Birth and loss

          " What are they doing in there?  What is taking so long?"

          Ereinion Gil-galad watched the half-Elvin pace with a subdued grin. The soon to be father had been pacing ever since he had woken up.  The half-Elvin had been carried out of the healing room since he was not of strong heart when it came to birthing.  Celeborn settled beside Ereinion, exchanging a grin with the younger.  Galadriel knocked on the healing room door and then slipped inside.  Eärendil craned his neck to see inside.

*He wishes to see inside?  Why?  So he may faint again?

Celeborn chuckled, rubbing his chin.

          " Do you know what?  I believe he reminds me of-"

Eärendil whipped around hearing the teasing note in Celeborn's voice.

          " Do you two mind?  I am about to become a-"

          A loud cry cut him off.  Ereinion jumped up to steady Eärendil as the wail continued.  The half-Elvin looked so incredibly bewildered Ereinion did not know whether or not to laugh.  Galadriel exited with a triumphant smile.

          " Would you like to see your sons, Eärendil?"

          " Sons?" Eärendil swallowed, his eyes as big as plates, " As in plural?  Two?"

          Galadriel chuckled as she nodded.

          " Seems as if you are twice blessed. The eldest is marked with a scarlet thread round his wrist."

Eärendil disappeared inside.

          Celeborn stood to stand beside his wife.  She looked up at him, both sadness and amusement dancing in her eyes.

          " Sometimes I am very glad we cannot have children. Today was one of those days," Galadriel reported with a sad smile curling her lips.

Ereinion put arms around both their shoulders, leaning between them.

          " But you have me instead."

Celeborn and Galadriel exchanged raised eyebrows.  Celeborn rubbed his jaw.

          " Children, you say?  Hmm…Worth a try."

          " Hey."


          Eärendil bent beside Elwing.  She opened her eyes at his gentle touch on her forehead. 

          " Hey precious."

          " Hey.  Do you want to see your sons?"

Eärendil turned his eyes to the bundles on either side of her.

          " They are identical," Elwing said softly, " We will ever be trying to tell them apart."

          " They are perfect," Eärendil shrugged, " We will enjoy it."

          The eldest marked with a crimson string just as Galadriel had said, bore, even now, the Elvin looks of his blood, though still bearing a few of the Edain looks.  The other was nearly the same.

          " They look like you," Elwing said softly.

Eärendil shrugged.

          " As you say."

          He leaned over kissing her.

          " As amazing as this is to me, I believe you just single-handedly drove Galadriel and Celeborn away from having their own children," he chuckled.

Elwing's smile grew, kissing her husband again.

          " And if you ever touch me again as to cause children, I will deck you.  You do not have to deal with-"

Eärendil put a finger to her lips.

          " No details, love.  Remember who you speak to."

          He gently picked up the younger twin, turning towards the Sea framed by a large window.  A soft sigh of contentment flew from his lips, as well as the child's, before his shoulders slumped.  He looked back at Elwing.

          " They will never know me."

Elwing motioned him to her.

          " They will know you.  I will not let them not know you.  Maybe you shall return from the voyage."

          Eärendil shook his head.

          " I shall never return to this land," he replaced the child in its mother's arms, " Vingilot will be ready for sailing in two month's time."

Elwing nodded.

          " We will join you in a year if you do not return."


          Eärendil brushed Elwing's hair from her beautiful face.  She snuggled closer to the pillow.  He kissed her forehead.  They had said their goodbyes last night.

          " Good-bye, my love," he whispered.

He turned towards the adjourning room where their sons slept.

          He bent over the cradle of the eldest.  He gently smoothed the dark, almost black tuft of hair.

* Their only difference is their hair color.  His is black, while the other's is lighter.  Tis a strange phenomenon.

He closed his eyes.

* I bless you with wisdom, for your years will be long. I pray for happiness and joy, for all I see is sorrow for this land.

          Eärendil kissed the eldest's forehead.  The baby squirmed, opening its eyes for the first time.  He froze.  The baby's eyes were attached to the star around his neck.  Eärendil took it off, giving it to the baby.  The boy contentedly began sucking on the silver chain.  Eärendil smiled sadly, before moving on.

          The younger was already wide-awake, a fist stuffed in his mouth, as the baby watched the waves through the crib slats.  His eyes flickered up for only a moment before resuming their stare at the Sea. 

*I pray that you always follow your heart, even when the choice is hard.  I pray also for charisma and great leadership in you for you will be a great leader.  Watch after your brother.  I see great things for you, my little king.

          Eärendil pulled up his pack.  He crept out the door and left the house.  Halfway down the road that leads to the Sea, he turned and laid eyes upon their haven one last time.  He lifted one hand in a parting gesture and then boarded the ship.  Never again did any Arda-abiding Elf see Eärendil, the mariner again.


