Chapter 50

Laxus opens the door for Lucy and after she steps inside of the garden, he closes his behind her. She easily spots Natsu is pacing by a nearby stone bench. Other than the fact his facial injury is bandaged up, he looks well. A little smile forms on her face. "Natsu," she calls.

He immediately stops in his tracks to look at her. His eyes light up when he sees her. "Hiya, Luce," he says endearingly.

She makes her way over to him. "How are you faring?"

He grins. "Better now that you're here."

Once she is close enough to him, Natsu wraps her up in a loving embrace. She is safe and sound. Better yet, she is with him. "You're okay," he breathes.

"I am more than okay with you here," she whispers, slightly mimicking what he said to her moments ago.

He hugs her tighter before pulling back so he can look over her face with his eyes. Then he gently presses his forehead to hers. "I missed you."

"I missed you as well."

The duo remains like this, just to take in the wonderful moment. Natsu is the first to pull back, and he gestures towards the stone bench. "Wanna sit down?"

Once they are seated right next to each other, Natsu starts talking. "So while I was getting patched up by the goat guy–"

"The goat guy?" Lucy giggles.

"Yeah, the goat guy. Because his beard reminded me of a goat."

"I will be sure to tell Capricorn what you think of him."

Natsu playfully rolls her eyes at her. "Anywaysss, while I was getting patched up, one of your dad's personal guards since he wanted to talk with me…"

Lucy gulps. "That might not have been a pleasant talk." She hopes her father had not been too stern with him. After all, Dan originally was promised her hand in marriage before Natsu came into her life.

"We met. We talked. He gave me something."

She is slightly confused. "He gave you something? What could he have possibly given you?"

"Something important," he teases.

"Oh, are you just going to toy with me now?" she jests.

He waggles his eyebrows at her. "Maaaybe." Then he starts nervously meddling with his hands while keeping eye contact with her. "I'm sure you know that you mean a lot to me. You might have been a little annoying when we first met, but you grew on me. You're very precious to me. You're my woodland fairy. You're my one and only Luce."

Lucy's heart may or may not be melting because of what she is hearing. She can only hope that her heart does not give out if he keeps this up.

Natsu slides off of the stone bench so he can kneel before her. "Luce," he says firmly.

"Yes?" she whispers, trying not to hold her breath.

"I know you're not one for flashy things but your dad insisted that this is the one I give you." He reaches into his pocket and pulls something out to show her. The ring has an intricate gold band with a shiny jewel at the center. It is the very ring her father gave her mother when he proposed to her.

Lucy gasps, covering her open mouth with her hands. She blinks. And blinks again. Her eyes are not deceiving her.

"Luce, will you–"

He is cut off when Lucy practically flings herself at him. Natsu ensures he does not lose the ring while he steadies himself to support them.

"Yes!" Lucy says happily. "Of course!"

"But I didn't even ask you a question," he chuckles.

Being wary of his bandages, Lucy takes a hold of the sides of his head. "If I have learned anything from you, it is that actions speak louder than words." Then she presses her lips against his. Butterflies are zooming around her stomach at this rate.

He is quick to fall for the kiss, completely getting lost in her. When their lips break apart, Natsu is quick to bring them back together. He cannot get enough of her.

Because they need air, they finally do pull away to catch their breath. Natsu is staring at her like a lovestruck idiot. "Hiya."

"Hello," she giggles.

"I love you."

"I love you, too."

Something sparks in his eyes. "Oh, yeah!" Using his free hand, he takes her left hand and slides the ring into place. He looks at her with an ear to ear smile. "Perfect fit." Then he scoops her up and spins her around a good bit before gently setting her down on her feet.

"Can we tell the others?" Lucy asks eagerly, excited to spread the news.

He smooches her forehead. "Whatever makes you happy."

"That will make me very happy."

"Then let's go!" Natsu grabs her right hand with his left and leads the way to the exit.

The newly betrothed duo leaves the garden and is met with familiar faces. Jude, their personal guards, friends, and others are waiting for them. Although, Dan is nowhere to be seen.

"I would like to introduce my daughter's future husband, Second Prince Natsu Dragneel of Draconia!" Jude announces.

The people cheer and some even whistle.

Lucy squeezes Natsu's hand tightly and he returns the gesture.


That evening, there is a celebration for multiple reasons. First of all, Lucy is back safe and sound. Secondly, Precht has been apprehended and has been sentenced. Lastly, she is now betrothed. As a personal plus, she is happy with the one she will marry.

Currently, Lucy and Natsu are seated at the head table with Jude in between them. She feels lucky that Dan is out of the picture. He never even said a proper goodbye to her. She has been curious what became of him though, but has not had a chance to ask about him.

"I shall return in a moment," Jude says as he stands up and walks away.

Lucy peers around to make eye contact with Laxus and motions for him to come over with a hand.

Without a word, he walks over and stands behind her chair. "Yes?"

"What happened to Dan?" she asks.

"Yeah, I've been wondering the same thing," Natsu comments.

"You won't need to worry about him anymore. The last I knew before he did leave, he has his eyes set on somebody else."

Lucy is surprised. "Who?"

"Do you know that girl who works in the castle that bears a resemblance to you? Although, she has brunette hair while you have blonde."

She knows who he is referring to. "I do."

"He saw her and it was, apparently, love at first sight for him."

Natsu whistles. "He moves fast."

"Although, she was shocked by his reaction towards her," Laxus adds before shrugging. "Who knows if he'll try pursing a relationship with her or not?"

