Disclaimer: I Do Not Own Harry Potter.

Written from Draco's P.O.V.

Mummy has left me with the scary one while she goes and takes a bath I am sure she is never coming back. The scary one is looking at me like she is trying to figure out what I am, it is obvious to everyone that I am a Draco or at least that's what mummy and not mummy call me.

I wonder where the not mummy one is right now because I really want to pull his hair.

The scary one thinks it is funny when I pull the not mummy one's hair, but if I try to pull her hair, she says that she will feed me to a werewolf. I don't know what a werewolf is but I am certain that I don't want to be eaten by one.

I want my Mister Bear, where is he?. What do I usually do when I want Mister Bear?, oh yeah cry and scream.

The scary one is picking me up, I don't want to be picked up I want Mister Bear.

The scary one smells nice, she's singing the song mummy usually sings. I feel sleepy now, I wonder if I rest my eyes a minute if Mister Bear will be there when I open my eyes.

What's going on? and where I am?.

The scary one is handing me over to someone, it's mummy and she has Mister Bear.

"Did you have fun with Auntie Bellatrix?," Mummy asks, I have no idea who this Auntie Bellatrix is.

Wait a minute the scary one's name is Bellatrix, well, I suppose it wasn't terrible.

But I better pull mummy's hair to let her know I missed her.