Harvey made his way back over to the dining table and cleared away the plates, placing all the used things in the dishwasher. He couldn't help but laugh to himself about how the girls enjoyed gossip but he decided to leave them to it and not disturb their discussion about last nights events. 15 minutes later Donna emerged from the bedroom beaming a huge grin on her face, "what could they possibly have spoken about for that long, did they go into detail about every position they tried?" he thought.

"I think Rachel is happier for us than we are! And Mike told me to tell you that he's happy we finally decided to take the plunge" she stated as she made her way towards him. "I was thinking, if you don't have anything planned today or tomorrow we could go down to Marcus' this afternoon and stay over and come back tomorrow night? I haven't been down there for a while and… we can er… tell him about us" he said nervously, no one woman could ever make him feel nervous not even Jessica. Donna grabbed both his hands as she moved her body against his looking up at him, "Id like that, you phone Marcus and let him know and ill make my way home to pack an overnight bag. I can be ready to go in 2 hours?". She gave him a kiss on the cheek and walked away to gather her things, remembering she only had last nights ball gown. "Perfect! Don't worry about a cab ill get Ray, people would question why you're walking the streets of New York before noon in a full length ball gown" he laughed as he made his way to the bedroom for his phone.


It was Monday morning and Harvey and Donna had spent the full weekend together at Marcus' home, his younger brother was over the moon that he'd finally decided to settle down and he was overwhelmed the fact it was with Donna. Since the day Marcus had met Donna he knew they were always going to be more than co-workers, he knew his dad would be proud of his eldest son as rooted for them to be a couple from the start. Sunday night they had taken the train journey back to Harvey's condo to collect his suit and hair gel ready for work the following day, they then went back to Donna's apartment were they stayed the night.

Donna's ear piercing alarm went off at 6:30; Harvey threw his pillow over his head to protect his ears and started to make groaning noises as he was never awake this early. Donna shut the alarm off and creeped out the bed, he wasn't a morning person and she wasn't prepared for him moaning this early on a Monday morning. This Monday morning in particular, as it would be the first Monday they would walk into Pearson Specter Litt as a couple. She made her way to the bathroom to take a shower, after her shower she went to the kitchen to make 2 cups of coffee.

Donna was always at the firm by 8am and Harvey would stroll in at least 30 minutes later, today she would ensure he was at work at the time he should be. To her surprise Harvey appeared from the bedroom leaning against the doorframe in nothing but his boxer shorts, looking at her through squinted eyes, "If you want this to work you cannot be setting alarms for stupid oclock" he yawned as he made his way round to the kitchen.

She giggled handing him the cup of coffee, he definitely needed it, "things are starting to change. So if YOU want THIS to work when you stay with me we're at work for 8am on the dot. If you want to go for your morning run then you'll have to be for 6am". He couldn't help but smirk, he loved it when she was bossy with him and took control. "I've put a clean towel in the bathroom for you, I'm going to get ready now and I've called Ray to collect us at 7:45" she continued before she made her way back to the bedroom with her cup of coffee.


They made their way into the building and towards the elevator. They rode up to the 50th floor talking about their weekend at Marcus' and how happy he was that they were together. As the stepped out of the elevator they were met by Louis who surfaced from the elevator facing. Louis looked at Harvey scowling "why are you so early? You've never been on time since the day you made junior partner, are you sick?", Donna jumped in before Harvey could "actually Louis he stayed at my place last night, I hope that answers your question" then she walked away towards her desk. Although she worked for Louis and had a lot of respect for him, sometimes he could be a real jerk. Louis stared at Harvey with his mouth hanging open, Harvey walked away patting him on the back.

Harvey walked into his office after greeting Gretchen, there he was faced with his protégé sitting on his sofa raising his eyebrows at him. "How was your weekend?" Mike laughed, "I think we both know how good my weekend was, Mike" Harvey smiled back "so what have you got for me?" he questioned, "Stevenson agreed to the settlement so Dominic and McKernan Motors are in the clear" Mike responded.


