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The next day (right after breakfast), it was time for Ethan and his friends to say goodbye to the Morgan family and Amaria. As it was finally time for them to return to the world, in which they came from. Back to Whitechapel, where their lives and homes resided at. Not to mention, certain modern-day technologies that don't even exist in this time and age, as well. Like electricity, an actual toilet, phones, tv, video games, more fashionable clothing and shoes to wear, and so on.

Everyone had gathered around in the throne room. Queen Samantha was in tears at having to say goodbye to her precious baby boy, for who knows how long this time around. But at least this time she knew where he was and that he was going to be ok and well taken care of by the Weir family and his vampire friends.

Princess Jane, Princess Rosalie, and King Ross were saddened by their departure, as well. But just not as upset or heartbroken as the Queen was, that is. Instead, they had more calmer and happier expressions on their faces as they prepared to say goodbye to them.

King Ross came up to his son and placed two firm and strong hands on Prince Ethan's shoulders with a proud smile on his face. "Well, son! This is it! This is where we part ways, once again." he proclaimed in a sincere and loving tone.

"That it is, Father." agreed Ethan, also smiling.

"I want you to know before you go, just how proud I am of you, my boy. For deciding to live your own life, while still remaining true to who you are. Me and your mother have done a fine job in raising such a strong and noble son. I couldn't be any more prouder." he praised fondly to him.

Ethan smiled widely at that. "Thank you, Father!" thanked Ethan gratefully, as he felt tears brimming at the edge of his eyes. Tears of gratitude and happiness. Even King Ross almost had tears in his eyes, as well!

Then the King pulled Prince Ethan into a hug. "I love you, son!" he then said wholeheartedly.

"I love you, too, Father!" replied the Prince back at him in the same manner.

The two then parted from the hug but kept the loved-filled smiles on their face, though. "And I promise, to return and visit you guys often, as well." promised Prince Ethan earnestly.

The King gave a slight nod as confirmation. "And please, son. Feel free to bring Benny and the rest of your friends along, too, whenever you do happen to visit. We'd love to see them again, as well." replied King Ross humbly.

"I shall, Father." smiled Ethan fondly. Then he walked over to where Jane was at, to hug her. "I'm gonna miss you, little runt. I hope you know that?" he said to Jane, after ruffling her hair after ending the hug.

Of course, Jane wasn't too thrilled about him doing that, but she decided to let it slide. "Yeah! Yeah! I already know that." she grumbled unhappily, but not really meaning it. Her sour demeanor was just an act, as he then smiled soon afterward. "I shall miss you, too, older brother." she said genuinely back to him. Then she hugged him again, but more tightly this time. "Don't worry, Ethan! You'll be leaving the kingdom in good hands. I promise you." assured Jane sincerely to her big brother. "Once...I'm old enough, that is." quipped Jane then, with a half shrug and a cheery smile.

"I know, Jane. And you're gonna be an amazing queen, too." replied Ethan fondly to her, flashing a sweet and kind smile, as well.

Now, it was Rosalie's turn to say her farewells to the young prince. "It really was nice seeing you again, Ethan. Hopefully, I'll be around the next time you come and visit Amaria, again." she said sweetly to him.

Ethan let out a small chuckle then. "Yes! As do I, Rosalie! That way you and my fair Benny can perhaps get to know one another more better, then!" chirped Prince Ethan happily.

"Oh! I would love that!" cheered Princess Rosalie happily, as she agreed with him. "I know that Benny is not a girl. So, gossiping is not really his thing. But I would still love to get to know the man that has captured your heart, Prince Ethan! And maybe even hear a few embarrassing but rather cute little details about your relationship together, as well? Like all the little things he finds fascinating about you!" gushed Rosalie gleefully.

This brought a bright blush to the Prince's face. And to Benny's, too!

"That sounds like a wonderful idea, Princess Rosalie. And boy do I have some juicy stuff to spill about this here guy!" agreed Benny brightly to her, as he gave the prince a couple of light nudges to his side after that last part. Teasing the now embarrassed prince.

Ethan then faked cough as if clearing his throat. "Eh-hrm! Eh-hrm! Yes! Well...just remember, my love, I too have some... 'juicy stuff' to spill about you, as well. That I'm sure she'd find very entertaining to hear." stated Prince Ethan in a sly/hintingly like manner. Indicating that spilling embarrassing details about him to his ex-fiancee can work both ways, as well. As he knew quite a bit of embarrassing things about him, also, that he was sure that the spellmaster didn't want to come out to anybody any time soon.

The joking smile on Benny's face quickly fell at that. As he looked at his sly grinning boyfriend's face with a look of terror on his own. Saying, 'you wouldn't?' But the grin on Ethan's face only grew wider, which told Benny that he most definitely would.

Rosalie couldn't help but let out a small amused chuckle at the two, just then. "Well, whether or not you two do tell me any secrets or habits that you find annoying or cute about the other. I would still love to hear all about your adventures in Whitechapel, though." she said sincerely to the both of them, with a bit bright smile on her face.

Prince Ethan and Benny both looked at each for a second and then turned back to look at Rosalie, again. "I think we can agree to that." replied Benny happily, as they both smiled back at the princess. Rosalie then gave both of them a hug.

Next, it was Queen Samantha's turn to say goodbye, as she then broke down in tears while gripping her son in a very tight hug. "Oh, my darling little Ethan! I can't believe you're leaving us already!" cried the Queen dramatically.

"I know, Mother. Parting is such sweet sorrow. But I must. My life is with Benny back in his world now, Mother. And now that I have rescued him from Alissa like I had intended to, it is time for me return back to his world with him, as well." explained Prince Ethan (the best he could while trying to endure his mother's death hug on him) reassuringly to her. "I'm terribly sorry, Mother." he then genuinely apologized.

"I know, dear!" she exclaimed/sniffled sorrowfully. "But it still doesn't make it any less easy for a mother to say goodbye to her precious son when he's leaving the nest. Now, does it?" she then said sincerely to him, finally calming down a bit from her excessive crying. She pulled back from the hug and then placed both her hands on either side of Ethan's face, as she stared at him lovingly with a smile. Her eyes were still a bit teary, though, but she didn't mind it.

Prince Ethan smiled fondly back at her, then. "I suppose not." he said sincerely to her.

"Just promise me, that you'll take good care of yourself. Ok, sweetie?" replied Queen Samantha in a motherly tone.

Prince Ethan nodded. "I will, Mother."

She then hugged him tightly again, as the tears began to fall once more. "I'll miss you, sweetheart!"

"I'll miss you, too, Mother." replied Ethan back, sincerely. He then smiled but the moment he tried to pull back from the hug he found her not wanting to let go, though. "Uh...Mother? You can kindly let go of me, now." he said politely in an awkward/confused manner.

