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This is my Code Geass and Sunrider crossover which takes place well after R2, which as the title of the chapter suggests has Lelouch brought back to life. This time, it seems he is needed again to stop a threat that doesn't merely threaten the world he came from, but the entire galaxy as the shadow of impending war looms over the horizon. So to defeat a dangerous force that could threaten the whole universe, you need a demon for that. And who better than the man who could create miracles and destroy and create worlds?

But can Lelouch find the will to fight on when everything he knows is dead and gone with only a few people close to him who are left? Which other CG characters have survived to the time Lelouch has been brought back will be revealed next chapter?

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Chapter 1

The Demon Resurrected

(Galactic Year: 495)

"Keep him stable," a bald man with blue eyes ordered while operating a control panel, "watch his readings. I want nothing to go wrong."

"Yes Dr. Beaufort," a middle-aged adult replied while monitoring their subject's vitals.

"It's time you prove you are the right man we chose for the job."

"I will show that I can bring this man back from the dead along with his Geass, Miss C.C," Dr. Beaufort replied with mild annoyance at the green-haired young woman observing him from an observation room, wearing a grey suit with a red tie and skirt.

On the operating table across from C.C. was Lelouch vi Britannia, formerly the 99th Emperor of the Holy Britannian Empire. Although he had had a relatively short reign compared to the Emperors before him, no one could deny that in the months he was Emperor did what nobody had done before him, seizing complete control of the world, dominating it with an iron fist until he was assassinated, allowing his kinder sister Nunnally to assume the throne.

Or so it was written in official history, but the history of Lelouch vi Britannia and his accomplishments were much bigger than what history remembered.

He had sacrificed everything for the sake of peace, countless lives, including his own, and his reputation, his legacy. It had worked, but among the few who knew the truth, some weren't willing to let him go so easily.

"I am the finest medical scientist from Diode," Dr. Beaufort declared with an air of confidence, "I have revived clinically brain-dead patients and brought others out of comas no other doctor has ever accomplished."

"Well, this is your first time reviving a dead man, doctor. Make sure it works, because I and Miss C.C. have both invested and risked a lot for this project."

The man who had spoke was standing within the same observation room as C.C. Aside from C.C. he was without question one of the key people behind the project that was designed to resurrect Lelouch vi Britannia. He was the oldest of those present with white hair and a beard, but wore a black suit with a green tie instead of his usually preferred military uniform.

His name was Admiral Harold Grey of the Solar Alliance.

Billions invested into this project and to silencing anyone who could've blown the whistle upon it, Admiral Grey thought to himself. This better be worth it!

C.C. stared down on the lifeless face before across the way. In death, he looked quite... peaceful. It was an image that was equivalent with evil on earth, but she knew better- better than anyone. In life, he had been many things: revolutionary, terrorist; a warlord and a champion of the downtrodden, the bearer of Geass, the miracle worker. A man seeking justice, a man seeking revenge. He had been a merciless tyrant, and a martyr for peace. The time had come for him to be all those things again.

As one of the primarily backers for the project intending to resurrect the former Emperor and the one who had the connections to quietly sweep anything that could've exposed its existence under the rug, the Admiral was hoping years of investments and efforts would finally pay off today.

"Begin," C.C. instructed before closing her eyes hoping for the best.

"Process beginning, all readings are in the green," Dr. Beaufort began.

Lelouch's body lay on the table with various wires connected to it, which fed nutrients to his organs sustaining them to ensure they continued to function after they were revitalized.

Dr. Beaufort was beyond the shadow of a doubt the best medical scientist in the galaxy, and reviving clinically brain dead patients was something he specialized in, but to fully revive a body that had been dead for more than a hundred years was ambitious to say the least. However, the Admiral and C.C. were confident in the doctor's abilities, and his recommendations for those he believed would help him achieve the impossible- bringing the dead back to life.

I am grateful they kept the body so perfectly preserved. It's almost like he had died yesterday, Dr. Beaufort thought.

It was a feat upon itself how Lelouch vi Britannia's body had been preserved for more than a hundred years, so much so there was virtually no signs of decay despite how primitive Earth's cryogenic technology was, compared to the more advance methods of stasis used among other worlds of a high technological level.

