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It had been about a month since the Alissa inccident, and Ethan's and Benny's relationship with each other is still going strong. In fact, they couldn't be anymore happier. They went to school like they always do, holding hands being all lovey-dovey with one another.

"Oh! Hey, look who it is! It's Whitechapel High's happy couple!" greeted a voice from behind, teasingly to them.

They turned around to find that the greeting had come from Erica, who was approaching them with a friendly smile plastered on her face.

"Oh! Hey Erica!" replied Benny. "Hello milady!" greeted Ethan with a smile.

Erica giggled at the prince's greeting, as he still would speak in 17th Century every now and then. "So! Are you and nerd boy, here, excited about the up coming break from school in two days?" she said to Ethan cheerfully.

Benny frowned at her small insult to him, as Ethan answered her question. "Yeah! We are! Now we get to spend even more time with each other." he said happily.

Benny soon smiled again and nodded. "Yep! Which means more time to plan dates and more time to cuddle. And most importantly! Less time doing home!" stated Benny gleefully, with a proud and happy smile.

Erica playfully laughed at their responses. "Don't you two ever get tired of each other? I know I do, whenever Rory's always wanting to be around me all the time, like some little duckling or something rather." she asked them seriously and slightly jokingly at the same time.

The two boys just looked over at one another and then turned back to Erica, with smiles on their faces. "Nope!" they both replied in unison, which made Erica roll her eyes playfully at them. "We can't seem to get enough of each other." added Benny happily grinning at her.

"Anyways, I gotta go." stated Erica bluntly, as she turned to face Benny. "Bye, dork." she said flatly to him, and then she turned to face Ethan. "Byyyee, Ethan." she said to him flirtingly, as she wiggled her fingers at him teasingly. And with that she left.

"I really wish she would stop doing that." stated Ethan bluntly and seriously. "Yeah! Me too." agreed Benny, as he just glared at the back of her head as she walked down the hallway. Then he sighed. "But it's Erica. So, what are ya gonna to do?" he added in a disappointed and sarcastically way.

Ethan chuckled. "Yeah! I guess you're right about that!" he agreed pleasantly with his boyfriend. They both then smiled and kissed each other, before intertwining their fingers together and continuing on down the hall to their lockers.

Soon those two days came and went, and it was finally summer vacation. The two boys couldn't be more thrilled, as they raced on home as soon as the final bell of the day had rung, to get their summer plans under way.

But a few hours later, a young girl who looked to be about sixteen was walking down the street. She was listening to her iphone, when something shiny seemed to catch her eye. It was a penny. She pulled out her earbuds and hit pause on her phone to stop the music that she was listening to. She smiled at her little discovery and for some strange reason she felt drawn to the penny. As if it was begging her to pick it up.

So, without a second thought the girl picked up the coin, but as soon as she did, she started to feel funny. Everything around her seemed to become a blur, as she then saw a black mist like substance rise out to the coin and swirl around in the air. She could of swore that she heard laughing, but before anything could register the black mist then rushed at her, and entered her body. She then dropped the coin back onto the ground as she staggered a bit, but soon regaining her balance again. It then felt as if she was trapped inside her own mind and that she no longer had any control over her own body, whatsoever.

While on the outside, she grinned evilly with a mischievous glint in her eyes, as they briefly turned black before going back to their normal color.

"Finally! I'm back!" she stated happily. "And now that I'm back again, I can get my revenge on the ones who killed me!" she declared with a snarled. "Ethan. Benny. You two better watch out because Alissa's back! And I'm coming for you!" she smirked evilly, as she then began to laugh.

Later on that evening, it was finally dark out and the two boys where currently up in Benny's room 'ka-noodling' as Benny like to call it, with one another. They had just finished playing a video game minutes earlier and had decided to call it quits after spending hours of playing.

"You know, Benny. Erica's right. We shouldn't spend the entire summer with each other all the time." spoke the prince suddenly.

Benny looked at him in fake shock with a fake gasp. "Ethan! Are you suggesting that we see other people?! A-are you breaking up with me?!" he said in fake shock/hurt and then smiled at him.

Ethan rolled his eyes at him. "Come on, Ben! You know that's not what I mean!" commented Ethan in slight annoyance, but then smiled too.