"But I don't want to! I just want to hold you forever, like this! And never let go!" cried Queen Samantha once again. She was trying to be brave and let him go, but how could she?! This was her son, she's talking about! It would be different if he was still living in their world because then they could simply just write to one another. But no! Instead, he's living in a completely different world from their own! This means she won't be able to keep in touch with him often through letters! She doubts there's a way for letters to be able to travel through worlds! So, of course, she doesn't want to see her only son leave!

Prince Ethan really does love his mother. But...sometimes she can be a bit...overbearing, at times. Like now, for instance.

Prince Ethan sighed. "But Mother." he began earnestly with a slight hint of desperation mixed in, as well, if you listened closely, that is. "Like I had told Father. I promise to come and visit you all often. So, you'll see me again. I promise on my honor as a royal and as your son." reiterated the prince, as kindly as he could to his mother. "So, you have nothing to fret over, Mother." he reassured her earnestly, while also secretly hoping that she'd take his word for it and let him go before he passes out from pain and lack of air.

Queen Samantha contemplated it for a couple of seconds before sighing and finally letting go. She gazed at him with an adoring look and smile on her face, then. "I know, sweetheart. You're a big boy now, which means you're perfectly capable of taking care of yourself, now. And I'm so proud of you for following your heart and doing what you believe in, too. As your Father said, we've raised a fine and strong young man. And we both love you very much, too, dear." she said to him fondly with pride and joy in her voice.

Ethan smiled endearingly at his mother, then. "Thank you, Mother!" he said. Then this time around he was the one to give her a hug, which Samantha took gratefully. After the brief hug ended, Queen Samantha placed a soft gentle hand on her son's cheek and smiled at him. Then she kissed on the cheek.

The Queen then turned to Benny and smiled. "I'm entrusting my son's wellbeing in your hands now, Benny. Do take care of him. I can tell that you two love each other very much and all I ever wanted was for my son to be happy in life. Even if it means, living in a place where I can't write or visit him. But I know that he'll be happy there, living in your world, though." she said to him sincerely in a kind and gentle tone.

"Don't worry your majesty. I will." replied Benny back sincerely with a smile. "Ethan means the world to me, too. And I'll do anything to make him happy."

Queen Samantha was happy to hear that. Then she hugged him, too. "Thank you, Benny!" she said gratefully in the hug. Benny flinched a slightly, though, when she tightened her grip on the hug ever so slightly, though. But he kept the smile on his face, nonetheless.

She then ended the hug and placed a small little kiss on the spellmaster's cheek, too, before smiling back at him warmly. "I'm so happy that my Ethan has found true love in you. Your two make a great couple and I couldn't be anymore happier." she said fondly to him.

This brought a smile to Benny's face.

The Queen then turned around and was about to walk over to where her husband was. "Oh! And Benny, dear?" she said sweetly to him suddenly, as she turned back around to face him, as if she remembered something. "If I find out that you've hurt my precious baby boy in any way, shape, or form? Then you best beware because I'll make you ruin the day that you ever dared break my baby's heart. By hunting you down and punishing you in excruciating and agonizing ways you've never imagined before. Got it?" she stated/warned sternly in a serious tone and manner, as her smiling lovely face turned dark and scary for a minute.

Benny became terrified of the Queen then, as he fearfully nodded his head slowly at her while trying not to look so scared. Which it was obvious that he was, though.

"Good, then!" piped the Queen happily, as her scary demeanor then quickly turned back to her kind and sweet one while lashing him a big cheery smile.

"Gee! Maybe I was afraid of the wrong person wanting to lop off my head?! E's mom is WAY more scarier than his dad!" thought Benny frighteningly to himself, then.

The Queen then proceeded to make her way to her husband. Where she stood beside him, placing a small little kiss on his cheek, as he wrapped an arm around her.

"And my husband is right. You all are welcomed here at any time. So, feel free to visit us, whenever our son does, at any time." stated Queen Samantha sincerely with a warm smile.

"Thank you, your majesties!" thanked Mrs. Weir graciously with a warm smile of her own. She then turned to face the rest of the group. "Alright, kiddos! I believe it's time we best be off, now!" she said chipperly. "Is everybody ready?" she then asked the group of teenagers, wanting to make sure that everyone was ready to go now.

Everyone nodded.

"Excellent, then!" exclaimed Mrs. Weir happily. "In that case, I'll start casting the spell, now!"

Rosalie and Jane then moved out of the way. Then went to stand over by where the King and Queen were standing at. Princess Jane stood in front of her parents, as her father placed a hand on her shoulder. And Princess Rosalie stood just a couple of steps away, right next to the King. All of them with big happy smiles on their faces, as they watched Mrs. Weir say the spell that would take them back to their world.

Mrs. Weir then cast the spell, as everyone gathered closely around her. Once the spell was said, they all then disappeared in a flash of light. Returning from Amaria, back to Whitechapel, once again.

A book laid opened in the Weirs' living room on the coffee table. Suddenly, a brilliant ball of white light shot out from it's pages and landed in the spacious part of the living room, where there wasn't any furniture. When the light grew in sized and then quickly flashed away, it revealed 6 teenagers and an old lady in it's place, standing there.

"We're back!" exclaimed Rory ecstatically, after taking a glance around at his surroundings.

Erica then walked over to where the couch was at and flopped down on it exhaustingly. "Thank goodness!" she sighed out in relief, as if she was exhausted or something. "Don't get me wrong. The 17th century was nice and all, but...it feels really great to be back in the 21st century, though." she then stated gratefully out loud, as she laid there lazily.

Sarah couldn't help but giggle, as she agreed with her. She enjoyed getting to experience what it was like living in the 17th century, but it felt much better being back in her own era with technology and whatnot. "Yeah, I agree. I really missed being able to take a nice hot shower and sleeping on my nice, comfy pillow top mattress, too. In fact, I think that's going to be the first thing I do when I get home. Taking a nice hot shower." she stated earnestly with a smile.

"Yeah, man! Living in that era has to be the worst!" blurted out Rory enthusiastically, as he agreed with the girls. He grimaced at the thought of it, but then blanched a bit once he realized that Ethan was from that era. "Uh...no offense, dude." he then apologized to Ethan, feeling a bit shameful and embarrassed now.

Thankfully, Prince Ethan understood their reasoning behind their words and decided not to hold it against them. Even he wished some of the stuff that existed in the 21st century had existed already, back in the 17th century while growing up! Life would've been much simpler, probably, if it had existed back then in that era!

"It is quite alright, my friend. I can get why you all would feel that way after having to spend some time living my century." reassured Ethan politely with a smile. "In fact, I, too, am grateful to be back, as well!" he then said earnestly with a hint of humor in his voice, as he lightly chuckled.