"As long as he's not after Luce," Natsu voices.

Lucy grabs her goblet to drink from. "I doubt anyone shall try anything now that we are betrothed to one another."

Natsu smiles. "Betrothed to one another, huh?"

"Officially betrothed," Laxus adds.

"I really like the sound of that," Natsu comments.

Lucy nods. "As do I."

The music changes, and Natsu perks up. "Hey, let's dance, Luce!"

"Dance?" she questions.

Laxus steps back so he is out of the way for the couple.

Natsu slides his chair back, stands up, and holds out a hand for her. "I need to get practice in before our wedding night. I can't look like an idiot out there with you."

With a smile on her lips, Lucy rises to her feet and takes his hand. "I am sure Erza can help you with dance lessons when you are back in Draconia."

He flinches at the very thought. "I'd rather have you as my dance partner. I want you as my partner for everything."

"We do make good partners," Lucy agrees as they walk out to where others are dancing.

Just like at the ball that had been in Draconia, they assume a comfortable position for dancing. Hands together with one arm on a shoulder and another on a waist.

Natsu pulls her a little closer to him. "I'm really gonna miss being around you when I go back home."

"You did well enough when I left Draconia," she points out.

"Only to learn you could be in danger."

"If it were not for you and the others, this moment probably would not be happening right now." Lucy lightly squeezes his shoulder as assurance. "But it is."

"How do I know that you'll keep outta trouble when I leave?"

She playfully rolls her eyes. "I am sure that the Thunder Legion will keep a close eye on me."

"Good." Natsu twirls her around only to bring her right against him.

"We will see each other before the wedding though." She gasps softly. "When is the wedding? We have much planning to do!"

"How 'bout we just take tonight to focus that we're betrothed to each other? Then tomorrow we can start planning things if that'll make you happy."

Lucy stands on her tiptoes to peck his nose. "That will make me happy."

"You make me happy."

"And you"-she smiles-"make me very happy."


Nearly a year later, the Fiore summer night is better than expected. Everything for the event has gone off without a hitch. Lucy is simply happy taking in everything that she sees and how people have changed.

Even though he fancies her, Laxus is as stoic as ever while he stands next to Mirajane. She is holding a pleasant conversation with him.

Evergreen is cool and collected while Elfman is a somewhat bumbling mess in attempts to talk to her.

Bickslow and Lisanna are chatting up a storm together and simply enjoying company from one another. They are still plotting how to get the two members of the Thunder Legion with Lisanna's siblings.

Zeref is tending to his pregnant wife, Mavis. They are expecting their first child around four months from now.

Igneel and Jude are talking amongst themselves about their children and the bright futures they have ahead of them.

Gray has since proposed to Juvia to marry him. Their marriage is not too far away.

Gajeel is courting Levy while Aries is being courted by Loke. However, both guys plan on proposing soon.

Erza is caring for her baby daughter with Jellal holding their drinks. They are a happy family of three as of now.

"All of this is happening right now because of Precht," Lucy comments. "None of this would be possible without him."

"I guess that's the only thing we can thank him for," Natsu reasons, absentmindedly stroking the scar he received from Precht. "We don't hafta worry about him though."

"He is the reason why we are together now," she points out, thinking back to the carriage attack.

He grins. "Yeah. And now you're all mine."

She smiles smugly. "I am pretty sure you are all mine… Natsu Heartfilia."

"To be honest, I never imagined taking after my wife's name." He smiles. "But I like it. A lot."

"Is that so?"

"Mm-hmph," he murmurs, and leans into her for a kiss. "And at some point, there are gonna be more Heartfilias running around."

She blushes a little, knowing exactly how that will be possible.

"Could be nine months from now," Natsu muses. "Who knows?"

She laughs. "Is that what you think?"

"I think if we're determined enough we can make it happen."

"Long hours…" Lucy says thoughtfully. "Long nights…"

"Have I ever told how beautiful you look in that dress?" he asks suddenly.

She looks down at the wonderful white gown that she is in and smiles. Mirajane and Lisanna personally designed it for her when she traveled to Draconia to request a wedding gown. Of course, the sisters were thrilled and accepted the offer. Then Lucy looks up at her husband. "You know that you started crying when you saw me in it for the first time."

"Because you make that dress look amazing." Then Natsu leans into her ear to whisper, "But I think it'll look better on the floor…"

"N-Natsu!" she says in a frazzled tone.

He pulls back to cackle. "Y-you're reaction!" he just about wheezes.

She puffs her cheeks out. "Maybe nothing will happen tonight," she threatens.

He stiffens. "Really… ?" Then he sighs. "I mean, if that's whatcha want then we can just sleep…" He truly does want a family with Lucy, but if he has to wait, then he has to wait. It is as simple as that.



"I am only teasing you."

He perks up. "Really?"

She nods, chuckling a little. She still has to have some fun with him every now and then.

Natsu gently grabs the sides of her heads and presses his lips to hers. She immediately falls for the kiss, closing her eyes and wrapping her arms around his neck. When they break apart, he presses his forehead against hers.

"I love you," she says breathlessly.

"I love you, too." Then Natsu grabs her right hand with his left and pulls her along. "Let's go, Luce! I got some more dancing in me!"

She grabs the hem of her gown so she does not trip over it. A big smile is on her face as she follows after her husband. She is happy. She is truly happy. And she is excited for what the future will hold.

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