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The ground shook a bit, as two figures walked through the hallways of Las Noches. One figure had tanned skin and a large build. He had brown eyes, black hair and long, bushy sideburns, and a thin ponytail reaching his upper back. He also had a Hollow mask remnant on his chin, looking like a jawbone. In contrast to the large man, there was a pale young man almost half his size, with slitted green eyes, short messy black hair and the remains of a Hollow mask on the left side of his head, looking like a horned helmet was next to him.

Ulquiorra and Yammy walked side-by-side through Las Noches. Yammy yawned, as he scratched the side of his head.

"Ah, Ulquiorra, how many of these pathetic pieces of trash have we gotten?" Yammy asked loudly.

Ulquiorra had a frown, as he looked forward. "We've recruited two Espada and seven replacements that could be potentially used if one of the Espada rebels or dies." He stated.

"Oh that's right…" Yammy said, as he rubbed his head. "…How come it took weeks?" He asked.

Ulquiorra cast him a glance. "Perhaps it was because you killed thirteen of the other potential hollows." He commented.

"They were pathetic trash, so I killed them!" Yammy declared, defending himself.

"You do not need to scream to get your point across, I'm well aware of their inadequacies." Ulquiorra replied coolly.

"Oh…Why didn't you say so?" Yammy asked, Ulquiorra ignored him, as they continued down the hall.

"…I did." Ulquiorra said, looking forward. "You just over reacted, which seems to be something you usually do." He commented.

He hadn't been in Los Naches for more than a few days, since Aizen had started sending him out to recruit potential members for the Espada and back up members as well. Ulquiorra knew the value of manpower, but Yammy did kill a few dozen of the Hollows they were sent to recruit. Though if they lost to Yammy in his 10th Espada form, than they didn't really deserve to join.

He didn't really care that Aizen had sent him out for the past week or so. A part of him did miss Loly and Melony, though he just ignored it and regarded it as a pointless emotion at the moment. It wouldn't help him succeed and it would make him more inefficient at his current objective. With Aizen sending him around everywhere, he wasn't able to socialize with the other Espada, more specifically Starrk. He really didn't care about anyone else. They were either to bloodthirsty, belligerent, moronic, overzealous or just annoying in his opinion.

Ulquiorra walked down the corridor, with the larger Espada at his side. On the other hand, Yammy seemed to really like him, well as much as he could at least. Aizen liked to send the two out to recruit, mostly because Yammy was relatively and incredibly strong in certain aspects. But he was kinda dumb. On the other hand, Ulquiorra was incredibly smart, but rarely fought if he saw no point to it. Which is something he rarely did, he didn't see much point in anything.

The two worked well together, with Ulquiorra acting as the brains and Yammy as the bronze. It also helped that out of every Espada and Arrancar in the entire palace of Las Noches, Yammy only seemed to respect Ulquiorra.

Yammy saw almost every other Espada as weak trash that couldn't do much of anything, well except maybe Starrk. Anyone else was a weakling that talked a lot of trash, but couldn't back it up. Or they were just stupid drones that pandered to Aizen. The first time Yammy saw Ulquiorra, he casually put Nnoitra in his place and didn't really boast about his power. Ulquiorra never claimed or fucked with Yammy because of being the 10th Espada or challenged him for the place of the 0 Espada. So the larger Arrancar held respect for him, which is something even Aizen doesn't have. And that's the reason why Yammy always listens or asks Ulquiorra for things or advice.

The two eventually arrived, at Aizen's throne room, with the two kneeling. Aizen looked down on them, with his head resting in his hand.

"You're back." Aizen commented.

"The objective was completed, Aizen-sama." Ulquiorra stated, as he looked down. He didn't feel the need to say what the objective was. Aizen was the one to order him to do it. It would waste both of their times rehashing what they both already knew.

"Good, you're free to go, Yammy." Aizen said, causing the larger Arrancar to stand up and left the chamber. He glanced down and looked towards Ulquiorra, was standing up and looked up towards the Shinigami. "…I want to know, what do you think of the current Espada?" He asked.

"…It isn't my place to voice opinions, Aizen-sama." Ulquiorra stated bluntly.

Aizen smirked. "Humor me." He said.