Rory smiled brightly at that. Glad to of not offended his royal friend. Then his beaming smile fell as he looked about the room, as if searching for something. "Uh...what time is it, anyway?" he then asked curiously. He obviously didn't see the grandfather clock that sat in the living room. Though, even if he did he still wouldn't have known what time it was, as he never could tell time on an analog clock very well. He much rather preferred telling time on a digital clock, instead.

Benny, though, could tell time on it, easily. As he looked over at it to check the time. "It's um...12:05." he replied, reading the old clock just fine.

In truth, though, he really hated that thing. It was a pain in the butt to try and set properly, every time daylight savings rolled around or ended. But his grandma would never part with it, as it was a family heirloom of hers that had once originally belonged to her grandmother. Apparently, the antique clock was handcrafted by someone and was given to her as a birthday gift from her husband. After they both passed away, their daughter (or rather, Mrs. Weir's mother) had inherited it. Then after that, it was passed down to his grandmother, next. And he had a funny feeling that he would be the old clock's next successor to inherit after her. Oh, goodie. Nonetheless, it was still a priceless family heirloom and like his grandma, he would never dare part with it, either. Unless absolutely necessary, that is.

"Ok!" beamed Rory happily at first, before his smiling face fell once more into a confused one. "Is that AM or PM, though?" he then asked cluelessly.

"Ugh!" sighed out Benny irritatingly at the blonde, as he threw his head back dramatically. He then walked on over towards the window to take a quick peek out the curtain. "It's...PM." he answered briskly, as he removed his hand from the curtain after peeking out it. "As in, noon." he then stated in the same tone, as he glared at him out of annoyance.

"You think our doppelgangers will be up already?" asked Sarah.

"Doppelgangers? What doppelgangers?" questioned Benny in confusion then, as he had no clue what she was talking about. Then his eyes went wide in surprise. "Don't tell me you guys used that evil copy making camera of Grandma's, again?! Did you?! Cause that thing is bad news, I tell yah!" he stated frantically out of worry. Then he turned to face his grandma. "Grandma! Why would you let them even use that thing?! I thought that camera was forbidden!" accused Benny incredulously to her. "You do remember what happened the last time we used that thing, don't you?!"

"Yes, Benny, dear. I remember what happened last time." replied Evelyn with sarcasm and annoyance mixed in her tone towards the teen, as she rolled her eyes at him. "And if memory serves me correctly, it was you who was the one that decided to break into my double-locked chest that I kept it in. Just so you could sell it off for go-cart money. That whole incident would've never happened if you would've just left that chest alone, as I had intended." chastized Evelyn condescendingly then, as she gave him a stern glare. Then she sighed disappointingly and shook her head at him. "Honestly. Most people would have the common sense to NOT open a locked chest in the basement of someone's home. Especially, if the chest was doubled locked and wrapped in blankets!" she muttered disappointingly to no one in particular.

"Yeah, that's clearly not Benny. When it comes to common sense, he's severely lacking in that department." commented Erica jokingly with a smug smirk on her face.

"Hey! I resent that!" exclaimed Benny defensively back at her. But Erica only kept on smiling at him, as he glared spitefully at her. Benny then smirked himself at what he was about to say next to the blonde girl. "Well, at least I have more common sense than your boyfriend does!" he fired back proudly and mockingly, as he tried to get under Erica's skin with that comment. Sadly, it didn't work. As she just simply shrugged it off, not bothered by it one bit.

"Eh. You have me there. Rory does have less common sense than you do." replied Erica nonchalantly.

"Hey! Now, I'm the one who's offended!" suddenly exclaimed Rory defensively with a bit of hurt in her tone. He then looked down sullenly with a pout.

Erica then got up from her place on the couch and walked over towards the hurt vampire in the room with a kind and loving smile on her face. "But I still love you anyway, though." she said before kissing him on the cheek, which then lit up Rory's face with cheer and happiness, again. "Even if your stupidity does tend to piss me off, at times." she then added sincerely while still smiling lovingly at him. Rory then blushed, as his heart began to flutter at his girlfriend's genuine and sweet words towards him.

Benny humorously pretended to gag himself at the two's display of affection for one another. "That's great and all, but...," stated Benny slightly rude like, as if he could care less about their little touching moment they just had. Not that he didn't care, but it was just in his mind the only relationship that he cares about his own. With Ethan, that is. All other romantic relationships were still just plain out gross and too much for him to see. Benny then turned to face his grandma again. "what about these copies of you all, Grandma?" he then asked her, still curious to know if they're evil or not.

"Oh, right! Them!" exclaimed Mrs. Weir, as if it had slipped her mind. "Don't worry, dear. I promise you that the clones aren't evil in any way." she said reassuringly to him in a sweet manner, as she smiled at him.

"So...you didn't use the camera, then?" questioned Benny skeptically.

"Of course, not." she said. "These copies were created by a spell I used that makes an exact copy of the person, in every way possible. Including, behavior and personality traits. Meaning, that these copies will act and think just like the originals do. So, there's nothing to worry about, Benny dear." explained Mrs. Weir to her grandson.

This put Benny's fears to rest, hearing that. "At least, I don't have to deal with an evil copy of myself, again. Thank goodness." he sighed in relief in his head.

Evelyn then turned to face Sarah. "I'm sure the clone versions of you all must be up by now at this hour. Especially, considering they're vampires and vampires don't need sleep like us humans do." stated Evelyn with certainty and a kind smile.

Sarah nodded. Agreeing with the old lady. "Well, in that case, we better go track them down to let them know that we've returned and have them come back here with us, so that you can undo the spell." replied Sarah.

"Ugh! Do we have to get rid of them? I mean, I kinda like having a clone of myself walking around having to do all the stuff that I don't want to do." complained Erica with an unenthusiastic groan.

"Yes, Erica. We have to." replied Sarah with a stern look at her. "What good would there be with a copy of each of us running around Whitechapel doing our meaningless chores, while we the originals just set back and do nothing? Hmm? Someone is bound to catch us in the act and realize that there are two of us, somehow! Plus, I'm pretty sure if we keep having our copies do all the unfun stuff for us that they'll get tired of it eventually and will want to rebel by going on strike or something. Or worse even! What if they try to make us look bad as a way of punishing us for making them do all the boring work, then?!" pointed out Sarah in a serious tone towards her best friend.

"Also, do we really need two Rorys running around, creating who knows what kind of havoc in town, together? Isn't one Rory enough?" quipped Benny, as he added his two cents in the mix jokingly. But at the same time, he also meant it. He could hardly handle one Rory at a time, as it was, now. Two would be just too many and enough to drive him completely insane! One Rory is enough for him, as it stands!

