Naruto x ?

Main Crossovers: Naruto, RWBY, Minor Persona Elements

Genres: Action, Adventure, Comedy, Romance, Drama, Fantasy, School Life


Story Start


Traveling down the faintly lit dark streets of the city traveled a young man.

The person's features consisting of sun blonde hair with ocean blue eyes, whisker-marks on his cheeks, an athletic build comprising of fairly toned arms and legs with defined abs under his clothing, and wearing a black long coat over a white t-shirt with an orange spiral on it and black baggy cargo jeans with a single white pouch affixed to his right leg. He also wore around his waist what looked like a tool belt with multiple pouches. On his back he carried a large orange, red, and black flame backpack. To top off his outfit he wore a brown and white stripe scarf that was tied safely around his neck.

His journey had led him to a Dust shop by the name of Dusk Til Dawn. He entered and began looking around the shop. It was a fairly average sized shop with the inner structure nothing special beyond the machines that contained the dusk. His observation ended when he caught sight of something suspicious.

A few men in black suits with fedoras wearing sunglasses holding swords with red blades were filling up containers with dust.

One of the henchmen suddenly flew past him from an aisle. Naruto turned to see what had cause it. That was when he noticed a young girl.

The fairly short girl was just a few inches shorter of five feet tall with red tinted black hair with her tips being rather short. She also had same silver eyes and pale skin. She was fairly endowed for her age, a bit larger than average, but not a size that would be that uncommon or outside the realm of possibility.

From his vantage point he could see the girl release her weapon.

A large scythe. The weapon was much larger than the red girl, being 7 feet tall, with the curved blade, which was multiple blades layered on each other to create a single blade, was over 4 feet long. The back of the blade had a sort of axe part to it that was more blunted than the blade itself. At the tip was an opening for shots to come out, and the staff of the weapon had a cartridge holder for bullets and a trigger so ammo can be fired from it even in its current form.

Naruto turned his attention back to the front. The only distinguishable criminal was an orange haired man wearing a white jacket and black pants wearing a black hat with a red band around it. He had thick black gloves on and a gray scarf around his throat. In his mouth was a cigar, and his hair was pushed to the right side of his face, covering his right eye, but his left eye showed he had green eyes. He wore a high collar with a red interior, and in his hand was a white handled weaponized cane judging by the thicker red portions around the end and where the handle met with the rest of the cane.

"You're a determined one!"

The blond's eyes widened as he recognized the voice. Joining the man was a tall, bald dark skin man in a full body double breasted black suit with a white dress shirt under it. The man towered at six foot two and he wore shades. The suit did little to hide his body builder build. On his finger he wore ten silver rings which were identical.

"Rodin!" The blond growled as the blond extended his hand and flickering to life in his hand was a staff with the insignia of the sun. "This time, you won't be getting away."

"Friend of yours?" the orange haired man asked.

"Something like that Torchwick." He answered.

"I'll leave him to you. As for the rest of you get the girl." The orange haired man said with a twitch of his head as the remaining four goons rushed towards the scythe wielder.

Naruto brought up his staff and blocked the punch. The force of the attack sent both him and Rodin crashing through the wall of the shop. Bouncing off the ground Naruto recovered and rolled as he spun the staff and swung it upwards to which the man avoided.

Landing on the front of his feet the man shot forward six of the rings glowing as he launched another attack the force of the blow ripping the staff out of Naruto's hand and sending it flying down the road.

Unwilling to be deterred Naruto charged forward landing two hits that caused the man to fly back a few feet.

Bringing both hands together Rodin slammed down towards Naruto who twisted out of the way and landed his knee into his side. The man hardly budged from the attack. It was like hitting a brick wall.

He jumped back just in time to avoid a retaliatory strike.

"Hurry up Rodin! We're getting out of here!" Torchwick said as he began scaling up a building.

"Looks like I don't have time to play with you today!" Rodin slammed his fist into the ground causing a blast that uprooted the road and shot at Naruto.

"I won't let you escape again!" Naruto roared as he cocked his arm and slammed through the road with his right fist, quickly following up with a left to clear the other side.

He leaped towards the building as to his momentarily surprise Red managed to launch herself to the roof as well. Was she that determined to stop this Torchwick guy? It didn't matter.

He could not and would not let Rodin get away.

"Stop and bring back the Dust you stole!" the girl in red called out to the man, who stopped at the end of the building. The man cursed under his breath.

Naruto and the girl in red were forced to take a step back when they were hit back a larger amount of wind pressure as a Bullhead appeared up in front of the building. The Bullhead was a more basic one build for speed, with two wings with jets pointed at the ground, and the hatch was currently opened up with a light shining at them. It was lightly armored near the front, and on the wings, while the man stepped onto the Bullhead as it started to fly up into the air. The crook showed that he had a red crystal in his hands, and he pulled his arm back.

"End of the line kids!" He shouted at them over the roar of the Bullhead.