The technology bringing Lelouch back was far more advance than anything possessed anything seen in the galaxy. Thanks to how well Lelouch's body had been preserved, work to restore his body to life could begin with restorative nanomachines, used to restore full functionally to his organs while those around the sword wound that killed him were replaced with new ones freshly cloned to replace them. Even Lelouch's body was partially submerged into a fluid with restorative properties for his skin while providing it with the nutrients it needs to sustain itself.

All of this possible through the technology developed on the planet Diode where the galaxy's finest scientific minds were gathered developing new technological innovations on a daily basis. Technological such as the replication of matter was one such example of what the minds of such brilliant scientists had created including the restorative nanomachines and the technology used to restore Lelouch's body to working order which had been tested and developed using dead animal test subjects.

With his body functioning, it was time to restore Lelouch's brain and provide a proper jumpstart for his body.

Admiral Grey watched the process in silence. They had been lucky to find Dr. Beaufort; despite his lack of humility, his boast had been accurate. Without his efforts, restoring Lelouch's mind and body would have been impossible. And thanks to the technology they had found on Diode, their project was turning from vision into reality.

The planet Diode, a world located on the far edge of the galaxy, although a gathering place for the brightest minds they were troubling the type of men willingly to pursue new discoveries and innovations through highly questionable means without morals to restrain them. These men and women included scientists deemed too dangerous for the most corrupt and power-hungry of governments, so many of them were exiled or moved to Diode. These scientists were content with being isolated and left to their own devices, but they did occasionally offer their services to clients willing to meet their price in exchange for credits or materials, to obtain whatever they needed that they couldn't obtain on Diode.

On Diode, they had developed technologies of materializing metals and were working on food replication, which severed as an indicator of the kind of technology they produced on their planet alone as an example of the wonders of science they could create.

That came to an end a few years ago when an experiment involving the study of black holes went terribly wrong, causing an artificially created black hole to consume the research station, destroying part of the planet itself. It had left its core exposed to be seen from orbit, with remains of the planet's crust now forming an asteroid belt around it.

Thankfully, Dr. Beaufort had been away from Diode at the time, so he wasn't lost with the planet. Otherwise, reviving Lelouch might not have been possible.

Thanks to C.C. and Admiral Grey providing the funds while the latter provided the connections needed to cover up the project's existence and to obtain the recommended scientists and medical specialists quietly without drawing attention two years of work was about to hopefully bear fruit.

The doctor approached the table where Lelouch's body lay, attended by his assistants. Down from the roof lowered a large mechanical device, from which a series of green lights ran, up and down the corpse.

"Scanning in process," said Beaufort neutrally, "body largely intact. Dr. Elire, inject the nanites."

One of his assistants hurriedly applied a large syringe to the corpse's chest. It looked like a clear liquid, but inside were billions of hyper-advanced nano-robots, built for the sole purpose of reconstructing and replicating dead tissue, tailor made for Lelouch Lamperouge's body.

"Nanites active," said Dr. Elire, as he pulled the syringe out.

"Commence surgery," said Dr. Beaufort, "activate Lazarus droid."

The device came to life, a laser scalpel cutting the chest open. This was Beaufort's greatest skill, to operate the most advanced medical machinery known to man and to do so with the utmost skill. The nanites would be helpful, but without a steady hand to guide them, they would do nothing. In silence, the doctor set to work, assisted at every turn by his assistants. The first step would be grafting artificial strengtheners to his bones, to allow the revitalization process to have something to grab hold of. It took over two hours, but at last, the process was completed.

"Close him up," Beaufort ordered. Gently, his medical team closed Lelouch's chest cavity, a surgical laser closing the wound shut.

"Inject revitalizers," Beaufort ordered. Down from the device, several tubes were pulled, injected into the corpse at six points. Green fluids began to pour into them, hyper-charged vital energy that would resonate with the grafts and implants. The process, once completed, would restore the flesh. The hard part would be the brain, of course- but that was Dr. Beaufort's speciality. With bated breath, all present watched as the process began to take effect. Some time passed, and Admiral Grey was starting to lose hope. Bringing back the dead? It was a pipe dream-

Then there was a beep, a loud, clear beep from the monitor.