"Yammy has immense anger issues that are easily manipulated and could be used to hamper or help in a situation. Starrk is unmotivated, but if giving the right reason, will fight. Baraggan is a shady and shifty person, I don't believe he cares much for anyone around him and would likely kill you and every Espada once given the chance. Harribel is…complicated…but useful." Ulquiorra said unsure about that one. He liked to believe he could read people. She was one of those people he couldn't read. "Nnoitra is wild and traitorous, in the end, he'll try to kill you at the chance of dying a good death. Grimmjow, like Yammy has immense anger issues and a sever inferiority complex. Zommari is an almost annoyingly overzealous fellow, with no substantial personality values. Szayelaporro is weak, pretending to be strong. And Aaroniero is like Szayelaporro." Ulquiorra stated. "In the end, disregarding Starrk, Harribel, Yammy and possibly Grimmjow, the others are rudimentary trash." He commented.

Aizen smirked and leaned back, and slowly nodded. He thought that too, he'd never admit that of course. But he did have his favorites among the Espada, being Ulquiorra. He might not have been incredibly strong, but he knew how to get a job done and didn't complain like almost every other Espada.

"I see…" Aizen said. "…You're free to go." He said, as he leaned back and looked at a projection of an orange haired boy fighting Shinigami in Soul Society, studying all the movements and fighting forms.

Ulquiorra bowed a bit, before he turned around and left the chamber. He glanced around and noticed no one was around, before he vanished in Sonido. He appeared in front of the entrance to his portion of Los Nachos, before he opened the door and entered.

"Damn it, Melony! If Ulquiorra-sama returns and he sees his place a mess, it'll be on you!" Loly yelled, as she glared at the blonde girl.

"But it's just a few pairs of cloths, it's not the messy." Melony stated.

"Just a few pair of cloths, just a few pair of cloths!" Loly yelled furiously. As she smacked her hand against her other hand. "We are alive because of Ulquiorra-sama, we live because of him! He let us become stronger and stronger, and now we live in a fucking palace! Now this Ass-zien is sending Ulquiorra-sama around and you make a mess, you sure as hell better clean it up!" She screamed out.

"…Geez…I'll pick up my dirty cloths." Melony muttered, as she picked up one of her pants and jacket that she left lying around.

Loly panted, before she turned around and jumped, when she saw Ulquiorra standing a few inches behind her with a blank look on his face. "Jesus!" She announced, before her entire overly aggressive demeanor shifted to a submissive one. "U-Ulquiorra-sama, y-you didn't hear what I said to Melony, right?" She asked nervously.

"…I heard a substantial amount." Ulquiorra stated bluntly, causing Loly to blush heavily. "While I do believe cleanliness is important, you seem to take it to higher-levels. I think you should get some psychiatric help." He admitted.

Loly looked down with a heavy blush on her face. "S-sorry." She said.

Ulquiorra tilted his head and knitted his eyebrows together, and gave her a confused look. "You are a strange person." He commented, before he walked passed her. Loly continued to look down, but she was smiling happily to herself and pleased to know Ulquiorra was worried for her mental health.

"I have been absent for the past week, so I haven't been able to address problems that have come up." Ulquiorra stated, causing Loly to quickly turn around and face him.

"I didn't do it." Loly stated, causing Ulquiorra to look at her weirdly.

"I was referring to the fact that you and the other woman have no experience in fighting in a humanoid form." He stated.

"W-what're you suggesting, Ulquiorra-sama?" Loly asked nervously, as she looked down.

Ulquiorra looked at her with his usual blank look. "…I'm going to give you fighting experience." He stated, causing Loly's eyes to go wide.

A few hours later

In the sandy landscape of Los Nachos, Ulquiorra, Loly and Melony stared down. Well, Ulquiorra was looking entirely dispassionate, while Loly and Melony were panting heavily.

Melony was in her Resurrección, having thin, spiky, white, boney armor on her legs and arms. Protruding out of her back were four large, sharp, serrated, boney spider legs. She crouched down, causing her four spider-like leg protrusions out of her back to tense up and point towards Ulquiorra, before they all fired off a multitude of fast Bala.

Ulquiorra didn't really need to move, as almost half of the storm of Bala missed him, while the others bounced off his Hierro. Quickly Melony jumped back and leveled both of her palms towards Ulquiorra and formed a Cero in front of her hands, before her four spider legs moved around it and further enhanced the Cero.

Melony fired the crimson Cero at the Espada, before she heard the sound of static behind her. Quickly her spider-like legs shot back and went to impale Ulquiorra, as he stood behind her. She didn't feel anything behind her, causing her to turn around, only to see nothing.

