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I'm Looking for A Place


The inner scouts just stared at them, completely oblivious as to what just happened.

"Did they just say they were allies with a demon?" Sailor Venus asked.


"What the fuck is going on here?" Sailor Jupiter raged. Her chest felt heavy and everything around her was a little hazy. "First she attacks Ami, then she gets buddy buddy with demons?" She continued with her fists clenched to her side.

Mina, Ami, and Rei, walked to the park ahead of her; each of them searching for an explanation.

"Rei was right we have to get rid of her. "She said through clenched teeth. Rei whipped around, her mass of glossy black hair flying over her shoulder. "Of course I was right genius. But how? She has aligned herself with the dark side." Rei's eyes flashed briefly with something Ami wasn't able to recognize. Since her encounter in the locker room, she was looking at things differently but kept to herself. Mina's expression was impossible to read.

"Yeah, well I've never been afraid of nega-trash and I'm not about to start now." Lita de-transformed and headed off towards her apartment; leaving her three friends to watch her retreating form. Ami could have sworn she saw and unholy green light spark in her friend's eyes.

Marron snuggled down into Darien's arms and purred in contentment. This was the first comforting position she had been in, in over five centuries and she wasn't about to squander it. Serena scowled at how content Marron was in Darien's arms and couldn't help the sudden pang of jealousy she felt. "This is ridiculous Serena, she is a damn cat! A demon cat at that!" She mentally berated herself. Darien looked over to see Serena biting her lip, deep in thought.

She seemed to be at war with herself. Through their link, he could sense that she didn't like the way Marron was cozying up to him. ~She's just a hellcat Sere. Besides we need the information she has.~ He communicated with her sending warm waves of comforting energy her way. She looked at him with such hopeful eyes. He wanted to drop to his knees and thank the powers that be for giving him another chance at life with his woman.

~I thought men loved a hellcats in their bed?~ She shot back, her cheeks staining red. She looked up and noted that Amara kept her eyes trained on the road.

~The only kitten I'm interested in luring to my bed is you, dear Princess.~ At his words she turned away quickly as her body heated and her she took on a whole body blush. Darien chuckled through their bond; an easy calming sound. He shifted Marron in his lap and put his arm around Serena and pulled her close to his side. He stroked her shoulder and dropped a chaste kiss on the top of her head.

"Hey hey, keep your lips to yourself mister, or I'll tell Hotaru you were getting frisky with the Princess." Amara teased lightly, watching the couple in the rearview mirror.

"Yeah, yeah. Keep your eyes on the road and don't burn my clutch or I'll tell Michelle about the speeding ticket you got in Shibuya last week." Darien quipped returning her warning with a grin. Amara grinned back at him. Things had been rough the past couple of weeks and they were bound to get worse. In that time, he bonded with Serena's new guardians more than he'd ever had with her old ones. He discovered that he had a lot in common with the older scouts. Like Amara, he enjoyed things that went fast and sports. He talked politics and science with Trista, played chess and poker Hotaru; Michelle shared his love for classic literature and classical music. Darien was more than happy that Serena finally had some real guardians.

There was something still missing for him though. Since the fall of Galaxia, he had known that his generals' star seeds had been reborn. He just didn't know where they were. He was fairly sure that they were in Japan but was clueless as to where and if they were alight. A frown worried his face and Serena noticed the slight shift in his mood. "You ok?"

"Hmm? Yeah, I was just thinking about something. We'll talk about it later." He squeezed her shoulder again. She nodded and didn't say another word.

Amara eased the black sports car through the gates of the mansion and pulled up to the front door. The Michelle, Hotaru, and Trista were already waiting for them in dry clothes.

Marron looked up from her place in Darien's arms and eyed the outer guardians as he got out of the car. Her black and blue gaze stopped on Hotaru and she eyed her as if she were something familiar to her. Her eyes widened in surprise as recognition hit her. She jumped down from her warm haven and bowed gallantly before Hotaru.

"My apologies for not recognizing you earlier my Lady." She said in a respective tone. Everyone but Trista looked at the young woman questioningly. Hotaru shrugged her slim shoulders. "She must recognize the death aura that surrounds me."

"I also know your father. He is a legendary warrior whose name strikes fear in the heart of even our strongest." Marron explained.

"Please be at ease, for now. You have agreed to align yourself with my Princess in this matter. You are safe from my father's wrath for the time being." She nodded her head to Marron; her planetary symbol blazed for a moment before dying down.

"If I may be of any kind of service to my lady, then please let me know." Marron lifted her head to see Hotaru's arms stretched out in welcome. Marron gladly jumped into her arms. "Sorry lover boy, thanks for the ride. It was fun while it lasted, but all that mushy energy between you and Moonbeam there was starting to cramp my style. Let me know when you want a real hellcat." She winked at Darien laughing; he just shuddered.

"Hotaru, I thought Dr. Tomoe was your father?" Serena asked ignoring Marron's last comment. Hotaru looked away shyly.

"Dr. Tomoe is my adoptive father. He adopted me after I was reborn here. My real father is still very much alive. My people were death angels, and my father was their king. He relocated here after the fall of the Silver Millenium. He wanted a life for me that wasn't surrounded by death before I was called to my true destiny." She said softly. It was evident that she missed and admired her biological father greatly.

