And so, Ben and Chloe renewed their acquaintance, getting to know each other all over again, getting to know each other
much better than they had so many years ago.

They went to the theater, to concerts, to the opera. They went dancing; Ben discovered that Chloe could dance almost as well
as she could sing. But best of all were their long walks, and long talks. And during those walks and talks,
Ben and Chloe began
to wonder whether what they had thought of as youthful impulsiveness, impetuousness, had actually been instinct. Could it be
they had sensed, even then, that they belonged together?

And yet, underneath it all, Ben felt just a bit guilty about keeping the truth about how their correspondence had started from

"I'll tell her someday," he promised himself, "someday when I'm sure it won't hurt her."


And, quite some time later, Ben did tell Chloe the truth as they lay in bed together.

"Well," Chloe said, "it may have been wrong of him to meddle in our lives like that, but," she finished with a smile, "I'm very
glad he did."

"So am I. Happy anniversary, Chloe, my love."