Melony's eyes went wide when she felt a hand on her ankle, before her leg was pulled out from under her, sending her to the ground. Ulquiorra held her leg up, before he stomped on her stomach, causing Melony to cough with her eyes going wide.

Ulquiorra turned and swung Melony, before he threw the blonde Arrancar into a nearby wall. He turned and looked towards Loly, to see she looked really conflicted about what she was doing.

"If you do not attack, I will attack you." Ulquiorra stated bluntly.

Loly looked down unsure, before she looked forward and charged. When Loly slashed her small blade at Ulquiorra he grabbed onto her wrist and twisted her arm behind her back. He pushed Loly forward and swept her leg out from underneath her, and sent her face first into the sand.

As Ulquiorra held her to the ground, Loly squirmed a bit. After a few seconds Ulquiorra let go of her. "We're done for today." He said, as he let go of the girl. He stepped back and put his hands in his pockets.

Loly groaned when in disappointment when she felt Ulquiorra let her go. Ulquiorra ignored it and looked towards Melony. "Get her and take her to bed, she needs some rest." He stated, causing Loly to look up and she saw Melony was partially embedded into a wall.

Ulquiorra looked away in disinterest, with Loly looking down sadly. 'Melony and I couldn't even make him draw his sword…' She thought disappointed in herself, thinking she was inadequate to fight for Ulquiorra, if she wasn't even a challenge for him. '…but he's Ulquiorra-sama! Of course, he's super-strong and powerful, it's no wonder we couldn't beat him.' Loly thought happy again, before she looked down in disappointment again. '…I wish he could hold me down a bit longer though…' She thought, as she crossed her arms and went to help Melony.

As Loly pulled Melony out of the wall, Ulquiorra looked around and had a frown on his face. When Loly took Melony off towards Ulquiorra's part of the palace, he vanished in the sound of static.

A few minutes later, appeared on the other side of the palace, more specifically Starrk's area. Ulquiorra glanced around with a frown on his face, before he looked forward at the door in front of him and reached out, and knocked on the door.

"What!?" A loud female voice demanded.

Ulquiorra stood there on the other end of the door, before he glanced around unsure. He reached out and knocked again.

A loud disgruntled groan came from the other side, before the door slammed open. Ulquiorra tilted his head slightly at who he saw. Standing at the door was a young-looking girl who was more than a foot shorter then him. She wore a very revealing outfit, wearing white-colored briefs with a black line in the middle, arm-warmers, a revealing vest with a high-collar and thigh-high, fur-lined boots. She had a hollow hole in the center of her stomach, along with the remainder of her hollow mask forming a helmet with two horns. The left horn looked like it was cut of and the left half of the mask covered her left eyes, with her right eye free, revealing it was light pink. She also seemed to have light green hair which was roughly chin length.

Lilynette looked at Ulquiorra with a narrowed eye, as she looked him up and down. Her eye met up and connected with Ulquiorra's slitted green eyes and tear marks that descended from the bottom of his eyes. Her eye went wide, as she stepped back.

"Ulqui?" Lilynette muttered in shock.

"...That is a shortened version of my name, yes." Ulquiorra answered.

A loud squeal, causing Ulquiorra to grimace slightly at the sound, before Lilynette launched forward and wrapped her arms around him and buried her face on his abdomen. Ulquiorra looked down and saw Lilynette rubbing her face against his stomach.

"I missed you so much!" She announced happily.

Ulquiorra looked unsure, as he slowly reached down and lightly patted the young-looking Arrancar on the back. "...There, there..." He said.

Lilynette stopped rubbing her face in his stomach and pulled back, before she face Ulquiorra a dry look. "You really haven't changed..." She began, before a wide grin formed on her face. "...Oh that means I have so much more to teach you!" She squealed in happiness.

Ulquiorra just had his usual frown, as he watched the young girl step back and let go of him. "It'll be so much fun!" Lilynette said in excitement. She blinked a few times when she looked at Ulquiorra's face and his body, and she had a bit of a blush.

Lilynette gasped and pointed at him. "You're an Arrancar now!" She announced.

"...Yes?" Ulquiorra said unsure. Not sure if he had to confirm what she was saying.