Erica gave this some thought, but ultimately decided that Sarah and Benny were right. One Rory was enough for her. As much as she loves him, Erica didn't think she could handle dating both of them. Although...she guessed one of them would be dating her copy, in truth. If she kept her look-alike around, that is. But...how would she be able to tell which Rory was hers?! Is it the doppelganger Rory she's kissing? Or the real Rory, instead? Plus, how does she know that her Rory wouldn't have the other one hangout with her in his place?! Just because he'd much rather do something else (nerdy, no doubt) that takes place at the same time they're supposed to be out on a date?!

"Yup! Having two Rory's around, would most DEFINITELY be a bad idea!" thought Erica conclusively in agreement, after thinking about the disadvantages of having two Rory's around. She much rather stick to just the one, thank you very much!

"Alright! You've done changed my mind! Let's get rid of the doubles, now!" exclaimed Erica eagerly with a slight bit of nervousness hiding in her tone when she said it.

Sarah smiled satisfyingly at this.

"Good, because whether or not you actually did wanted them to stick around, I wasn't about to let that happened, in the first place. Like it or not, when I came up with the idea of using that spell before we left, I had already planned on dismissing the clones, anyway, after our return from the book." stated Evelyn satisfyingly. "I had the same thought that Sarah did when I thought of the spell. So, I decided right then to not let any of you kiddos even dare try to talk me into letting the clones stay longer than necessary." she admitted confidently but also sincerely to the group of teens.

"But what if our copies aren't home? Surely, they must be out and about doing things at this time of day by now, right?" wondered Rory.

Mrs. Weir realized he was right. It's possible, that the doubles may be out doing chores or whatever it is that teenagers do, nowadays, for fun. She gave the problem some thought before coming up with a solution. "I've got it!" she exclaimed brilliantly, before walking off towards a desk and rummaging around in it for a bit. Evelyn then found what she was looking for, which was a map of Whitechapel. She then unfolded the map and placed it down on the coffee table. "I use this map when I do locator spells to find someone or an object I've lost somewhere. But it only works on locating one thing at a time, though." explained Mrs. Weir informatively to the group.

She then went over to a shelf and removed a wooden trinket box from it. She opened the box up and pulled out a small white crystal that was tied to a piece of string. Once she had the crystal in hand, Evelyn then closed the lid of the box and placed it back on the shelf. Then she made her way back over to the table.

"Now, then. All I have to do now is just concentrate on who it is I want to find while saying the spell and it'll show me their exact current location on the map. As long as they're in Whitechapel, that is." she explained, before getting to work.

Evelyn then held the crystal at one end of the string, while the other end with the crystal tied to it dangled just over the map. She then closed her eyes and began to mutter the spell, while concentrating on it was she was wanting to find.

The end with the crystal then began to swing over the map a little, while glowing a whitish color. It then stopped moving with the crystal's pointed end at the bottom of it hanging right over a certain spot on the map, as it then changed from a glowing white to a glowing blue color. Then a droplet of blue light fell from the glowing crystal's tip right onto the map and where it had landed at a blue dot then appeared in it's place. Marking the location of whoever it was Mrs. Weir was searching for. The crystal itself then stopped glowing and reverted back to it's neutral position over the map, as it had done it's required job.

Sensing the spell had finished locating her intended target, Mrs. Weir then opened her eyes and looked down at the map to see the results. "Ok, Sarah sweetie. It appears that your double is currently at home, right now." informed Evelyn to the dark-haired vampire in the room. Earning a swift nod from the said girl. Then Evelyn did the same spell again, two more times to locate Rory's and Erica's twins, as well.

Once she was done locating them and telling them their twins' exact locations, she then waved a glowing hand over the map to make the blue dots on the map that marked the locations of the copies, disappear. Returning the map to it's original state before the locator spells were cast on it.

With their doubles now located, the trio of vampires all left to inform their look-alikes that they were back and to please meet them at the Weir residence so that Benny's grandma can undo the duplicate spell.

After they left, Benny was confused by something. "How come you only made copies of Erica, Sarah, and Rory; and not of you, me, and Ethan?" wondered Benny. "Wouldn't people start to wonder where we went, too?"

"I only made copies of them because unlike us, they have people back home waiting for them who have no clue that the supernatural even exists, Benny. Whereas, we don't. You and I don't live with anybody who's absolutely clueless about all this magic and supernatural mumbo-jumbo. Like they do. Their parents would start to become worried as to why they aren't home, yet. And they might call the authorities if too much time passes without hearing a single word from them, as well. That's the last thing we need, is for the authorities to get involved." explained Evelyn.

"I see your point." stated Benny thoughtfully, as he understood where she was coming from. "The only ones would start missing us would only be people who we DON'T live with. Like friends and other family members who don't know what we know about the supernatural being real."

"Exactly, dear!" exclaimed Evelyn pleasantly. "So, I just made clones for Sarah, Erica, and Rory. And in case anybody got suspicious about where we are, I told the clones to just say that we were out of town for part of the school break." she explained simply with a smile.

"Ethan, too? Even though he's supposed to be a foster kid staying with us? Are foster kids even allowed to travel with their foster family?" asked Benny confusedly, as he thought about it.

Mrs. Weir thought about it, too, for a second before deciding it wasn't worth putting much thought into and shrugged. "Honestly? I'm not sure?" she answered nonchalantly. "But it doesn't matter, now. And if anyone was to ask I suppose we could just say that we got special permission from the foster agency, as we had no choice but to bring him with us." she then said to her grandson, as she came up with an excuse for them tell people in case it ever came up with anybody they know.

Both boys nodded, thinking it sounded good to them.

Then Prince Ethan turned to the only female teenager in the room. "What about you, Cindy? What will you tell your parents about your disappearance? Surely, they must have been missing you after all this time with no word from you?" questioned the prince curiously to the girl.

Cindy just smiled at him. "Easy! I'll just tell them the truth since both my parents are magic users, as well!" she said brightly to him. "Then after that, my family and I will think of something to tell everybody we know about my 'sudden disappearance' and my return back home, again!" she then stated, using air quotes around 'sudden disappearance'.

"I'm guessing that...this isn't your family's first time having to lie their way out of a supernatural situation before, isn't?" mused Benny with a little smirk.

"Nope!" replied Cindy chipperly after shaking her head with a big smile on her face. Then a thought occurred to the Earth Priestess in training, as her cheery smile faltered a bit. She then took one more look around the living room and any other part of the house that she could see from her place in the living room. "You have a lovely home, Mrs. Weir." she then said politely to the old lady with a kind smile. "But...I probably should be going now and fill my parents in on what happened to me and why I had suddenly vanished from town. They're probably worried sick about me." suggest Cindy, a little sullenly. She was also worried about them and had missed them dearly, too.

