Lord Of Time

Chapter 76

One Month Later

As soon as he got home, Tom kicked off his shoes and socks, sighing in relief as he stretched out. They had been training at Orion's today. Each Pure-blood had so many wards upon their properties that accidental magic was never registered. It enabled them to be trained for this upcoming fight, and a hell of a fight it would be. Tom was teaching them ruthlessly and without mercy. Grindelwald's fanatics would duel them viciously with intent to win, they wouldn't care that they were still students. So Tom would ensure they could fight back against all and anything the fanatics sent their way. Hadrian hadn't been there today, he'd been busy at St. Mungo's.

He found a plate of food on the table, still warm from the charm cast on it to keep it that way. The wards told him that Hadrian was in their bedroom, probably already conked out. Yesterday he had been training the others, then with him, then he'd been up at six am to get ready for his shift. No doubt he was exhausted, but they had to do it, it was imperative to get everyone trained up. Especially those he actually trusted the most – as much as he trusted any of them really – he wanted them with him to guard his back.

Claiming his seat, he ate the food in front of him with relish, it was definitely a meal Hadrian had made on his own. He knew Hadrian's home-cooked food from taste alone. The House-elves actually learned from Hadrian, his preferred meals, but they never tasted exactly the same. A lot of the dinners were pasta or rice based, with plenty of meat and chicken. They were always delicious, but after living off of the food in the Orphanage, anything was better than that swill.

Thinking on the duels today, Orion was definitely one of the best fighters of the group. He knew some serious spells that impressed him. Given he was the Black heir and he had a hell of a library he wasn't surprised. He would admit only to himself, that he sort of wished he could have delved into the Black library instead of duelling. Hell, Orion had given him permission to come over when he wanted to, in order to read what he liked, but the books never got taken out the library, he was firm on that even if there was worry in his eyes at stating such. Elaborating that they actually couldn't be taken out by anyone other than his parents or siblings. Tom actually wanted to test that theory, if anyone knew though, it would be Hadrian, but considering he did have Black blood in him...he might be able to take them out.

Avery was second best, since he wasn't including Abraxas, since he was not a student, but well trained in any situation. His father had ensured that his son could defend himself after he graduated Hogwarts. Hiring on the best of tutors, thus Abraxas was not only training with him but helping him train the others, especially when Hadrian wasn't there.

Having finished his meal, Tom banished the plate to the sink without conscious thought. It was only seven o'clock, but he was tired and made the decision to join Hadrian in bed. He wanted to finish reading his book anyway, which only had five chapters left.

Removing his cloak, he threw it on the couch before ambling up the stairs, making his way straight to their shared bedroom. Glancing immediately over at the bed, finding Hadrian asleep under the sheets, the duvet folded up at the bottom. Slowly and silently, Tom made his way into their en-suite and stripped down, gratefully removing the sweat soaked clothes he'd been wearing all day, shoving them into the laundry shoot – the House-elves would take care of them – and put the shower on and stepped into it. The warm spray getting rid of the sweat clinging to his body, washing away the only evidence of the hard work he'd done.

Briskly and efficiently, he soaped himself up, before stepping back under the spray, groaning and stretching out his aching muscles. His hair was washed next, and as soon as the water run clear of suds he stepped out, turning it off, wrapping a white towel around his waist. Using a smaller one to dry off his chest, face and hair until it was merely damp. Like Hadrian, Tom preferred not to use the drying charm, especially not on his hair, which became untameable with its usage.

Throwing the now wet towel in the laundry shoot, he stepped out, his feet padding lightly as he sat on the bed. The covers had been thrown slightly as Hadrian moved in his sleep. Revealing the thin, barely there, but visible, especially to him, scar that those bastards had given him. He clenched his teeth together, just thinking of what could have happened to him, it caused an untamed rage inside of him to expand dangerously.

He'd do anything to protect Hadrian, he'd never hesitate to kill anyone to tries to hurt him. Truthfully, Hadrian was the only thing that mattered to him. The only one to ever get through his impenetrable walls and make him care. To begin with he had been cautious of someone so powerful, seeing a potential enemy. It hadn't lasted long, his fascination had overrode his caution and common sense. He was grateful for it, because he had the one person in the world who knew him, what he was, who he was, what he wanted to do and he was still there. Had stood with him as he committed murder without caring. Had known he needed to do it. The Riddles had died and he did not regret it.

He'd never desired anyone, always wanted to be alone, relationships had been weaknesses in his eyes, just someone to hold over another person. Easier to get another to do his bidding, fear for their loved ones forcing their hands. He'd been so wrong, tying yourself to another didn't weigh you down, it raised you up.

