Alright hey there RWBY fans. I think? Anyways I decided to lay off Destiny, Taken King is addictive people, and decided to finally make that RWBY story I wanted. Now while I love team RWBY, funny little bastards, I really like Jaune Arc fics. However I only ever found one deadpool fic, forget the name, and I thought why not make a fic about the hulk within Jaune Arc himself? Well sorry because that isn't for today…Maybe the next day, but not today. Before I begin know that my RWBY knowledge on the land and everything is pretty average so that's why I wanna study every little detail I can. That's what I do with my Fairy Tail fiction. Anyways enjoy…I guess.

Jaune sat in his chair at home, sipping a cup of soda while reading his newest issue of X-Ray and Vav. He was 9 years old at the time and was happy. His life had been one of adventure, lies, thievery, and fun! Especially since he lived in a secret house, as he would like to call it, with no one but his other friend and dad. He read on and on, loving the scenes that added action and comedy to them as well. He chuckled to himself.

Unknown to him someone was carefully tiptoeing through the living room right behind the young boy. Jaune chuckled again, snorting a little, and soon felt a pair of gloved hands grab him before shaking him. Jaune laughed wildly before looking up at his father, a man with orange hair, a bowler hat with a red band and a small feather, and a red-collared white suit and a small gray scarf. He had black gloves with rounded sleeves, as well as long black pants and black shoes. He chuckled as his son smiled and stood up suddenly and hugged the man, Roman Torchwick!

"Dad you're back early! How was work?" Jaune asked his father who pat his head and ruffled his hair while chuckling. "Easy there kiddo. Remember what daddy told you, hm?" Roman asked his son while he looked around the living room. Everything seemed in order, the couch was left still while the fireplace was not lit like last time, and he didn't have fifty comic books out this time for Roman to clean…

Just twenty five.

Jaune pulled out a slightly full wallet from his arms as he withdrew and smirked at his father. "Always rob the nearest sucker with a fancy trick or two." Roman chuckled and pat his head.

Now while not sharing the same blood, easily told by the hair color and eyes, Jaune is the adopted son of Roman Torchwick. Now Roman never really wanted a kid, heck, he never even wanted to settle down, but he found Jaune as a young baby in a small basket, he called that a horrible cliché when he saw the basket, and tried to give the baby known as Jaune away. However Jaune suddenly started to slowly grow on Roman, especially when Jaune called Roman 'dada'. Roman decided that hey, maybe a little accomplice would be good for him. He totally didn't take him as his son just because he was actually adorable and cute in his own way. Totally not. "That's my boy! I didn't even feel it this time. You'll be an infamous criminal like your dad soon enough!" Roman smiled before snatching his wallet back and smirking as Jaune pouted, not losing his wallet.

Roman had been teaching his son the aspects of being a criminal, especially if he was going to go big like his old man. Well he wasn't that old…In his opinion. He was teaching Jaune all his dirty tricks such as using dirt to blind enemies, cheap shots, and nutcrackers. "Where's Neo?" Jaune asked, now falling back onto his butt and now feeling more cheery than ever. "Awww that's just adorable. You miss your little girlfriend don't you?" Roman loved to tease Jaune the most as well. Jaune and Neo were both the best of friends, even though Neo never spoke he understood what she could say just by her hands or her face. Jaune did too, but sometimes he got a little mixed up. "Dad!" Jaune playfully shoved his father but his father stood tall while Jaune had a small blush covering his cheeks.

"Anyways work went well. Got about fifty thousand lien now, so we should be good as always. Anyways Jaune how about we go to the kitchen. I got a little something to show you." Jaune immediately ran towards the kitchen with excitement. "OH MY MONTY!" A shout echoed through the house and Roman walked in to see Jaune wielding two long katanas. The hilt was as basic as it got but it had red and black swirls going to the handle and leaving a shiny silver blade resting upon the hilt. Jaune swung the swords with amazing speed and Roman went to the fridge and grabbed a loaf of bread before tossing it to Jaune.

Jaune immediately turned around and sliced the bread in half as it landed onto the floor with a soft little thump. "How did you know dad?!" Jaune asked, sheathing the blades into their respective holds before running to Roman and hugging him. "Well I saw you and Neo play around and I saw you act like a little assassin, so I thought why not? They're just normal but with your semblance it will be easy."

Jaune's semblance was actually pretty rare from Roman's perspective. He had Jaune train against a test dummy and watched as his attacks became swifter with each strike and how he moved faster as well, but what really got his attention was when he could activate it. His speed and attacks got swifter but it was all the training, while it actually gave him a healing factor. Two years ago Jaune cut his hand with a knife when he was trying to cut some cucumbers for dinner, but when Roman went to check on Jaune he saw the wound closed up a few seconds later. They tested it later by used a small pin on Jaune's finger, and they saw that the minute they did that his little thumb healed immediately. . "Anyways I got a few days off from stealing, so we should be good for that ice cream, huh?" Roman smiled as Jaune hugged Roman and Roman returned the hug as well.

"Will Neo come?"

"Sure. Plus I'm pretty sure if we didn't invite her she'd really hurt us." They both laughed before going back to their duties. In a few more years though, shit would go down.

Okay that's it. Tell me how I did with my first RWBY Fic. Anyways Jaune's semblance is kind of like a dark weapon really, something similar to a living nightmare. However I may workshop it a bit more, but you're free to give me ideas. To those of the Dragon Slayer Arc, next update will be at 9/27/15. Schmucks of the galaxy will be at 9/29/15! Enjoy. BTW I hope I got Jaune a bit more right. He's meant to be growing up as a criminal, so that's the whole thing. Any help is appreciated!