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Chapter 47

Draco woke up to find himself tangled in his sheets. During the night, he must have, unsuccessfully, tried to kick them off. The weather had been warming up, and as the Easter holidays drew to a close, Draco found himself not wanting them to end.

He spent his days in lessons and somehow, Luna was in every class he found himself in—and every time they had to partner up, they always ended up together.

Theo had told him that him, Blaise, Ginny and Cho were in the same lessons, and as the days progressed, Blaise and Cho seemed to be reaching a tentative friendship, (although, according to Theo: "It's obvious how much it's hurting Blaise.")

Today, his first lesson was Herbology, and Draco dragged himself out of bed for a shower, knowing that the Greenhouses were going to be warmer than the Slytherin dormitories.

After his shower, he quickly changed into his robes and made his way to breakfast. He must have taken longer than he had realised in his shower as Blaise and Theo were already downstairs and had almost finished their breakfast.

"We've got Charms first," they informed him as he sat down.

Looking at the clock, Draco saw that he had five minutes for a quick breakfast and to get down to the Greenhouses. Judging by the absence of people that usually attended his holiday lessons, they had already begun making their way down to lesson.

He quickly pulled a cup of tea in front of him and took a few sips before excusing himself and making his way down to the Greenhouses.

As he neared them, through the glass he could see Professor Sprout already teaching. Draco walked faster, and then broke into a kind of half-walk, half-jog, bursting through the Greenhouse in a rather undignified manner.

The first thing he saw was Professor Sprout's surprised look as she momentarily paused her teaching. But then, as she resumed her lesson, his eyes fell on Luna. The natural light falling on her made her hair light up, and her silvery grey eyes shine.

He shook his head, and took his place around the large table everyone was sat around. As had been customary throughout the holidays, his seat was right beside Luna's.

Midway through the lesson, Professor Sprout gave the class a discussion topic. Immediately, the room filled with the sound of conversation, some people claiming acidic soil was best for the Venomous Tentacular's growth, and others claimed that alkaline soil was better.

Draco could hear Neville's nervous voice from the other side of Luna.

"It would be a more n—neutral soil that's slightly acidic," said Neville. "That's where the Venomous Tentacular gets its venom from."

Draco nodded slightly in agreement, but quickly tensed when he heard the next words that came from Neville's mouth.

"W—we're allowed to go to Hogsmeade, so I was wondering if you'd like to—"

But Neville was cut off by Professor Sprout resuming the lesson. It was a good job she had; Draco had been about to tell Neville that no, Luna wouldn't want to go to Hogsmeade with him.

Draco listened as Selin, from the Defence lesson, placed a pot of soil in front of him.

"You will be working in threes analysing this soil, using Herbology charms to determine what type of soil this is to answer the question of the discussion topic," said Professor Sprout.

Neville immediately tipped the soil on the table and separated the soil into three piles. Draco noticed, with no small measure of annoyance, the other boy's arm brushing against Luna's.

The rest of the lesson passed in a similar fashion, with the three of them using experimental charms—Luna eventually using the right one to make the soil glow green.

They were leaving the lesson when Draco noticed his own reflection. He muffled a slight squeak and hastened to pat the hair on his head into a slightly more decent shape.

Evidently, his jog down to the Greenhouses had blown it out of place.

"I like your hair," said a small voice from beside him.

Draco turned round to see a tired-looking Luna with a small smile; he remembered when she told him he could relax whilst they were in the hospital wing. Since then, he had been a bit more relaxed with his hair, but always made sure he looked somewhat decent.

"Thanks, Luna," he said as she yawned. "Did you not get much sleep?"

Luna shook her head. "I was up with Ginny and Cho. We had a nice talk."

"All night?"

"All night," confirmed Luna with a chuckle.

"Well, we've only got Potions for today," he said with a small smile.

Severus watched each student in the room carefully. He could see that most of them were doing well with the Boils Curing Potion—especially Miss Lovegood, who had completely decimated a cauldron brewing it last year.

As she worked, Severus noted her care with avoiding her hair getting too close to the potion, and the way she was handling the stirring rod whilst also chopping ingredients efficiently made his brows raise. She had improved dramatically in the space of a year.

As the lesson ended and all the vials were placed before him, Severus could only fault two of them. However, all of them were certainly improvements.

The lesson was near to finishing so Severus ordered the students to clean up and asked Luna and Draco if they could remain behind. It wasn't often that he congratulated students, but he had to give credit where credit was due.

The two of them sat before him as the other students filed out, and he noticed the smiles they gave each other. They worried him.

"Do you know why I called the two of you back?" he asked.

Luna shook her head with a small smile and Draco said: "No, professor."

Severus nodded slowly, trying to pick his words carefully so the two of them didn't jump for joy as he spoke them. "I wanted to bring attention to Miss Lovegood's improved performance."

He got an immediate reaction in the form of a polite smile from Miss Lovegood and a grin from Draco.

"I believe the two of you deserve some kind of a reward for the work you put in during your own hours for the tutoring sessions last year, as well as the results. Your potions were very well brewed and bottled. I'm awarding the two of you twenty house points."

"Each?" asked Draco with a cheeky smile.

Severus pursed his lips. "I wouldn't push your luck, Mr Malfoy, but yes, each."

He kept him own grin firmly off of his face as he watched Draco's widen.

"You are dismissed."

He was half tempted to take away house points when right after the classroom door closed behind the two students, a loud whoop sounded from the corridor. Shaking his head, he collected the vials of potions, allowing the smile he had been holding back, appear on his face.

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