Chapter 10

A/N: Hey everyone! Sorry about the later update, and Merry Christmas! I've never written anything smutty before so please go easy on me if it's not great, also this encounter is a little bit non-con. Thank you for continuing to read my story!

It had been a blissful three months since Carlos and Jay had decided to start dating in what Carlos now considered to be their "special spot." In the time that had past the two had managed to keep their relationship a secret from the outside world, even Evie and Mal. Jay had insisted on the latter and Carlos tried not to let the fact that he felt like Jay's dirty little secret get to him, but the hollow feeling of being used remained no matter how many times Jay assured Carlos that he cared about him. Jay continued to flirt with the school body in order to keep up appearances and routinely gifted some of his better finds to Carlos instead of taking them back to his father's shop. Currently an onyx encrusted choker necklace warmed his neck.

The more Carlos thought about it the more he began to worry that maybe things were not as he thought they were when they started out. His constant panic attacks over making sure his chores and his homework were completed left little time for the two boys to spend any real "quality" time together as Jay had put it one day when they had been lazing about in their hideout. It wasn't that Carlos shied away from being sexual with Jay, he was actually quite eager to be with his boyfriend, but he worried that the closer he allowed Jay to become the more it would hurt when things inevitably fell apart.

Pain cut across Carlos' chest when he thought about the last time he had been with Jay and how callous he had been when Carlos had to excuse himself from their heated makeout session to run home and check on some of his more time-sensitive experiments. Jay had snapped at him gesturing to the very prominent bulge in the front if his jeans and complained that if Carlos' experiments kept giving him blue balls that he'd destroy the stupid things himself. It seemed that Jay had stopped being Carlos' friend the moment he had become his boyfriend. He no longer attempted to help him on his projects; often he just sat in his corner playing with the small electronic gaming device that Carlos had been able to somewhat restore for him. To put things simply, Carlos was desperate to prove himself to Jay, especially sexually if he thought things were ever going to take a turn for the better. It made sense, please Jay once and then he would go back to being the sweet, caring and protective boy that Carlos had started to fall for. This was just a rut caused by unanswered sexual tension.

A mixture of nightmares and dreams caused Carlos to startle awake with a groan and rolled his stiff body up onto his elbows. The dust off the hardwood of the treehouse clung in clumps to his hair as he carefully pulled himself up, walking towards the curtain-covered window. Pulling back the grey rag he winced as early morning light filtered in and sighed.

Hell Hall stood drearily blocking most of the view of the rest of the Isle but just over the roof the tip of the castles in Auradon blinked cheerfully at him. Carlos leaned against the window ledge and took a few moments to take in the shift in colours as the sun rose further into the sky. Orange melted into pink as the glow illuminated the brilliant blues that crept out as the day started to set in. His mind wandered as he thought about Jay, who had been gone away to the other side of the Isle for the annual Traders Festival. According to Jay, it was the best three days of stealing he had all year and had left early in the morning leaving a note in Carlos' treehouse as his goodbye. Carlos shook himself from his thoughts and returned his gaze to the sunrise in front of him.

"It's gorgeous," he breathed and startled when a firm pair of arms wrapped around his middle.

"I don't know, I think I see something far more gorgeous right here," a voice hummed in his ear, chuckling softly as Carlos felt heat rise to his cheeks.

Carlos turned into his boyfriend's arms and played with the ends of his hair, shyly refusing to meet his eyes. He felt a hand pull at his chin urging his gaze upwards until he met dark chocolate orbs that sparkled with laughter.

"Hey Jay," Carlos whispered, letting the older boy urge his chin up a little higher to kiss him.

"Hey yourself," Jay chuckled, further nuzzling into Carlos and peppering kisses along his throat.

Carlos carefully pushed against Jay's chest earning himself a disheartened groan from his boyfriend as he stepped around him and began searching for a clean shirt in a pile he had left on his desk the night before. He tried not to be too disheartened that it seemed Jay's mind was set on seduction rather than asking Carlos how he had been the past few days. He heard a soft awkward chuckle from behind him when he set to work stripping his dirty white tee in exchange for a deep red one.

"What do you think?" Carlos asked, turning slowly so Jay could see the shirt from all angles.

