A Delicate Cure

Desc: When Luna Lovegood fails to brew a simple boils curing potion, Severus decides it's time she got a tutor. Draco Malfoy begrudgingly agrees.

(Luna L. Draco M.)

AN: I do not own the Harry Potter universe. I am simply borrowing it for a fic. Enjoy!

This is my second fic and I'm excited to get things underway! This is a Draco/Luna fic but I'm starting off with Severus' point of view. Whenever there's a grey line that means I'm switching the point of view.

I'm placing Luna and Ginny in the same year as Draco.

For my cover image I typed in "Luna Lovegood", "Draco Malfoy" and "Hogwarts corridor" on google images. I edited the three images together with a combination of PowerPoint, Paint and the photo editor on this website. The finished product is my own.

Finally, I hope you enjoy!

Chapter 1

Severus watched the classroom like a hawk. He knew which students he needed to keep an eye on. Most, (if not all), were incompetent. However there was a select few that had somehow managed to surpass the point of simple incompetence. They were destructive. The students he had his eye on were:

Neville Longbottom

Luna Lovegood

Harry Potter

Ronald Weasley

Neville Longbottom was destructive when around a cauldron. He didn't know why Minerva permitted him to stay in practical lessons when he was a danger to all those around him.

Luna Lovegood was almost as bad as Longbottom. Her focus strayed after every five seconds, making potions, (an incredibly delicate art), an almost impossible task for her.

Harry Potter seemed to wreak havoc wherever he went, and Severus wasn't about to take the risk of leaving him unsupervised around a cauldron.

Ronald Weasley simply didn't have any skill with potions, 3/5 times he would fail and that was not good enough. He was also Harry Potter's best friend. So when disaster befell Harry, it also fell on Ronald.

He stopped his train of thought and turned to write the next instructions on the blackboard.

Add four horned slugs into your cauldron-

"Luna! Luna turn it off!" Came a yell from behind him. Hermione Granger. He turned just in time to see a melting cauldron and held back a curse as the repugnant smell hit him. With a quick flick of his wand the heat was taken off.

"Move out of the way." He snarled as he levitated the cauldron, (well, whatever was left of it), through the classroom to the sink. "Detention Lovegood!" The punishment didn't seem to register with the young girl but he didn't care. One of her peers would inform her.

Draco walked to the great hall by himself, his friends being detained by Snape. He thought back to the lesson. It had been a particularly disastrous one and all they had been doing was going over first year potions.

First Crabbe sneezed all over his ingredients and then Goyle had attempted to clean them with a scouring charm. The horned slug bits all over the table were proof enough that it hadn't worked. The last disaster had been when the Lovegood girl had melted her cauldron. Honestly it was third year. How could they not have grasped first year potions?! Potions was such a simple subject. Yes it was an art but it came easily enough to him.

He took his seat next to Pansy and tried not to cringe as she practically drooled at him. The girl was incredibly overbearing but his father had told him that the Parkinson's were a well-respected pure blood family. It wouldn't do to anger them by rejecting their daughter's request. Draco had thought that since she was a pure-blood and came from such a respected family she would be meek. Timid. He couldn't have been more wrong. All the girl wanted to do was snog him. But he was more than happy to oblige. Pansy wasn't an unattractive girl. But… Draco wished she wouldn't giggle so much. And that she wouldn't cling to his arm so desperately. She would probably be a good friend. But a good girlfriend she was not. His thoughts were interrupted by Parkinson herself.

"Draaaco?" She whispered with a giggle.

"What?" He asked, desperately trying not to make a face.

"I just wanted to know if after lunch we could maybe…" She trailed off at the end of the sentence, her eyebrows raised. For the past couple of weeks Pansy had been trying to take things further than their regular snogging and investigative groping. If he was honest with himself he wanted to do it. But he knew that his father as well as Pansy's would have his head on a platter if he did anything of the sort. If he was even more honest with himself, he knew that he could get away with it. His father wouldn't hear a thing about it if he was smart enough. But digging down even deeper he knew that he didn't want to do anything of the sort with Pansy.

As he opened his mouth to make an excuse Crabbe appeared beside him, "Uh, Draco?" He asked.


"Professor Snape is asking for you in the dungeons." Draco could have hugged his friend he was so relieved. But instead he put on a mask of indifference and said.

"Sorry Pansy, I'll talk to you later. Crabbe," he nodded at his friend as he left.

Luna was confused as to why Professor Snape had called her to his office. Her mind cleared as she sat waiting for the professor to speak. Her detention. She had just about to have what looked like a delicious chicken pie when Gregory Goyle had told her that she was wanted in the dungeons. The interruption must have been for a reason though, she was sure she had heard some suspicious buzzing from her plate of food.

"Sir you called for me?" Came a voice from the doorway. Draco Malfoy. She had seen him around the school. In fact she had caught him taking her shoes more than once. What he was taking them for, she had no idea. He was rather strange.

Draco took a seat as far away from the Lovegood girl as he possibly could without irritating his godfather.

"Indeed I did Draco." The potions master said. "Miss Lovegood here had an incident with her potion today. As you know it was a first year potion and I have noticed that this has been a frequent occurrence over the past few years."

Draco frowned wondering what this had to do with him.

"I can see that you are wondering where you come in. I want you to tutor Miss Lovegood until she can get a few basic potions right, beginning with the boils curing potion."

Draco scowled; he did not want to have to spend any of his free time with Loony Lovegood. "But sir can't you do it?"

He immediately realised this was the wrong thing to say, "Mr Malfoy." Professor Snape said slowly. Dangerously. "Have you forgotten that I am teaching potions all day? Do you realise what an opportunity this is? A chance to develop your skill in the subject."

"Sorry sir." He muttered.

"I should hope you are. You may start today or tomorrow but no later than that." He said. Draco recognised this as a dismissal and stood up to leave, not bothering to wait for Lovegood. He was going to eat his lunch before working on anything.