Chapter 10 starry paths PART 3

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Chase POV

I wake up with a spring in my step. I quickly rush through the shower and throw on some clothes. I don't know why but for some reason I feel super good about today. I feel lighter, happier and just positive about things for once. After tidying up my room I make my way toward the kitchen. As soon as I enter the kitchen I can see the Adam standing at the counter with his back turned to me.

"Good morning Adam." I wait a bit but no reply "Adam?" I notice he's holding my phone in his hand and my heart drops

"What the fuck is this? All this bullshit you're writing in your phone's diary?" Disgust seeping through his words

"Adam I can explain. Its ju-"

"It's WHAT? Chase I am your brother! This is wrong! I am going to be sick." My heart breaks

"Ple-please… No" My voice cracks, tears rushing down my cheeks

"The worst part is" He laughs with so much disgust "Is the fucking fact that you thought I would in ANY fucking way be interested in you. A pathetic loser." His nose scrunches up in disgust.

I can't breath. The pain in my chest is unbearable. I don't know what to do. I don't know how to make the tears stop. I don't… I feel my conciseness fade and all goes black.


I am super exited for today! We are going sight seeing and shopping and just exploring Paris how we see fit. I just hope today will be filled with positive vibes and happiness. I'm kind of referring to Chase because once again I'm really worried about him. Everything went well until yesterday. He just shut himself out and shied away from us. When we got back from the café he was passed out in front of the fireplace, wrapped up in a blanket. Adam didn't look very happy when he saw Chase because he mentioned something about wanting to talk to him about something personal. Being the good sister that I am I chose not to meddle with them.

Adam is quite nervous today. I think he's planning on telling Chase that he feels the same way about him. I really hope all goes well. Chase deserves someone who makes him happy and protected. Adam mentioned something about giving him a promise ring on the Eiffel Tower. It's so cheesy but adorable and I hope that they will be happy together. Meanwhile I'll be very happy going shopping with MR Davenport's credit card.

Tasha POV

Today is going to be absolutely fabulous. Sight seeing, French cuisine and many more. It's the city of love for crying out loud. Speaking of love, I talked to Chase before we left yesterday for dinner. My heart bleeds for him. So much pain and suffering at such a young age is terrible. It's really just unfair to be honest. When we talked I could sense that something was off so I indirectly asked him what's worrying him so much. He told me everything. From Trent bullying him and everyone mocking him for no reason at all but that's the least of what's bothering him. The main reason he's so sad lately is because of Adam.

At first I was a little confused when he mentioned Adam. Every time I see him with Adam he looks relaxed and genuinely happy. The more he explained his scenario the more I understood why he is so upset. He is in between worlds at the moment. He really loves Adam but it's starting to hurt him. He also said that he's trying to distance himself from Adam because he scared. Chase is so afraid that Adam is going to break his heart. Despite Chase being so smart, he is very oblivious to the fact that he's hurting himself a lot more by distancing himself from Adam.

When we arrived at the hotel Adam requested that he wanted to talk to me about something. I was shocked but filled with joy when we talked. He revealed that he also has feelings for Chase. A huge weight was lifted off my shoulders when he told me because finally things are turning out good in the end. Chase will be happy and that at the moment is all that matters. It breaks me to see him in such a state of sadness and depression. Hopefully things will turn out great in the end.

Adam POV

Well today is the day. Today I confess to Chase. I'm ready for it despite the nervousness. I'm not only ready to be with Chase, but I'm ready to start a new life and a new adventure with him at my side, hand in hand. After all he's gone through I think he deserves to be happy. I plan on giving him the ring while we are on the tower, under the stars. I know it's cheesy and cliché but Chase deserves a happily ever after. I'm a little mad at him because of what happened yesterday but I chose to rather leave it before I upset him more.