"We have a heartbeat!" Exclaimed one of the assistants. Dr. Beaufort smiled.

"Give it some time," he said, "we're almost there."

Some more time passed, and the heartbeat went from irregular to regular. First the heart, then his lungs began to pump air, the chest heaving slightly. The skin began to change from a dead grey to a healthier pink.

"Vitals are stable, and the heart has been successfully restarted," Dr. Beaufort said with a smile. Yet, they were only half-way down.

"We're detecting neurological activity," An assistant to Dr. Beaufort announced.

Lelouch's body began to stir as slight movement from his hands could be observed.

Moments later; Lelouch's eyes opened as his eyes flashed red with a familiar light, a phoenix taking flight.

"YES," Dr. Beaufort exclaimed, "full neurological functions restored, and most importantly, his Geass… it has returned!"

C.C. released a sigh of relief at the success of the operation, although she was confident she didn't want to tempt fate by being overconfident.

However, the joy of the scientists were short lived as alerted began sounding.

"N-Nunnally!" Lelouch spoke as he was worryingly regaining consciousness too quickly with the shock potentially becoming a serious issue.

"Damn it, this body and mind are waking up too fast. He could go into shock!" A female assistant shouted.

"PUT HIM UNDER! NOW!" Dr. Beaufort shouted.

The anesthetic, much to the relief of everyone in the room, took effect, knocking Lelouch out before the sudden "restart" of his body and mind could induce a potentially fatal shock that could kill him again.

"Everything is a complete success," Admiral Grey said to C.C. who stood beside him.

"Reviving him was the easy part," C.C. pointed out, "getting him to become Zero again will be a challenge."

"I suppose that is to be expected, but I have high hopes for Lelouch."

"Once motivated and given the right resources he'll likely exceed your expectations I am sure," C.C. replied with a devious smile.

"I hope so," Admiral Grey noted.

"This is what the purpose of the Pandora Box's project was meant for," C.C. said as she thought back on everything that led them to this point.

The Pandora Box's Project was founded for the sole purpose of reviving Lelouch vi Britannia, and hopefully his Geass along with him.

Geass, otherwise called the Power of the King, was a unique power those like C.C. could grant to others. It varied from individual to individual, sometimes based on the personal desires of the one to receive the power. Lelouch received a Geass called the Power of Absolute Obedience, using it Lelouch could for one time compel anyone to obey any order he gives them. Resisting it was impossible; although some had tried to resist it the power would inevitably take hold.

To bring Lelouch back to life was a difficult task to put mildly, which made gathering the resources and personnel easy compared to the task itself. Keeping it all secret was another issue, but the connections and allies Admiral Grey had within the military were invaluable in that regard alone. Dr. Beaufort was the most crucial for the project given his success at reviving clinically brain dead patients, a feat no doctor across the galaxy could say they accomplished.

I wonder if this project would've gone faster if not for that disaster that struck Diode, otherwise we could've gotten some more help from them, C.C. wondered internally, but remembered how it was a stroke of good luck Dr. Beaufort was away from Diode at the time of the disaster that destroyed it.

"Two years of work," Admiral Grey began, "you have already made all of the arrangements for Lelouch, I trust?"

"I have, but just make sure the man you hired gets him to Cera safely," C.C. replied.

"I know he doesn't look like much, but he'll get the job done, I assure you."

"I am a tad worried. Are you sure your concerns about PACT aren't making you hasty?"

"It's not that, but…I would like Lelouch to resume his previous role as soon as possible."

Admiral Grey had feared that Compact, which had been reorganized into PACT- the People's Alliance for Common Treatment- would begin to spread into the neutral rim and beyond after it had consolidated and brought into the fold all the former territories and liberated worlds of the New Empire, following their sacking of New Eden, which had ended the empire once and for all.

Once a resistance group that took shape almost a hundred years ago within the New Empire during the war against the Solar Alliance, PACT had gone from liberators to conquerors.

The New Empire had been in a slow state of decline since losing the war with the Solar Alliance, which was worsened by internal power struggles and corruption combined with attacks by Compact. The sacking of New Eden was the final nail in the coffin, signaling the end of the once-mighty empire that had sought to conquer the galaxy.

