The Fourth God

Written by RogueMoon




This is a project I started a very, very long time ago in an attempt to find a good crossover. There are a lot of crossover fictions out there in cyberspace. Most range from so-so to gawd-awful. Buried in these attempts are a few true gems that one must sift through to find.

I am not saying that the poorly written ones should not be read or even put out there. I think it's great that so many people want to create and I fully encourage every single Author on and everywhere else in the world to put what they've written out there. To the people who flame fics based on grammar or spelling errors or whatever else there is to insult: How else are people to learn?

To create something truly wonderful, you have to have a few bad starts. If only to learn what works. What others find enjoyable and what the author finds enjoyable. The Powers-That-Be know I certainly have my share of badly written work. Most of which never see the light of day, or any light past that of my computer screen.

But that's not to say I particularly enjoy going through the first attempts every time I want to find something new to read. It gets tedious to sift through the grit and grime to find the diamond.

Which brings us to why I decided to write this fic. I simply got tired of digging. I wanted a fic that I would enjoy reading. So I created one.

And I do read this. And re-read this. Over and over again every time I work on a new paragraph, a new sentence. Why? To make sure it evolves properly. To keep it realistic in that everything makes sense in both the "Mutant" reality and "Duelist" reality. To make sure I don't turn this into some clichéd Mary-Sue fic. To make sure every character is "In Character".

And sometimes, when I get bored and am too lazy or too tired to write, I re-read this…

For fun.

Crazy, huh?

And I'm not trying to toot my own horn about being some spectacular author. I'm not. As my other fics will attest, I'm not all that great. I'm not bad, necessarily, but I'm not some spectacular author.

But I am proud of this fic and will tell anyone who asks. I have had a lot of fun writing this and will most likely continue to have fun writing it. Even if I lose readers.

I did not start this for the enjoyment of others. I started this for my own enjoyment. I put it out for others to read so I could get some constructive criticism.

The fact that other people seem to like it is just icing on the cake that I get to puff up my feathers and preen about.


I will be using the Japanese names for all Yu-Gi-Oh! Characters.


This means: I will be mixing a lot of the Japanese names with the American Cartoon names.



I do not own any of the characters from either X-Men: Evolution or Yu-Gi-Oh!. I do not own any of the settings from X-Men: Evolution or Yu-Gi-Oh!. I only own my own imagination.


Prologue or What Has Come Before:

In Domino, Japan - Battle City is over. Yugi Motou and his friends have defeated the evil half of Malik and the Secrets of the God Cards have been revealed.

Anzu Mazaki has begun dating Seto Kaiba, at first the result of a bet she had lost to Jonuochi and Honda, and then later after they found themselves actually enjoying each others company.

It has been two years since Yugi first solved the Millennium Puzzle.

In Bayville, New York – The X-Men are on probationary status at school after the Senate hearing that followed the Sentinel attack. It is not yet known what Mesmero has been trying to unlock with the two keys he has stolen.

The brotherhood are under probationary status with Magneto's acolytes as well. Wanda has left them to find her own way in the world and Mystique hasn't been heard from in several months. Tabitha has gone back to the X-Men for lack of any other place to go to and is still railing again the rules.

The events of Rogue helping to awaken Apocalypse have not yet happened, nor have the events of Cajun Spice. (sadly)