Tobias and I walk to his apartment after everyone chose their jobs today. As soon as we are near the door, Tobias starts to leave kisses on my neck, when I try to get the key in the door. I gasp when he kisses behind my left ear and drop the keys. But when I try to grab them he stops me and pins me to the door. He leans forward and whispers in my ear, "You look good, Tris." All I can do is think back the first time he said that to me. When I was walking with Chris, Will, and Al, Tobias was by the chasm drinking. I had let Chris dress me; she picked a shirt that showed off the ravens on my collar. They weren't like my usual cloths that I wore then. But I smile at the memory. I say in a jokingly tone, "Tobias are you drunk?" He looks at me for a moment and I start to wonder if he gets the joke. But before I can do anything he says, "No, I'm flirting with death." I laugh after he finished what he said, he starts to join in.

After we laugh for what seems like forever, I grab the keys on the floor and open the door to his apartment. Once we enter his apartment, Tobias kicks off his shoes and kicks the door closed. Tobias walks to his fridge and grabs a bottle of water for himself while he asks, "What do you want to drink?" I say my usual which is water and he grabs one for me and hand it to me. I open it and start to drink it; Tobias decides then to ask me, "Want to move in with me?" I stop mid sip and stare at him thinking did he really just ask me that. I thought he understood. I would love to move in with him, but because of my fear I'm not ready. I need at least a year to get use to being here and to get over it. I take a few minutes before saying, "Tobias, I thought you understood. I'm not ready yet. I need some time to get use to being here." He looks at me for a moment before saying, "I know, but I still want to know if you would want to move in with me?" "Of course I want to move in with you, but I need time to get use to being here and being Dauntless" I say as I gently place my hand on his arm and smile at him.

After all that was settled, we sat on his couch and watched a movie. The movie was called Furious 7. Towards the end, we looked at the clock and saw that it was around 3:20 pm. We finished the last of the movie around 3:30 pm. I gave him a small kiss on his lips and stood up to stretch, "That was an amazing movie," I said, "It's kind of sad why they have to end the movie series. But it was over all the most amazing one of the series." Tobias nodded his head, "Yea, it was. We should get ready and start to head out the party. You know how Uri is when we or anyone really is late." I give him a kiss before leaving to go to my apartment to get ready.

While I was getting my key into my door, I heard someone shout my name, so I looked around to see who is was and sure enough it was Chris. Chris was running over to me with what looked to be a bag of cloths and her make-up kit. I shake my head at her. She loves to have any chance she can get at to dress me up like her own model. I can normally win, but I guess I somewhat have no chance to this time, as soon as, she is in close range to me I ask her, "Chris, what's in the bags?" As if I don't already know what they are, but none the less she says, "Your clothes for the party. You can't go in that. You have to get new clothes for any party you go to." I shake my head before I speak, "Chris, I have enough clothes to get dressed, I don't need to always buy new clothes for parties. They aren't my excuse to buy new clothes to have a chance at buying new clothes all the time."

I open my door, "Any ways what I have on is fine." She comes in and looks at me from head to toe, "Tris, you look great but you need to dress up a bit more show off more of what you got. Also you need to be prepared for a chance that Uri might have us play strip Dauntless or Candor." I shake my head, "Chris, I'm already wearing clothes that show off what I have, without showing off way to much skin. I'm not like you, I can't wear a shirt that only covers my chest, but still reveals everything. Or a skirt that is way too short to walk in. Also I already have a bag with a tank top, short sleeve shirt, a vest, and coat, as well as, tights and jeans for that reason."

Chris gives me a look that I know so well and I know I'm goanna lose and she is goanna get her way. She lays out a simple black dress that is strapless/backless. It looks like it has short sleeves but it's a lace add on that just lightly ends where a bra strap would be. It seems way shorter than any dress I have ever worn. She pulls out a matching lingerie set. The bra looks to be a black lacy material, that is a strapless push up and the underwear looks to be an identical material. She pulls out a pair of black stilettos type platform heels on the floor. She also pulls out a tight tank top, a tight short sleeve shirt, a normal long sleeve shirt, a leather jacket, lace stocking/pantyhose's, tight leggings, and a pair of dark low rider jeans that a cute design on the butt pockets, as well as, a cute bag that I guess will be holding all that in it. After that I see Chris has gone to my bathroom and lay out the make-up on the sink, as well as, lotions, a razor, shaving cream, Japanese Blossom body wash, Green Apple shampoo and conditioner, and start to turn on the shower. I go over to where the dress lays and pick it up and look at it. After awhile of looking at it I shout, "Chris, I can't wear this dress it shows ways too much and its super short." Chris comes over and grabs the dress out of my hands and shoves me towards the shower, "Go shower shave everywhere and I mean everywhere, use the body wash, use the shampoo twice, then use the conditioner, then come get me and I'll finish everything else. As for the dress you'll look great in it don't stress. Now, go!" I rush to the shower to start the long horrible process of showering.

After the showering is done, I wrap a towel around me and wring out my hair. I open the door and let Chris know I'm finished. Chris comes over and hands me a Japanese Blossom body lotion and tells me to rub it on my legs and arms, so I do it. Chris blow dries my hair and styles it into an up due, where it looks like it's a bun of curls with a few accessories. After my hair is finished she tells me to go put on the dress. So I get up and slip into the dress. The dress is longer then what I thought. It ends around the bottom of my knees. It's tight around the bust area but fans out down towards my knees. The dress shows off what little cleavage I have, as well as, my tattoos. I slid on the lacy stockings/pantyhose. After those are on all the way I slide on the stilettos and wrap the straps around my legs. Once I'm dressed Chris pulls me back into the bathroom to do my make-up. She lightly applied a layer of light gray eye shadow and black eyeliner to give me the smoky eye look. She put on a very light pink lip gloss on my lips and some foundation. It looks simple but it seemed to be a long process of multiple layers. But as I get up to look at myself, I can't begin to believe that this gorgeous woman is me.

I look over at the clock by my bed and see that it is 3:55 pm. It took me almost 30 min to get ready because of Chris. I shake my head and look at Chris who is still not ready, "Chris the party starts in 5 minutes. How the hell are you going to get to your apartment and get ready?" Chris looks at the clock, "Shit!" She runs out of my apartment to hers I believe. I fold the other clothes she gave me and put them in the bag. It looks like it could be also a big purse. It has a lace strap that can go over my shoulder; it has a lace overlay that has roses as a pattern. I close it and sling it over my shoulder. I walk out of my door and lock it. I step towards Tobias's apartment and gently nock on the door. Tobias answers the door in a nice pair of black jeans, that hug his but in all the right places and a nice black t-shirt that is hugs his biceps. Damn, he looks so hot. I close my legs and try to look at his face and get back to the reason why I am here in the first place. We are going to a party. When I get to look at his face, I noticed that his mouth is hanging open and his eyes are a little darker then they usually are. I clear my throat and get his attention. Tobias closes his mouth and tells me, "You look beautiful Tris." I blush and say, "You look handsome as well." Tobias give me a light kiss on the cheek and wraps an arm around my waist, after he closes and locks his door and we begin our walk to Uri's place.