"Oh this is going to be so awesome! Now we can go fishing...well, when we go to the human world. And you don't have to be the bait anymore, and we can go riding, and we can hold hands..." Lilynette rambled off, as her voice started to break from the lack of breathing. "...And we can fly kites, and we can play tag, and we can drink orange juice...together." She finished out in a slight squeak, before she took a deep breath.

"...I didn't have to be an Arrancar to do that." Ulquiorra stated bluntly.

"Yeah, no duh." Lilynette said with her hands on her hips and an eye-roll. "But now we can to all sorts of naughty things, like kissing." She said with a giant mischievous grin. "And Starrk won't know!" She said in excitement, as she rubbed her hands together in a scheming sorta manner.

"...Kissing..." Ulquiorra repeated.

"Muahahaha…." Lilynette laughed manically to herself. "…It'll be perfect!" She declared.

"You are...strange." Ulquiorra commented, before he looked into the room behind her. "Where is Starrk?" He questioned.

Lilynette rolled her eye. "Geez, you want the old-guy, what about sexy-me?" She asked, as she put a hand on her hip.

Ulquiorra knitted his eyebrows together and tilted his head unsure, as he looked at Lilynette in confusion. "...What?" He asked.

Lilynette just grinned and reached out and grabbed onto Ulquiorra's hand. "Nothing, now come on! I wanna do all the things I hear the other Arrancar talking about! It's sounds to naughty and fun!" She said with a wide smile.

The melancholic Arrancar didn't move, as Lilynette pulled him. "Come on!" Lilynette said loudly.

"I need to speak with Stark." Ulquiorra stated.

Lilynette sighed and let go of his hand, before she blew up against some of the her hair, which had fallen in front of her eye. "He's doing his usual stupid, lazy crap. Sleeping and all the stuff." She said, as she turned and looked at Ulquiorra to see he began to walk away.

"Wait! Wait! Wait!" Lilynette yelled, as she chased after the melancholic Arrancar. She caught up with him and moved in front of him, causing Ulquiorra to look down at the young girl.

"...What?" Ulquiorra asked with a tilt of his head.

Lilynette rolled her eye. "Geez, we don't talk for a few years and you're so cold as before, I gotta teach you all over again." She said, with her arms crossed and sighed loudly, before a wide grin formed on her face. "Something I'm happy to teach!" She announced gleefully.

Ulquiorra looked at Lilynette blankly, before he exhaled a bit through his nose. Lilynette smiled, when she didn't hear any protests.

The two began to walk through the large corridors of Las Noches, well Ulquiorra walked like he usually did, while Lilynette had a wide smile and had a skip in her step. As the two walked, Lilynette turned and walked backwards, while looking at her long time friend.

"...I'm sorry, Ulqui." Lilynette apologized, as her smile fell a bit and looked a bit sad.

Ulquiorra looked at her with a frown. "What are you on about?" He questioned.

Lilynette looked down and continued to walk backwards, passing several doors and low level Arrancar. "When we fought that stupid, old-man." She said sadly. "S-Starrk sent a Cero at you, a-and you...and we never s-s-saw you again." She said, as her visible eye started to water a bit.

Ulquiorra looked at Lilynette's watery eye in confusion. "Why are you crying?" He asked.

Lilynette sniffed, as she rubbed her eye. "I'm not crying, idiot. I just...got something in my eye." She admitted.

Ulquiorra tilted his head and slowly knelt down, so he was level with her. "Are you feeling alright?" He questioned.

Lilynette sniffed and nodded. "I just...I...I really missed you." She admitted. "Starrk didn't want you do get hurt, with the stupid, old-man and his group wanting to fight…Starrk would've been forced into his Released State...And...And...Y-You would've died from the spiritual energy like everyone else….and I...I don't want to lose you again! Uwaah!" She sounded, as she cried and lunged forward, and pulled the melancholic Arrancar in a hug.

The melancholic Arrancar stumbled back a bit, as Lilynette practically tackled him. Lilynette cried into his chest, as she had her arms wrapped around his back in a bone-crushing grip.

Ulquiorra glanced around with an unsure look on his face, before he slowly reached up and lightly pat her on the back. "...There, there..." He said.

"I-I-I missed you so much!" Lilynette cried out.

"...There really wasn't much to miss." He admitted bluntly. Ulquiorra didn't understand why she would miss him. People come and go, though a part of him did miss Lilynette and Starrk.

"D-D-Don't say that!" She yelled.

Ulquiorra closed his eyes and grimaced at the high-volume, before he stood up. As he stood up, Lilynette continued to hold onto him, with her legs dangling.

