felt?'

"Hey are you listening?" Kyu asked flying up in front of him.

"Nope." Peter answered honestly as Kyu glared.

"I said that the one thing to a girls heart is giving her gifts." Kyu said as she had a bag she was pulling stuff out of.

Peter raised an eyebrow at the random stuff she was tossing out.

Bonsai Tree, Pinecone, earmuffs, a bag of goldfish.

Peter ending up catching that last one as they were swimming inside of the bag. "So you randomly carry a bag of goldfish around?" Peter asked as Kyu looked towards him.

"Oh be quiet." She said grabbing them and tossing them not noticing them hitting something inside of some bushes. "Now come on we have work to do."

"No we don't." Peter said annoyed by her constant pushing.

"Ummm… Excuse me." A new voice called out causing both Peter and Kyu to turn to see an auburn haired girl with gold eyes wearing a navy blue kimono dress but the strange part about her were the cat ears coming out of her hair and the black tail behind her with a blue ribbon on it. "Did you drop these fishies here? If you don't want them, can I have them?"

The catgirl was holding the bag of goldfish as Kyu grinned.

"Well, well a Hanyou." Kyu said seeing as how the catgirl didn't see her due to how she was keeping herself hidden. "Well go on, speak to her."

Seeing how it would be awkward if he kept quiet, Peter sighed. "Knock yourself out." He said and she smiled.

"Yesssss! Thank you! I'll love them forever and ever." The catgirl said hugging the bag.

"So… Is that a tail coming out of your back?" Peter asked not sure how to deal with this.

Before Kyu said she was a Hanyou, he thought she was either a Mutant or a Cosplayer.

"Mmmhmm. It is." The Catgirl gave a nod. "I have these furry ears too. I'm Momo, I'm a kitty."

"Ooh, an innocent girl." Kyu giggled as Peter felt off on hearing that. "Not everyday you see one of those, watch out the innocent ones are the most surprising if you catch my meaning."

Peter gave the fairy a weird look for saying that as Momo was hugging the fish. "So do you live around here?" Peter asked turning back to the catgirl as her ears drooped.

"No, I don't have a master." Momo said a little sadly. "I don't like being a stray kitty, it's no fun."

"I… I see?" Peter looked at Kyu who had a knowing smile.

Momo looked from Peter to her new fishies and then she smiled. "Wait, I just got an idea." She said gaining Peter's attention. "You can be my new master."

"WHAT?!" Peter shouted taking a step back as he heard that and he swore Kyu just busted out laughing.

"You're super duper nice, you'll take good care of me, yeah?" Momo asked hopefully.

"Whoa, let's not get ahead of ourselves." Peter tried to say before Kyu whispered in his ear.

"Hold it, you don't want to make her sad do you?" Kyu asked with a grin, thinking this was hilarious. "She just wants a home."

Peter looked from her to Momo who had a pleading look and he ended up sighing. "How can I say no-?" He was interrupted when Momo hugged him tightly.

"Really?! Thank you, thank you!" Momo said happily. "I'll be the best kitty in the whole world, I promise!"

"Um I believe you?" Peter said as she let go.

"I can't believe this, my own master!" Momo was extremely happy as she was dancing with the bag of fish.

'Kyu was right, she has a lot of innocence around her.' Peter thought as she just trusted him, a total stranger out of the blue. 'A lot of people would take advantage of her.'

But then he realized that despite leaving New York to get away from the strange things in life he ended up getting both a Love Fairy and a Cat Hanyou as a roommate.


People were giving Peter strange looks as he was walking with Momo who was looking in awe at everything still holding her bag of fish.

Not that he could blame them considering how everything was going.

'... Kyu has been pretty quiet.' Peter realized as he didn't see the Love Fairy anywhere. 'Not that I'm complaining.'

"Master I'm boooorred." Momo said as they've done nothing but walk the last few minutes. "Ask me a question."

Looking towards her, Peter frowned. "Well where are you from?" He asked curiously remembering how Kyu called her a Hanyou.

"I don't know." Momo answered causing Peter to give her a weird look. "I really have no idea, I'm sorry."

Peter gave a frown at hearing that.

That was a little troubling.

But the frown disappeared when he came across the apartment and opened the door only for his mouth to drop.

There was actual furniture inside of it.

"I hope you don't mind I did some redecorating." Kyu said with a smile as she was hanging upside down. "Just having a couch would not do."

"Master, who is this?" Momo asked curiously as Kyu wasn't hiding herself anymore.

"I'm Kyu a Love Fairy." Kyu said flying up to Momo as Peter was too busy staring at the extra stuff in his apartment.

"Kyu… Where did this all come from exactly?" Peter asked a bit hesitantly.

"Oh I took care of it." Kyu said waving the answer off. "If you're to pick up chicks you needed a better pad."

"Pick up chicks?" Momo tilted her head to the side. "You want chickens, Master?"

Kyu giggled. "Oh Momo, I have a lot to teach you."

Peter stared as he had horror flash through him.

What did he get himself into?

To Be Continued…

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