Okay, so the overall feel of this movie just totally resonated with me. Fighting against what you are expected to be, and learning to be your own person. Even when within yourself you to believe what everyone else thinks about you. Just, wow. I feel like this is something that we all strive for. So, BAM, inspiration.

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The night of the coronation was brilliant. Dancing through the night. People being friendly and accepting. They had all seen them chose to be good. Everyone had seen them go against their parents. He went against his mother, who was trapped on the island. Things would be great now. They had to be. After all, Mal had stopped her mother. There was no way that anyone else could get off the island. No way.

Carlos was exhausted as he made his way back to the dorms. Sleep was the only thing on his mind as reached his room. It was quiet as Jay was still partying with the others, and Audrey. Yeah, Carlos had not seen that one coming. He was quick to change into something more comfortable to sleep in, and collapse onto the bed. He smiled as he started to fall asleep. Things in his life were finally starting to look up. He could not wait for tomorrow. No plotting to steal the wand, no plans, no expectations, and he had never been more thrilled of the prospects of a boring day.

It was the sound of something shuffling in the corner of the room that caught his attention first. Figuring it was Jay coming in Carlos simply turned over intending to go back to sleep. Then there was the sound of whimpering. That caught Carlos's attention, and slowly he opened his eyes. The room was dark and nothing seemed to be out of place, so Carlos started to doze back off.

There was another whimper that was followed by a loud whine. Carlos sat up quickly at the sound.


The door was open, and the whining seemed to be coming from the hall. Carlos jumped up from his bed and made his way to the door.

"Dude?" he called again as he stuck his head out the door.

The whimpering sounded again from his left. He looked and saw a shadow heading down the hall. He was quick to follow after it. As he followed the whining grew louder and more frantic causing him to quicken his pace. He was practically running by the time he made it outside the main doors. He looked around frantically for any sign of where Dude might be. It was then that he heard a loud yelp from the woods. The sound caused his heart to race as he ran to the woods.

He stumbled around in the dark for a while before coming across a familiar shape covered with brown fur.

"Dude." He called out for the dog in relief.

Relief was short lived as he got no response from his normally active companion. If the loud yelp from before scared him, then the silence that surrounded him at the moment caused sheer terror to settle into his stomach.

He made his way to the unusually still dog. As soon as he got close a sob forced its way from his lips. The dog's eyes were open his direction, but it was clear that they were seeing nothing. He collapsed to his knees next to his friend. A shaking hand made its way to the dog's fur.

"I'm so sorry." He whispered as he pulled the dog into his lap and cuddled it close to him.

"Hello Carlos."

Carlos stiffened at the familiar voice. A hand with long claw like nails harshly took his chin and forced him to look at their face.

"Mother" he gasped his chest growing tight. Panic growing the longer he stared into her face.

She looked down at his lap a smile making its way across her face.

"The perfect size for ear muffs."

Before he could properly process her words she had snatched Dude from his lap. He tried to jump up to take the dog back from her, but found himself jerked back. Something was around his neck. His hands quickly examined what was keeping him from his dog. It was a collar. She put a collar on him.

It was becoming harder to breathe as he realized the position he was in. He looked around and his suspicions were confirmed. She had chained him to a tree. She was going to leave him out here all night. It was her favorite form of punishment. His mind was going a million miles a minute as he pulled at the collar. It would not budge. It was stuck. He was trapped.

"Stay Carlos, be a good boy while I take care of this mutt, and then we'll head home."

"No!" Carlos was in full blown panic now. He had to get Dude away from her, he had to get away from her. His breathing seemed to get faster and it was making it harder to concentrate. All he could process was must get away.

Jay walked into his room trying to be as quiet as possible. He figured that Carlos would be asleep by now. It had been a long day and he knew his little buddy would be exhausted. Needless to say he was shocked when he entered the room and herd quick gasping breaths coming from the bed opposite his.

"Not good." He whispered as he ran to Carlos.

"Carlos! Wake up." He called as he made it to the other boy's side. It was clear now that the other boy was struggling in his dream, to get away and to pull in a proper breath. He tried to shake the other boy awake, but it only seemed to make the other boy struggle harder.

He was no good at this. Carlos was prone to nightmares and the only one who could ever seem to snap him out of them was Evie. With that thought in mind he ran out of his room to find the girls. He figured they would be heading to their room by now everyone had decided to call it a night after all.

Evie and Mal were just getting back. Ben and Doug we're turning to leave as Jay rounded the corner. The girls seeing the panic on his face turned to him in concern.

