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Spiderman: A Different Web

One of the Spidermen left the Inheritors realm through one the many portals that were taking the various Spider Men and women back to their respective continuities. This Spider-Man was dressed in black MK. III Spider Armor with grey highlights. This was the armor he had used to defeat the Sinister Six when Doc Ock tried to accelerate the worlds warming process. This universes version of Peter Parker noticed that most of the other Spiders stuck with the red and blue outfit that he used to wear, with various individual flair. Only a few other versions of "him" wore black outfits.

This Spiderman could understand the sentimentality of that color scheme, it was classic and it sure looked more friendly that his black getup to the good people of New York City. But what he didn't understand as he traveled through the wormhole is why they didn't wear the most recent version of whatever uniform they wore. Maybe they just didn't have the same resources he had. The head researchers at Horizon Labs did have access to cutting edge equipment, mostly because they were the ones that developed it. Spider sense may be able to detect danger, but armor was a better plan for stopping it.

Spider-Man landed on a rooftop in what he recognized as SoHo a few blocks from his apartment. The smell of traffic, unknown food, and unattended to trash wafted up to him. "Oh yeah, it's good to be home." Spider-Man said. The world hopping adventure that he had just returned from had made him yearn for home in a way that was unexpected, mostly because he had never seen entire worlds destroyed before, and that brought a certain appreciation to what he had.

Spider-Man began to pull up the police scanner on the internal Heads-Up-Display (HUD) inside his helmet. While he began to analyze the nearest crimes, figure silently vaulted onto the roof behind the black and grey armored hero. The figured moved quietly with practiced precision. The intruder crept up behind Spider-Man, and then with sudden aggression, leapt and shoulder charged him.

Spider-Man immediately went on the defense from the attack from behind. As he was tackled, he rolled to the side, away from his attacker. The person who was assaulting him was prepared for this though and quickly side stepped over him and mounted him. Spiderman brought his forearms up to defend his head from any attack that might be aimed at his face. A gloved hand shot out and locked around Spider-Man's wrist, and violently pined tem above his head. It was at this point where the masked hero got a good look at the person who was attacking him. Above him was the mischievous grin of Felicia Hardy, better known as her alter ego: Black Cat. Though Spider-Man the mostly good/ sometimes bad fortune to call her his partner and girlfriend.

She was dressed in her iconic black jumpsuit with white fur lined collar that exposed enough cleavage to give most men indecent thoughts. Her white boots also had fur lining, as well as her white gloves that ended in pseudo cat claws. Her White hair was tied back in a pony that trailed down between her shoulder blades.

"Hey Cat." Spider-Man said in the most charming tone he could manage.

"Don't you 'hey cat' me Spider. You're in trouble mister." Black Cat scolded.

"Ugh…what did I do now?" Spider-Man groaned from underneath her.

"You disappeared for the last few days, likely to do some super hero stuff. And You. Didn't. Invite. Me." Cat said and she tapped a finger to Spider-Man's mask with each word to emphasize the point. Long ago, Spider-Man convinced her to stop stealing and start fighting criminals and villains. After some persuasion, they became a crime fighting duo.

Spider-Man wiggled around a little bit to try and break free of her grip, but to no avail. "This is true, but I would have preferred you come along to help out." Spider-Man said, but knew was an outright lie. "How on earth did you know that I came back anyway?"

I saw you walk out of a blue hole that appeared from thin air from your apartment over there." Black Cat said pointing over to a building that Spider-Man recognized as the building that he lived in.

"I don't recall giving you a key." he said trying to turn the tables around on the woman over him.

"Oh no. I'm not the one in trouble here buster. Black Cat said sternly waving a finger in his face, still holding Spider-Man's arms above him.

"All right." He relented. "How can I make it up to you?" Spider-Man knew that this was the only way to get out from under Black Cat, literally, and to prevent her from asking too many questions about what he had been doing.

"There, that wasn't so hard. Was it." Black Cat said victoriously, but not moving.

"C'mon babe." Spider-Man said pleading just a little bit. "What do you want?"

"Simple. Instead of going out crime fighting, you need to spend the night having fun with me." Black Cat said grinning.

Spider-Man gulped a little bit. There was a wide range of thing that Black Cat defined as 'fun'. Even wider once you factored in the things that Felicia also found 'fun'. "What did you have in mind?" he asked a little worried.

Black Cat smiled. "Let's start with something classic". She said as she leaned down next to his ear. "Tag. You're it." She whispered. She then gracefully flipped off of her boyfriend with explosive energy and proceeded to dive over the edge of the building. A laugh of glee was heard as she disappeared towards the street below.

