Disclaimer: I Do Not Own Harry Potter.

AN: This is written from 1 year old Draco's P.O.V

"Happy Birthday!."

That's all I've heard all day from everyone, including the scary one.

What does mummy call the scary one?

Bellatrix, I think she calls her Bellatrix.

I no idea what a birthday is but everyone keeps giving me boxes that I have to rip the shiny paper off and get stuff out of so I can crawl inside the box. I don't know why they don't just give me the boxes without all the stuff in them it would make my life easier.

The not mummy one whose hair I like to pull keeps trying to steal my nose and I started crying. The scary one told the not mummy one "Your son is a wimp Lucius.".

I don't think that the scary one likes the not mummy one very much.

Mummy keeps trying to feed me this thing called cake, but I keep trying to tell her that I'd much prefer to eat that green crayon on the floor except she doesn't listen. The cake tastes lemony.

Still no idea what's going on here, but more people have arrived with more boxes to crawl in.

I wonder if the not mummy one will help me build a fort with the boxes later.