Synopsis: "Harry's just a poor boy, and nobody loves him. He then found an escape to spare him his life from his monstrosity of a family; Wonderland. Nothing really matters, when you can bend reality to your own mad image, does it? Grey!Harry Mad!Harry Manipulative!Dumbledore. Co-written with Nihatclodra."

Chapter 1

It was a usual day in the life of one nine-year-old Harry James Potter; being totally ignored and finding solace in a good book. Today he was reading the classic Through the Looking-Glass, and What Alice Found There by Lewis Carroll. Like most children living a… difficult life, Harry found solace in the library. He loved losing himself to high fantasy, anything really.

He even found this little comic shop and found another escape in comics. He especially love comics where the good guy does what's necessary no matter what others think! He especially loved Marvel comics; Spider-man, the X-men, and the Fantastic Four in particular!

"Mr. Potter! Please put away the book and pay attention!" Harry shook his head and closed his book while making a bookmark, "Now perhaps you'd like to tell the class what're you're reading?"

Harry gulped and stood up, the entire class was laughing at him making the boy flush red from embarrassment, "Um… I'm reading Through the Looking-Glass, and What Alice Found There by Lewis Carroll sir." Harry said meekly not liking being put on the spot like this.

"He's reading a sissy book! HA HA!" Dudley laughed, the laughter making his fat jowls jiggle like a bowl of gelatin.

"Well then. Perhaps you would like to read a little from the book?" The teacher asked; either not caring or noticing how he was adding to Harry's humiliation.

"Um… no sir…" The humiliated Potter child said before sitting back down.

The class afterwards continued leaving Harry to stew in his humiliation…

Recess Time

Harry ran like a frightened rabbit; which is actually a quite apt description really. And his hunters aren't hounds, but rather his overweight cousin and his thugs!

Darting into an alley Harry came to a dead end and Harry felt his heart drop into his stomach, or so it felt like it, and he turned around hesitantly. Hoping and praying Dudley's usual stupidity made him miss him!

"Oi! Big D! There's your little cousin!" One of Dudley's thugs said, Piers Harry thought.

Harry felt the blood drain from his face as his overweight cousin came around the corner; huffing and wheezing like he ran a triathlon. Which is a pretty accurate assumption for the fat arsed moron.

Usually, Harry can escape them by heading to the Library, 'the Magical Realm of Thug's Bane', where they never follow him… little did Harry know that the library was exactly that: being run by a squib, and having intent-based wards on it to ensure nobody that was going to be overly loud or potentially damage the books would think to go in; nor would Harry ever learn such.

Unfortunately, he didn't make it there in time today.

After gasping and wheezing for nearly a full minute Dudley shot Harry a truly malicious glower, "Hold the freak still boys! I gotta beat some respect into the little sissy freak!" Dudley said in what was suppose to be an intimidating manner. But really it sounded painfully petulant and whiny.

Piers and… Harry couldn't remember the name of the other one. Anyway they approached and grabbed Harry. Harry tried to struggle to escape but sadly due to malnutrition Harry simply wasn't strong enough to escape.

Getting up Dudley approached with a wicked smile, "This'll hurt you a lot more then it'll hurt me. Actually this won't hurt me at all!" Dudley said with a piggish laugh.

Thug #1 and Thug #2, as Harry thought them, all laughed stupidly at Dudley's supposed 'wit' and Harry closed his eyes and prepared himself for yet another beating.

"If I wasn't so small and weak I'd make them regret ever bullying me!" Harry thought viciously as the beating began.

Magic is a funny thing; despite all the 'studies' made by the Unspeakables, no one knows much about it. The truth is Magic ultimately is limitless and while it has it's own rules it doesn't follow the rules of reality or nature.

Magic is pretty much gives logic, the laws of physics and reality a big ol' middle finger.

Wild Magic, as by its very nature, is unpredictable. The magic of a child wizard or witch is equally as unpredictable. The only predictable thing about a child's magic is it is controlled by emotion, and given the immaturity of most children it might as well be Wild Magic.

Sometimes this 'Wild-Child Magic' can do unimaginable things, sometimes even changing reality itself as we know it. Granting the powers of even Gods and Demons alike to children who desire such with every fiber of their being!

This is not one of those times. After all, such things only happen to children in exceptionally dire-straits… why would it happen during a near-daily beating?

Though, this technically wasn't the usual hum-drum beating that is sadly the norm for Harry.

"Cover his mouth boys! I'm going to make sure this freak learns his place!" Dudley said maliciously.

