Lord Of Time

Chapter 101

Tom leaned against the wall, panting outrageously in pain, lips pursed, he had gravely underestimated the pain one goes through giving birth. He'd never admit it, though, no way, how the hell could pain ripple that way? He thought, groaning between clenched teeth. He couldn't let anyone see him this way, it was utterly demeaning. He would never live the humiliation of this down if his followers saw him this way.

Yet on the other hand, he did not wish for Hadrian to take all the pain upon himself. Despite the fact he had done so first – by closing the bond – and he was still sulking over the fact he'd never noticed. He would keep a closer eye on the bond from here on in. Then again, Hadrian was significantly more powerful than him, he was the Master Of Death, their bond allowed him to share that power and longevity. Still, it didn't change the fact Hadrian was the more powerful…and it was only known between them.

Tom sighed in relief as the pain abated, hand splayed out on the wall, he used it to lever himself. To stand on his own two feet again, once more contemplating the idea of closing the bond. He needed to keep his equilibrium; Hadrian would understand.

Yet why did the thought cause a tugging in his gut? Normally he relied on Hadrian – even now – with some emotions giving him trouble. Fortunately, he didn't need to wonder long, it was reluctance, he didn't want to cause his bonded, his husband any further stress than his body was already going through. The sheer thought of anything happening to him so distressed him.

Sure, they were immortal, but he still didn't want to lose Hadrian even for a second. Having to start all over again filled him with dread. Plus, Hadrian would never forgive him if he followed him and left their child without parents. He wouldn't forgive himself either. They were both so terribly aware the pain and loss involved with growing up parentless.

Tom stepped towards the fireplace, only to fall to one knee, as a rippling agony encompassed him. The quiet murmuring of Hadrian and the Healer informing him that all was well in a way the bond could not.

Only because he could feel how pissed off Hadrian was that he wasn't in there with him.

They had specifically – and with great care – picked out one of the best healers possible. One who was amendable to any alterations they made. The adjustments were spell related, naturally, since the spells Harry knew were far more advanced than the ones the healers still used. Potions too, come to that, most of them were already published, but not yet picked up in the medical sector fully. Any healer worth their title would know better than to even suggest going against two of the best pioneering wizards the magical world had ever seen.

The sound of crying started up, but it was not that of a new-born baby, no, this was Severus. He swore he could have killed Eileen Prince for her lack of preparedness. If she didn't want a damn child, least of all with the Muggle then she shouldn't have had one. He knew where to get her, he could just go back and do it. Displeased as he was by it all. Hadrian had given her a substantial amount of money, her own flat, shop and potions lab below that shop. She was independent, free of any responsibilities.

And yes, she was Eileen Prince again, she was in the midst of a divorce and reinstatement into the Prince family. The Prince couple could not tolerate the complete turnaround of their social life. Which right now was nothing at all, they were being turned away from future investments and current ones too. They were no longer welcome at any social functions. They had upset Lord Peverell-Slytherin and that had cascaded down the entire elite social society. It made Tom rather smug at the control they had, even when they weren't actively doing anything. It was beautiful knowing it had only taken a few years to entirely break the proud pureblood couple. In an entirely different timeline, they'd been too proud to accept her back, and the name became extinct.

"Dobby?" Tom called, forcing himself to his feet, flicking his wand, cleaning up the mess on his clothes. The ash from the fireplace, somehow ended up always landing everywhere, it was rather irritating. No matter how often they cleaned and swept it all up, more just replaced it.

"What can Dobby do for Master Tom?" Dobby asked, staring expectantly at his master. He held no fear for either of them, for he knew they would never harm him. This life was all he knew, he had been extraordinary lucky, but his parents told him stories about what their lives had been like growing up. How rare it was bonded House-elf couples were, and how often they were separated, and what life was like for House-elves full stop.

"See to Severus," Tom said standing straight and proud, despite the agony thrumming through him. "Inform my husband that I shall be with him in a few moments. I have to call upon the others and inform them that…"

"I can do that, Master Tom," Dobby perked up, feeling his dad pop into the nursery to take care of Severus. His mum was pregnant with her second child, Dobby's little brother or sister and no longer doing any tasks for at least a month after giving birth. Master Tom and Master Hadrian were too generous. He knew who was around most often, "Master Hadrian needs you." now if that had been anyone else, Dobby would have been speaking well out of turn.