Now PACT was assimilating the New Empire's remaining resources and armies into itself, before beginning a rapid military expansion, which the old admiral was certain wasn't for bolstering the defenses of their borders.

"If there is nothing else, I'll leave for Cera and wait for Lelouch," C.C. said as she began to leave the room, but before leaving she exchanged one final glance with Grey, "I trust you'll handle the cover-up?"

"Of course," the admiral answered.

A few weeks later at the station, Lelouch vi Britannia was lying in a hospital bed, all of the work gone into reconstructing his body complete. His body had been fully restored, to such a state that you could never have guessed he had been dead a few weeks ago. All of his bodily functions were running smoothly, and the cybernetics grafted onto his skeleton had successfully been implanted without his body rejecting them. All in all, the process had been a complete success. As the scientists onboard awaited further instruction from Admiral Grey, he had sent someone to the station to meet Lelouch, but as events continued, Lelouch was asleep.

In his dreams, he remembered his demise.

Prior to his death at the hands of his friend Lelouch had used his tyrannical rule to get rid of other problems and elements that would be a hindrance to the world peace his plan would create. Chief among these was his older half-brother Schneizel who was the most challenging complication to his scheme, but he had triumphed.

He had died in the arms of his sister after being run through by the new Zero, after passing on the mantle to Suzaku Kururugi to carry on as the new Zero with Schneizel la Britannia, now compelled by his Geass, to aid him.

Oh brother, I love you.

Those were the last words of his beloved sister as he lay dying, which he welcomed.

Suddenly his eyes opened, and he found himself looking up at a ceiling that was unfamiliar to him. He slowly sat up. He was alive? How? He remembered dying. He remembered Suzaku's blade running through his body. He remembered bleeding out in Nunnally's arms. Unless this was a hell of some short, then it was nothing like he had been expecting it to be. He felt some discomfort in his limbs, which only proved that he was alive, somehow knowing that Suzaku had dealt him a mortal wound.

What is this? I am somehow… alive? Lelouch thought, trying to comprehend the impossible.

As he began looking around, he saw that nothing in this room belonged to any kind of hospital Lelouch was familiar with, but noticing a window that showed the black void of space, the former Emperor realized he wasn't even on Earth anymore. Recovering from the shock of this realization, Lelouch climbed out of bed. Although his limbs felt stiff, he slowly regained more feeling and strength in them as he walked over to the window.

How, Lelouch wondered as one after another the questions piled up within his mind, how is this even possible I should be dead. Where am, I even?

Lelouch felt as if the growing number of questions was going to overwhelm him, but he couldn't do anything without answering them.

Unless this was some kind of elaborately put together optical illusion of some sort, this was in fact a space station. Lelouch's mind was having some trouble processing the fact. Since he saw no sign of the Earth, and there was nothing but asteroids floating around, he had no idea where he might be. Of course, grasping how he was even alive, as he clearly recalled how he died at the hands of Suzaku before spending his final moments with his sister Nunnally, was even more difficult for him to grasp.

He had been killed. Then everything went dark, until he awoke here.

He had so many questions, and no idea where he could find the answers.

How is this possible? Lelouch thought before he walked over to the dresser by his bed, where he found a mirror. Looking into it he saw both of his eyes encompassed by his Geass power, which not only meant that he didn't have the specialized contacts C.C. gave him, but his abilities had returned to him despite his demise. Looking down onto his body, Lelouch realized he wasn't even dressed He looked around to find something, anything to wear. After stumbling around the room for a whole, he managed to find a dresser, containing black pants and a shirt. A pair of shoes were nearby, and Lelouch gratefully put them on after dressing himself with fumbling, quivering fingers.

Alright, if I am going to find out what is going on, I need to find someone and question them, Lelouch thought, as he made his decision.

The only reason he could see that anyone would have kept his corpse after his demise would have been to study his Geass, but he felt sure Suzaku and Nunnally would have prevented such a thing. Did something happen after his death that he did not foresee? It merely added to the growing number of questions Lelouch had now, but it just fueled his desire for his answers more so. After any remaining weariness or stiffness in his limbs was gone, Lelouch proceeded to find the door that would take him out of the room, but when he was about to try to open it, an explosion rocked the whole station, almost causing Lelouch to fall onto the floor.

