This story takes place 2 years after the show. Danny is 16 and Phantom Planet never happened. Also I do not own Danny Phantom or Teen Titans this story is for entertainment purposes only.

It was an extremely nice day outside and Adam Stevenson was going to make the most of it. It was warm but not hot, there wasn't a cloud in the sky and there was only a slight breeze. The beautiful weather was the reason Adam found himself hiking through the forest on his day off. He was a nature person a heart and he loved getting away from jump city every now and again. As he stopped to marvel at a magnificent old oak tree, Adam notice a black blur fly by overhead followed by two silvery white blurs that flashed green a few times.

Up in the sky Daniel Fenton A.K.A Danny Phantom was cursing the beautiful day as he dodged blast from the two Guys In White chasing him on hover scooters. He was completely exposed in the empty sky. There weren't any clouds to hide and the forest wasn't dense enough to disappear into. As Danny wracked his brain trying to come up with a plan he suddenly heard one of the GIW agent speak up.

"Did you bring the weapon Mr. Masters gave us. What did he call it … the Plasmius Maximus gun?" said agent K to his partner.

'So the crazed fruitloop was behind this all along' Danny thought while he continued his dangerous dance of avoiding blasts from the two agents.

"I've got it right here," said agent O as he pulled out a weapon that look like a cross between a taser and an energy weapon. " with this we'll be able to render that freak powerless."

'If I get hit with that I'm dead meat,' Danny thought frantically as he searched for anything that might save him. His eyes fell upon a murky river that cut a swath through the forest and a plan came into Danny's mind. He dove toward the river hoping to dive under the surface and fly underwater where the GIW couldn't follow him. Being a half ghost gave him the advantage of not having to breath underwater.

Just as he was about to go intangible and enter the water he felt something hit him just under his right shoulder. Excruciating pain immediately followed as he felt electricity flow through his body.

Water is an amazing liquid; it covers 70% of the earth and is required by every living thing on earth. It's surface tension allows certain bugs called water strides to walk on top of the water without falling in. The same surface tension causes water to become as hard as concrete when an object strikes it at extremely fast speeds. Sadly Danny was flying at top speed to escape the GIW, so when he struck the water it felt like he struck a brick wall or a concrete sidewalk.

Danny felt the current take him as he saw a ring appear around his easiest before it split apart revealing Danny Fenton. His vision started darkening and as he drifted off into unconsciousness he thought about how he got into this mess in the first place.

1 day earlier

Danny was late for school … again. Not only had he slept in due to being up till 3 am because of the box ghost, but his ghost sense went off again on his walk to school. Quickly ducking into an alley he transformed into Danny Phantom before taking off into the air. It wasn't hard to find where the ghost was. People were fleeing from a nearby electronic store. Turning intangible Danny flew through the window into the store. Inside was Skulker and he appeared to be stealing cell phones from display cases.

'That's strange,' Danny thought 'Skulker's more of a "fight me I must have your pelt for my wall" ghost instead of the thieving type. Last time he stole something he was working for Vlad. I'll have to pay the fruitloop a visit soon.' Danny noted before speaking up. "I know you can't get good reception with the suit but this isn't the way to upgrade. If you want a new phone that badly I could ask a sales person too hook you up with a cheap plan".

Startled Skulker spun around until his eyes fell on Danny and he started grinning. "I hoped you'd show up whelp. Now I can hang your pelt on my wall," He smirked as he fire a missile at Danny. Danny quickly threw a shield around the rocket containing the explosion as it detonated.

"No matter how many times I hear that I still think that's gross. You need a new hobby. How about yoga. I hear that calms the nerves," retorted Danny as he fired an ectoray that knocked Skulker into a wall. His eyes turned ice blue before encasing Skulker in ice. Before Skulker could do anything Danny flew up to him and expertly screwed off the head of his suit. Danny unscrewed the cap of his thermos and sucked the tiny green blob known as Skulker into it. Realizing that he was even later than before Danny turned intangible and flew through the roof towards Casper high.


Vlad stared at his computer screen as he watched Skulker lose badly to Danny. He had planned for Skulker to steal the technology in those phone to see what he could copy for his upcoming mobile phone line but that brat had to interfere. Not only was Danny interfering in his quest to make Maddie his and kill that oaf Jack, but now he was interfering with his business as well. And he was getting a little too powerful for a Vlad's liking. He might actually have to try the next time he fought the boy. The fact the boy had grow so powerful in such a short time worried Vlad. Danny was just annoying now but in a few years he would be a real threat. Vlad had to do something soon to get rid of him, but what?

Suddenly Vlad had an idea and he reached for the phone on his desk. He dialled a number and waited as the phone rang. "Hello, Guys In White. I believe I have some information that you'll find quite interesting"

Danny left Casper high and started walking home. It was one the few times he walked home by himself. Tucker was still at the school because of the tech club he was apart of. Sam was whisked away by her parents to go to some charity event. Danny thought he saw a pink dress inside the car as she and he hoped she hadn't blown up on her parents. As he was brought out of his thoughts he noticed he was already on his street. His feet automatically taking him there. He walked up the steps to his front door and was about to enter when he had a bad feeling about his house. Brushing it off he opened the door and walked into the living room where he saw both his parents sitting on their couch staring at him.

"Hey mom, dad, is something wrong" Danny asked nervously.

"We're about to see," said Maddie Fenton before dozen of GIW agents burst into the room through the front door surround Danny with their weapons drawn.

"What's going o…"

"Quiet freak. We know what you've been doing. You kidnapped the Fenton's child and have been masquerading as him for the past two years. You've been sabotaging their inventions and gathering information for those other abominations in the ghost zone. " stated agent K.

As agent K finished his speech, Jack Fenton walked over and picked up Danny with anger in his eyes. "WHAT HAVE YOU DONE WITH MY SON? WHERE IS HE?" Jack yelled as he shook Danny.

Realizing that trying to explain or reason with the GIW or his parent would only lead to his capture, Danny went intangible and phased through his father and the floor into the basement. He transformed into Danny Phantom and phased through the ceiling into the kitchen before flying through the wall invisible and intangible. Luck wasn't on his side because the GIW had already locked onto his ectoplasmic signature and were already in pursuit as he left Amity Park.


Danny woke up extremely sore. He felt like he had just went ten round with Pariah Dark and he had a splitting headache. After a few minutes he forced himself to sit up and found that while he had been laying on the riverbank with his lower body still in the water. The river had carried him near the edge of the forest and a city could be seen in the distance. He picked himself up and tried transforming into a ghost. The white ring appeared around his waist for a half second before it fizzled out.

Remembering that he was hit with a new version of the Plasmius Maximus, he stood up and walked out of the forest. He started to walk towards the city and his new life as he passed a sign that read, "Welcome to Jump City"