Thug #1 and Thug #2 did as they were told, and then Dudley picked up a plank the size of a cricket bat. Harry started squirming even harder and begged Dudley not to do it. The pig in a wig snickered maliciously obviously enjoying seeing Harry squirm and beg.

"Oi Piers! Hold out his arm! Don't wanna break his ribs as well!" He said with a sneer.

Thug #1 did as he was told, though he was slightly hesitant but not much. Dudley gave Harry a 'friendly' smile, which was ruined by the malicious gleam in his eyes, and he reared back his make-shift cricket bat.


Harry screamed in pain has Dudley broke his forearm and elbow, Piers dropped the limb and it hung limply. Harry's fingers twitching madly due to the pain. Then his magic, not that he knew he had magic, did something other then ensure he survived.

It reacted.


Thug #1 and #2 were flung away. But Dudley being both the source of his pain and object of his utmost loathing, well, Harry's magic decided to return the favor.

Dudley's make-shift bat came to life and coiled around his arm like a wooden boa and constricted his arm until a second sickening snap and scream filled the air. And then to add insult to injury the wooden boa spontaneously combusted leaving his entire arm covered in 1st and 2nd-degree burns!

Before Harry passed out from the pain and magical exhaustion he knew without a doubt that this would come back and bite him in his malnourished arse.

"Bloody hell…" Was his last thought before he lost consciousness.

Three hours later, Hospital

Harry opened his eyes tiredly and looked around; white walls, white ceiling, smell of disinfectant?

"Oh bugger me…" Harry thought realizing he was in the hospital, "This isn't going to end well. I just know it…"

Sighing Harry closed his eyes and allowed himself to slip into a drug-induced slumber. Knowing that his time in the hospital would be his final bit of peace for awhile.

"WHAT HAPPENED TO MY DUDDERS!?" The shrill voice of Petunia Dursley screamed out.

Harry just grunted in his sleep and his magic, despite being drained, went about it usual course of healing Harry. Well as much as it could anyway.

Scene Break

Petunia and a slowly purpling, as he long surpassed red, Vernon listened to the doctor as he explained the damages both Dudley and Harry suffered. Though they couldn't care less for their little freak of a nephew's well being. But Dudley being hurt by the little freaks freakishness set their blood to boiling!

"Just wait until the little freak gets home! I'll beat him so bad he'll wish he died with his freak parents!" Vernon thought viciously.

"Yes, yes." Petunia said, "Now can we see our Dudders?" She asked impatiently wanting to see her darling angel.

"I think that little freak doesn't deserve any scraps for the next week for this!" She thought angrily, "I'd make sure he wouldn't get any water but we can't have the little freak dying on us! They're probably watching us!"

The doctor nodded, "But keep in mind he's drugged so he probably be very out of it or maybe even asleep. Do you want to check on your nephew as well?"

"No, I think we should let Harry…" Vernon looked like he bit into a rancid lemon just saying his nephew's name, "Rest and recover…"

The doctor nodded and let Petunia and Vernon to Dudley's room, he was originally with other patients but he threw a hissy-fit and for the sake of the other patients Dudley was moved to his own room.

"I have never had the misfortune to deal with such a petulant child in my life! I've seen three year old toddlers more well mannered then that boy!" The doctor thought shaking his head slightly, "I feel sorry for that Potter boy… being related to such a… boorish little blighter!"

An hour later

Harry laid wide awake dreading tomorrow, sighing Harry reached with some difficult and managed to pull his bookbag into his lap. With some difficult he opened it and pulled out Through the Looking-Glass, and What Alice Found There.

"Well… this is probably the last book I'll be able to read for a while…" Harry muttered, "Might as well finish it."

Sighing Harry opened the book and flipped to the page he marked and resumed reading.

"Man… I wish I was like Alice and could go to Wonderland… that would be bloody brilliant!" Harry thought as he silently read.

Next Day

The drive home from the hospital was tense and silent; Dudley had to stay longer due to the severity of his burns. Harry could literally feel the aggression boiling under the surface, Harry was sure if Vernon wasn't driving he'd be strangling him with his bare hands!

"I am so buggered! Uncle Vernon is going to kill me!" Harry thought frantically, but his panic didn't show physically knowing that would just make the beating even worse.

When the car pulled into #4 Privet Drive, and Vernon and Petunia silently exited the car and entered the house did his inner panic start to break through his cool facade! He knew, without a doubt, that this beating will be the most brutal one yet! Vernon flying into a rage? He could handle. But when he gets all quiet like that? That's bloody terrifying!