Tom stared down at the House-elf, most people actually did use House-elves for standard messages. This was just going to be a standard message, to inform everyone that Hadrian was soon to give birth. that they were welcome to join them for the very auspicious occasion. "Very well, inform them that the child will be here within the half hour or so, that they're welcome to join us should they wish." And lucky for them, everyone who would be informed, wouldn't tell the press – not that he cared if they found out – he would prefer to guide that announcement in the manner he saw most fit.

"Dobby will do that," the House-elf declared.

Tom nodded firmly, before turning around, keeping his hand and body precariously close to the wall in case he needed help again. The House-elves wouldn't dare mention it, not if they knew what was good with them. Not that he'd dare hurt them, his husband was infuriatingly too loyal to some things in this world.

Luckily not too many things though, otherwise he wouldn't get any fun time in.

"You!" was the first thing Hadrian said to Tom as he entered the room, looking ready to smite the wizard where he stood. Luckily, for all concerned, his magic hadn't acted up at all during the pregnancy, not even once. It spoke of the immense control Hadrian had over his powers, which naturally was understandable given how powerful they were.

Tom grimaced; it was a good job the House-elf had taken over that particular duty…otherwise he had a feeling he wouldn't be forgiven at all. "Is it time yet?" Tom asked, stalking towards the bed, accepting his husband's hand, only to blanch and fight very hard to stop himself reacting. He may be in need of the Healer after this was done, he believed his husband had successfully broken numerous bones in his hand.

"Soon," the Healer informed them, they couldn't try to penetrate the sack too early, it would literally be impossible. Magic would prevent anything from getting into it, including any magical spells. As soon as it could be penetrated, they would perform the caesarean section. The numbers above Hadrian that the healer was watching, were the sacks thickness. "Judging by its deterioration, I would summarise it will be time in fifteen minutes."

"Good," Tom said, his voice sounding breathless and squeaky, the healer glanced down briefly, turning away just so, hiding the look of sheer amusement. Tom glared at the healer, who thankfully didn't feel the holes drilling into his head. He did not tolerate being laughed at, least of all by strangers. As often as they had met the Healer, to Tom, he was a stranger. Glancing up when a flicker caught his attention, the number floating in mid-air flicked ever downward.

"Where have you been?" Harry asked, if one looked, they would have seen his back actually quivering with the pain he was experiencing. The pain radiated from the sac right up his spine and down his lower body.

"I had intended to allow our friends and family to know about our newest arrival," Tom explained, summoning one of the chairs and sitting himself down. They were in the guest bedroom, where there was significantly more room. That and neither Tom or Hadrian were comfortable with letting just anyone into their private domain where the House-elves aren't allowed unless in emergency. Which hasn't happened yet, but yes, it was their sanctuary where nobody except them go into.

"Had intended?" Hadrian said, temporarily distracted, "That's good, everyone is too busy for that!" forgetting that he had dropped – and forced Tom – everything and went to theirs. Abraxas and Imogen's for Lucius, Dorea and Charlus for James, Orion and Walburga for Sirius, and then been determined to be there for Severus, going so far as to adopt him. It was perhaps the first time that he had seen, or rather felt, any insecurity from Hadrian in such a long time.

Right now, he did feel insecure…as if he thought nobody would drop everything, they were doing to be there for him. It made Tom want to rip everyone to shreds, to prove that he was the most important and cherished being in the whole universe. It wouldn't make Hadrian happy that, so he forced himself to keep calm, and he vowed to himself everyone better come…otherwise they would not survive his displeasure.

Luckily for everyone, that not even ten minutes later the Floo network activated. Repeatedly, as everyone who had been told by Dobby came to welcome the new addition to the Peverell-Slytherin family. It would be very soon, as the numbers dwindled, the healer began to fuss with the potions and her wand, preparing for the birth of the long-awaited child.

(Amidst the gossip that the baby 'the real heir' would gain everything, that Fenrir and Severus would get nothing.)

