In the deep and dark ominous space, Pac-Man and Green Pac-Man in their Space Boards are leaving Earth's orbit to fight against Queen Galaxian's true form. Pac-Man's transceiver sets off. "Pac-Man, can you hear me? This is Professor Pac-Man. I was captured by King Galaxian once; thanks to your bravery, you have saved me years ago. Now that you destroyed King Galaxian again, you have to destroy Queen Galaxian once and for all to save Pac-Land." Said Professor Pac-Man in the transceiver. "Activate, overdrive mode!" Exclaimed Pac-Man. Pac-Man transforms his Space Board into the shape of Pac-Man from "Pac-Mania" while Green Pac-Man's Space Board transforms into his mini Galaxip ship. "Let's finish her off." Declared Green Pac-Man.

Queen Galaxian is heading towards to Mars and attempts to colonize Mars. "No! I won't let you colonize Mars; we have the Pac-Rover satellites in the surface, and I don't want you to ruin the project." Yelled Pac-Man. "Hmph, fine. I will battle you in Europa, the moon of Jupiter." Replied Queen Galaxian. She decided to turn away from Mars to Europa. "Remember to shoot her in the eye. This may be a bit difficult than usual." Reminded Green Pac-Man. She creates a portal to Europa. Pac-Man and Green Pac-Man enters to the portal with her.

In the hyperspace wormhole, Queen Galaxian confronts to Pac-Man and Green Pac-Man once and for all. "The first eye is too easy." Said Pac-Man. "You said it, buddy." Replied Green Pac-Man. His mini Galaxip fighter shoots out laser projectiles on the first eye on the left section with Pac-Man. Her first eye was easily destroyed. She summons a couple of purple and red aliens. "That's too easy for us." Thought Pac-Man. He locks on the purple and red aliens with his ship. Then he fires out some missiles at the aliens. "Time to bring out the heavy artillery!" Declared Queen Galaxian. She spits out a smart bomb at Pac-Man and Green Pac-Man. "Look out!" Cried Pac-Man. "No worries, I got this." Commented Green Pac-Man. He uses his last time stop power to stop time once more. The smart bomb is closer to hitting Green Pac-Man; Green Pac-Man backs his ship up and he launches a smart bomb at the incoming smart bomb with an explosion. Afterwards, time begins to unfreeze.

The hyperspace wormhole journey was over; now they are at the surface of Europa. Queen Galaxian pulls out her claws to attack Pac-Man while she creates a tractor beam to suck Green Pac-Man in. "Not again!" Exclaimed Green Pac-Man. Unfortunately, Green Pac-Man unsuccessfully escaped out of the tractor beam. "Pac-Man, help me!" Cried Green Pac-Man. Pac-Man's ship spits out a smart bomb at Queen Galaxian's mouth. "Eat on this!" Said Pac-Man. Inside Queen Galaxian, Green Pac-Man uses his barrier to protect himself from the smart bomb's explosion. She tasted the explosion that she spits out Green Pac-Man. "Thanks for saving me." Thanked Green Pac-Man.

Queen Galaxian grabs Pac-Man's ship with her claws. "Release Pac-Man!" Demanded Green Pac-Man. "Never!" Replied Queen Galaxian. His mini Galaxip shoots laser projectiles at her claws to make her claws separate. She releases Pac-Man while her left claw falls off of her body. "Now finish her other claw off." Commanded Green Pac-Man. Pac-Man's ship launches a missile at her right claw. The missile destroyed her right claw off of her body. "Great, now that we detached her limbs off, let's destroy the three remaining eyes." Said Pac-Man.

They are about the shoot Queen Galaxian's second eye on the left; due to her insectoid wings, she avoided the attack quickly. "The wings cause Queen Galaxian to have the ability to move quickly; we have to destroy the wings to slow her down." Suggested Green Pac-Man. Pac-Man locks onto the left wing with his Pac-Man (Pac-Mania) shaped ship while Green Pac-Man locks onto the right wing with his mini Galaxip ship. They launched a missile on each wing. The wings were destroyed by the missiles that she is wingless and she can no longer use quick movements. "Fine, if that's how you want to play, I will do this the old fashioned way." Declared Queen Galaxian.

She rapidly fires out star like projectiles at Pac-Man. "Pac-Man, are you ok?" Gasped Green Pac-Man. "I'm fine, I'll live." Replied Pac-Man. Green Pac-Man shoots the other first eye on the right. Queen Galaxian does not have the ability to use the tractor beam anymore due to the smart bomb setting off in her mouth. Her other first eye was destroyed on the right. "Great, now she is stunned. Now finish the two remaining eyes off!" Ordered Green Pac-Man. They launched two missiles on each side of the two eyes. All of her eyes were destroyed, but she is still alive. "Any last words?" Asked Queen Galaxian. "Actually, yes." Said Pac-Man. "Imma firin' mah lazor!" Queen Galaxian fires a devastating beam of energy from its mouth; however, Pac-Man's ship fires a destructive beam of energy from the ship's mouth while Green Pac-Man fires a laser beam from the mini Galaxip. Two lasers from the ships are pushing the big laser from Queen Galaxian's mouth. She consumes the two lasers that it causes her to be destroyed for good.

"We did it!" Cheered Pac-Man. "Now let's go home." Replied Green Pac-Man. Their ships turned back into their Space Boards. A vortex appears and they entered the wormhole back home.

Meanwhile, back at the city of Pac-Land. Pac-Man with his Pac-Man shaped Space Board and Green Pac-Man with his Galaxip shaped Space Board hovers and lands on the road. "Welcome home, daddy." Said Pac-Man Jr. Baby Pac-Man coos and he is happy for Pac-Man to come back. The citizens of Pac-Land cheered for the defeat of King Galaxian and Queen Galaxian. Pac-Man climbs off of his Space Board while Green Pac-Man climbs off his Space Board too. "You can keep your upgraded Space Board as long as you want, Pac-Man." Said Green Pac-Man. "Bye, Green Pac-Man." Waved Pac-Man. Green Pac-Man went back home. Ms. Pac-Man comes to Pac-Man and she hugs him. "Congratulations for saving the world." Complimented Ms. Pac-Man. "Thanks, but how did you get here?" Questioned Pac-Man. "I used the emergency escape hatch to get out of here." "Come on Ms. Pac-Man, let's go home and unlock the doors." "You said it, honey." Peace has returned to Pac-Land once again for saving the world. Pac-Man and Ms. Pac-Man are heading home.

The End.