Once upon a time in Pac Land, it is a peaceful morning in Pac Land. Today is Pac-Man's 35th Anniversary. In Pac-Man's house, he woke up in the morning and got out of bed. "Today is my 35th Anniversary; I just wish my friends were invited to my house." Said Pac-Man. He could not wait so long for his friends to show up or he would end up like his 20th Anniversary since his friends were kidnapped.

Meanwhile, Ms. Pac-Man comes out of the party store with all of these gifts while she whistles about. Abruptly, a tractor beam sucks Ms. Pac-Man like a vacuum; the tractor beam was humming about. She screams for help that she is captured and ended up like Professor Pac-Man. Blinky and Inky were very puzzled about Ms. Pac-Man being captured by the tractor beam. "What is this, Galaga or something like that?" Commented Blinky. "I don't know, maybe." Replied Inky.

He notices a huge alien floating above the party store that it was King Galaxian the whole time. A huge dark cyan alien with two mandibles on its mouth, two pincer claws and four blood red eyes, two on each side of its face. "Holy Cow! What is that?!" Shrieked Inky. He runs away and he screams in fear. "So you're the one who captured Ms. Pac-Man are you?" Asked Blinky. King Galaxian growls while he turns around to Blinky; he summons a group of red, purple, and cyan aliens from "Galaxian" to attack Blinky.

The aliens are shooting star-like projectiles at Blinky. And then Blinky runs away as well. "Pac-Man had beaten me in the space battle from 15 years ago. I will invade Pac-Land and destroy him for revenge," Said King Galaxian. "Destroy Pac-Man!" He creates an army of red, purple, and cyan aliens with a few Galboss aliens. The aliens are following King Galaxian and they are heading towards to Pac-Land.

In Pac-Man's house, Chomp-Chomp is minding his own business eating Pac-Dots for a morning breakfast. He hears a boom from the horizon; Chomp-Chomp barks loudly and he runs to the window. "What is it Chomp-Chomp?" Said Pac-Man. He looks at the window noticing those familiar aliens from 15 years ago. "Say, I've recognized those guys before during my 20th Anniversary." Noticed Pac-Man.

There was a knock on the door in the living room. "Who is it?" Said Pac-Man. He answers the door that there is someone here; it is his old friend, Green Pac-Man from "Pac-Man Arrangement (1995)." He is like the "Pac Man World" design of Pac-Man, but he was recolored into green while the boots are orange and the gloves were red. "Hey Pac-Man, it's been for a while." Greeted Green Pac-Man. He gives Pac-Man a handshake. "Gee, it's been a while; you haven't changed a bit since Pac-Man Arrangement (1995)." "There is an emergency Pac-Man." "What is it?" "You know the game Galaxian, right?" "Yes, I do." "There is an alien invasion going on at Pac-Land and King Galaxian is going to destroy you." "I know that, I saw them on the window along with my old enemy King Galaxian. 20 years ago, I have fought against King Galaxian in space; it was easier than that tedious Anubis Rex." "Come on, follow me to my house. I have something to show you."

Green Pac-Man took Pac-Man outside to Green Pac-Man's house. It is a few blocks away from Pac-Man's house. "Quick, run; they'll see us!" Advised Green Pac-Man. Pac-Man & Green Pac-Man ran quickly to the front door of Green Pac-Man's house. In the garage, there are two things covered by the two cloths. "What's with the cloths for?" Pointed Pac-Man. "Feast your eyes on this!" Presented Green Pac-Man, when he pulls the two cloths out of the way. "These are the newly improved Space Boards, with gear change. Your Space Board is shaped like you in your original Pac-Man sprite; however, my Space Board shaped like a Galaxip fighter from Galaxian. Both of our boards have super powerful charge shots, missiles, barriers, time stop, super speed, and smart bombs." After Green Pac-Man explains the two new Space Boards, Pac-Man smiles for his inspiration after he sees his new Space Board. "Wow cool! You are a genius; now that you upgraded my Space Board, we will kick those alien butts together. Are you ready?" Asked Pac-Man. "Yes, I'm ready." Replied Green Pac-Man. Pac-Man boards on the Pac-Man shaped Space Board while Green Pac-Man climbs onto the Galaxip shaped Space Board. The garage door slowly opens with steam.