AN- I own nothing. This takes place in 1910. I wanted a sweet One-shot between Bert and Mary Poppins on their opinions of the Banks family.

They're happy just to be enjoying one day together. They've both missed the city they've come to call home. "China was nice… but can't beat London," The woman says as he runs his fingers through her dark hair. When alone, she's happy when she can permit herself to let it run down her back. She's had it pinned up daily for weeks and she's grateful the assignment is over. He laughs and agrees with her as he wraps and arm around her waist. Her eyes glance around the tiny flat that she knows like the back of her hand and his eyes follow hers. That was when he remembers something important and that they can't laze the day away anymore. He pulls her into their kitchen and she laughs as she watches him dig through the pile. There's a stack of envelopes and papers on the tiny table and he grins finding one specific letter written in .

"Oh! Almost forgot! Letter for you!" The man smiles as he presents a soiled and stained and ripped apart piece of paper.

His companion looked at the piece of paper skeptically. "And where did you find this?" She asked as she reached for it "Love? It's ripped…" She seemed amused and he laughed.

"Found it waitin' in the chimney for you…" Bert Alfred grinned at his wife. "It's an advert…from the Winds, I'd say…"

She pursed her lips "Of course it's from the Winds… no newspaper would release an advert like this." Though she smiled "I do believe the children took it upon themselves to look for a nanny…" He laughed and she looked over the paper again. "'Wanted: A nanny for two adorable children'—"

"All children are adorable…" Bert cuts in with a laugh and his wife nods.

"Of course!" Mary Poppins smiled "That is quite sweet… though the penmanship could use some work…"

"Think the girl's six or seven?" Bert laughs "What else they say?" He's as curious as is his wife is.

"'If you want this choice position… have a cheery disposition'. Well I've that covered, don't you think?" She laughs and continues reading the letter "'Rosy Cheeks'" She said and immediately powdered some blush on her cheeks.

"'No warts'" Bert adds, reading over her shoulder.

"Practically perfect people have no warts." She answers as though he's a fool for even suggesting otherwise. He just kisses her in response "'Play games…'"

"You know the best games, Miss Mary." He answers and she laughs with a nod. "'You must be kind', you are the kindest woman I know, love." He adds "Certainly kind enough to be the best nanny in all o' Britain" He grins and she shakes her head.

"You know there's no such thing…" She protests his gentle teasing.

"But if there was… you'da won it." He insists. "'You must be witty, very sweet… and fairly pretty'" He read but frowned "You're more'n just 'fairly pretty'."

"You hush" Though she's incredibly pleased by his compliment. "Don't you want to hear their next request? You'll like it… 'take us on outings'… to the park? We better see some screevers?" Mary Poppins eyes are shining as she laughs and takes her in his arms.

"Thought you don't put ideas into people's heads?" He's teasing her "But yeah… the park'll be real lovely and I know a few pictures we'll be able to find. 'Give us treats'? Only if the kids behave…" He adds knowingly. "'Sing songs'! These are kids after me own heart. Your songs are the best, they are. 'Bring sweets'?" He reads again "Sweets and treats, huh?"

"I won't allow my charges to get spoiled." Mary Poppins adds "Treats in moderation. Only."

"You sound like a nanny…" Bert is teasing her and she playfully rolls her eyes. "'Never be cross or cruel'… There's a difference between discipline and cruelty… though I suppose these kids get away with lots…'never give us castor oil or gruel'?" He snorts and makes a face.

Mary Poppins laughs "If they require medicine, they must take some… besides oatmeal can be delicious, especially with cinnamon."

"And apples!" Bert adds with a smile.

"Of course! Can't have cinnamon and oatmeal without apples…and maybe even some syrup… that sounds like a nice treat" Her eyes are shining and he laughs.

"You ain't even their nanny yet, Miss Mary." He teases with a kiss. He glances over the next request with a slight frown. He pulls her close "'love us as a son and daughter'…"

"I always do…" Her voice is quiet and he kisses her to calm her unsaid words. They both end up falling in love with every family. It's part of their curse and their blessing.

"Don't worry 'bout it…" He promises and then smirks "'Never smell of barley water'?"

"What nannies have these children had?" Mary Poppins asks with a laugh, just shaking her head.