"Good afternoon, I'm pleased you could all make it," Tom said, appearing in the Floo room, staring at everyone very pleased indeed. Everyone Hadrian was closest to was here and then some. "Dobby will make sure some refreshments are brought to you. The living room is at your disposal, please, go ahead." Gesturing towards the direction the living room was in, it was the most used room in the manor. Except of course, their bedroom, their lives were busy, so when they went to bed, they stayed there longest.

"How is he?" Myrtle asked, rubbing her own stomach unconsciously, where her child had resided months upon months ago. Marlon was another child added to Hadrian Peverell-Slytherin's godfatherly duties. Marlon Jason Jugson, who was doted on and adored. Jason wasn't even hoping for a second child, it was so difficult to have one, but Myrtle wanted to give him a second child.

"Has the Healer said anything?" Aiden asked immediately, the urge to go to Hadrian was strong, he was his shield. He was meant to protect Hadrian from everything and anything that came his way. yes, he'd sworn to be his shield to save his own life. After being such an idiot, and setting lose an extremely venomous snake.

Naturally, they didn't get to sit in the birthing room, not even the 'shields' so to speak. Aiden would have to wait along with everyone else.

"Tom?" Orion questioned, cautious due to the fact Tom wasn't giving them any sort or reassurances they sought.

"My apologies," Tom said smoothly, seamlessly transitioning, he wasn't about to tell them that the pain Hadrian was experiencing was almost crippling him. Honestly, if he said that they would get their kill, Walburga and Myrtle especially. "Is Imogen well?" noticing that she hadn't come, which genuinely did surprise him.

"Ivy has a temperature, she's given her a potion, once she's sure it has come down, she'll be here," Abraxas promised, turning and following Tom as he moved them himself, towards the living room. Ivy Malfoy, a child they had adopted from Tom and Hadrian's orphanage, the baby was a perfect fit, young enough to need constant care, and never know anyone other than them as parents. Her biological parents were dead, and no other family remained. He couldn't deny Imogen, not when he saw just how…broken she had been after yet another miscarriage.

Due to Hadrian's not-so-subtle machinations, the purebloods didn't rely on House-elves to do much childcare, especially when they were young. Hadrian had impressed upon them the importance of a child's developing brain, and the ages where they soak up them most information. Which was easily seen in how quickly Lucius had advanced than Abraxas had who had been left with House-elves for the most part during his formative years.

Not that they were alone in trying to raise them, since they began their 'primary' education when they were five-years-old. Thus far Lucius was the only child old enough to attend the school, but soon a whole group of their child would be attending primary school together.

"Where's dad?" Fenrir's firm but booming voice could be heard as he emerged from the Floo network. He wasn't being deliberately loud, it was just his normal volume when calling out loud to be heard, usually it wasn't heard outside of trying to tackle all the children in his pack.

"The blue guest bedroom," Tom replied, grateful that someone would be with Hadrian, "I shall be there momentarily." He added, despite Fenrir already lumbering away to see his dad. He did nod his head though, indicating he'd heard his father and would let dad know.

"We'll be fine, go ahead, trust me, you don't want to miss anything," Orion said, smacking Tom on the shoulder, before swaggering over to the sofa – admittedly a very soft a lovely sofa – taking his son so that Walburga could sit comfortably as well. Even just seeing his son opening his eyes caused such a burst of sheer awe. Grey eyes, not that he was truly surprised, but he was beautiful and he couldn't wait to see him all grown up. Not that he had to worry about him not being magical, oh, no, he was already performing feats of magic. Hadrian had said he was going to be powerful; he hadn't underestimated the situation. Of course, it was small things, that all children did, admittedly not before they were a year old. Which made him one very proud father. Walburga wanted another child, it had taken so long to have Sirius that he feared that nothing would come of it, but her wishes was his command. He was hardly something considered a chore anyway.

