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She sat in her usual place in the park just looking out on the lake. The wind picked up speed and her hair was flying about her. To the outside world it seemed as if everything was perfect. She knew it was not. Sighing, she brushed her hair from her face. Memories form the previous night flooded her thoughts.

' How can you call yourself a leader?' An enraged Sailor Mars yelled. 'You have done it again; you always take everything away from me. First you take Darien and you then take the position as leader and you aren't even good at it, neither are you good for Darien!' The fiery priestess yelled.

Serena just stood there in her untransformed state. She would not give Sailor Mars the satisfaction of seeing her cry.

She turned to the other scouts and asked, 'Do you feel the same? Do you really think what she says is true?' The other Scouts just lowered their heads.

Lita spoke for them; 'Serena it's not that we don't care but you have been late too many times and we need a serious leader who is going to help us in our fight against this new enemy.' With this said she lowered her head too.

Serena nodded and turned to the outer scouts, 'Neptune, Uranus, Pluto and Saturn do you feel the same?'

Uranus spoke first, 'You may be late sometimes but shit happens.'

'You proved yourself to us that you are worthy of being our Princess when you took on Uranus and myself.' This from Neptune.

'You look for the good in people no matter what other's may say, you definitely saw the good in me.' Said Saturn.

Then Sailor Pluto turned to her and said, 'you have defied the timeline time and time again but you have always restored it to its rightful path in the end. In my time of great loneliness you offered me something no one else dared. You offered me friendship and a chance to live.'

They stood before her and kneeled and said in unison, 'We owe our allegiance to you Princess of the Moon.'

Sailor Mars stood in rage arms akimbo, 'she has failed as Princess and we are her Primary guardians therefore we say she is no longer fit to be the leader!'

The inner scouts stood behind Sailor Mars and nodded their heads in agreement.

The outer Scouts surrounded Serena.

'Well we are her new Primary Guardians and you have failed your Princess miserably you are a disgrace to the Scouts.' Said Sailor Saturn.

'Give up the crystal Serena to some one who can truly wield its powers.' Rei said moving towards her and the scouts following closely behind. She summoned a fireball in her hand. 'Don't make us take it by force.'

She stepped closer to her only to meet the deadly point of Saturn's Glaive.

'You better put out that light Priestess before I have to put it out myself and you might not like the way I do it either.' The woman-child of death said in a seemingly calm voice.

'You have lost all right to come near her. For if you do it will only mean your end.' This coming from Sailor Uranus.

The memories were so new to her, it still hurt that the one person she her best friend had turned on her along with all her other friends.

A sweet smell caught her attention and she looked up and smiled at what she saw.

"You know, Neko you shouldn't dwell on the past. We are your friends and will never abandon you." A smiling Amara handed her the fluffy pink cotton candy she held in her hand.

"Yeah, cheer up Serena. Today you have a meeting with the Prince and we must know where his loyalty lies." Hotaru said to her. The lilac colored sundress she wore clung to her young figure while blowing in the wind.

"We'll all be there for you." Trista said holding her hand to Serena to help her up. She to the hand that was offered to her, "Thank you, all of you."

Tears formed in her eyes. "Oh come on none of that now Serena." Michelle said wiping her eyes.

They all got up and walked over to Darien's apartment building. When in the lobby Serena turned to the foursome and said, "Stay here, if things go well I'll be down in a few. If they don't.. Well you know." She gave them a weak smile then rode up to the 28th floor in the elevator.

Walking up to his door, her hand trembled slightly as she knocked on the door. She heard fumbling and yelling inside the apartment. Serena's body tensed.

The door opened and Darien stood in the doorway bare from the waist up. "Hey Serena, what brings you by?" he said. The words rushing from his mouth. She reached up and brushed back the hair that fell into his eyes taking note that it was damp and he was probably in the shower earlier.

"I need to talk to you about something very important." She said looking down. Just then she heard a noise coming from behind him. Her eyes widened in horror at what she found.

"Why Serena isn't this a lovely surprise?" said Rei who was only dresses in a bath towel.

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