Another explosion rocked the station, but the source of this one sounded much closer this time.

Is this place under attack, or something? Lelouch thought as the door opened to see a man clad in black and green make-shift body armor. The armed man was, Lelouch deduced, either some kind of mercenary or pirate; no professional would voluntarily wear such attire.

Lelouch was about to use his Geass when the space pirate was shot in the head.

A few moments later, a man looking to be in his early forties arrived. He was bald, with blue eyes and a fair skin complexion, and he was wearing a dark gray suit with a black dress shirt underneath, complete with a pair of black shoes. In one hand he held an unusual pistol, the likes of which Lelouch had never seen before, while being carried on his back was an assault rifle similar to the one the pirate had been using.

"Hey kid, you alright?" The bald man said looking down, but upon noticing his Geass, he quickly reached into the pocket of his coat to hand Lelouch a small case. "Those eyes…you must be Lelouch."

Lelouch accepted the case before asking,

"Who are you?"

"I am Michael Garibaldi, a freelance investigator who specializes in finding things or people others have lost."

"So what are you doing here, then?" Lelouch asked finding a pair of contacts inside the case he was handed.

"Well, I am here to find you and get you out of here before these pirates decide to blow this station to bits," Michael said before reaching into his coat to pull out another pistol similar to the one he was using. "You know how to use one of these?"

"I assume it works the same way as guns did in my time?"

"It should be like the handgun you used in the past. C.C. told me you had some experience with them, and she provided the contact lenses you are holding there." The bald man replied, surprising Lelouch.

"You know C.C?"

"Let's just say she hired me to get you out of here, among other things, but I can give you the full story once we are off this station. This place is being attacked by pirates, and I don't think you want to be here when they decide to blow this place up." The man warned as Lelouch put on the contact lenses, which allowed him to suppress his Geass until he needed it, so he could avoid accidentally using it on others.

Lelouch was wary of trusting a complete stranger, but when another explosion rocked the station, he saw that he had no other choice. He hated it, but he would just need to be on his guard until he could get some answers. Since it was clear someone went through a lot of trouble to bring him back, he didn't think this private investigator intended to kill him if his task was to really get him to safety.

"Alright, lead the way then," Lelouch said as he held the gun in both hands after checking what he assumed to be the safety was turned off.

"Follow me!" Michael instructed before using hand gestures to guide Lelouch as the two made their way down the wall while mindful of being aware of pirates.

A pair of two armed pirates wearing the same kind of scavenged body armor were spotted entering the hallway, and before they had a chance to notice them, Lelouch and Michael fired their guns. Lelouch missed his mark, but Michael didn't, his gun picking off one after the other with the precision of a marksman. A lighter explosion rocked the space station, which was more than enough to prompt both men to hurry, as the time they had left before the station was destroyed was beginning to countdown.

The men ran through the halls, while keeping both their eyes and ears peeled for any more pirates, but thankfully the duo did not encounter any along the way.

They reached what appeared to be a small hangar bay designed for small transport ships, where the ship Michael kept was docked and waiting for them. However, they had one last obstacle in their path blocking their way. Upon a platform was a diminutive blonde haired girl of at least nineteen years of age; no-one could tell her age from a glance, due to her child-like body. She was three heads too short, wearing black baggy jeans and a purple tank-top, with black boots and gloves on her hands.

She had blonde hair styled into a pageboy haircut, and she had light gray eyes. Despite her somewhat small stature the woman's exposed arms showed some muscle, which explained how she was able to carry a belt-fed machine gun that required two hands, while hauling the ammo inside a backpack she wore on her back. She had the stature of a child, but still, something about her suggested she was anything but a child on the inside. Even Lelouch could tell she was dangerous and the fact she looked like a child made her even more so, which Lelouch decided to trust his instincts and not engage her head on.

Garibaldi and Lelouch ducked behind the doorway; although the girl didn't see them, it was clear she was just guarding the hangar to prevent anyone from escaping the space station. Fortunately, they saw no one else within the shuttle hangar, so it was just a matter of getting around her.