Mrs. Weir smiled genuinely to the poor girl. "Why, thank you, Cindy! And I completely understand. Your poor parents must be in a panic wondering where their sweet little girl went after not hearing anything from you for so long now. I know I would." replied Mrs. Weir earnestly in a friendly and sweet manner. "Go on, now! Why don't you on go ahead and run on home, now. We have everything handled here, now. So, there's really no need for you to stick around here anymore longer than you need to, my dear."

Cindy's face brightens on up, again at Mrs. Weir's kind words. "Ok, Mrs. Weir!" she nodded gratefully. "And thanks, once again! For free me from that witch's evil spirit! Bye!" thanked Cindy eagerly, one last time, before leaving.

"Anytime dear!" replied/shouted Mrs. Weir to the girl, as she closed the front door behind her as she left. Evelyn stood there smiling as watched the girl leave. Feeling proud of herself to be able to help another poor soul from the clutches of evil, yet again. It always felt good helping people in need.

Suddenly, the book on the table started to glow which attracted the attention of Ethan, Benny, and Evelyn. When it stopped glowing, Benny went over to it and cautiously opened it up. When he did (and realized that the book was safe to touch) he noticed something different about the book's pages as he flipped through them.

"The story? It's...all different, now!" he stated surprisingly, as he looked at it.

Curious, Ethan and Evelyn also took a look. And sure enough, the fairytale book's story had completely changed! As if...it had rewritten itself! No longer was the fairytale story the same one Benny remembers being read to before bedtime when he was a little kid. Now, the book's storyline was everything that happened since the day he accidentally summoned Prince Ethan to his world, all the way up until now, apparently!

"G-Grandma...how can this be?!" asked Benny astonishingly, as he looked up to his Grandma for the answer. Ethan also looked up at the old woman in a curious manner, as well. As he too wanted the answer to that question, as well.

Mrs. Weir carefully gave this some thought before finally coming to a conclusion. "Hmm...My guess would be, that when we went into the book that we must've altered the fairytale's original storyline." she said simply to them.

"But...why did the book suddenly change itself now, though? The first day I was summoned here was the first time it would have been altered, then. So, why change so drastically, now?" questioned Prince Ethan perplexingly.

Again, Mrs. Weir gave this some thought before coming to another conclusion. "I suppose, back then, it wasn't enough to cause it to change so drastically, as it did now. Since it was just removing a couple of it's characters from the story to here. But with us going into the book, it was enough to change it. Since by going into the book and making ourselves characters in it, we had changed the story's plot completely, then. So, of course, that means the book had no choice but to update itself." explained Mrs. Weir.

"How can a book just...magically rewrite itself, though?! It just an ordinary fairytale book that I picked off my bookshelf, for crying out loud!" wondered Benny.

Mrs. Weir amusingly giggled at her grandson. "Benny, dear. Any book can be made magical when you use magic on it. Whether you intentionally wanted to make it magical or not." she said to him. " Magic has recently been done on this fairytale book so many times that the book must've absorbed some it each time, which allowed it to become magical and thus be able to magically change and update itself to what it is, now." she explained. "My guess is, that this won't be the last time the book magically updates itself, either. As long as you two's love story remains and continues on, then this here fairytale book shall keep on chronicling it until the day you either stop loving each other or until the day both your lives comes to an end."

"Whoa...awesome." commented Benny in awe. Then a big smile displayed itself on his face. "So, basically this fairytale book is like...a record of me and E's love life together! That's so wicked!" he exclaimed excitedly.

"A book about you and I's life together..." mused Prince Ethan, thinking about it. He then wrapped his arms around one of Benny's and smiled fondly at the idea, as he gazed at Benny lovingly. "I like it, too, my love." he said genuinely to his boyfriend, as he leaned his head on Benny's shoulder while still hugging onto his arm.

This made the spellmaster smile fondly, too, as he closed the open book that rested in his hand.

Evelyn smiled happily at the two, enjoying the sight of the two lovebirds looking so smitten with one another. Young love was truly something to behold.

"You two should probably keep that book somewhere safe and sound. After all...it's the only copy in existence. Your own...personal copy, if you will." mused/suggested Evelyn delightfully to the two.

Benny gave his grandma a brisk nod. "Don't worry, Grandma! We plan, too!" he said gleefully to her with a smile.

"Especially, if I ever plan to see my family back in Amaria, ever again!" pointed out Ethan obviously in a friendly and lighthearted manner.

Evelyn just smiled at both of them, as her response.

"Come on, Princie! Let's go find somewhere safe to put this at, up in my room!" suggested Benny nicely to his boyfriend, as he held the book up with one hand to show it off. Giving it a little shake for emphasis, as he did.

Prince Ethan giggled and nodded back for his reply.

This made Benny smile, as he then led the royal up the stair and towards his room while the prince still fondly held onto his arm.

"Hollar for us when the vamps get back! Kay, Grandma?!" yelled Benny, as he and Ethan ascended the stairs.

"Ok! I will, dear!" hollered back Evelyn sweetly to her grandson, as she stood there and watched the two for a moment longer before going off to do her own thing for a while. At least, until Sarah, Erica, and Rory got back with their doubles, that is.

It didn't take long for the vamps to return with their doppelgangers in tow. Probably, only like...about 10 to 15 minutes with their vampire speed, really. Although, Benny had hoped that it would take a bit longer for their return, as he wanted to get in some quality gaming time with his boyfriend, first. Something, he missed doing while being held captive by Alissa in Amaria for who knows how many days there and here! But for now, it'll just have to wait.

Once everyone was gathered in the living room and Mrs. Weir finished explaining to the original trio of vampires in the room about where Cindy was at. Evelyn got started on casting the spell to return the copies back to where they came from. Or rather, merge them with the original, that is. So, that way, whatever new memories that the copies might've gained while they were away, the originals would also have, too. That way, the originals can already know about that particular event or situation that happened while they were gone, already on hand. And they won't look like a complete fool or idiot for not remembering about it, either.

Erica's eyes then went wide in shock at something, after her double had merged with her. "Oh, my gosh!" she exclaimed surprisingly. "I can't believe I actually did that!" she said incredulously with a look of horror on her face.

"Did what, Erica?" asked Sarah curiously with a look of confusion on her face.

Erica looked at her still in shock. "I went on a date with Rory!" she answered dramatically in terror.

Sarah was still confused. "Ok. How's it that bad? You're dating the guy. Remember?" she implied curiously.

"I know." said Erica. "But convincing me to go to some geeky Star Wars convention for our date! Then it is!" she stated horrifyingly, this time clarifying why the date was so bad.

Rory had shit faced grin, as he too couldn't believe that his double was able to talk Erica's double into going to it with him.

Sarah, Benny, and Ethan were all surprised by this, too. They knew that in a million years, Erica would never be caught dead attending a Star Wars themed convention! Or any convention that seemed geek related to her!

"He even had me dress up for it, too!" squealed/whined Erica devastatingly in disgust, as she recalled that entire evening with her boyfriend. Leaving everyone even more shocked than they were earlier, now.

