Ok, I know I have other stories going on...but this one won't leave me alone! I really liked the quote. This is the full quote: "I don't look at her like she's a bad girl. She just misunderstood sometime, she's a little troubled, she's a little dysfunctional. She's a survivor."There's really only one...maybe two genderbending stories for Ezra that are pretty good and I think that it would be interesting to explore it a bit more. I will admit that some of this was inspired by the story 'The Weight of Shadows' by word puzzler so if anything seems similar, it's probably because I read it and some things stuck in my mind. So, onto chapter one and tell me how I did!

Ezra gritted her teeth as she felt a headache coming on from the vibrations. "What is going on now?" She grumbled. Swinging her legs over the bench she raced out to the balcony of her tower and watched as a star destroyer came in towards the city. She weighed her options. "Stay here and let other street rats get the goods and no chance of getting caught...or take the risk and get the goods." She made up her mind within seconds as she raced back into the tower. Grabbing her hat and tucking in her black hair (that shines blue in the sun), she grabbed her vibroknife and her small blaster hidden in her sleeve, replacing her leg guard, she hopped onto her speeder to go out to find her prize. Nothing is free in Lothal, she knew that and is getting more and more nervous as her birthday is coming up.

Getting off her speeder, she stowed it in her usual spot to hide it while having a pained look in her eyes as she left. Ezra climbed up onto the rooftops and ran across them until she finds something that catches her eye. Looking around while jumping, Ezra grinned when she saw a merchant getting harassed by some imperials. 'Perfect,' she thought. As the merchant was getting dragged away, she hopped off the roof and immediately changed her demeanor while hunching over and holding her hands out pitifully with wide blue eyes. She went between the two imperials with the bulky one eating one of the yogans while the other one had a sneer on his face.

"Spare some food?" She asked in a voice that people swore made her sound like a child.

"Move along Lothrat!" The imperial took a swipe at her and she ducked with taking the comm unit from the skinny imperial, clipped it to her belt while saying, "I'm not looking for any trouble."

"Get out of here Lothrat." The bigger one snarled as he stepped towards her. Ezra sneered under her grey tight fitting hat while scurrying away and ducking around the corner. 'Too easy.' She thought as she watched the two Imperials just stand there. Clearing her throat, she took a deep breath and pitched her voice as low as it would go while imitating her father's accent from the Imperial center.

"All officers to the market square. We have a code red in the square. All units, we have a code red." She grinned as the ran out while the bulky officer threw down the basket onto the merchant. She repeated her message as she came up to the merchant. "Copy that, we have reached the square and we are standing by." The voice on the comm. said.

"Thank you," he said, sounding grateful but snarled at her while she grabbed some bounty. Quickly grabbing some yogans before the merchant could say anything, she ran off while jumping back onto the roofs. "Girls gotta eat," she chuckled to herself.

She walked across the roof so she can get an overview of the market square. She licked her lips hungrily as she could feel the yogans weighing on her bag. She listened to the conversation between the officers with some amusement while shaking her head at their stupidity. When the one mentioned crates, Ezra's interest was peaked again and saw some crates getting attached to the speeders. She went through some plans in her mind and couldn't help but snort. "I almost feel bad for them," she muttered with a dark smile. "Almost." She was watching when she felt the vibration. Not the kind from the start destroyers, but from inside her. "That's weird," she murmured to herself and shot up when she felt it again.

Trusting these vibrations that had a small voice that she could never catch and her honed instincts has kept her alive this long on the streets without having to turn to more...unsavory ways to survive. When she was younger she got away with it as most gangs had no need for children other than as good pickpockets in exchange for food and one member took pity on her and told her what to look out for with other gangs and Imperials being the main ones. Of course, she thought they were being kind but then she found that nothing is free. She's been lucky so far since she can't get away with the 'innocent child waiting for a parent' act and because she looks like a boy (and therefore less of an obvious target), and wasn't overly curvy like her mother. When she hit her teenage years, she found an orange jumpsuit which she modified to hide her body and kept on dark pants underneath in case she had to ditch the suit quickly. Ezra was one of the more notorious Lothrats and she's only ever been caught once and that was something she wanted to go through again. If she ever meets that agent again...shaking those thoughts out of her head, she turned her head to where those vibrations are coming from and saw...a man. Ezra's shoulders slumped in disappointment at that, wanting something a bit more exciting.