"Okay Potter you can do this. If you just delay it, it'll be even worse. Just… take it like a man." Harry thought trying to psych himself up for the oncoming beating.

Taking a deep calming breath, Harry made a quick prayer to whoever was listening, not that Harry a believer in God or anything. It was mainly because whenever religion came up the Dursleys constantly reminded Harry that he'd burn in hell when he died because all freaks go to hell apparently.

"God or whoever is bloody listening, if I survive this I swear I will find a way to improve my life! I swear!" Harry thought as he exited the car and walked to the house.

It was like watching a man walk to the gallows…

Entering the house and as soon as he closed the door Harry knew nothing other than pain and rage.

Fists. Feet. Belts. And a frying pan. All were used to brutalize the Potter child. They spat curses and hate to their unwanted, freakish, unholy nephew! Abomination! Spawn of Satan! Evil! Freak! All these and worse were spat at the near comatose child.

Eventually when Harry stopped responding entirely Vernon threw the broken child into the cupboard; uncaring if he lived or died. They locked the door and Harry Potter was summarily forgotten.

Blood oozed from gashes on his back, his nose, and all over. His breath was shallow and slow. Both his eye were swollen shut.

His magic reacted to the severe abuse and did something thought impossible. His magic sent him somewhere far away, mentally at least, as his magic went to repairing his brutalized and virtually destroyed body. To a place created before, yet has never truly existed.


Harry woke up and looked around, "Where the bloody hell am I?" He thought, "Shouldn't I be… bleeding to death right now?"

Harry looked at the… fantastical just didn't seem to cover it! It was like God went mad when he made this forest! Harry blinked when he saw a horsefly pass him.

No literally. It was a horse, like a rocking horse, with the wings of a dragonfly!

Harry rubbed his temples, "So… is this a dying boy's dream? Just because I read Alice in Wonderland before I was beaten to death? Eh could be worse." He muttered with a shrug.

"But is it a Dream? A Fantasy? An escape from Reality? Or have you finally just gone mad? After all… all that are Mad will now find themselves in this place…" A smooth and oddly disturbing voice said in a deep baritone.

Harry looked around wildly trying to see who, or what, ever had spoken. The voice chuckled at Harry's futile actions, "Trying to find me? Well… they say insanity is in repeating actions and expecting a different outcome. Perhaps you are mad, but then again… sanity is rather hum-drum boring isn't it?"

"Bloody hell just come out already!" Harry shouted.

The voice just chuckled, "Look behind you boy." The voice said dryly.

Harry spun around and looked at the single oddest looking cat he had ever seen. It was large, its fur was pink with purple stripes. Its eyes were golden and cat-like, they gleamed with intelligence and madness. And across it's face was a grin that was not physically impossible for a cat to possess!

It took Harry a moment or two to gather his wits, "Wait… you're the Cheshire cat!" He said blinking wildly, "But… you're fictional! And… I'm in Wonderland?"

"Who's to say what's real and what's not? How can one tell if they have existed for as long as they remember, or if they remember what never was? How can one be sure that there is anything that doesn't exist, or could come into existence like Child's Play?" the Cheshire replied, putting an odd emphasis on 'Child'.

Harry rubbed his head and groaned, "Curiouser and curiouser…" The Potter child muttered making the Cheshire chuckle, "What?"

"Oh, just memories that never were; and nostalgia for what never will be." the cat stated coyly.

Harry groaned and continued massaging his temples, "Can you… at least show me the way? I'm lost in a land I thought existed only in fiction." Harry asked.

"Certainly, Alex, I can show you to where you don't need to go, for answers of questions never needing to be asked. Follow along." Cheshire spoke while fading out of existence.

Harry blinked and followed as it faded in and out of existence, "Um… why did you call me Alex? My name is Harry, Harry Potter." Harry asked scratching his head until the cat's voice came from above him.

"Truly? You look like an Alex, smell like an Alex, react like an Alex, and Alex like an Alex… how could it be that you are not so?" it questioned.

Harry opened his mouth to question the mad cat but stopped himself, knowing that to question the mad cat would be an exercise in futility and simply accepted it and followed the cat best he could.

"At least this is an interesting dream." Harry thought with a chuckle.

Harry followed the cat while taking in the utterly paradoxical scenery, "What next? The Mad Hatter and March Hare? The White Rabbit perhaps?" and thus Wonderland gave an emphatic 'yes' as a table came into view.