I actually wanted to talk to him to find out if he is okay. I got quite a fright yesterday when he just started crying like that. I thought about a few reasons to why he cried but none of them added up. The possibility of him being depressed also popped up but it can't be true. I mean we have gotten so close lately and I thought that was what he wanted. I have also noticed that he is trying to distance himself from me. Nevertheless I won't let anything get in my way today. Today I tell Chase that I feel the same about him and there is nothing anyone can do to stop me.

When we returned at the hotel room last night Chase was asleep on the couch. Bree and Leo both went to bed directly after we returned but I wasn't that tired. I watched TV a bit until MR Davenport and Tasha returned from their dinner. After they went to bed I decided to get in behind Chase and wrapped my arms around his waist and fell asleep like that on the couch. Sometime during the night Chase had a nightmare, again, and I comforted him. After that I took him to bed and stayed with him until he fell asleep which didn't take very long then I made my way to my own room. Like always I'm up a bit earlier than the rest so I decide to get ready for the day. I throw on my usual attire and head to the TV. All my actions come to a halt due to a blood chilling scream. Chase. I rush towards his room.

Chase POV

I can hear a voice, rough yet soothing at the same time. The words are faint but linger in my mind, shouting at my brain to WAKE up. Everything rushes back to me. Feeling returns and I can feel warm arms lifting me up, my head aimlessly falling onto what seems to be a shoulder. The scent radiating from the body is pure bliss, millions of photoreceptors react to the neurological messages coursing through my body. I force eyes open only to be greeted by a pair of warm chocolate ones. Adam. Adam… Oh God he hates me. I start to panic, gasping for breath.

"Chase! Calm down!"

"N-No please! I'm s-s-sorry p-pl-please." I plead, tears rushing forcefully down my face

"Shhh it's okay. Chase look at me. Look at me!" I once again force my eyes open "It's me Chasey, I'm here." Adam sooths

"Y-y-you ha-hate me. You said you could nev-"

"Whoa there Chase." He envelopes his arms around me, squeezing gently "I would never say I hate you, ever, you had a nightmare. I heard you scream and I came as fast as I could." He smiles while gently raking his hand through my hair

"Nightmare… I just don't understand why I keep having them. They are usually about the same thing but this one was unbearable." I shudder at the thought

"Want to talk about it?" He smiles sadly

I just shake my head and take his hand in mine. God knows it's the only thing keeping me from completely giving in and fading away. To be honest grabbing his hand was almost instinctive, it was as if my body knows what's best for me. Adam just nods and hugs me. I feel bad for not talking to him about it but I am not taking any chances. The last thing I need is to relive that horrible nightmare.

"I am going to start breakfast. Why don't you go get ready and then come to the kitchen when your done. Just take your time and relax Chase, were on vacation. Relaxing should come as easily as walking" He chuckles softly, loosening his arms around me

"N-no, please, stay. Please."I ask softly

"Always" he whispers


Adam POV

Just a few more hours and then everything will be better. No more sad songs, no more thinking about regrets. No more negativity. Chase fell asleep again after I went to check up on him. Not much time has gone by but in the meantime I managed to make breakfast for everyone. A thought that occurred to me just as I finished making the breakfast was that we are in a city with some of the best food in the world, and here I am making pancakes. Oh well at least it is the thought that counts… Everyone else is up and ready for the day except for Chase, who is asleep. I am going to wake him and then we can finally start the day, our day.


Chase POV

"I think you all agree with me when I say Paris is hands down the most beautiful city, like, ever." Leo states

"I totally agree with you. I'm just sad that the day is almost over." Bree replies

"There is always tomorrow. We still have like three days here." I reply

"That's also true" Leo nods his head at the statement

Today was really fun. Experiencing the food, culture and beautiful architecture of the city is just a few of the many things we did today. All that's left is the Eiffel tower. Adams has been getting on my nerves the entire day though. It's as if he is present in body but absent in mind. A lost ember dwindling through the narrow streets of a hallow mind. I don't know what to do about it because I don't know what the hell is wrong. And I really doubt asking him what's wrong will help in anyway since the only reply I'll get is "Yup", with him popping the p. Alas, I won't allow such childishness to spoil my day. Cut your nose to spoil your face.