"As what?" wondered Benny curiously, as he quirked a brow up at her.

Erica then made a fake shiver before replying, as she wrapped her arms around herself and rubbed her hands up and down her biceps with a grimace. "As...Princess Leia." she said dreadfully with regret in her tone, as well.

Benny's eyes bulged with shock at that before then turning to face Rory. "So, that must mean...you went as Princess Leila's love interest, Han Solo, then?" deducted Benny to his male blonde friend with a questioning look upon his face.

Rory nodded. "Yup! And it was awesome, too! Just me and my lovely sweet princess here, all dressed up to attend the Star Wars convention. It was magical!" chirped Rory cheerfully before then going into a swooning like manner as he fondly pictured that day in his mind. "In fact! I think we were the best dressed Han and Leila, there!" he then said in an upbeat manner with a big smile plastered onto his face.

"I've never been so humiliated before in my life!" commented Erica devastatingly, though she was probably overreacting just a tad bit, though.

"Although...I really did wish that you would've gone as sex slave Princess Leia rather than standard Princess Leia, though. Then would've been the stars of the whole convention, then!" stated Rory thoughtfully with a frown at first before then smiling happily again.

Erica then threateningly hissed at him with her fangs out. "And I told you, no way in Hell am I ever dressing like that! Just because I like to dress hot and sexy most of the time doesn't mean I don't have standards as a woman, too, you know! I do have a little something called dignity and self-respect!" she said to him sharply and earnestly with a hard glare.

Rory jumped fearfully at his girlfriend's scary demeanor over his preferred costume choice for her. Of course, she would never dare to wear anything that skimpy and slutty looking out in public! Or that revealing, no less! Not unless, it was a swimsuit, maybe. But other than that, nothing as degrading as that while out and about on the town, though!

Sensing Erica's tension, Sarah thought now would be a good time to change the subject. "Uh...Well, with that aside and all, uh..." commented Sarah uneasily but calmly, as she nervously looked between the two vampires real quick before looking back at Evelyn. "It appears that all was quiet in Whitechapel while we were away, it seems. Which is a good thing." she then stated happily.

"Well, that's good to hear, dear." praised Evelyn gratefully, as she was glad to hear that nothing supernaturally bad had happened while they were in Amaria rescuing Benny.

"Of course! The one time we're not actually here, all the supernatural baddies out there decided to take a day off. While I'm busy being held captive by an evil witch in a book and you all traveling into the book to rescue me." complained Benny in a sarcastic like tone. "Couldn't evil like...wait to take a break until after we get back?" he then grumbled in the same tone.

"Benny, it's not like we're fighting the forces of evil every day, you know! There are gaps in between our heroic deeds in this town. So, we still wind up getting breaks, you big baby." pointed out Sarah sassily, while shaking her head at him.

Benny knew she was right, though. They do get breaks from fighting evil every once in a while. The bad monsters out there don't attack every day, as if on some sort of daily schedule or something. So, there are times in between where they can all relax and do whatever it is they want to do when there's not any monsters or bad guys to face.

As a response to Sarah's words, Benny scrunched up his face as if giving it some thought before ultimately shrugging it off and flashing her a big grin. "Mmm...yeah! You're right!" he said happily. Then his face took on a more curious expression. "So, uh...you guys remember everything that your body doubles remember?" he asked in a mix of curiosity and confusion to his fangy friends.

Sarah nodded. "Yup! Every detail!" answered Sarah.

"What about your memories of when the real you were in Amaria?" Benny then asked.

"Yup! Still got those, too!" remarked Sarah happily.

"But...how?!" wondered Benny surprisingly. He then turned to his grandma for the answer.

Evelyn simply smiled at her grandson. "The double spell I used not only made exact duplicates of them, but also when undone the clones simply merge back with the original version of them. Thus, also merging their memories, as well. That way, any new memories that the double might have obtained while separated from the original, the original would also have now once they merge back together, again. All while also leaving any new memories that the original might have gathered on his or her own, too, intact, also." she explained to Benny.

"Man, Grandma! You think of everything!" stated Benny astonishingly to the old woman. It always amazed him just how prepared his grandma always is. She's always thinking one step further than everybody else, it seems! Benny often wondered if it was one of those things that just seems to come with age over time. Who knows?!

Erica, Rory, and Sarah all stuck around for a bit longer, recounting the experiences that their doubles had experienced while they were away. As well, as recounting their adventure while in Amaria, too. Eventually, though, the vampires all left the Weir home a few hours later. Rory needing to go home, as his mom had just called him requesting that he come home to help out with something, real quick. While Sarah and Erica left to go grab something to eat first, before heading back over to Sarah's place for some quality girl time together. According to Erica, she needed some major girl therapy time with her BFF if she hoped to get over the devastating memory that is her attending a geek convention while all dressed up for it, too. And since all the clothing and shoe stores in town were either closed or were about to be closed at this hour, Erica thought it best to just go over to Sarah's place and maybe raid her wardrobe for anything cute to try on and hopefully borrow, as well.

With the vampires now gone, that only left Ethan, Benny, and Evelyn in the house. Although, after their departure, Evelyn decided that she was tired and didn't feel much like cooking anything for dinner. So, instead, she just ordered a couple of pizzas from Benny's favorite pizza place for dinner.

After the pizza arrived and everybody ate their fill, she then decided to go to bed early. Telling them that all that adventuring in a foreign land had worn her out more than she thought it would. So, she bid the couple a good night before heading off to bed. But not before first giving them a swift warning about keeping it down a bit while she slept, though. With a look that matched, too. Ethan and Benny both got the message and promised to keep it down while she slept.

Now, with Mrs. Weir in bed, the boys decided to go upstairs and play some video games for a while (like Benny had originally wanted to do earlier). But that didn't last long, though. As the two soon grew tired of it and just weren't feeling up to it, anymore. So, instead, they decided to take a nice lovely stroll through town together, since it was such a nice night out.

They walked down the sidewalk together, holding hands and admiring how peaceful and quiet it is out tonight. The night sorta reminded them of their first date together, in fact. With the moon shining brightly above and the stars twinkling like diamonds in the blackened sky. The whole night just felt perfect to them, as they were grateful to be back in Whitechapel, again. As well, as grateful to be able to share these types of things with each other, too, after another close call thanks to Alissa. But now they no longer have to worry about her, ever again. As her evil spirit had been eradicated by the power of their love combined with the power of Amaria's Light.

"It feels so good to finally be back in my world, again." stated Benny gratefully, as they walked. "To be surrounded by technology again. Man! You never know how much you've missed certain little everyday things around you until they're gone. You know?" he said without thinking, until it hit him that his boyfriend wasn't technically from this world or era. He flinched with an apologetic grimace on his face, as he turned to face his boyfriend.