          Elwing froze.  The son of Fëanor stumbled in, eyes fixed on her.  He silently extended his hand, the sword drooping by his side menacingly.

          " Give it to me.  Twould be wise, Elwing."

Her eyes traveled to the bloody sword and her blood boiled.

* He has slaughtered my people and expects me to just hand this over after all my family went through for it?  He has another thing coming.

          Maedhros sighed in relief when she began to extend her hand.  He did not notice her hand take hold of a metal pan.  The stone was in reach.  He began to touch it.  Elwing swung the pan, her aim off as she just nicked him.  She nicked him enough to make him stumble back, and drop his sword to cradle his throbbing head.  He growled angrily, watching her run.

* She shall pay.

He picked up his sword, ignoring the blood dribbling down his temple.


          Elwing ran; she ran, trying to keep the light she held hidden.  She could hear him gaining and pushed on faster.  Her lungs felt as if they would burst and tears cascaded down her face.

*My sons, my poor, beautiful sons.  I left them.  Those murdering savages will kill them. 

The path was beginning to end.

*I have nothing left here.

          She took a deep breath, taking one last step on the soil of Arda before she jumped.  She was airborne, flying from her pursuer, the Silmaril bound to her breast.  Elwing began her decent into the ocean and was never seen again.  Maedhros gave a loud despairing yell.  It was lost.


          Maedhros found his brother easily.  Maglor was bent over their dead younger brothers.  Maglor looked up, anger in his eyes, and then immense worry, seeing the blood on Maedhros.  Maedhros shook his head.

          " Elwing is gone, as is the Silmaril.  She cast herself along with it into the Sea."

Maglor's face fell.  He suddenly tilted his head, motioning for Maedhros to be quiet.

          " What is that?"

Maedhros heard it also: wailing.  Maglor began towards it.  Maedhros tried to stop him, but Maglor pushed by to Eärendil's haven, which was soon to be consumed by fire.

          " The sons of Eärendil," Maglor said softly.

          Both older Elves froze when two pairs of eyes turned to them.

          " Boo," one giggled.

The lighter haired one lifted his hands to Maglor.  Maglor took him, face softened.

          " Maglor," Maedhros began.

          " Grab the other and then we will fly," Maglor ordered.

Maedhros sent a glance heavenward, scooping up the other, leaving the necklace the boy played with.  The last two sons of Fëanor left what they had destroyed in yet another fruitless raid without a second glance.


          Ereinion gazed at the smoldering ruins.  He left the ship alone.  Celeborn shook his head at Círdan who was about to speak.  Ereinion moved silently among the smoke, his feet leading him to the haven he had spent much time at.  He rocked on his heels, hands behind his back.

          " They promised me the curse was gone.  They said they would no longer seek for the Silmarils," he whispered.

          His chest heaved with anger and betrayal.  Those two would be sorry they crossed him.  He noted Celeborn standing beside him silently.  The Elf said nothing, simply holding out his hand.  Ereinion carefully took the necklace, his eyes squinting to see the star that had once shone on the now-charred metal.

          " Elwing and the Silmaril are in the Sea.  Amrod and Amras' bodies were found.  Only Maedhros and Maglor live now.  There is a rumor they either took the twins or let them burn," Celeborn said softly, " I am sorry, but-"

          Ereinion had turned, his steely eyes set on Celeborn.  Celeborn took a step back slightly.  Ereinion clenched his jaw and Celeborn made sure his sword was ready.  Ereinion was rarely angered.  The king closed his hand tightly over the necklace, turning towards the ship.

          " We will not rest until Maedhros and Maglor are on their knees before me."


          Maedhros and Maglor watched the two boys curiously.

          " I guess that one is the eldest since they marked his wrist.  They did the same with Amrod," Maedhros said.

          " It is only us now.  They killed the twins," Maglor said, his eyes hard, " The twins were only at the edge, trying to remain out of the fighting, and yet they were the ones attacked and killed."

Maedhros nodded, rubbing the bridge of his nose with his thumb.

          " What are we going to do with them?"

Maglor glanced at him oddly.

          " We cannot leave them for they will perish.  We will keep them."

          " We are two fugitive bachelors, or at least I am and you are now."

          Maglor gaze turned angry at his brother's reference.

          " Twas her choice to stay.  My son came with me."

          " What will we call them?" Maedhros asked after a moment of silence.

          " Temporarily, what about Minë and Atta?"

Maedhros chuckled.

          " One and two.  Sounds like a child's story."

Maglor shrugged.

          " Tell me if you think of any better names."

The two sons of Fëanor disappeared with the boys into the forest.  Ereinion's forces and fury clipped at their heels, but the sons managed to always stay one step ahead of their pursuers.

AN: There is no Tolkien quote to back any of this except that Maedhros and Maglor did take the twins.  It does not say Ereinion pursued them or anything else.  I am trying to keep this correct, so right me if it is wrong.