"Your awfully quiet Adam, is everything alright sweetie?" Tasha asks

"I'm fine Tasha, just a little tired, s'all."

"Yeah-yeah that's great-"Leo interrupts"-Look guys, we're finally at the tower." He states excitingly

As we all laugh at Leo's eagerness, we make our way towards the tower. After arriving at the tower, my entire body starts shaking. I really did not realize that the tower is going to be so high up and I also didn't realize that the tower freaking sways at the top. Saying that I'm terrified will be an understatement in comparison to the amount of anxiety and fear that's coursing through my body. Without hesitation I grab Adam's hand, intertwining our fingers, locking the grip. I gaze up with the intention to catch his attention but all he does is look away. What have I done wrong?

My heart drops at this and causes that… gnawing feeling in my stomach, a pit, swirling with fears and regrets, causing me to question every fiber of my being. Analyzing all the actions performed and words spoken up to this point. Nothing makes sense anymore and quite frankly I'm starting to give in to the though of letting it 'slip'. Everything will be so much easier.

All these runaway thoughts are thoughts of a helpless hallow, seeking sovereignless souls, seeking an escape from the unnerving, swirling thoughts of doubt. Seeking closure. As ash seeketh embers, I yearn for a life of bliss and serenity.

"Okay guys, you've got 20 minutes then we have to head back to the hotel. It's going to rain soon and we have a dinner reservation at a very fancy molecular gastronomy restaurant." Mr. Davenport announces

"Aren't you coming up with us MR Davenport?"

"No thank you. I've been up there a few times in my life. I've never had a fear of heights until I got to the top of the tower." MR Davenport says

"Wow thanks, as if I wasn't scared enough." I say sarcastically

"And I'll be up there with you Chase." Adam states, squeezing my hand

"Yeah Chase. Don't forget about me and Leo." Bree says putting her arm around my shoulder

"Okay then. Let's do this."


"Oh my gosh, is gorgeous." I say looking at the city

"Isn't it?" Adam replies

"Guys, MR Davenport just texted me, we gotta get going." Bree says, not looking up from her phone

"You guys go ahead, I'll be down just now, I wanna take a few pictures."

"Sure thing Chase, Adam, you coming? Leo asks

"I'll stay with Chase. Bree, you know what to tell MR Davenport." Adam gives Bree a sided nod

"I will do" Bree says biting her lip, smiling "I'll see you guys" with that she turns and leaves with Leo

"That was strange?" I ask confused

"Maybe a little" Adam chuckles softly "But you know how she is." He says as his face drops, showing no expression. He sighs

"There you do it again!" I exclaim throwing up my arms in defeat

"What?" He questions bluntly

"You've been like this the entire day Adam! You smile but then it drops again just like that. And no matter what I say or do, you just don't react!" My face starts to redden as I try to fight back the tears


"No don't. Just don't Adam. You don't know how much pain you inflict. Words hurt a lot." My voice breaks, tears start to swell, blurring my vision


"No Adam. You don't understand the things I'll do for you. But your actions, they break me. They show regret. I makes me want to give up and-."

"Chase I love you."

Just as I was about to continue I was cut off by a pair of lips, so easily falling on to mine. After a moment I finally register what's happening. Adam is kissing me. The person that caused me sleepless nights, the person that opened my eyes to the beauty of the world, the person that taught me love is something you have to fight for. That person, Adam Davenport, is kissing me.

With that I let go. Tears start rushing down my face, embedding their burning presence on my cheeks. My eyes close without hesitation, capturing a last glimpse of Adam. My arms fold around his neck for much needed support. I start to follow the melodious rhythm of his lips and melt into the kiss, savoring the tenderness behind the love. His lips are rough yet gentle. This is pure bliss. This is closure. This… is love.