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It took Dean a couple of days to get his head around how accepting his brother was. And when he heard Cas' tale of Sam's visit to him he wasn't sure whether to be pissed at his brother for being so overly protective, or to savour the amazing feeling of having someone who was that protective, even though he was dating a man. His mind was on some strange loop and he kept expecting the other shoe to drop. For all the good things in his life to suddenly turn round and bite him in the ass. He wasn't used to being this, well, happy. He wasn't sure he would ever get used to it.

In fact that feeling, that he was waiting for the inevitable 'bad thing' to happen, continued until two days before Bobby was supposed to arrive. It was that evening that Cas had arranged a meal for him, Dean, Sam and Jess so they could all meet and get to know each other before Bobby arrived. Dean had been half excited about finally being able to be himself round his brother and Jess, as well as being able to have Cas with him as his boyfriend, and half terrified that this was when his world was all going to come crashing down on top of him. I mean what would he do if it turned out that Sam and Jess didn't get on with Cas? What would happen then?

But much to Dean's surprise, that didn't happen. In fact Jess and Cas got on right away, laughing and talking like old friends, and the evening was a complete success. He didn't get it. When was all the happiness going to show itself for the fake it really was? When was he going to end up losing all that he had started to care for?

That evening, as he lay in Cas' arms nothing but theses thoughts and questions were going round his head making him frown.

"What is it Dean?" Castiel asked gently as he looked down at his boyfriend and saw the worry in his eyes. He didn't like seeing that look on the face of the man he loved.

"Nothing." Dean replied forcing a smile out of his lips. He didn't want to burden Cas with his stupid neurotic thoughts.

"Really?" Castiel asked after trying really hard to not say anything. He didn't want to be all doctor-y on Dean, but he also couldn't bare to see the man upset, and turning Dean's eyes to his he could see upset was a bit of an understatement to how Dean was feeling right then. Castiel just wanted to help Dean, in any way he could.

"I'm waiting for this good stuff to crash down around me." Dean finally replied with a sigh tearing his stare from Cas'. He could never keep anything from that look, damn his boyfriend with his understanding blue eyes.

"Why would it? You've been through the bad Dean, Now its time for you to enjoy the good." Castiel responded, involuntarily wrapping his arms around Dean tighter in the hopes that he could show the man that he was never going to let him go again. That he would never let anything evil happen to him again.

"But what if it doesn't last?" Dean whispered into Cas' chest as he squeezed his eyes tight against the thoughts that one day Cas would be gone. That theses arms would no longer be there to hold him. Dean didn't know if he could facer that day when it inevitably arrived.

"No matter what happens Dean Winchester, I will always be at your side." Castiel growled down in response to Dean's question. He would not let Dean think he would ever leave him, there was no chance of that ever happening.

"I need you Cas." Dean whispered into Castiel's shoulder as he snuggled closer to the man who held him, maybe in the hopes of making the one person instead of two. It was the closest Dean could get to saying he loved Cas. But that didn't make it any less the truth.

"I need you too Dean." Castiel whispered back into Dean's hair as he kissed the top of his head. He knew that in truth what they had just said to each other was that they loved the other, and if Dean could never say the word, Castiel was fine with that. He didn't need to hear it to know it was the truth.

And Dean, well he relaxed into Cas' arms then and closed his eyes, with a smile at the idea that Cas felt the same for him as he felt for Cas on his lips. There was no need to panic about what might happen in the future he guessed. He needed to just enjoy the here and now, where he had Cas at his side, supporting him, and helping him stand tall in the world. Showing him he was worth more than he had ever believed. All he could do to put off that bleak empty future was make sure that every day he gave Cas another reason to stay.

And give reasons he did, not that Castiel needed them. Sometimes they were little things, like when Bobby arrived and Sam had a BBQ Dean insisted on invited Gabriel as well, because he was family now too. Or the fact that Dean got up every morning and made Cas a packet lunch for work. He would have made him breakfast, but he knew that Gabriel had that one covered, and he didn't want to step on the guys toes.

They were just little things that showed Castiel how much he loved him. And Castiel, well, he found it adorable that the man he loved was so caring, and as such, he tired to return the favour, though his way was more along the lines of making sure Dean was happy whenever they were together, doing everything he could to help ease his mind at all times. Castiel loved Dean so much, he never wanted to see a cloud shadowing his face as he had that first time they met. No he never wanted to see that look again.

And so that was how Dean and Castiel spent the rest of there lives together. Happy and in love, and showing the other these truths in whatever way they could, whenever they could.

It was a perfect happy ending to a relationship with such a turbulent beginning.


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