"Yeah! I know!" agreed Benny sweetly. "And maybe she does have a point, Ethan. Maybe we should do something by ourselves or with other people from time to time." he admitted with slight annoyance in his voice. "But come on, Princie! I mean, you're still not quite accustom with everything in this world yet, to be going off and doing things on your own. You need somebody there that knows about where you really come from, to help you understand something that you're not familar with yet, more better." replied Benny knowingly with slight concern in his voice.

"Maybe! But I'm not a little kid who needs to be constantly watched all the time, Benny! I'm perfectly capable of taking care of myself, you know! And besides! I might have Erica, Rory, or Sarah there with me if I need any help with anything and if they're not, then I'm sure some nice stranger will help me understand it better without needing to know the actual truth of my origins!" stated Ethan rather frustratingly to the spellmaster.

Benny then felt slightly bad for what he said to him. Ethan's was right. He was perfectly capable of taking care of himself, even if he is in a different time period than his own. He's already done proven that, especially after what had happened with the whole Alissa thing that took place about a month ago. Ethan wasn't a kid, and he shouldn't be treated like one, either.

"I'm sorry, Ethan." he apologized to the prince sincerely.

Ethan saw how sorry he was and decided to forgive the spellmaster. He flashed him that oh-so-charming smile that Benny loves so much. "It's fine, Benny! You just worry about me sometimes, is all. It's perfectly normal for a someone to feel a little over protective over their boyfriend sometimes." he said sweetly and reassuringly to him. "In fact, I'm the same way about you sometimes. Remember? When that guy at school on my first day, who hated me, tried to bully you for sticking up for me in the hallway?" chuckled Ethan, implying the memory to Benny.

Benny then chuckled too at the memory. "Oh, yeah! Now, I remember!" he chuckled. "You really did a number on that guy!" he said remembering the inciddent. "Now, ever since then, the guy doesn't even dare to bully me anymore. Especially, now that he knows that you and me are dating." he laughed, trying to control himself.

"Yeah! Totally!" laughed Ethan too, agreeing with him.

Just then their little moment together was interrupted by a mysterious evil laugh. They both shot up on alert and whipped their heads around the room, trying to find who was laughing.

"Stupid boys!" laughed the voice. "I have returned, just like I said I would! And now you will suffer my wrath for what you did to me!" announced the voice eerily.

"Who said that?! Show yourself!" demaned the prince.

More laughing could be heard, but this time a shadowy like mist appeared in the room and took the form of a young girl about their age with blonde hair and blue eyes. She stood there, glaring menacingly at them before a smirk spread arcoss her lips.

"Who are you?!" asked Benny.

"My how quickly we so easily forget. It's only been like what...a month or so since we last saw each other?" mocked the girl, in amusement.

"Why? Do we know you?" questioned Benny curiously.

The girl's smile then faltered to a straight line. "You should. I'm mean, you two are the reason that I'm DEAD." she replied not too amusingly and losing her patient with them, now.

"For someone who's suppose to be dead, you sure look alive to us." stated Ethan obviously.

"Yes! Well...I guess it is hard for you to recognize me looking like this." she implied with sass in her voice, her smirk appeared again as she gestured towards her body.

Just then her eyes turned black and both boys gasped. Benny immediately knew what that meant. "Ethan. I think that girl is being possessed by an evil spirit." implied Benny cautiously to Ethan, with slight worry in his voice.

Ethan's eyes went wide. "What?!" he whispered/yelled in shock. "But who would want to possess someone, just to get revenge on the both of...us..." he trailed, as things then began to click inside his head. As did in Benny's, and the two then looked at each other with worried expressions on their faces.

"Alissa!" they both said in unison.

Then the girl began to laugh again and clapped. "Ding! Ding! Ding! Well, done! It's about time you dunces finally figured it out! I'm mean, who else have you defeated within the past month that would want revenge, huh?" she mocked happily to them with sarcasm in her voice.

"B-but, we killed you! You're suppose to be DEAD!" stuttered/declared Benny in disbelief and fear.

Alissa just rolled her eyes out of annoyance at the spellmaster's statement. "Idiot! I am dead!" she stated rudely, but then smiled. "But before I completely died, I managed to seal my spirit into a penny. Waiting for some loser to come along and touch it to release my spirit from it, so I can take control over their body." she explained.

"A penny?!" snickered Benny, trying not to laugh. "That's so lame!" he said, trying to stiffle his laughter. But when he heard Alissa growl at him, he quickly stopped laughing and hid behind Ethan discreetly.

"But that penny would have gone untouched for an entire month now and there's no way that somebody hasn't tried to pick it up since then." wondered Ethan, as he continued to glare at her.