He had a shoulder guard on his right shoulder with a blaster hanging from its holster at his wait and dark hair in a small ponytail facing away from her. Ezra was slightly confused. Why did the vibrations want her to notice him? Her eyes went wide when she saw him turning and quickly ducked beneath the lip of the buildings roof. She counted to ten before her head popped over the edge and watched as the strange man walked down the street towards her crates. She watched him stop and looked around before slapping his thigh twice. She saw two large bulbous eyes open from the shadows and couldn't help but shiver from the feeling she got from him. The alien left his shadows and Ezra saw just how large it was. The alien was only a few feet away from the man when he stopped and slapped his thigh again. A woman wearing a multi coloured helmet do the same thing. Ezra couldn't help but narrow her eyes.

"Oh no, you are not touching my crates." She hissed. But...she'll let them do her heavy lifting. The woman wearing the helmet casually tossed a small something onto the bike with a stormtrooper facing the other way. "Turn around you idiot." Ezra said in agitation, not liking what was tossed onto the bike. The trooper did but it was too late and the speeder exploded, engulfing the trooper in flames. Ezra flinched in sympathy, knowing how much those burns hurt. She quickly turned her attention to the officers who looked in shock at the destroyed speeder. 'Don't look so shocked now.' Ezra thought sarcastically.

"Get those crates out of here!" An officer yelled. "And that's my que." Ezra grinned. She jumped a couple rooftops before stopping and watched as the man blocked the entrance while shooting at the stormtroopers. With reinforcements coming, Ezra jumped off the roof as she watched the purple alien bash in the troopers heads. She swung off a pole and landed on a speeder. Giving a cocky salute, she couldn't help but add, "thanks for doing the heavy lifting!" With that, she reversed the speeder and took off. She knocked over a trooper and took off down a side street. She heard the whine of speeders behind her and saw the two that tried to take her crates were after her. "Come on! Let me have a couple!" She whined. Her speeder shook when she saw the woman with the multi-coloured helmet on her crates. She tried to shake her off but to no avail. "Gutsy move kid!" Ezra bristled at being called kid. She shot the link keeping the two crates together and floated off.

"If the big guy catches you he'll end you! Good luck!" She called cheerfully. Ezra scoffed at that. That's when she noticed troopers coming. She flipped her wrist and her small silver blaster came to her hand and blasted two before seeing red lasers coming from behind her. The man that she took her crates back from is right behind her. "Who are these guys?" She growled before taking off down another side streets that's rarely used to get out of the city which misses the marketplace. She grinned at the fact that she lost them and weighed to take the main road which was fastest, or having to go and hide for hours on end and having the chance to being caught. "Why not?" She said to herself. She was a bit of an adrenaline junkie sometimes.

She sped out of the main gates and missed the troopers that were manning the gates until she heard blast fire coming from the speeders. "Blast it!" She swore. She looked at her options before she decided to take out the problems herself. She hit the breaks and felt the stop as she leaned over the handlebars and let go. She slumped backwards and fired upon the stormtroopers. She grinned as she sped farther from the city and was getting closer to her tower. Until she heard more speeders. "Karablast! You don't give up do you?" She asked rhetorically. The man just looked at her. "Hand over the crate!" She looked at him like he's crazy. "Not a chance in Hell!" She kept going until she saw a shadow and braked as hard as she could.

"Who the kriff are you?" She asked angrily.

"I'm the guy you stole those crates from."

"No…" Ezra said slowly. "These are my crates that you took from me."

"And you got pretty far." The guy said honestly. Ezra was about to retort when a TIE fighter came in.

"Gotta go!" She went around the other bike before she took off. She pushed the speeder farther when she saw a TIE fighter coming in faster. She completely forgot about the purple alien until she heard blaster fire. "Sithspit, get off me!" Ezra yelled (she remembers her father cursing like that and she always liked that curse), then there was an urgent whistling in her ears and looked up. She swerved up and went into the other lane. She had a triumphant grin on her face as she pushed the speeder to its limit and raced into the fields towards the tower.

She heard the familiar whine of the TIE fighter who shot off a couple times with one of them hitting the speeder which jerked hard enough that Ezra went head over handle bars and landed hard. She choked on her breath before she could get her breath back. She stood up and saw the TIE fighter trained on her. She looked up, terrified when it exploded mid air. She shielded her eyes and when she looked up, the man was standing there. "You need a lift?" Ezra was about to retort when she saw half a dozen TIE fighters coming in. Not letting her bounty go to waste, she ignored the yells of "leave it!" and activated the anti gravity before running towards the ramp. "Let's see if I can get this high." Ezra angled the crate up and jumped. She pushed the crate up and hung over the edge and looked down before grinning madly. "30 feet, new record!" She crowed before helping the man get her crate in the ship, missing his expression. She fell forward when the ship jerked.