"I don't understand why you would miss me or why you do have such an emotion break down upon my return...But...I...Appreciate it." Ulquiorra admitted.

Lilynette pulled her head back and looked up at him teary eyed and had a quivering lip. "Y-You mean it?!" She asked.

Ulquiorra closed his eyes and sighed. "...You make me...very happy." He admitted.

Lilynette's eye went wide and she let go of him, before she quickly rubbed her eye and sniffed a bit. "O-of course I do. I'm awesome!" She said quickly, as she adjusted her revealing vest. Lilynette turned around and looked forward. "I'll never leave you again, I promise you that!" She declared.

"...Alright..." Ulquiorra said dispassionately.

Lilynette sighed in relief and looked forward with a new, wider smiler on her face. "We'll be the inseparable. We'll be the envy of everyone out there, we'll be as famous as Batman and Robin! What'd you say!?" She asked valiantly, as she pointed at Ulquiorra.

"I don't understand that reference." Ulquiorra replied blankly, causing Lilynette to face-palm.

Lilynette grabbed onto Ulquiorra's hand and began to walk him around. "Come on, I gotta re-teach you everything again!" She said loudly, with Ulquiorra following, like he usually did when he was a Hollow.

A few days later

Two people stood in front of the entrance of Ulquiorra's area. One of them was Ulquiorra and the other was Lilynette, who was excitingly bouncing.

"I wanna see your place, Ulqui! Hurry up!" Lilynette said with excitement.

Ulquiorra reached forward and opened the door. As soon as he opened the door the young girl burst through the doorway and giggled happily. Ulquiorra sighed and closed his eyes, before he followed the young Arrancar.

Lilynette hummed and skipped her way through the dark grey building, with Ulquiorra casually walking with her. "This place is so dark. Maybe some candles or something could make it look...not so depressing." She commented.

"...The luminosity of my area is not of import." Ulquiorra stated.

"Geez, have you started writing poems and eating buckets of ice-cream?" Lilynette asked sarcastically, as she turned and saw Ulquiorra looking at her blankly.

"I don't understand..." He began.

"Eh, stop it. You don't need to say it!" Lilynette insisted.

"...You're strange." Ulquiorra commented.

Lilynette just smiled at him as she wrapped her arms around his waist and hugged him. "But you wuve me!" She said cutely.

"W-Who is this!?" A female voice demanded angrily, casing Lilynette to let go of her favorite Arrancar and turned around. A few feet behind her was a furious Loly, who was glaring at the young girl.

"Who's this? Who're you? And why are you in Ulqui's palace?" Lilynette asked darkly, as she reached up to the cut off horn on her helmet.

"I'm Loly, Ulquiorra-sama's most loyalist follower! And bestiest fighter he has!" Loly declared, as she glared at the green haired Arrancar.

The two female Arrancar glared at each other with their single pink eyes, with Ulquiorra looking at the two weirdly. He put his hands in his pockets, before he walked between the two and then passed them. "Woman, get the other one and we'll begin another training session." Ulquiorra stated.

"O-Of course, U-Ulquiorra-sama...B-But...who's she!?" Loly questioned, glaring at Lilynette who was smiling.

"Don't worry about her." Ulquiorra replied callously, as he walked through his palace.

"Ha-ha!" Lilynette laughed, pointing at Loly.

"You little brat!" Loly snapped angrily, as she glared at the green haired girl.

"The name's Lilynette, not brat, you school-girl wannabe!" Lilynette replied mockingly.

"I'm not a school-girl wannabe!" Loly yelled back, before she looked at Ulquiorra and her entire demeanor changed. From an overly aggressive personality she turned into a totally submissive girl. "U-Ulquiorra-sama, w-why is this brat here?" Loly asked, with her eyes down and head bowed a bit.

"She's here to observe our fight...and because she wouldn't stop asking 'Can I come', over and over." Ulquiorra stated uncaringly.

The three met up with Menloy, who had her arms crossed and titled her head, when she looked at Lilynette. "...Who's the turp." She asked.

"Our new observer." Loly said irritated, as she scowled and crossed her arms.

"Observer for what?" Melony asked unsure.

Lilynette grinned fully and gave her a mischievous look. "To observe your ass-kicking!" She said manically, getting a groan from Melony.

"...I'll get the ice-packs ready..." Melony muttered, as she walked down the corridor.