"You don't have anything that could help us get past her?" Lelouch whispered the older man as the two hid.

"Well, I wish that I had brought a rocket launcher since that would easily solve our problem, but I didn't think to bring it," Garibaldi replied sarcastically causing Lelouch to roll his eyes at him in response.

"My Geass won't work from here. I'll probably get gunned down before I can give out an order let alone make eye contact from here." Lelouch said considering his options while trying to think of something they could do to get past her.

Suddenly their situation worsened as they could hear pirates down the hall from which they came, so whatever the two were going to do they had to do it now. Lelouch studied the catwalk which the short girl was patrolling and noticed how he could get up there, but the problem is he would likely be shot before he could use his Geass on her.

"I have an idea, but I don't think you'll like it," Lelouch admitted as a plan was forming in his mind.

"Can't be worse than having a bunch of pissed off pirates coming one way while a shorter pirate packing a heavy machine gun is blocking our only way to escape?" Garibaldi said jokingly, but he had a bad feeling what Lelouch had in mind.

"If you can distract her, I think I can get up there and use my Geass on her."

"Distract her?" Garibaldi asked with an expression that was questioning Lelouch's sanity.

"If you have any better ideas, then speak now!" Lelouch said seriously while using his right hand to gesture at the sound of the pirates approaching from behind giving them two minutes tops before they were caught.

"Alright, but you better be fast," Garibaldi said with a sigh knowing he was going to hate this.

"Trust me I will," Lelouch said before he slipped away while hiding behind some boxes moving closer to a stairwell that led up to the catwalk.

As Lelouch moved into position, Garibaldi found a more secure area to draw the girl's attention as Lelouch was in place to head up the stairs. Taking a deep breath Garibaldi readied his gun before attempting to shoot the girl, but as they feared the girl instantly spotted the bald-headed man taking aim at her, so the girl dodged before unleashing a stream of bullets from her gun, while laughing maniacally.

"YOU THINK I DIDN'T SEE YOU, BALDLY?!" The girl screamed with a deranged and bloodthirsty look on her face.

"Oh great, I had to deal with one who is full-blown psychotic." Garibaldi muttered, cursing his luck that of all of the pirates that would be on this space station, he would be distracting the one that was apparently bat-shit crazy.

She opened fire again, trying to shoot out Garibaldi's stack of metal crates, hoping to flush out the bald man, but thankfully the pile of boxes he had chosen to take cover behind were much sturdier than they looked. They could weather most of the bullets, but even his temporary safe haven would only last for so long. But the sound of the machine gun firing covered the noise of Lelouch ascending the steps as he reached the catwalk.

The girl was so focused on trying to shoot through the crates to hit her target that she failed to notice Lelouch approaching her silently. He readied his Geass, but when he got behind her, he took his most significant risk and spoke.

"I command you…" Lelouch began causing Cosette Cosmos to turn around looking Lelouch in the eye. Had she reacted then she might have killed Lelouch, but because of her large weapon and needing both hands to hold it her movements were delayed giving Lelouch enough time to cast his Geass on her. "...To help my companion and me escape this station and your associates!" The former Emperor commanded.

"What the fuc-"

The last thing Cosette saw was Lelouch's eyes, encompassed with Geass, before the order took hold and her mind went blank as she was utterly enslaved to his command.

"Yes, sir!" Cosette said obediently which surprised Garibaldi. He wouldn't have believed it unless he saw it himself because one minute ago the girl was acting bloodthirsty and vicious yet now she was utterly emotionless while sounding more robotic than human.

"I guess that is why they put so much money into bringing him back," Garibaldi said while fully realizing the kind of power Lelouch had and how dangerous it could be.

"We better go; she'll cover our escape for us," Lelouch said, leaving the blonde girl where she stood before hurrying to rejoin Garibaldi.

It was not a moment too soon, as over a dozen pirates suddenly poured into the hangar looking for the man who had killed some of their fellow pirates. But as they turned to chase the fleeing Lelouch and Garibaldi down, they failed to notice a Geass controlled Cosette Cosmos leveling her machine gun on her comrades. Garibaldi didn't even look back, but whatever doubts he had about Lelouch's Geass that might have been left were wiped out away when Cosette opened fire on her own comrades, gunning down the surprised pirates who had little time to react.