Looking up, she saw the purple alien opening her crate revealing...blasters. Slightly disappointed that it wasn't food, she surged forward and saw what they were. Her eyes lit up at the thought of how much she can get for one, let alone a whole crate full. The man must've seen her look. "Don't get any ideas."

"They're mine though." Ezra said, her eyes darkening. She wasn't in the mood to fake being happy.

"If you haven't gotten in our way-" Ezra was mad now. She getting in their way?

"I got there first."

"It doesn't matter who gets there first. It's who has it last." The man said separating the two of them. Ezra backed away so he wouldn't touch her. She gave them all a glare. "Keep an eye on our friend here." With that, the man left. Ezra snarled slightly with the alien giving her a smug look. The alien and the woman (who won't take off her helmet), moved the crate against the wall and replaced the cover on it. Ezra just hopped up onto it. The two stared at her.

"What do you want me to say?" She demanded. "It's my crate and you stole it from me. I don't take kindly from people doing a crash and bash on my stuff."

"You don't have an idea on what we do." The purple alien got in her face. She shifted backwards and slapped his hand away. "You don't know us."

"And why would I want to?" She asked. She was doing fine by herself and didn't need to deal with these people. "I just want off this burner." She said in frustration.

"Nothing would thrill me more and in flight." He got in her face. She snarled at him and turned away. The ship shook with Ezra losing her balance and the alien falling on her and would swear she heard her ribs cracked. "Get. OFF!" Ezra wheezed out. "Can't, breathe." She tried to use her arms to get herself up a bit so she can breathe.

"Not that heavy in this gravity."

"Not the weight. The smell." Ezra was done playing nice as soon as the alien got off her. The alien gave an offended look before getting angry.

"You don't like the air quality eh? Fine. I'll give you your own space." He grabbed her leg while ignoring her shouts of protest and shoved her in a small compartment that has a vent.

"You Pifgah!" She yelled. She heard it from one of the bars she was in and liked the word even though she has no idea what it means. She grabbed her small droid arm that doubled as her lock picker and flicked on the light and grinned when she saw an air vent. Quickly unscrewing the vent, she quietly put the vent back on and concentrated on the screws floating back up and screwing themselves back in. She shifted herself with her bag in front of her and floated her bag in front of her. It was one of her earliest tricks she discovered after her parents left and has been practicing it ever since.

"Zeb, Sabine, where's the kid?" Came over the ship's speakers. 'Just figured out I wasn't in sight?' Ezra thought sarcastically while taking in their names.

"Calm down chief, he's in here." 'So they still think I'm a boy?' Ezra was smirking now.

"Zeb. Where is he?"

"Well, he's still in the ship." Ezra shuffled as silently as she could with her concentration faltering slightly, not used to having to float anything for this long and it dropped. 'Sithspit.' she swore in her head.

"Oh yeah, he's in the ship alright." Ezra cursed in her head again and with a violent jerk, she fell through the panel. Smacking her head off something, she was seeing stars for a few seconds before realizing that she was in space. Her eyes lit up with seeing it up close for the first time and jumped when TIEs came from nowhere. "I am not dying during my first time in space." Shaking her head, she grabbed the gun joy sticks and quickly figured out where the triggers were. She started shooting and cheered when she got one.

She was tracking another one until she got thrown out of the seat. "Hey!" Sabine took off her helmet and revealed a girl not much older then herself with brown eyes and orange and blue hair, giving her a nasty look before putting her helmet up and sitting at the gun. "Yeah well kark on you." Ezra muttered rebelliously. Trying to get rid of the awkwardness, Ezra popped back up. "My names Ezra." She felt her collar being grabbed and nearly punch the alien in the face. "And my names Zeb you Lothrat." 'Well thank you for throwing that back in my face.' Ezra thought. She knew what she was and didn't need people telling her that every hour.

"Calculations complete but I need an opening." A voice over the intercom said.

"Found one!" Sabine said and shot at the TIE before it exploded.

"Entering hyperspace." Ezra was excited until she realized that they were leaving Lothal.

'He is NOT going to be happy.'

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