Naruto all the while charged forward none the less only for Rodin to begin launching shockwaves. Naruto dodged out of the way easily as the red wearing girl gave a yelp and narrowly avoided being caught up in the attack.

When Torchwick began aiming his cane Naruto made an educated guess on what was about to happen. Drawing out a kunai and explosive note he was quick to slap on the seal and let it fly as the object collected with the attack resulting in an explosive mid collision.

Smoke littered the roof as Torchwick's laughter could be heard. Once more Naruto attempted to give charge when he heard the click of another shot. 'How could he…' the sound of a crinkling crack alerted him. The shot wasn't for him, but the red dust. 'Shit!' Naruto moved to shield the red wearing girl. In good conscious he would not abandon someone innocent to be hurt or to die. Immediately the resulting action was that of an explosion scattering red smoke everywhere.

To Naruto's surprise a figure suddenly dropped in front of them and quickly cast the barrier.

Protecting them from the explosion itself, was a grown woman with her blond hair placed in a bun at the back of her head. She wore a white blouse with long sleeves with a ripped up purple cape over her shoulders, and a black corset with golden buttons around her stomach with a black skirt, black stockings, and black shoes on. She had bright green eyes, with glasses in front of those eyes, and she had a black riding crop in her right hand in front of that was a purple magical circle seeming to defend them from the explosion.

She stood at nearly a whole foot taller than Naruto, making her about 6 foot and maybe 5 inches tall. Her figure was the perfect hourglass, and she was fairly impressively endowed as well. All and all she was fairly easy on the eyes.

Suddenly she seemed to take it upon herself to take the fight into her own hand when she waved her riding crop and her circle turned into purple balls that were fired towards the bullhead, smashing against it in multiple places and knocking it around a bit.

Her skill and power. She must be a huntress the blond quickly deduced.

The Bullhead stabilized quickly, while Red switched her scythe to a different combat mode.

Though, this was far from over. Naruto gave chase, using his strength to boost himself into the air. Making the plane from this height was childsplay.

Out of the shadows stepped a woman with emerald hair and orange eyes. She wore a blue beret, blue midriff top that showed off her abdomen and black skirt and stockings with low heeled open-toed shoes.

In her hands were a bow and arrow and on her back was a quiver filled with arrows. The woman looked to be in her early thirties with a fairly slender figure. Taking aim the woman fired an arrow straight for Naruto's head to which he avoided.

Though the smile did not leave her face as the woman made a motion with her arm. Far too late he turned as the arrow pierced him through the back.

Naruto felt his body seized up as he fell towards the ground. 'This is going to hurt like hell' the blond thought, rather annoyed as he fell from the air only to land on…red? The girl's cry and the sensation of their crashing bodies was the only thing he knew. Apparently she tried to catch him. It was successful…somewhat.

"Can't breathe." The girl mumbled from under him as Naruto rolled off from her. The grounding gave Naruto new insight of what was occurring when he saw the remnants of ice chunks that were rained on the bulkhead.

"DON'T! THERE'S DUST IN THE BULLHEAD!" Naruto cried out to the woman who was momentarily stunned by the admission, but did not deter her from the fight, it merely meant she had to change her tactics. Crashing a Bullhead with Dust in the city would be catastrophic.

It was at this point that a woman, with her upper body covered in shadows, wearing a red dress that went down to the middle of her thighs with a slit up the right side with black feathers, and black crystal high heels stepped near the end of the Bullhead. Her long red sleeves glowed with yellow flame symbols, and fire gathered around her hands as she went through motions.

Not just flame, but it seemed to be... liquid flame. It reminded him of Mei Terumi's lava release in its fluidity and if the essence of the blood line created molten magma on the fly.

She shot her attack towards them, and the magic user created a triple layered magic barrier circle in front of herself, who the shot was aimed at.

Red began firing shots towards the woman as she fired more shots at them. Naruto managed to get to his feet, but nearly fell back over. It felt like his lungs were on fire.

He was Poisoned.

Poison that was strong enough to get past his healing factor. This was bad.

The woman used her aura somehow to block each of the red girl's shots with her bare hands, negating the power behind them somehow. The unconfirmed huntress fired a purple shot at the Bullhead again, instead of directly at the woman, and it rocked the Bullhead again.

The three of them were forced to cease their attack on the Bullhead as the archer began firing a volley of arrows that electrified in flight. They were forced to retreat as the arrows landed and pierced the stone letting out currents of lethal electricity.

Naruto's skull began to split and his vision blurred. 'I hate poison so much.' He thought as he began to pass out.

The only thing Naruto had gotten from this interview so far was that these were not professional law enforcement officers, not in the regular sense anyway.

Seeing as he was being interrogated with the mysterious red girl and not separately.

"You endangered yourselves and others tonight, and while your actions are commendable I will not tolerate such disregard for your actions."

The woman was a teacher at Beacon named Glynda Goodwitch She snapped her riding crop against the table in front of them, Naruto didn't even flinch, but Red jerked back at the surprise movement and the loud sound.