"Carlos…nightmare…breathing wrong…" he gasped out and ran back toward the room. Nothing else was said as the two girls ran behind him. Ben and Doug were quickly following behind them.

Evie was in the boy's room first and instantly ran to Carlos's side. Jay stopped at the door to catch his breath. The younger boy had stopped thrashing around on the bed, but was practically hyperventilating now.

"Carlos, wake up now." Evie's voice was soft and her hands gentle. It was such a stark contrast from the dream that it was not long before the younger boy sat straight up in the bed.

However, despite being awake now he was still frantic and breathing harshly. Mal and Jay shared a worried glance. If they did not get him calm soon he was going to pass right back out.

"Hey, buddy you okay?" Ben asked

Carlos looked confused at first, but his confusion was replaced by such a sad look that Ben was startled by the tears that threatened to spill from his own eyes.

"You…lied…she…" Carlos tried to explain, but he could not explain past the wheezing excuse for breathing that was getting into his lungs.

"What did I lie about?" Ben asked. He was getting more worried by the second. A cold sweet was breaking out across the smaller boys face. Carlos swayed to the side. His eyes were not focusing properly. When the boy started to tilt off the bed, Ben was quick to steady him. Evie lay Carlos back against the bed once Ben passed Carlos back to her. He was trembling now, so Ben asked again.

"What did I lie about?"

Everyone was beginning to think that Carlos would faint before they got answer. But then the boy started to struggle to sit up again. Mal ran over to help Evie and Ben keep Carlos down.

"Dude!" Carlos started to cry now.

"Where is the Dude?" Doug asked Jay.

"Fairy Godmother, has him tonight." Jay said as he watched anxiously from the door, waiting for someone to tell them what he needed to do.

"We need the dog to calm him down." Doug said.

That was all Jay needed to hear to take off out of the room again. He made his way to Fairy Godmother's office, and threw the door open, startling the three adults in the room. Jay spotted the dog in the corner of the room, and quickly strode into the room and scooped up the dog before quickly leaving the room to return to the one who he shared with Carlos.

Carlos was no longer struggling in the bed, but he was staring at the wall. He was still breathing far too quickly for Jay's liking. Doug saw him in the door way and quickly took the dog from Jay.

Doug walked over to his dog loving friend. He offered a confused Dude to Carlos. But, the boy did not seem to see him. Carlos still appeared to be trapped in his thoughts from the aftermath of the dream. Doug sighed, and put the dog in Carlos' lap. Then he took the boys hand and helped him to stroke the dog's fur. Carlos appeared startled by the fur and looked down in confusion.

"But mom…"

"Just a dream, buddy." Ben said

Carlos nodded and his breathing started to calm. Dude was distraught by his human's behavior and stood so he could carefully lick away the salty tracks that tears left on his boy's cheek. Carlos smiled slightly and finally relaxed. Soon enough he had fallen into a more peaceful sleep with Dude cradled safely to him.

"What was that?" Ben asked everyone in the room quietly, so as not to wake the now sleeping boy.

"Nightmares." Evie said quietly. Mal nodded

"He has always had them, but this is defiantly the worst one I have ever seen." Jay said.

"Yeah, me to. Evie?" Mal looked at the other girl.

"I've seen bad ones, but nothing like this." Evie whispered as she leaned into Doug.

"I think he was having a panic attack." Doug explained.

"Not that surprising, considering." A voice said from the door way. They all looked up to see Fairy Godmother, The former King, and Queen standing in the door way.

"We should keep an eye on him." Fairy Godmother said.

"Poor dear." Bell said as she walked over to the sleeping boy. She had been worried about him since his reaction to going against their parents. The poor boy needed someone care about him. Though as she looked at the concerned looks on the face of the children in the room she was not as concerned as before. At least he had a strong support group. That would help a lot when it came to convincing the boy that he truly was safe, here away from the island.

"We will just have to make sure he feels safe, if not these attack could happen more often." Bell explained as she pushed his bangs from his face.

There were nods of agreement throughout the room. Bell stood from the bed and ushered everyone but Jay out of the room. As they were left alone Jay silently wondered how his little buddy had gotten this bad. Had his mother been that bad? Where there things happening that Jay was not aware of? Jay had always tried to look out for the youngest in their group. Even on the island it had been clear that he needed someone who cared. Carlos did very well when he was with Jay and the girls, but when he was on he was shy and awkward. He would just have to keep a better eye on the younger boy.

"Don't worry Carlos I'll look out for you. You, know the girls and I got your back. I think we got people here looking out for us to. I promise things will get better." With that Jay turned out the light and headed to bed.

Carlos smiled in his sleep. For some reason he did not feel as afraid anymore.

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