The others followed, already taking amongst themselves, the only good thing about it, was with Sirius being there…Orion didn't break out the dozens of photos. Myrtle did end up taking care of Severus, and gave him his bottle while she was at it. Jason was at home with Marlon, she hadn't wanted to overwhelm Hadrian. She knew how it felt, everyone had descended on her after she gave birth. They were just being kind, she knew, but it was daunting, she'd felt so different afterward. Luckily though, she had many female friends in which to talk to regarding it, and they said they'd felt the same, and it surprisingly helped.

"I still can't believe she gave her son up," Myrtle whispered softly, as Severus began to drift off after his bottle.

"Were you there?" Orion asked, quirking a brow curiously, the fact she was of lesser blood no longer mattered to anyone. Delicately holding his son closely but not too tightly.

"We were," Walburga gestured between herself and Myrtle, hand softly brushing against her son's soft fuzzy dark head of hair. A sad look on her face, she truly couldn't understand it either. "She entirely ignored him when we were there. Even when Harry suggested she see to him, Eileen shrieked for Severus to be quiet. Which just made him cry all the more."

Aiden gaped aghast, "Some people shouldn't have kids," horrified to the core at what he was hearing.

"She honestly didn't look like she'd spent since having him," Myrtle said, giving Eileen a little bit of sympathy. "I saw a pamphlet and relinquish of custody paperwork for the group home…" she had intended on giving up her rights to Severus. "Given the rumours we've heard about Eileen's husband, we should be grateful that she didn't just give him to the man."

"The second Hadrian saw him he couldn't just remain stoic and unaffected," Walburga said, "You know how he gets when it comes to children, especially babies. Severus went quiet within a few seconds of being in Hadrian's arms. Then Hadrian made the deal to include Severus. Despite the fact she didn't want children, she wanted to make sure he went somewhere he'd be loved and wanted…that he'd get everything she couldn't give him."

"Does that include the Prince family? I mean is the kid ever going to know it's grandparents?" Abraxas questioned thoughtfully. He couldn't imagine the boy kept from his entire family, but then again, he only saw his in-laws a few times a year. Per Imogen's request, she wasn't close to her family at all. She held a certain fondness for her mother, but greatly disliked just how…submissive and demure she was when it came to her husband. Imogen had recovered from having her wings clipped, and gained a voice with Hadrian and more importantly her husband's help.

"Would you let them near the child?" Myrtle asked, entirely too defensively for words. "You know how they feel about blood even now." They were refusing to believe about the infusion of blood being good for the family line.

"Still, the Prince line is a long distinguished one, it's disheartening to see it end." Abraxas conceded.

"Even more so when Severus become one of the most renowned wizards in the world." Myrtle laughed softly, refraining from her customary cackling.

"You make it sound like it will happen in his own right," Aiden blinked, staring curiously at Myrtle smiling in thanks as a plate of food was handed to him.

"According to Hadrian, it will be," Myrtle said smugly, unfortunately, he hadn't anything to say in particular when it came to her son. She had kept on at Hadrian, wanting to know what on earth was going on, he'd had something to say to everyone around them but not her or her family?

"Why don't you have anything to say about him? Is he a squib? Not that I care about that…"

"I don't know, you'll find out soon enough."

"But you had things to say about everyone, even Sirius! You spoke about him having a brother the other day…is there something wrong with him?"

"Please, Myrtle, leave it." came the grim reply.

"No, I can't…just tell me…how bad can it be?"

"He's not the problem, Myrtle, if we hadn't met…you wouldn't have been alive to graduate Hogwarts." Harry said softly, as if trying to soften the blow. "Some things I'll know…but there's so much I don't and won't know." basically telling her he was from the future without the words passing his lips, but Myrtle was too shaken to notice the wording. She just assumed there was limitations to his abilities.

"The Prince family is known for its Potion Masters." Abraxas said thoughtfully, but his knowledge on pureblood were limited to a century or so, since they came here.

"They used to be good at spell weaving, spell casting and spell invention, it's only the last three generations that have become rather lazy. Normally I'm all for working smarter not harder, but they take it to a whole knew level." Orion informed them, "Given how high Eileen's marks were, I'm not surprised she's attempting for her Potions Mastery." A lot of them knew though, that she couldn't use magic to save her life.