"Well… bugger me runnin'..." Harry muttered as he stared at the mad scene before him, "That'll teach me not to tempt fate…"

"An interesting proposal, but I can't imagine it being very comfortable… the skill required would be impressive though," Cheshire chuckled, "I do believe this is where you didn't want to go, so I shall take my leaves."

Cheshire disappeared, with an odd swirl of leaves following him, leaving Harry with what every visitor to Wonderland both loves and loaths… a mad tea-party.

"Bloody mangy throw-pillow…" Harry muttered with a scowl.

"Come, come! You're late for tea! Awfully naughty of you! Naughty!" The sole human said, his eyes electric green one lazy and the other not, wearing a tall hat with a multitude of items only a hatter would need.

The Mad Hatter quickly approached Harry and ushered him into a seat. Harry looked at his two fellow attendance. A rather sleepy looking dormouse and a very maniac looking hare. Shaking his head Harry looked at the Mad Hatter.

"Do you know how I got here?" Harry asked, deciding to enjoy this dream before he woke up in the afterlife or in the hospital. Again.

"Why dear old Chess brought you here! Or maybe it was magic? Or perhaps this is all just some dream cooked up by a madman?" The Hatter said giggling madly, "But if you want answers you'll have to ask the Red Queen. Well she's more Blonde than Red now but you don't have to worry about losing your head anymore! Do you know why a Raven is like a Writing Desk?" He asked suddenly.

"Uh… They aren't alike…?" Harry answered tentatively.

"Not true my boy, simply not true! Not that I know why they're alike, of course." The Hatter happily supplemented.

Harry scratched his head and gave it some serious thought, "Pins…? No. Paper? No. What could they… have… hmm…?" Harry tilted his head.

"Well, you'll figure it out someday m'boy, 'tis a mad question after all." The Hatter said with a mad smile.

"Err… okay. So… how do I get to the Queen?" Harry asked deciding to push the question out of his mind.

"Well, she's over the hill and not far away, of course! The Queen wanted to be more accessible this time around for her subjects." he said, pointing in several different directions at once.

Harry blinked, "You're rather mad aren't you?" He said before he could stop himself.

"Why it's like dear ol' Chess said! All are Mad here! And if I'm mad… then you must be mad too to ask such an obvious question!" The Hatter retorted giggling madly.

Harry shook his head in annoyance, "Can you just… show me the best way to get to the queen?" He asked deciding to ask it differently.

"Certainly!" The hatter exclaimed before standing up and walking in place, "You need only do this, while moving forward… I haven't figured that part out yet, but I'm sure you can!"

Harry growled and go up before picking one of the direction the Hatter had pointed out and started walking, all the while cursing what he still thinks is a dream.

"Oh my dear boy…" The Hatter said with a grin, "... This isn't a dream…" He added as he watched Harry storm off, not hearing him.

Hours later

Harry leaned against a tree and wiped the sweat from his forehead, "Over the hill and not far away." Harry grumbled, "Bunch of bloody shite that what that is. Bloody mad codger… and watch, now that I complain; it'll be just passed this next hill… GOD BLOODY DAMN IT ALL TO HELL ON A PANCAKE!"

And there it was indeed, with Wonderland itself seemingly silently smirking slyly at Harry's indignation.

"Why did I think Wonderland would be a fun place to go…? Oh, right… Dursleys… carry on then." Harry thought out loud with a deadpan look on his face and a voice to match.

Shaking his head Harry made his way to the castle, still cursing under his breath. When he approached the castle he was stopped by two card guards. No literally. The guards were Playing-Cards! And playing cards in front of the gate at that. Harry closed his eyes and attempted to calm himself.

After about a minute he was successful.

"I'd like an audience with the Queen please…" He said as politely as he could, his right eyebrow twitching madly.

"Your name?" One of the card-guards asked in a very flat tone.

"Harry." The Potter said in an equally flat toneless voice.

The guards looked at each other. "The Queen's expecting you. Come with us." The right guard said.

"Okay let's go see the Queen of this Madhouse…" Harry muttered as he followed the two guards.

About ten minutes of walking later; Harry was ushered into the throne room, or so he assumed anyway, and he looked around. The room was filled with various functionaries, they were a mix of fish, frogs, cats, rabbits, and… fairies.

Shaking his head Harry looked at the queen. Instead of a grown woman sitting on the throne it was what appeared to be a seven-year-old blonde girl with bright blue eyes that gleamed with mischief. She wore something a queen in the Dark-ages would only scaled down to fit her perfectly but Harry couldn't help but think a blue petticoat and white apron would suit her better.

She also looked supremely and utterly bored out of her gourd!