Alissa laughed again. "True! But I also enchanted the penny to only attract and be allowed to be picked up by someone with magical blood running through their veins. Like this pathetic little girl that I'm possessing now. She's an Earth Priestess in training." she said happily. "You see, in order for me to exact my revenge on you, I needed someone who could do magic since I'm a spirit now, and spirits can't do magic. But! If a spirit was to possess someone who can do magic, then they too will be able to use that person's magic as well. As long as they remain in that person's body, that is." explained Alissa rather coolly.

"So, now I guess since I'm in control over this poor girl's body and powers, that it doesn't really make her an Earth Priestess anymore since that's the term used for females who use magic for good. But instead makes her, or rather me, a witch now since I plan on using her magic for evil." mused Alissa to them smugly.

Ethan and Benny were both stunned by this, as their expressions turned from ones of shock to ones of anger towards the witch. "You monster! Taking over some poor innocent girl's body just to use for exacting your revenge on us, with?! How low can you go, Alissa?!" sneered out Ethan bitterly.

Alissa just gave a careless shrug, as if she didn't really care. "Hey! A witch's gotta do, what a witch's gotta do! Am I right?" she mocked amusingly, smiling afterwards.

Seeing Alissa's carefree gesture and hearing her comment to match, made Benny even more madder as he glared at her with hate. "You bitch." he snarled/mumbled out, which only made Alissa laugh maniacally.

"Anyways! Enough with the pleasantries with our little reunion together, boys! I have some revenge that needs exacting and it's not gonna get done by just sitting around here all day and chatting. So, let's get to it, shall we?" she remarked, getting serious now.

Before either one of the boys could do anything, Alissa flicked her wrist as if it was nothing at them, and sent the two flying across the room, into the wall. She laughed tauntingly at them as she then moved towards Benny. With a snap of her fingers, Benny was then encased inside a magic bubble. When he came too, he saw this and started to bang on the bubble trying to break free, but it was no good.

As Ethan was coming too himself, he saw Benny trapped in the bubble and Alissa walking over towards Benny's bookshelf and then removing a book off the shelf. She placed the book down on his computer desk and opened the book up. The bubble then floated on over to her, as she stood there turning around to face the still slightly groggy and dazed prince with a wicked smile.

"If you ever want to see you precious boyfriend alive again. Then I suggest you return to Amaria to find me. Feel free to bring your fangy little friends along with you, too." said Alissa suggestively to Ethan. "You might of beat me last time, but that's only because I under estimated you all. But I can guarantee that this time I won't! Now that I know what I'm up against and what to expect. Let's just see how well your friends handle fighting on my turf." she said confidently/cockingly, as she then said a spell that caused her and Benny to be surrounded in a bright light.

"ETHAN!" called out Benny's voice to him. "BENNY!" called out Ethan back to him, now fully awake and aware of his surroundings again. "I'LL COME FOR YOU! DON'T WORRY! WE'LL GET YOU BACK BENNY! I SWEAR IT!" yelled out Ethan to him, as he reached out to his boyfriend before they disappeared in a burst of light that went into the book.

Before they were gone Ethan heard Benny's confident and reassuring voice say back, "I know you will. You'll come for me. And rescue me no matter what. And until then, I'll be wanting patiently for you to come my prince," as it lingered in the air softly like a whisper. Ethan had tears in his eyes, as he cried. Just then Benny's grandma came in the room with a really worried look on her face.

"Ethan, dear! What happend?! I sensed a strong surge of magical engery in the house and then I heard yelling coming from upstairs! When I tried to check on you two, there was a mysterious force field blocking me from getting up here until just now!" spoke Mrs. Weir frantically and out of breath slightly. When she saw him crying and then quickly glanced around the room, she noticed that her grandson was missing. "Ethan? Where's Benny? What happened up here?" she asked in concern and worry.

Ethan then began to explain to Mrs. Weir about everything that just took place minutes ago. A look of shock and surprise then spread across the elder lady's face when he finished. She then quickly reassurred the slightly still crying teen, by telling him not to worry and they're gonna get Benny back. He dried his tears and gave her a determined nod and look. Evelyn smiled, seeing him feel more better now and ready to take down that evil witch, Alissa, again.

She then told Ethan to go call the others and tell them to get here quickly, while she gathered some supplies for their journey into the book and to Ethan's homeland,Amaria, to go and save Benny. Ethan gave an 'ok' and immediately got to work, as did she.

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