"They're also more cautious about their spending, they used to have their fingers in a lot of pies, but they've invested maybe three times in twenty-years. My father believes they don't have the finances to risk it as they normally would." Abraxas confessed, normally it was very rude to comment on someone's finances but this particular group didn't care.

"If that's true, then they're definitely stressed the hell out, a daughter they're letting back into the family? They'll only do that if she is expected to marry, to produce an heir, to continue the Prince line." Orion stated.

Walburga snorted, "She definitely isn't going to have any other children, not even to please her parents." Her tone definite and decisive. She hadn't been able to hack being a parent, worse a singe parent when she left Tobias with Hadrian's help. "I'll be astonished if she has another child." glancing at Severus, he was going to be the only child of the Prince line left.

"I wonder if the grandparents will make Severus the heir?" Myrtle asked, on the same wavelength as Walburga.

"Let me see…choosing between the Peverell and Slytherin estate over the Prince estate? Please, nobody would pick Prince." Abraxas' amused retort was immediately met with agreement, it was true. They also didn't believe the rumours that indicated that Severus – and Fenrir – would be given so little and the entire estate going to their still yet to be born child.

"I don't know, Eileen might be able to pull it up by its bootstraps," Myrtle conceded. She was intelligent, but she most definitely didn't have a maternal bone in her body. Severus would do better here with Hadrian and Tom, without a doubt. She shuddered just recalling the way she'd raised her voice at the defenceless baby, hell, Hadrian had only ever raised his voice once or twice in the time she'd known him. Once furiously at Dumbledore for letting Hagrid off with bringing in a creature that nearly killed Hadrian without so much as punishment. The second time…well, she hadn't been there but during the battle with Grindelwald.

"She doesn't create potions, she just makes existing ones better," Orion shook his head, recalling the many times he'd seen her scribbling corrections in her books. He'd borrowed hers during their third year and yes, he'd followed the recipe trusting it, and to no surprise it was better. "That's a whole different kind of smarts."

"If you've got it, you've got it," Aiden nodded his agreement, "If you do have the ability, it would have presented itself before they left Hogwarts. Sort of like Hadrian, I mean he was making his own spells with only one year of knowing magic." Admiration deep in his voice.

"And Tom," Abraxas murmured, but he was nowhere near prolific as Hadrian.

Orion groaned, "Don't remind me, I swear, my father thinks Hadrian is the next coming of Merlin." Laughing a little, shaking his head ruefully. Seeing the looks on everyone's faces, "The Live Tracking Rune…that really is something else." he had a small vial of Sirius' blood safely stored so that if he ever needed it…he could find his son.

The group were in the middle of a heated debate on the merits of the Live Tracking Rune and of course, a lot of the cons. When the door opened, emitting Tom with a bundle wrapped in white, and everyone swung around, holding their breaths.

"Well?" Myrtle asked, they all seem to be having boys, except Ivy but she had been adopted into the Malfoy family. Fenrir, Lucius, Sirius, James, Severus, Adam Aiden Avery, and of course, her own son Marlon. "Boy or girl?" so excited she was actually squeaking.

Tom puffed out the personification of a proud father, "A girl." He personally didn't have a preference; he was just beyond grateful that Hadrian had survived.

He didn't have good associations with pregnancies and the results of them.

His own mother had died in childbirth for Merlin's sake.

Myrtle squeezed his shoulder, staring at him to make sure he was okay. She could sense that he wasn't quite his usual self, but he was slowly uncoiling. "Are you okay?"

Tom inhaled sharply, he needed a drink, "I will be," he shouldn't be surprised that out of all of them, Myrtle would comment on his unease. She had been taught by the very best, on how to read situations, how to defend herself, to live life as she wanted it. The others may have saw it but kept silent on the matter.

"Do you have a name for her?" Walburga asked, asking with starry eyes as she stared at the bundle in her father's arms.

If she was anything like her fathers…she was going to be beautiful. Oh, it was so tempting to try and get a marriage contract done between them. Too bad she and Orion had decided to let that Black tradition die with them; they were doing more damage than good trying to keep the line 'pure' thus their son – hopefully more in future – would pick their own betrothed.

Another reason to be grateful – even unknowingly – to the Lord of Time.

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