A sombre man walked down the Potter's path up to their front door. Each step pulled down by the weight of emotion and the pessimistic scenarios he was imagining, each becoming worse than the last. The walkway was surrounded by a beautiful array of colours yet the impending white of the single calla-lily drew his attention as he drudged towards the typical suburban door belonging to his best friend and his childhood tormentor. As he pushed the door open with little effort he knew that the worst scenario had happened. The once lively home of the Potter's was now the sombre house containing the corpses of the two people who had formed his personality and character.

Entering the house was no easy feat. Our protagonist was met with bitter confirmation as he saw the blue body of his childhood tormentor but also the body of the man who he had trusted above all others to keep her safe. He had trusted him more than himself even which was not easy due to the lack of trust and fond memories between the two. Without even stopping at the man's side to close his eyelids, he rushed upstairs in no more than four bounds each less graceful than the less due to his immense emotion affecting his centre of gravity. The only thing that broke him from this depressed mindset was the wailing of a lone child. Being too shocked to comprehend that this was of course Lily and James Potter's son, he rushed towards the noise and came face to face with the saddened, green eyes of his best friend, Lily. At this he broke down onto his knees and wept for lost time. No more could they talk about meeting up like they used to in their old town in Yorkshire, no more could they talk about their family and no more would he hear the soft twinkling of her laugh or the craziness and intelligence in which those green eyes held. After an hour of mourning he returned focus to Lily's only son, Harry.

For minutes he only stared at the boy, not knowing what to do as, even though he was a teacher, he had never been given the responsibility like this before. Staring at the boy, he hungrily absorbed his appearance, he was the spitting image of James yet his eyes bore Lily's soul and colour. Even in a situation like this he could not resist those eyes as he timidly walked up to the child and swept him up in his arms and began to sing the only lullaby he remembered from his past. Whilst entranced in the song he noticed Lily's journals and what seemed to be Harry's toys so as soon as Harry dozed off, after being positioned away from the sight of the out reached hand of his mother's corpse, he set to work charming one of his inside cloak pockets with capacious extremis and began to pack several things into his pocket including the journals, several of Harry's toys and a couple of photos.

After he had said one last goodbye to his deceased best friend, he had to flee as being spotted at the scene of an unforgivable curse crying over a corpse was not the best next step for the man who had decided to take this child on, knowing in that split second what The Daily Prophet, the ministry of Magic and Dumbledore would do/force upon the child. With that he glamoured his wizarding clothes to look like ordinary muggle clothes and sheared of his loose black locks as to pass as this child's relative so that he could pass undetected to the now gathering crowds of muggles and fellow wizarding folk. He then scooped Harry up into a bundle in his arms and walked back the way he come, careful to shield the child's eyes to the corpses of his parents who seemed to be staring at this man, questioning the audacity of his actions as not only was he removing their child for the somewhat planned future they had for him but that he also refused to shut his eyes from seeing the grief of many more people.

The man who was once known as Severus Snape left that night taking the child with him. Bluntly ignoring the call of the man he spied on and the man who employed him to spy to fulfil their own delirious fantasies. He walked away from that house leaving his old life behind but also covering himself by fulling his grief to make an identical copy of himself to send back to Hogwarts to cover him but also to spy on a greedy old man who was the cause of all this upset. With that he walked away from his old life muttering sweet nothings to soothe Harry once more, making silents promises of, "Always." to Lily.

He had walked away to the sound of a motorcycle landing and a half giant tearfully walking up the path to see his dear friends dead, just had he but this half-giant had equal amounts of fond memories and forced memories to which he grieved until he found the child he'd been sent to receive, stolen and a copied colleague crying over a course rambling on about Voldemort taking the child to raise as an ally due to Lily's new-found magic. This of course was just ramblings made up on the spot, probably to try and make taking her journals seem credulous however, this seemed to be truer than he had ever thought to comprehend.

Later that evening, Dumbledore sat in his office and used Hagrid's memories in the pensive to figure out what had happened to that child. He knew for a fact that Voldemort was gone, at least for now, because he had planned for that. The child was supposed to be brought up by his aunt and uncle as Dumbledore's influence made them moreā€¦ 'temperamental' to magic and would encourage Harry to be raised into a more docile child, just like Neville would be raised in his new and improved environment giving Dumbledore full control over a fake prophecy but more importantly the wizarding world. He decided to send out the story of 'The Boy Who Lived' and planned for Harry's reappearance and how he could modify any personality traits that he didn't like. Luckily Dumbledore knew the perfect place and person for this job and they were right under their thumb.

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