Louis had ignored Donna for the majority of the morning, he was angry with what she had told him that morning. Although her personal life was none of his business he thought that it would be pointless her working for him if she was sleeping with his enemy/best friend. Donna heard her name being called through the intercom and went into his office, "what do you need?" she questioned, "I think you should go back to Harvey's desk, I don't want someone working with me who's sleeping-" she cut him off, "how dare you! Who I chose to have a relationship with has nothing to do with you and does not affect my work" she shouted, tears filling her eyes. "Well then, you have a choice to make, continuing whatever you're doing with that womanizer or continue working for me" Louis shouted after her as she stormed out his office.

She knew Louis was always a difficult character but she could never understand his and Harvey's feud. Harvey did not like his partner, end of. But Louis either idolized Harvey or despised him. How could he be so mean? Making her chose between a relationship with the man she loved and working for him, Harvey eon every time. She made her way to the toilets to dry her eyes and fix her makeup. She thought back to what she had said to Louis 'who I have a relationship with has nothing to do with you' , Harvey hadn't actually asked her to become his girlfriend, that would have to changed she laughed to herself trying to cheer herself up.

"If it isn't Michelle Specter" came a familiar voice, Donna spun round to greet her friend when Rachel noticed the smudged mascara around her eyes, "Donna?! Oh my god, what did he do?" she whispered as she walked over to her and pulled her into a hug. Donna knew that she was on about Harvey, "he hasn't done nothing, its Louis. I told him this morning Harvey stayed at mine place and he put 2 and 2 together and now he doesn't want me working for him. He even told me I have to choose between what I have with Harvey and working at his desk".

"You need to tell Harvey, you can always go back and work for him to I'm sure!" Rachel tried to comfort her friend. Donna smiled at her "I don't know what I'm going to do".

She made her way out eh toilets and back to her desk. Louis was out for meetings all afternoon so she would be able to go back to work and think about what she was going to do. After the way Louis spoke to her, her supposed friend, she wanted to be as far away from him and his stupid dictaphone as she could.


Harvey's morning had been a hectic one, he wanted to pass by Donna's desk and take her out for lunch but he was far too busy, at least she would understand that. Gretchen opened the door to his office, "someones here to see you, Mr Specter". He looked up to see a brunette roam into his office with a grin on her face. It was Scottie. Shit. "Did Donna have a makeover since I've been gone? I most definitely approve of it" she laughed. She never did like Donna.

"Scottie. What brings you down to my firm?" Harvey asked with an annoyed expression. They never ended on bad terms but her being here could cause trouble for him and Donna. "I'm in New York for business, Harvey…" she walked over to his desk and sat down seducingly on top of it, "and was wondering if you'd like to go out for a drink tonight or we can skip the drink and go straight to your place?".

He glanced up at her clenching his jaw, "look… Scottie, I'm seeing someone. I think its best for you find a hotel for yourself to stay in while you're here". Scottie stared at him in disbelief; she never thought she'd see the day he settled down with someone else, maybe he was lying to her? There is no way he would settle down with someone this soon if he didn't know them. "I'm sure she wouldn't mind sharing you with me" she said as she started to rub his forearm. He pulled his arm away immediately and stood up fastening his suit jacket.

"I think we're done here" he stated as he held the door open for her, on her way out she stopped facing him, there eyes level. She leaned in to kiss his cheek but he moved his face away, resulting in Scottie landing a kiss on his neck right in front of Donna. Donna had been on her way down to see Harvey and let him know what happened with Louis. She froze in her tracks as Scottie walked past her, "Hey Donna".

Harvey realised how bad it must have looked. His ex girlfriend coming out of his office and not to mention the accidental kiss that ended up on his neck. Donna turned on her heel and was about to make her way back to her desk before Harvey grabbed her arm, he didn't want to cause a scene in the office. She turned round to face him, tears in her eyes, "Donna that was not what you think it looked like" he pleaded with her. Donna laughed sarcastically "Oh Harvey, I think I know what I saw. You are unbelievable, you know that!" and with that walked off. She got to her desk and grabbed her coat and bag, she hadn't had a day like this in a long time and all she wanted to do now was to go home and tuck into a bottle of wine to drown her sorrows.