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Auntie Bella and His Brother's Keeper


Ding, ding, ding, ding, ding

Edward looked up from his bench to see an adorable little boy with floppy, curly hair running back and forth across the doorway of his shop making the bell chime over and over. The boy's mother had her arms full with a baby, keys, purse, and diaper bag but was doing her best to corral him.

"Please, Jacob, stop. The nice man who works here knows we walked in already. Please listen. Let's pretend you're a good kid who listens, all right?"

"Otay!" He yells and follows her up to the service desk.

He stands at the counter and keeps jumping to look over it. Edward leans over and waves at him once he gets there, making the little kid giggle and hide behind mom.

"Hi, what can I help you with today, ma'am?"

"I have an appointment to have my car looked at. The brakes started making noises yesterday, "she explains as she bounces the little one on her hip. Edward is struck by how young she looks to have two small children but also by her beauty. She's not wearing much makeup, but just enough to highlight her pretty brown eyes and soft pink cheeks. She isn't dressed up but she isn't wearing pajamas either, she looks nice while her curves that have him biting his lip and wishing she were single. What he wouldn't give to have his hands full of her.

"You're early. That's a rarity around here. If I may have your keys, I'll get it pulled in and take a look." She fumbles for her keys and starts to blush, not used to being looked at with such desire.

He gives her a small smile and shows her the customer lounge where there is a television and coloring books for the kids. He smiles at her and nods as he leaves to bring her car in.

"He finks yer pretty, Auntie Belwa." Jacob says matter of factly once Edward walks away.

She smiles at him and says, "You mean he thinks, not finks. And you are very sweet but I'm sure he's nice to all the customers."

His declaration already forgotten, Jacob starts jumping across the chairs and singing, "I'm hungry. I'm hungry."

Bella closes her eyes and tries to calm down and not scream like she wants to, Brady takes the opportunity to pull her hair and proceed to wail.

"Boys, please. I brought you lunch but you need to sit down and not make a mess. Do you hear me, Jacob?" she asks as she starts digging through the diaper bag for Jacob's lunch and Brady's bottle.

The baby giggles and pulls her hair more as she gets Jacob situated. "I don't wike corn bread. I wike the other bread."

"I do not have any other bread with me. You may eat only the food that you LIKE, but do not complain that you are hungry, understand?"

He nods yes and takes a giant bite of his cheese stick and pops a grape into his mouth. Bella raises her eyebrow in warning and he starts to chew more diligently. Knowing he'll be in trouble if he spits anything out.

She gets the formula mixed and thanks God once again that Brady only likes his bottles room temperature. Smiling down at the little one in her arms she sighs. He pulls her hair, earrings, necklaces, and everything else he can get his hands on but refuses to hold his own bottle.

"You're lucky you're so cute," she tells him and he smiles around the bottle in his mouth like he knows just how much he can get away with.

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