"How come we've never met him?" Amara asked.

"Be glad that you haven't," Marron stated slight tendrils of fear raced through her. "The only time people come face to face with the Grim Reaper is when it's time to die."

"Holy half tit Batman! You're the apple of the Grim Reaper's eye?" Amara exclaimed in shock and amazement.

"He's really very nice." Hotaru defended.

"Of course he would be, you're his only daughter." Marron muttered.

"Don't pay attention to those two." Michelle elbowed Amara in her side before stepping forward and touching her palm to Hotaru's cheek.

"We love you no matter what little one."

"Of course we do." Serena added and the others nodded in agreement.

Hotaru visibly relaxed and turned to lead everyone inside.

The group settled in the living room in the west wing of the house, where Amara served tea and cookies.

"So are you going to tell us who is behind these attacks and what exactly they are after?" Amara asked Marron impatiently. She was currently perched in Hotaru's lap polishing off her fifth cookie.

"My people are descendents of the people of Saturn. We are of a group that branched off and migrated to another dead planet that left this solar system a full millennium before you were born." She nodded her head to indicate Serena.

"It was our kind of environment. We loved our king, but we feared that he showed too much mercy to the criminals roaming the galaxies so we broke out on our own. As you know, Trista, a balance must be maintained at all times. It was that imbalance that caused the downfall of the Silver Millenium. The people behind these attacks are attempting to replicate the same imbalance. Too late, we were made aware of a secret faction among our people who wanted to rule and take control of the galaxy. We may not all enjoy the mushy stuff in life, but we do respect the cosmic balance. In this dimension, good always outweighs the bad, and they are trying to tip the scales."

"Who are these people?" Darien asked, sitting forward.

"At the top of the organization are four men who are known as the Council of Shade. We aren't sure exactly where they are located but they are here on earth." Marron slouched down into Hotaru's lap and sat her head between her two black paws.

"So how exactly are we supposed to find them?" Darien was clearly annoyed that these creatures slipped onto his planet without him even knowing. Normally the earth spoke to him, but she had been quiet as of late.

"That's where Moonbeam and my lady come in." Marron said tapping Hotaru's knee.

"In our Eternal forms, Hotaru and I should be able to sense them to look for the place they are hiding." Serena finally chimed in. Everyone looked at her in shock.

"Think about it guys, Hotaru shares a common genetic link with these people and I already used the crystal to extract one of their minions from Ami. I can track them that way." Serena explained.

"I don't know how I feel about the two of you putting yourselves in that kind of danger." Darien quietly argued.

"Thank you for the consideration Your Highness, but the Princess is in more danger than I am." Hotaru said blushing; she ducked her head and her bangs fell forward hiding her dark purple eyes.

"Did you forget that she is Death's little girl? They'll think twice before laying a hand on her. Besides, we can't do this without her." Marron uttered pulling another cookie into Hotaru's lap.

"This has nothing to do with her father, she is not just Serena's guardian. Hotaru is a proven friend and if keeping her friends safe makes Serena happy, then I will do everything in my power to do it." Darien refuted heatedly. He had come to see the girl as a little sister, and she was his favorite chess and poker buddy. He wasn't about to risk losing another friend when he had lost so many already.

The Outer scouts smiled at Darien's protectiveness; their respect for him seemed to double in that instance.

"She's right guys, we talked about this back at my parents' house. I may be able to locate them, but because of the link, Hotaru is the only one who can distinguish between those who are simply possessed and the creatures who have completely taken over the host." Serena explained. She turned to look at Hotaru. "We can do this without your help. I won't lie to you, it will be a hell of a lot harder without you. But I won't force you to put yourself in the line of danger. You are like a sister to me and I would never ask you to do this if I didn't think it were necessary."

"I understand my duty Princess and I am willing to help in any way possible." Hotaru said firmly.

"Thank you my Lady." Marron said snuggling up to her some more.

"Well, I don't know about you all, but it's getting late and some people still have to get to school and work in the morning." Amara said pulling Michelle to her feet and slipping an arm around her waist.

"I should get going." Darien said standing up, taking Serena with him. Serena walked him out to his car.

"What was it that had your mind so occupied when we were in the car?" Serena finally asked him. Darien dragged a tired hand through his inky black hair and sighed. "I was thinking about the generals. I know I have you and the outer scouts but…"

"A guy needs some bromance. I get it." She finished. "I know you told me that you felt their presence in Japan after our battle with Galaxia. Have you tried tracking them in Elysion?" Darien looked at her as if a light bulb went off in his head. He hadn't actually thought of going there to track the generals. Using the Golden Crystal in that capacity took an enormous amount of concentration and he was still mastering his abilities. Elysion was his birthplace and the birthplace of the Golden Crystal and acted as a power booster.

"You are brilliant, Serena." He dropped a kiss on her lips and waited for her to go back inside the house before taking off. He felt lighter than he had in days. He would see Helios tonight about looking for a place in Elysion that was provide maximum concentration.