"Hmm, no I don't think I like that one," Jay shrugged, slipping into his chair in the corner and putting his feet up onto a work station covered in various vials and bubbling beakers that hissed and popped quietly.

"Be careful, Jay, that station has-"

"Your works-in-progress; this being the chemical peel you're working on for Evie for her birthday. I do listen to you, you know," Jay grinned mischievously, "Now, back to picking your outfit. Next option please."

Carlos was mildly surprised at Jay's knowledge of his current work. He had been worried Jay was completely ignoring him when he came up to the treehouse but it seemed he had been paying attention after all. Carlos smirked at Jay and rolled his eyes, pulling the red shirt carefully over his head. He reached for a black and white spotted one and slipped it on easily, spinning quickly for Jay and playfully modelling the top as he leaned back on his desk.

Jay shook his head, "While I definitely enjoyed the performance babe, I think something different would look better."

Carlos sighed, "Seriously, Jay?"

Jay raised an eyebrow and Carlos flushed, pulling the top off and turning back to his pile of laundry.

"Honestly, there's not much left that I own," he grumbled.

He started reaching for another white top, extending over the top of the desk carefully and hissing as the corner dug into his hip. Heat rushed to his face as he felt Jay step up behind him, resting a hand on his hip and reaching past him to easily snatch up the shirt he had been reaching for. The hand on his hip tickled against his side and Jay's thumb hooked into the waistband of his black jeans gently tugging Carlos backwards. He involuntarily took a step back until he bumped into Jay's hips and his eyes widened at the obvious bulge he could feel against his ass as Jay shamelessly grinded him.

"Jay," Carlos choked out, gripping the edge of his desk when he heard Jay drop the shirt to the ground and trail a hand down his spine, scratching against his other hip.

"You're such a fucking tease, Carlos, you know what you do to me," Jay hissed, pressing firmly into Carlos' ass and urging the younger boy to wiggle his hips against him.

Heat rushed through Carlos' body and he whined, eagerly pushing back against Jay as his own arousal mounted on him. Jay easily flipped Carlos around, pushing him back onto the desktop and nipping at his mouth, demanding entrance. Carlos opened up to him willingly, a soft moan escaping him as Jay pressed further into Carlos, creating a delicious friction between the two that left even Jay gasping slightly. Carlos tangled his hands in Jay's hair, pulling harshly to bring him even closer and carefully trailing hot licks and kisses along Jay's neck, stopping where Jay's throat met his shoulder to suckle a love bite into place.

"Shit, baby yes," Jay groaned, teasingly running his hands up Carlos' thighs and squeezing his ass to bring him harder into the frantic grinding of Jay's hips. Carlos made quick work of disposing of Jay's leather vest and mouthed his way down Jay's chest, softly pressing open mouthed kisses against the trembling muscles beneath Jay's honeyed skin. He winced a little when Jay wrapped a hand into his curls, tugging on them to urge the smaller boy on. He slowly started to slip down Jay's body and then further down onto his knees in front of the boy, reaching for the buckle on Jay's dark wash jeans.

A hand stopped Carlos' trembling fingers from further undoing the front of his lover's pants.

"Baby…you don't have to, it's okay, I know this is your first time with anything like this, we can go slowly," Jay assured him calmly pulling Carlos' face up gently by his hair, meeting his eyes worriedly.

Carlos hesitated a moment before smiling shyly up at Jay. He could see the way his boyfriend's eyes had darkened with unbridled lust behind the caring look he was giving him. Despite everything that had happened between the two and despite the growing anxiety that clawed at his chest Carlos found he wanted to please Jay. He wanted to make the boy tremble and desire him, to make him realize that Carlos could be good for him, if not as a companion as he thought he had been, than at least as a lover. His wondered briefly if he looked as utterly wrecked as Jay did; lips swollen, hair tussled and bright red hickeys along his neck as he panted up at him.

"But, Jay, I want to."