Ethan simply chuckled in amusement and smiled warmly at him, instead. "Like, I told Rory, my love. It is quite alright to be glad to be back in your world, again. You and the others all grew up here in this era with all these fascinating things surrounding you each day. You all aren't used to having to live without them, like I am. I grew in an era before all of this even existed. So, of course, I wouldn't have any idea how much this...tech-nolo-gy means to you all and what it would mean to have to go without it for such a long time. Or even to have to live without it, too. I'm still new to it all and am still learning just how important it all is to you and your friends, my love." expressed Ethan reassuringly in a kind and sincere tone.

Benny smiled at that. "Thanks, babe! You're so understanding, E. That's why I love you so much." replied Benny.

"Are you sure it's not because of my heroic and noble actions and rugged good looks, as well?" bragged Ethan playfully and arrogantly.

Benny's face twisted into a thoughtful one, as he thought about it. "Hmm...yeah! That, too!" he then said honestly with a smile. "That and you are a prince which means you're totally loaded with money, too!" he added proudly, which earned a small nudge to his side from his boyfriend with a laugh.

Ethan knew he was only kidding around with him, though. He was positive that Benny didn't care that he was royalty, which had also meant he was rich, too. He knew that his love saw passed all of that and only loved him for who he is and not for what he is. And that's why he loved the wizard.

Benny laughed along with him, knowing that the prince knew that he didn't love him only because of his wealthy status as a prince. That he really does love him for who he is on the inside. And...perhaps maybe, too, it didn't hurt that he was the most handsome guy he's ever laid eyes on before, as well. Benny Weir loved this guy! And in turn, he loved him back, too! They would always have each other's backs, no matter what! Because their love will always be more stronger than anything they'll ever have to face, as long as they are together! No challenge was too great for them in Benny's mind!

Benny pulled Ethan's arm closer towards him, as he held onto the prince's arm endearingly while resting his head on his strong shoulder, too, as they walked. Benny wasn't only glad to be back in Whitechapel again, but he was also glad to be able to be with Ethan like this, again, as well. He had almost lost him for good back there in Alissa's evil hideout in Amaria. Thanks to Alissa's dirty little trick, that is. But thankfully, Ethan's magical sword, Amaria's Light, saved not only the day but Ethan, as well. It might sound silly, but...Benny is very grateful for that sword. He probably owes it a really good cleaning treatment that will make that blade shine as if it was a brand new mirror or something!

"So, um...your parents seem nice. And your little sister, too." commented Benny absently, as they walked enjoying the night air. "Although...I'd have to say...your mom is WAY more scarier than your dad is!" he stated/pointed out a bit frighteningly, as he remembered what Ethan's mom had said to him before they left.

"Yeah...that's my mother for yah. She's very protective when it comes to her children." stated Ethan with a slight bit of nervousness in his tone.

"I can see that." replied Benny awkwardly.

"Do not worry, my love. I'm sure you have nothing to fear from her. For you and I shall never hurt the other and shall always be in love with one another till the day we die." declared Ethan more upliftingly this time with a smile.

Benny returned the smile. "Yeah, you're right!" he said agreeing with the prince. "Also, too, you and I come from two completely different worlds. Me, from this world. And you, from Amaria which is a fictional place that only exists in a fairytale book. So, there's no way for her to come after me here for breaking your heart (not that I ever would) since she's not a witch or Earth priestess, herself." he then declared proudly to himself.

"Yeah! I suppose you're right, my love!" chuckled Ethan. "But who's to say that she just won't hire a local witch (who happens to be good and not evil, by the way) to have herself magically transported here, into this world, though? Or even have you transported there in Amaria, where she'll be waiting for you, as well?" pointed out Ethan smugly, as he made a good point about his mother finding a way to get to him, regardless of the dimensional barrier that keeps them apart.

Benny suddenly stopped walking, as he stood there with a dumbfounded and speechless look on his face. "Uh..." was all he could say, as his face looked to be about two shades paler than normal from fear. Realizing that Ethan was right. She could very well just hire someone in her world that can do magic to get to him!

Prince Ethan then started busting up laughing at seeing his boyfriend's reaction. "Do not fret, my dearest Benny! I was only just jesting with you!" laughed the prince, as he placed a hand on Benny's shoulder. "Besides, if such a thing would to of happen with our relationship with one another, I'd make sure that Mother wouldn't go through such extremes just to get to, my love. Even if we do part ways, I'd still wouldn't want to see you on the other side of Mother's wrath. No matter who called it off or how broken-hearted I may be, I still wouldn't want to see you punished because of it." he explained wholeheartedly to the spellmaster, in a reassuring and earnest manner.

At first, Benny had this look that said, 'what the fuck, man?!'. But after hearing Ethan's reassurance that even if they didn't work out as a couple that he'll still protect him from his mother's fury, Benny's expression then changed to a more thankful and sincere one, instead.

"Thanks, babe!" thanked Benny gratefully with a smile. "It's nice to know that even though things don't work out between us that'll still have my back, though. Especially, where your mom's anger towards me for breaking your heart is concerned." he said smiling at him before it then dropped to a worried frown when he mentioned Ethan's mom anger towards him if they ever broke up. He even shivered a bit just thinking about it. But he quickly got over it after he felt Ethan wrap his arms around his waist from behind and placed a kiss on his cheek. Instantly, feeling Ethan's warmth against his. This brought a big dreamy/dopey grin to Benny's face.

They stayed like that for a minute longer before a certain question popped into Benny's brain. "Hey, E?" he said to the teen behind him.

"Yes, my darling?" answered Ethan.

"Now, that I've finally met your family and they technically met mine with Grandma being there, too. I was thinking..." informed Benny thoughtfully, before trailing off to wait for Ethan's response.

"About what?" inquired Ethan curiously.

"We probably should discuss where to even have our wedding at? Here in Whitechapel or back in Amaria?" answered Benny absently.

"W-w-what?!" sputtered Ethan astonishingly in shock. He immediately let go of Benny's waist when the said spellmaster turned to face him. "Benny, my love! Aren't we a bit young still for marriage in this era?! Not to mention, neither of us has even proposed to the other, yet?!" stated Ethan incredulously, as his mind was still reeling with what his boyfriend had just said to him.

Benny couldn't help the amused smile and chuckle he let out at his boyfriend's reaction. "Of course, we're too young to get married now, E!" he said in an amusing like manner, as he emphasized the word 'now'. "What I had meant, was I know that us breaking up eventually will never come to happen because we both love each other way too much and because we're both soulmates. Making us destined to be together forever." he began earnestly.

Ethan gave him this look that told him to go on. So, he did.