Garibaldi quickly led Lelouch to his craft which looks like a sleek black plane with large circular wings, and it was bigger than a school bus. However, its design was smooth and aerodynamic, so perhaps it was fast enough to get them out of here. Another explosion shook the station meaning it was now or never to escape. As they approached, Garibaldi used a remote in his coat to unlock his ship while a boarding ramp was lowered.

The two men scrambled up the loading platform, doing a quick sweep to check for any pirates or bombs.

The bald man climbed into the cockpit of the ship, while Lelouch found a chair in the passenger area, strapping himself in.

The ship's engines roared to life as it began to take off, flying out of the hangar, making a mad dash for open space. The Pirates might have gone after them, but Cosette convinced her fellow pirates over a communicator she was carrying that the ship that was launched was a decoy to cover an attempted escape by the researchers of the station. Coincidentally, that turned out to be true to an extent, because after the shuttle launched another ship was trying to flee, so the pirates pursued it instead, but they would never capture it as it self-destructed the moment it was seized by the pirates destroying everything onboard.

The shuttle wasted no time spooling up its warp dive before making an emergency warp to escape the area after it was clear of the asteroid field. Once the ship was long gone, the Geass order that had taken control of the blonde girl faded, and Cosette Cosmos was back in control of her body and aware of her surroundings once more.

She looked around for the black-haired boy, but she found no one. She did see the bodies of her comrades littering the floor below her, causing the diminutive pirate's eyes to widen in shock. Her horror grew when she couldn't even remember what happened after that boy said his command to her. It was then a terrible thought came to mind.

"D…did…did I do this?" Cosette Cosmos said with a low-pitch and shaking voice as she was trying to find out a way of explaining what happened after blacking out, but no answer came to her.

After accepting the possible fact that she somehow did, and yet did so while being completely unaware of it because of that black-haired man with the glowing red eyes who did something to her, Cosette Cosmos's eyes hardened in rage as she gripped her machine gun tightly as she made a quiet vow to herself that if she ever found that man again…there would be hell to pay.

Across the galaxy inside his personal office aboard his ship, Admiral Grey received a short signal that confirmed the destruction of the escape shuttle as it was designed to self-destruct once it had been captured by enemy forces as a precaution he never warned the station's occupants of to protect the secrets of their work. Before the attack, Grey secretly had all of the research data, and essential personnel moved off the station, which he knew by now the station was going to self-destruction very soon after the automatic destruct systems destroyed all of the physical hard drives and data storage aboard as precaution.

Reclining in his chair the aged Admiral took a deep breath, but despite how close everything came to falling apart today his primary objective was a success, Project Pandora's Box was a success, but most importantly the demon had now been unleashed.

It's all up to that woman, Garibaldi and fate to set that man on the right path.

A/N: Yes the OC I made for this story was in fact based off THE Michael Garibaldi from the Babylon 5 series, and he is one of my favorite characters who I thought would be perfect for helping Lelouch get interrogated into the new world he has been awoken in. He has been adapted for this story through, but given the characters, he'll be dealing with he should bring a right balance to some of the other characters involved.

Also, Lelouch has made a bitter enemy with Cosette Cosmos, a space pirate who due to some "medical issues" had her growth stunned and has kept her with her child-like appearance despite being much older than she appeared. I won't say much more about it without spoiling the Sunrider game, which you can download from Stream or online after buying it. The events that led to her connection and her deranged mindset will be revealed much later in the story.

Lelouch will reunite with C.C, who I am sure some of you are guessing likely had something to do with his body ending up in the hands of the Solar Alliance, but why his body was even kept for so long is a question that will be answered in the next chapter. She'll be joined by another CG character as well, and I am sure some of you are guessing who it is.

We'll skip ahead nine years in the next chapter giving Lelouch plenty of time to adapt and adjust to his new surroundings. But we will cover the reunion in the next chapter, so don't worry.

I hope this fic will go well, but I do apologize for the late updates this one might have. But if I manage to get them done sooner while working on my other works then I will post promptly you can be sure of that.

So read and review and tell me what you think, things get a little more difficult next chapter.