The hand stopping Carlos from undoing Jay's pants slowly slid away and settled on his shoulder and a soft groan escaped Jay's throat. Carlos pulled the offending article down and felt his breath catch in his throat as he stared at the huge bulge straining against the black boxers Jay wore. Carlos swallowed down some of his nerves and hooked his thumbs into Jay's waistband, gently tugging it down as he placed hot kisses and licks around Jay's navel and trailed a swift lick along the deep 'V' of Jay's hipbones. Jay's grip tightened slightly as Carlos pulled his boxers completely down and off. The scent of Jay's arousal hit Carlos full force as Jay's manhood was released from the silky confines of his boxers. A spicy musk that was entirely Jay hit Carlos and he struggled to control his breathing as he took in the sight of Jay's engorged length weeping creamy precum from the reddened tip. He swiped his tongue along his palm, wetting it and then slowly reached out and gripped Jay's cock firmly in this grasp. He felt the silky hardness glide under his palm and stroked Jay a few times hearing him hiss above him. Carefully Carlos touched his tongue to the tip of Jay's length, giving a tentative swipe along the tip as he gripped the base firmly in his hand.

"Fuck," Jay moaned, "Carlos..." his voice trailed off heatedly as he bucked his hips forward slightly towards Carlos.

Encouraged by Jay's outburst Carlos wrapped his mouth around Jay's tip, swiping his tongue along the sensitive underside of the crown before giving it a soft suck. His small hand pumped in time with his mouth as he worked Jay's cock further down his throat. He was able to get a little over half in before he choked slightly and Jay pulled his head back to let him breathe before thrusting himself deeper down Carlos' throat. Carlos moaned as he felt Jay take control of the movements and Jay slowly worked himself down Carlos' throat until his eyes watered and he choked again. He swept his tongue along the tip again and again as he was pulled back tasting the salty-sweet of Jay as he pushed himself to try to swallow around him. Jay's knees buckled slightly and he roared out a vicious groan as his hips snapped forward sharply.

"Fuck, you're absolutely ruined, Carlos. You're such a good boy, baby," he growled, much to Carlos' delight.

Carlos rubbed his hips against the floor, seeking any form of friction to take the edge off the raging hard-on that remained trapped in his own jeans as he braced his hands against Jay's hard thighs and continued to lick and swallow Jay down, eager for his boyfriend to find his release. With a final swipe of his tongue Carlos swallowed Jay deeply and shuddered as the older boy yelled his lover's name and a rush of salty warmth filled Carlos' mouth. He eagerly swallowed as much of his boyfriend's cum as he could. Pulling back with a soft pop, Carlos licked what remained from his lips and flushed deeply as Jay slumped gracelessly to his knees. Jay reached for Carlos and the younger boy happily fell into his love's arms. Nuzzling into Jay he giggled as the older boy peppered kisses all over his face.

"S-Stop it, Jay!"

"You are absolutely amazing, baby. You know that right?" Jay panted, pulling the younger boy closer to kiss him deeply, groaning when he tasted himself on Carlos' tongue.

Carlos blushed and smiled sheepishly, tugging on Jay's arm so he would follow Carlos towards the pile of ratty blankets and pillows that served as his hideout's bed. A sudden rush of anxiety had him voicing his insecurities quietly.

"So, I was okay, then?"

"Okay? Don't be ridiculous, Carlos," Carlos' face fell and Jay pulled his chin up again, "That was the best blow I think anyone's ever given me. You have nothing to be worried about, babe."

Relieved and hopeful, Carlos giggled and pushed playfully against Jay's chest. He squealed slightly when Jay rolled them to rest between Carlos' legs where the evidence of his own arousal was still prominent. Jay rolled his hips forcefully down onto Carlos' own and he gasped opening his legs wider for Jay. Jay smirked and leaned down to whisper into Carlos' ear.

"You're turn now, baby. Let me take good care of you," he whispered huskily, reaching for the button at the top of Carlos' jeans.

"Yes, please, please-"


"Fuck, that's my mom," Carlos panicked, pushing harshly against Jay who groaned and rolled off his boyfriend.

"She's such a buzzkill, dude."

Carlos flinched and stared at Jay's lazy form stretched out across his dirty makeshift bed. There was the nonchalance and the callous response he had thought would go away now that he had satisfied Jay. But to call him "dude" like he did in school, instead of "baby" was a new blow that had Carlos assembling his walls again.

I wasn't good enough…why can't I ever be fucking good enough?! I thought he cared about me…but maybe…maybe I am just his little fucktoy, not good enough, not worthy of his love…

"I-I'm sorry," Carlos whispered, hurt.

"Wait, Carlos, I didn't mean-"Jay started, sitting up.

But Carlos was already gone.