Spider-Man sprang up from off the ground with a smile under his mask. Even though there were far more productive things he could be doing, playing with Black Cat was certainly a lot more fun than getting into an off sided fistfight with a bunch of armed goons and henchmen. Well, not that much more. But Black Cat was a lot more attractive.

Spider-Man sprinted of the roof and dove head first to the ground. Several stories beneath him he saw Black Cat shoot a grapple and attach itself to a building, causing her to swing away at a rapid pace. Spiderman decided to stay above her to keep a bird's eye view on here. Before he could fall any further he shot a web line to an adjacent building and yanked as hard as he could and zipped after the fleeing woman.

As the two flew above the heads of everyone north down a street toward Midtown, Spiderman slowly began to close the distance between himself and her. Even though Black Cat had an advanced knowledge of security systems, and the knowledge and physical ability to defeat them, Spiderman had at advanced knowledge of physics. He knew that all he had to do was get a little closer, then fall and let the gravity take care of the rest.

Just as he was about make his move, Black Cat swerved off into an alleyway. Spider-Man groaned. Alleys were two narrow to swing effectively, and the number of clotheslines, emergency exits, and air conditioning units meant that you needed to be able to twist and vault around stuff. This was perfect for the athletic and gymnastic Black Cat to get away from him.

And that is exactly what happened. Spiderman landed on the ground with a soft 'thud' and began to sprint as fast as he could through the narrow corridor. Meanwhile above him, Black Cat moved fluidly and bounced around like a graceful pinball. She quickly made it out with no difficulty onto an open street, and took off. By the time he reached the mouth of the alley, Spiderman was a little winded. He decided that it was time for a classic maneuver that he used to move in a fast straight line.

The black and grey clad hero shot a web line out of each arm to a wall on opposite sides of each other. Be then began to back up, increasing the tension in the webbing. As he backed up, Spider-Man could feel his arms straining, and Black Cat pulling away. He pulled a little harder, and when he felt his arms were about to explode, jumped off the ground. He was fired out of the ally like a stone out of a slingshot.

Spider-Man's aim was dead on and flew right past Cat. As he did so, he reached out and touched the swinging heroine. "Tag. You're it. he yelled victoriously."

Whenever the two played tag, when the first person got caught, it was up to that person to catch the second by the time they reached the finish point, or some other obvious finish line that was a similar or farther distance. "Swing, swing as fast as you can. You can't catch me, I'm the friendly neighborhood Spider-Man." he taunted in tune with the similar sounding nursery rhyme.

He then blitzed back to his apartment in SoHo as fast as he could. His shoulders ached, his lungs burned, his heart pumped. Normally he was too busy thinking indecent thoughts about Cat to be concerned about winning whenever they played. Tonight though he wanted to win. The only time his concentration broke was as he launched himself off a web line over the top of a building to clear it. In that moment of weightlessness he took a nanosecond to admire the effect the setting sun had over the city.

Then under his mask, his face hardened into grim determination. He quickly arrived back in the place he called home. He swung in through a large bay window and landed in the open area that on one side held a TV and couch and on the other a small kitchen. A small flight of stairs led up to a bedroom and bathroom. Spider-Man took off the two pieces that made up the mask to become Peter Parker, and gazed around his place. He still found it difficult to believe that he lived here as opposed to the studio flat he had for the longest time.

Behind him a small gust of wind came in through the window. He turned around to see Black Cat saunter up to him and stare at him with a small pout.

"Aw. You won." she said in a mock sad tone.

"Don't worry," Peter said reassuringly, "I'm sure you'll win next time." As he walked up to her and gave her a quick kiss.

Black Cat took this moment to grab Peter and kiss him with much more intensity. With on hand she grabbed his upper body, and removed her mask to become Felicia Hardy. "We aren't done yet." She said seductively when they separated.

"What are you talking about?" Peter said confused, clearly missing Felicia's suggestive tone. "I won."

Felicia shook her head. "No. I said that we would start with something classic. Now you have to do something else for me…well to me." She said, leading Peter to the thoughts she was having.


"Mmmmm." she purred leaning in for another kiss. As she did this she began to unzip her jumpsuit with one hand and push Peter up the stairs to the bedroom with the other. Peter had the far more difficult task of trying to take off his own outfit. The MK. III Spider Armor provided unparalleled protection and technical advantage, but was far more difficult to take off than a spandex suit.

Eventually they made it upstairs and into the bedroom. Felicia wound up pinning Peter to the bed and taking control of the love making. The intensity and passion was noticeable as the room filled with the sounds of heavy erratic breathing, and the scent of bodily fluids. After several rounds of enthusiastic passion that left the sheets moist and tangled, Felicia lay in Peter's arms asleep with a content smile on her face.

"Oh yeah. It's really good to be home." Peter said to himself as he fell asleep with a smile as well.

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