"My reasons are my own, but I like to think if my actions would prevent innocent people from dying that would be the preferable choice."

Fighting in a city period endangered lives, but by letting criminals do as they pleased the potential for chaos and death was far higher.

"Uh... this guy here has a point... if we didn't do anything wrong, why are we here?" The girl asked with her hand rose a bit, before she jumped when the snap of the riding crop hit the table. She had a worried expression on her face.

"You there girl wield one of the most dangerous weapons ever designed, and despite how reckless your actions were I was able to see, that you seemed to be talented. As for you young man while brutish in your methods there is no ignoring your strength and endurance. The two of you have somebody that would like to talk with you about that." Glynda admitted, being forced to say that even she was impressed with what she saw. In her hands was a Scroll colored white with the screen extended to show a play by play recording of Naruto and the red during their bouts, as well as the recording of them on the rooftop.

Quickly after the recording the door opened and out from the shadows stepped the 'somebody'. Glynda had mentioned.

The person was taller than even Glynda. He wore a darker shade of green suit with a green overcoat, a green scarf with a cross on the front, with fair skin, his hair was silvery gray, and he wore dark glasses in front of his eyes, but not covering them. In his left hand was a mug filled with something, but in his right one was... a plate of chocolate chip cookies?

It took Naruto a few seconds to realize this was Ozpin, the headmaster of Beacon Academy. The blond only had a passing interest in the school because it was an academy dedicated to fighting the creatures known as Grimm.

"Ruby Rose... you have..." The man started, before he leaned over the table and got closer to the girl now identified as Ruby. Ruby seemed more than a little creeped out by the man. "Silver eyes." The man finally commented.

Naruto glanced at Ruby. Was having silver eyes all that special? Then again when could he say he ever saw someone in this world with silver eyes?

Either way this Ozpin seemed rather interested in this Ruby.

"I'm sorry if you get that a lot. I've only met one other person with your eye color before. Though, she wasn't a scythe user... where did you get these skills?" Ozpin asked with a bit of emotion to his tone. The emotion was neutral neither holding positive tone or negative.

"MyUncle Qrow, that is with a Q not a C like you would think." Ruby then began chowing down on the cookies.

"I was complete garbage in a fight until Uncle Qrow took us under his wing." Ruby admitted.

"That is rather interesting." Ozpin said as he looked at Naruto. "And those feats of yours. To do them so casually as they were natural and without using an aura as well. Is it your semblance or is it something else?"

"Something else. I guess you can consider what I do like a semblance." He was vague not out of a desire to hide anything, but do the fact he did not know how to honestly answer the question. He didn't even bother to mask his emotions to answer the question. Something the man picked up on as he did not press the line of questioning anymore.

"I see, and you have Speed as your Semblance?" Ozpin asked Ruby, who nodded as she chomped down yet another cookie.

"So... Ruby are you doing at a school made for the training of Huntsmen and Huntresses?" Ozpin asked, a small smile on his face as he waited for the answer.

"I want to be a huntress." Ruby answered with complete seriousness, though the crumbs around her mouth ruined the serious image. Expressing her hopes, dreams, and desires that followed.

"It seems like a rather romantized dream. Protecting the world from Grimm. Bridging the gap between Humans and Faunus. If only such things were simple. I actually desire for peace myself, but I have a mission. Maybe…maybe if things were different I would be pursuing such notions myself."

"Slaying monsters and bringing peace... quite ambitious." Ozpin said to them.

"Well, not yet. I still have two more years at Signal before I can apply to Beacon, and my parents always told me to help people so why not, you know?"

"... Do you know who I am?" Ozpin asked, with Ruby nodding.

"You're Professor Ozpin, headmaster of Beacon." Ruby answered with a serious tone again, and this time she didn't have cookie crumbs on her face to ruin her image.

"Would you two like the chance to come to Beacon?" Ozpin asked, while Naruto's eyes widened for a second.

The two teens had very mixed reactions.

"What!?" Naruto exclaimed, floored at the question. "What makes you think I would even want to join? I've expressed no desire nor have I attended any of the schools."

"More than anything." Ruby answered back seriously.

"I see talent in you. You have talent to be a powerful Huntsman. I hate to see such talent go to waste. Becoming a huntsman could afford you opportunities that could be useful towards your mission."

Naruto scowled, rather presumptuous of this Ozpin to assume so. Well. It wasn't like he had a really good argument to deny the invitation. He spent so much time wondering around he didn't even have much of a plan. But he knew one thing. Rodin was involved with not only Dust but the Grimm as well. It was as Hagoromo once told him. Most outsiders to worlds rarely have good intentions when they enter the realm. For they sought the power either by use of artifacts or controlling the forces that threaten to overrun this world and the Grimm were definitely a dangerous and monstrous force. Naruto placed a hand on the scarf. 'Just wait a little longer. I'll find you. I'll get you back.' The image of a precious girl flashed through his mind.

"Very well, I'll accept your invitation." Naruto could only hope that he hadn't made a mistake by accepting this invitation.