"So, it's obvious that you and I will get married someday. The only problem is...where, though? Your family is back in Amaria, which is a made-up place in a storybook. Whereas, mine is here in Whitechapel. Both places exist in two different worlds. So, how are we suppose to have a wedding if our families both live in two entirely different worlds?!" explained Benny rationally.

Prince Ethan then gave this some thought also, now that he knew what Benny had meant. "I suppose that you are correct, my love. And knowing my family, they'll want to hold a big celebration for the day we wed upon. As is tradition with any royal family member who is to be married." pondered Ethan thoughtfully.

"Yeah...and even though Grandma and the others know about where you really come from, there are others who I know that don't. Some of them I probably could tell because they already know about the supernatural and magic being real, already. But uh...some of my family members don't know about all that stuff, yet, and most of my human friends don't know, as well, either. I'm sure some of them would want to come to the wedding when it happens, but I can't very well tell them that in order for them to go they'll have to be magically transported to another world to get there!" explained Benny, slightly in a panic just thinking about it. It was starting to make his head hurt, now!

Prince Ethan thought long and hard about their little conundrum for their future wedding plans. Until he was finally able to come up with a possible solution to their dilemma.

"I think I've got it!" exclaimed Ethan happily with a smile.

Benny looked at him expectantly, as he patiently waited for his boyfriend to tell him.

"How about this, my love?! We can have our wedding here, in your world! And hold a big celebration afterward on a different day in my world to celebrate our new lives together as a married couple!" suggested Ethan excitedly.

"Hmm...that sounds great and all, babe. But...what about your family? Wouldn't they still want to attend the wedding, at least?" questioned Benny a bit skeptically, but also gently.

"Simple! We can just have them teleported here into this world! After we tell them about our plan to be married here in Whitechapel and to have a celebration celebrating the marriage in Amaria, first, that is!" answered Ethan proudly. "Having a big celebration after the wedding is usually something we do, anyway. If the newly married couple are both from royal backgrounds and decide to hold the wedding in the kingdom that they'll someday be residing over in the future as it's new king and queen. So, eventually, some short time after the wedding has already happened, the kingdom that the other half of the newlyweds hail from that didn't get to host the wedding festivities will still get a chance to celebrate the newlyweds union together as a married couple." he then explained, as he informed his boyfriend of how wedding customs work in royal families. "Besides...if we didn't have some sort of big celebration that Mother can take part in planning, then she'd be furious. And not just at you, too!" he then added with a slightly worried look upon his face.

"Yeah...Erica, too. She's all for that girly-girly sorta stuff. And planning a wedding or party for one, is definitely something girly-girl would love to do. I just hope she doesn't go all 'bridezilla' on us while planning it. Even though, she's not the one getting married." stated/agreed Benny with an equally worried look on his face, as well.

"And let's hope, too, that she realizes that this is a wedding between two men and not the standard idea of a wedding that typically involves a man and a woman getting married. And will actually let us have some sort of say in what we want for our wedding, as well." added Prince Ethan.

They both then gave each other this concerning look at the idea of Erica making their wedding day seem more fit for a bride than for two grooms, instead. And then the image of Ethan's angry mother torturing them for not letting her take part in the planning portion of the festivities in some way, popped into their heads. Chills ran down both their backs at the mere thought of this future wedding of theirs.

But then the two suddenly busted out laughing. Realizing how ridiculous it was to be worrying and stressing over the details of a future wedding that may or may not even happen! Especially, since they aren't even engaged, yet! The whole thing just seemed silly them to be fretting over such details now in their lives. For now, they were still in the dating status of their relationship and they were happy with that for now. Maybe in another 4 or 5 years, they might consider getting married eventually, but for now, there was no need to think about all of that, just yet.

"I suppose, we're jumping the gun here a bit! Thinking about marriage and how to pull off the perfect wedding that will leave both sides of our families, happy! Huh?!" laughed Benny.

"Yes! I suppose so, my love!" laughed Ethan, too.

Eventually, the two were finally able to stop laughing after a couple of minutes. "For now, let us just focus on the here and now, rather than something off in the distant future. Ok?" declared Prince Ethan genuinely, as he took both of Benny's hands in his and stared into the spellmaster's lovely green eyes with a loving smile.

Benny returned the smile and nodded. "Ditto! We should just focus on our current relationship as boyfriends for now and nothing else until we've both reached that point in our lives. For now, I'm happy just being your boyfriend and friend." he said wholeheartedly.

"As am, I." agreed Ethan wholeheartedly. "Having you in my life, Benny means the world to me. And I'd be lost without you." he said lovingly and sincerely.

"You mean, worlds. Cause...you know. You're actually from a different world than this one, but is living here in this one, instead." quipped Benny jokingly, as he let a small amusing chuckle, first. Then he flashed the prince a charming but adoring smile.

Ethan couldn't help but smile, also. "You're such a...what was that word, again, that Erica likes to use a lot?" he started to reply back, before pausing for a brief second to recall the word he was looking for. Then it came to him, as a subtle look of realization hit him once he remembered. "Ah, yes! Dork!" he said finally with a smug and love-filled expression on his face, as he moved his arms back around Benny's waist again. Pulling him ever more closer towards himself until they were pressed against one another with no space between them.

Benny's face also showed the same expression that Ethan had on his, as he placed his arms around Ethan's waist, as well. Letting the prince pull them more closer together in a more intimate manner. "Yeah, but I'm a dork who fell for a fairytale prince from another world. Which technically, makes you an alien in this country. Who's here illegally, I might add." commented Benny back in a husky like tone.

"As if you've ever been one to follow the rules all the time, my dearest Benny." replied Ethan smugly with a grin. Even though, he only knew Benny for about a month, now. He knew enough by now, to know that his boyfriend doesn't always tend to follow the rules that very often. Which then winds up landing him in trouble. Usually, with his grandma. But Ethan had to admit, it was never a dull moment when you're with Benny Weir, though! And Ethan loved that bit of unpredictability and mischievousness that the young wizard has about himself, too. Being with Benny just made life all that more interesting to bare. "But that's one of the many things I love about you, Benny Weir." he stated lovingly in a sensual sorta way, as he leaned in slowly towards Benny's face.

"Hmm, my bad boy qualities?" mused Benny intriguingly with a playful and cocky like smirk on his face, as he leaned in slowly, too. "Well, then. I guess, it is true what they say. Girls do always fall for the bad boys. Or in my case...the guy who happens to be a prince." joked/stated Benny smugly, before their lips finally met in a kiss. With Benny bringing his right hand up a few seconds later to gently caress Ethan's cheek lovingly, as the kiss became sensual and meaningful.

Even though our story is now over, it was still only just the beginning for one prince and one wizard. As this story only marks the end of one of the many chapters that have yet to come, in the love story that is Prince Ethan Morgan and Benny Weir. Because for them and their fairytale kind of love...the story continues.

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