summary: What happens when Kagome says something unforgivable to InuYasha? And, what happens when Sesshoumaru finds him, alone and
sobbing, and takes him in.....will InuYasha ever be the same? And, will he
ever forgive his old friends?

rating:PG for swearing.....gomen ne, but this InuYasha were talking about....

Translation of Japanese Terms

oi ~hey
arigato ~thank you
nani ~what
iie ~no
aa ~yes
maa ~nonsensical word used to calm anger
mou ~nonsensical term of exasperation; anger
gomen ne~ sorry/I am sorry
onegai ~please
baka ~idiot, name no baka means name is an idiot/name you are an idiot, etc.
-sama ~lord
-san ~used for politeness with acquaintances
kami-sama ~God


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{POV is 3rd person, thoughts are Kagome}

Chapter 1-

Alone Once Again

Kagome was angry. After all, why shouldn't she be? That

annoying, dim-witted baka Houjo had cornered her again. Once again,

Kagome made small talk while in reality wanting to slap the poor man.

[This is not my day....ARGHH!!!! Doesn't this guy have a life?!

How could any one be interested in some one so dull?! friends

think its sweet....but I like some one else...]

Kagome allowed herself a grin at the thought of that person, one

who was the exact opposite of Houjo...

"So, that's a yes? Alright!" said the gleeful Houjo. "So, I'll pick you

up on Sunday at 8? Great!! We can see that new movie!! Well, see ya


"NAN"I?!?!?! Wait Houjo! I wasn't paying attention, WAIT!! Iie!

Now I'm stuck with a date with him.......

[And all because I was thinking of InuYasha....I was thinking of how

sweet he looked when he was sleeping, and I didn't pay attention to what I

was saying...Kagome, no baka! I cant get out of this! I just don't

understand-how come the guy I like hates me and is trying to make amends

with my incarnate while the guy who actually likes me,...well.......worships the

ground I walk on...I don't like?? Kami-sama! What is wrong with this

world-do we look like a soap opera?!?! This isn't a shojo manga either...]


Feudal Japan, Monday Morning

Once again, Kagome was angry. She had barely prevented her

self from gagging when with Houjo last night, and REALLY needed to vent

some steam...

Meanwhile, InuYasha was innocently dozing off in a tree. He had

been rather quiet today as a result of the going through the transformation of

becoming human due to last nights full moon. Kagome was also irritated

due to the fact that she hadn't been there, and he always seemed to get in


"Oi, guys, where's Shippou?"

"Nani, Sango, I thought he was with you..."

"Well, he's probably at the stream playing at the water...still, I

better check on him..."

"Sango! And I shall protect you from the youkai!"


"Miroku, you can come if you remain 1 yard away from me..."

The conversation continued as the two strolled into the woods,

searching for the mischievous Shippou. The scene remained a quiet one,

though Kagome seethed with rage inside.

[Kagome, get a hold of your self! Kami-sama, what's wrong with

me? I'm normally not this angry...InuYasha, I beg of you, onegai, don't do

anything to get me mad at you, onegai! I don't know what I'll do...]

"Kagome? Where did Sango, Mirouku, and Shippou go? We

need to get moving soon, there might be a Shikon no Tama shard in the

next village..."

And then she snapped.

"InuYasha! Mou! Weren't you paying attention?! Shippou is

probably playing in the stream and Mirouku and Sango went after him!

Don't you pay attention to anything or any one other than yourself! What is

you problem?! We are all taking time out of our lives to look for your dead

girlfriends jewel, and you don't even care! All you care about is the jewel!

You-you jerk! You insulting, mean, worthless gaki! I can see why you never

had any friends! Not that any one would want to be friends with such a

disgusting FREAK! I can't believe I'm doing this!"


"Oh, just shut up InuYasha. I don't want to have to deal with your

meaningless talk today."

However, Kagome wasn't looking at InuYasha. If she had, she

would have seen that she had broken through his masks. She had not only

destroyed the barrier he had created, but she had shattered his spirit. All

those years of self loathing came back to him in a rush-he remembered

times when he was 5 and the villagers threw stones at him. He remembered

them chanting "FREAK! FREAK!" at him for hours at a time. He remembered

how he sobbed in shock as they killed his mother. Battered and broken,

InuYasha felt as if he were in a dream, some horrendous nightmare,

demo...he couldn't wake up. Summing up the remains of his strength,

InuYasha spoke to Kagome.

"Gomen ne Kagome-san. I...I didn't know that I

caused you all this trouble...I will leave now. You are right, who would

ever want to be friends with a freak like me..."

And, without another word, InuYasha rapidly ran away from

Kagome. He ran away like he had done so many times before. And in this

way he continued till he collapsed against a tree, far, far away from

Kagome, and sobbed.

Owari of Chapter 1

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Chapter 2

Kind or Killer?

Sesshoumaru allowed himself a slight mental smile at the sight of

Rin's enthusiasm. It was astonishing, really, how she managed to be so care

free and content. He had never before though that someone could be that

way around him...

Frowning slightly, Sesshoumaru sniffed the wind...

[this's vaguely familiar...I seem to recall it now, quite

clearly. It is the smell of great sorrow and pain, along with something


Realizing what that something else was, Sesshoumaru, unshakable

youkai-sama, unmovable pillar of power, feared by so many across the

land, ran faster.