"I know they 'ave Catherine… though that don't sound like 'er…I saw 'em in the park the other day… though I suppose if they're writin' this… Catherine quit. If these are the kids I'm thinkin' of… they 'ad lots and lots o' nannies…" Bert laughs and closes his eyes with a smile.

"Catherine's been their nanny? Did she recognize you?" Mary Poppins is curious about their former nanny. She's worked with her when the woman was just starting as a nanny. Catherine was very eager to be a good nanny and Mary Poppins knew the girl had grown up into an excellent nanny.

"Didn't say nothin'" Bert shrugs. "Though she was preoccupied… her charges were wild." He grins and she rolls her eyes.

"'If you don't scold or dominate us… we won't give you cause to hate us'?" The nanny frowns. "If they misbehave, then I'll scold them. I do not tolerate rudeness in my nurseries…Though I'd never hate one of my charges…"

Bert glances over the next line "Even if they hide toads in your bed?" He asks and she scowls. "Relax…they're just kids…"

She frowns and reads over the other shenanigans they included. "I don't wear spectacles… so I suppose that's a mute point."

"Ah! But you do like tea…" Bert laughs and teases her. "Careful… or you may end up with some peppery tea…"

She frowns "They wouldn't dare… I guess I'll just have to keep an eye on my tea…"

"And check the bed… don't want to share it with somethin' slimey…" He teases knowing that would get a reaction as she squirms away from his arms. "Where would they even get a toad?" Bert snorts.

"Where did the Bennetts even get a snake?" The nanny grumbles under her breath, adding something that is definitely not to be repeated around tiny ears.

"Wasn't it fake?" Bert shrug and his wife glares at him.

"You're not helping." His wife protests and Bert calms her with a kiss.

"It's alright… no snakes or toads'll get ya…" He promises and smiles over the letter. "at least they 'ave enough manners to thank ya… Jane and Michael Banks…" He smiles and his wife knows that look on his face, as he pulls her close to him again.

"You've heard of them? What do you know?" Mary Poppins asks quickly and he grins.

"Nothin'." He retorts cheekily.

"Oh, don't you give me that… you recognize the name…" Mary Poppins can see through him effortlessly. "Come on… what do you know?"

"The father works in the bank… Fitting, I guess" Bert chuckles "But from what I know these kids've been through more nannies in a year years than most families in their entire childhood…"

Marry Poppins nodded "I expected as much… Banks… I know some of the nannies have sworn never to work for them…"

"Bet they'd pay a good sum, though" Bert says simply "Plus they obviously need you… the Winds certainly seem to think so…"

Mary Poppins nods "If this letter is any indication… I should probably start immediately."

"Is tomorrow immediate enough?" Bert asks with a longing look. "One night?" He's practically begging. "You just got back t' London… they'll be fine for one night…"

"And what kind of nanny would I be if I put off my duties to spend time with my beloved husband?" She asks, though she agrees. Tomorrow will be fine. She kisses him again. "Just don't tell a little birdy?" She jokes, glancing towards where her umbrella is waiting near the door and he kisses her again. "They one of your houses?" She asks and he laughs.

"They're Boom's neighbors… I think I've done their chimney a time or two… Done at least every house in Cherry Tree Lane at least twice…" He grins and she laughs.

"So tell me more? What do you know about the Banks?"

"Father works at the bank…" Bert frowns "Too busy to control the kids… they've 'ad more nannies than should be permitted, the mother is busy in her own way…" Marry looks at him curiously

"At home or…?"

"Bit o' both, I guess…" He shrugs. He's heard about them through other people the couple knows and he knows she's heard of them too, through a few other nannies.

Mary Poppins frowns. "I do believe Cynthia, Marie, and Karen were their nannies…" She adds thinking of three other girls who had less than stellar results to report about the parents. "They all said the parents were distracted and definitely didn't care as much as they should…"

"Boom says the same… he says those kids need you…tomorrow" He smirks "Give the Banks some to adjust before Mary Poppins takes over?" Bert jokes. "You'll get 'em ship-shape in no time." He adds and she smiles.

"Tomorrow, I'll be their nanny. Tonight I'm yours." Mary Poppins promises.