She looked at me and perked right up, "Oh! Another young madman finds his way here? That is just so sad it's wonderful!"

"Um… right." Harry coughed, "Um… do you know how I got here? I'm pretty sure my Aunt and Uncle were beating me to death when I woke up here in Wonderland…"

"Oh my! That's so sad! So the madman sought refuge here? Curiouser and curiouser!" The queen chirped, "I'm Alice by the way, none of that queen stuff please."

"Okay… Alice." The functionaries gasped, "Then you can call me Harry." The Potter scion said with a smile, "It'd be nice to have a friend even if it's just a dream."

Alice giggled, "This isn't a dream silly!" She said playfully, "This is a place all madmen and women will come to eventually."

"But… I'm not mad! Lonely? Yes. Emotionally stunted? Yes. Mad? No! I am not mad!" Harry shouted getting annoyed at being called mad.

Some of the functionaries looked they were about to pounce on Harry for his disrespect but Alice stopped them with a wave of her hand. She hopped off her throne and approached Harry smiling at him.

"Walk with me Harry. The rose garden is beautiful." She said with a smile.

Harry nodded and followed the child-queen.

The next few minutes were passed in silence; which suited Harry just fine. He had the beginnings of a bloody savage migraine anyway. Though it did give Harry time to admire the odd architecture of the castle. In some places it looked rational and in others it looked like it should've already collapsed!

"Bloody weird ass castle." Harry thought dryly.

After a few minutes walking they entered a massive garden entirely made up of white roses! Harry looked around wide eyed, of all the chores Harry loved gardening the most. He always wanted a white rose bush but knew that wouldn't happen. For some odd reason Petunia hated them, calling them unnatural for whatever reason.

Harry just chalked it up to Aunt Petunia's 'normal' obsession.

"So… not that I'm complaining… but why'd you bring me out here?" Harry asked curiously.

"Why to help you." Alice giggled, "There's nothing wrong with being mad! Nothing at all." She added with a smile.

Harry frowned at that, "Being mad implies there is something wrong with me mentally. All of my faculties are in perfect order! I am not imbalanced or anything!" Harry said sternly.

Alice giggled, "You're quite articulate for a nine-year-old Harry." Alice said with a smile, "And you do know the line between madness and genius is razor thin yes? Who's to say geniuses the world over aren't mad as a hatter?"

"I'm very well read." Harry retorted dryly, "Being abused I happen to find refuge in books. Anyways, I know that about genius and madness! But there's so many negative implications to be called mad."

"Then ignore the negative and focus on the positive! And yes, it is that simple!" Alice said with a giggle.

Harry fell silent at that, making Alice giggle even more. Grumbling Harry decided to wander around the garden to think.

Scene Break

Alice watched Harry walk off with a smile; her smile widened when a familiar cat appeared. Alice looked at the mangy feline with a smile as she scratched his ears making him purr.

"You going to play the frustratingly helpful enigmatic guide like you did me Chess?" Alice asked with a smile, "He does reminded me of… well, me. Only a little more… mopey and angry at the world I suppose." Alice added after a moment's thought.

"Indeed. Alex is a lot like you in many ways… but I will ask a favour of you regarding him, do not tell him how we truly came to be, he must figure it out on his own… with frustrating hints, of course! He may very well become a great Black King." Cheshire replied in an amused tone.

"Hmm… quite high expectations for such a young boy! You must've saw something special in him then! To earn such high praise from an embodiment of madness!" Alice said with a giggle, "Take care of him Chess, I have no doubt he'll become something amazing in the future! And keep him 'balanced', after all… the best kind of madness is the kind that doesn't bend to preconceived notions of 'good' or 'bad'. That's all I ask."

"Now how could I possibly refuse an order from an embodiment of leadership? He's gonna need it anyway though… he's even more clueless and incompetent than you were; quite literally a crowning achievement, I assure you." Cheshire cheekily replied.

"Oh you mangy cat. How I'll miss your razor wit and bone-dry sense of humor." Alice said dryly, "Just take care of him. Maybe open his mind to the potential madness he has? After all… a madman only has the limits he places upon himself."

"Of course; that was the plan, 'after all'." Cheshire said with a chuckle.

Alice smiled and kissed Cheshire on the forehead, "Now go on you mangy cat! You've got a ward in need of maddening yet helpful guidance!" Alice said with a smile.

Cheshire simply grinned his signature grin, before fading from view with a chuckle.

"Oh Harry you're either going to love Chess or hate him. Perhaps both like I do!" Alice said with a giggle before she turned and returned to the throne room.