Made For Them

Chap 1: The Day They All Agreed

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It was a normal day in Forks. The sun refused to shine and the rain refused to cease. Carlisle left in the early hours of the morning for the hospital and Esme was up in the attic designing something or other to use to renovate the house. Edward walked out of the forest with a smile on his face, he could feel the blood sloshing in his stomach a sure sign of satisfaction. The lion was down and dead before it had chance to think let alone react. The blood had being warm as it slid down Edward's throat and now he was ready to face the day.

Well okay maybe not so ready, he was never ready to return to school, the mixture of temptation and monotony was unbearable. But he did it for peace and for the parents that had looked after him so well over the years. As eight rolled around he pulled his silver Volvo out of the garage and sat waiting for his siblings. The calm and collected Rosalie and her polar opposite Alice. Jasper who always seemed to be in pain or uncomfortable and Emmett that never seemed to express any of those emotions. Each with a past and each with an immeasurable future. No one in their family had found their soul mates but each had some faith, some more than others but it was there nonetheless.

It took no less than five minutes for the whole family to converge in the small vehicle. Alice called shotgun like every morning and the other three folded uncomfortably into the back. As soon as the doors closed Edward sped off down their barren drive and into the rain covered roads of Forks.

At the school they moved as a pack, protecting themselves and each other. The only time they split were when their lessons did not correspond but that didn't happen until after lunch.

And when lunch rolled around they returned to the pack animals once again. They walked in tandem, usually they were what was most talked about, the stars of a show that no one truly knew the lines to. No today they walked but no one watched, they weren't the most exciting thing of the day, today it was a girl. A mere human that stole their spotlight. There were numerous rumours about her.

She was more beautiful than Rosalie, brunette with perfect skin and a soft smile. Yes it was the smile that tipped the scales for her. Also according to the gossip grapevine she was impeccably dressed in the finest Italian designs. Depending on who you spoke to she was either cheery and the perfect gentleman (mainly staff) or dryly sarcastic almost to a fault (the boys and sluts). Edward couldn't help remarking she shared some kind of trait with each of her siblings. But nonetheless not one of them had met this enigma and they were all eager to see what had got the populace of Forks high school into such a tizzy.

They did not make their search obvious, they did as usual, upholding aloofness through curiosity. They placed their filled trays on the bitter white surface of the badly cleaned table and sat daintily in the stiff chairs. They picked at apples and poked straws in unused drink cartons. Unbeknownst to the chattering humans around them they were looking for the anomaly in their little world. They knew her name,

Isabella Swan. However when a face was placed with a name four of five of them undercover vampires stopped dead in their tracks. They all saw the beauty at the same time, flowing brunette locks, large chocolate doe eyes, curves in all the right places and full kissable lips. She walked like she owned the place and maybe she didn't but she now owned four vampires sat in the room.

Recognition flooded them all instantly causing them all to react differently.

Both Jasper and Emmett stiffened immediately at the sight of the girl calling to their baser needs. Where Emmett whistled cheerfully, Jasper groaned in frustration both sexual and emotional. Where Emmett fought the urge to sweep her off her feet, to immerse himself in the scent of freesias and strawberries, Jasper fought not to run, to save this beautiful creature that did not deserve to be with such a monster as himself. For Alice and Rosalie it was terribly disconcerting, they knew this was what they'd being waiting for, the person who owned them completely but what threw them off was that it was a girl. They hadn't expected that in the slightest. Alice took it in her stride, she watched the girl unabashedly, a purr reverberating through her beast, her eyes pulsed black in lust as she sat fixed, with pure determination, to her chair. Rosalie let out a gentle, low growl as she felt unworthy for the first time in her years. She was used to being the most beautiful but god she was far from it, this goddess before was. And she felt the taint of her human years fully, she wasn't good enough for the girl.

Yes they all fought some urge as they watched and scented their mate. Four minds were focused on one girl so resolutely that they didn't notice each others fixation. But Edward did. He sat himself, staring at the human with a silent mind, stupefied into silence as four voices echoed in his mind.

"Isabella... MINE! MATE!"

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