He did wish he could make those bastards pay for what they did to Hadrian, Tom mused, as he absently trailed down the small mark that marred Hadrian's perfect skin. It would disappear completely after a few more uses of that salve he'd created and would market it after he finished with St. Mungo's. Those 'bastards' were unfortunately out of his reach for five years. They'd been given a really tough sentencing for attacking Hadrian. Their power and popularity within the Pure-blood circles enabling them to receive proper justice. Part of Tom hated the fact he'd have to wait so long to get his hands on them. Oh, he was going to torture them, slowly, intimately, in every way he knew how. He'd be smart though, he wasn't going to risk everything he was building just to get back at them. After all, in five years time their plans should be moving along smoothly.

Hadrian murmured under his breath, before his beautiful green eyes opened, gazing at Tom fondly his eyes sharpening as sleep left him. "Hey," he said, tiredness coating his voice, stretching out, a little yawn leaving his mouth.

"Hi," Tom replied sliding closer to Hadrian, pressing against him. Nothing, absolutely nothing would ever beat this closeness they shared. "How was it today?"

"Much busier," Hadrian said, green eyes gleaming with vicious satisfaction.

"What happened?" Tom asked, genuinely curious now, he could see Hadrian had done something, perhaps saved someone's life? He didn't think so though, that sort of feral satisfaction he was exuding was more vindictive really than happy that he'd saved someone's life.

"A woman came in, she had two breaks in her right arm, three broken ribs," Hadrian said, his teeth bared in disgust. "You could tell by the way she was walking she had hurt her right leg as well. She tried to tell us she fell down the stairs, the damn healer believed her without a second thought. Fucking idiot that he was. She'd sustained that attack by a vicious beating, she'd obviously curled up in order to protect herself hence the reasons the wounds were only on the right side of her body."

Tom listened to Hadrian, waiting patiently to hear what had happened.

"As soon as the stupid healer was gone, I began to question her, she was absolutely terrified of being found out. There was only one reason that would be, it was either her family or husband that did it, maybe both who knew? I made sure to find out that her husband was a wizard...and he was. It was definitely him she was afraid of, she didn't mind when I asked if I should contact her parents...but mentioning her husband...I couldn't let her go without something to protect herself." Hadrian explained, anger still visible through the bond.

"How did you do that?" Tom asked, as far as he knew there was nothing that could stop any physical assaults, magic protected against magic, not fists or feet.

"The healer handed over a potion but was called away to a more 'urgent' case," Harry grimaced in disgust, it was little wonder they needed more help, they were overworked, but healers shouldn't overlook shit like that in his book. Even if it meant others having to wait just a few more minutes. "I got everything she really needed and helped her, I was right about the bruises, in the end I got it out of her that her husband was furious she wasn't pregnant yet. She'd been taking potions on the sly so she didn't end up pregnant with the abusive fucker."

Tom nodded absently as his fingers trailed over Hadrian's body, the touch sensual but not too sexual. He could understand her desire to not produce offspring with a disgusting wizard like that. By understand, he didn't mean emotionally, just the concept of the idea. He honestly couldn't care less about a nameless witch, but Hadrian found some sort of happiness helping others then so be it.

"I put a permanent charm on her that would prevent it, less chance of her getting caught. Told her she'd need to find me if she ever wanted it off." Harry revealed, "Also added a retribution/Karmatic spell on her, keyed specifically for her husband. The next time the fucker puts a hand on her...he'll regret it." satisfaction pouring from him in droves, as he wore a proud and smug look on his face. Being married had its advantages, some anyway, his magic was inside her, enough so he could twist the spell to him to ensure it worked without even meeting the bastard.

"That's interesting," Tom admitted, eyes gleaming at the thought of the spell. He couldn't wait to see what the future was going to look like, what spells and charms would be out in sixty years that would allow these sort of things freely available. "Tell me more about the spell," he demanded, "When and were was it created?"

"Today, I twisted the retribution spell into something more," Hadrian revealed smugly, "It took a lot out of me to twist it specifically to the husband's magic though."

"You'll need to show me what you did," Tom said reverently, creating new magic from old spells was fascinating. He hadn't contemplated the idea, not when he was creating his own spells. He would have to remember that, although lately he hadn't been creating many spells, too busy training the others.

"I wrote it down in my book," Hadrian shrugged, it was always easier to read the results than explain how they did it, "You can read it for yourself." the one book where he wouldn't be publishing the contents of. Not all of them were light orientated, or really suitable to be published. Wizards kept spells in the family all the time, never publishing them, despite many people trying to pay them off for an absurd amount of money. He and Tom both had one, both kept secure for obvious reasons. They didn't trust anyone else with them.

Tom made a noise of agreement as his fingers trailed reverently up Hadrian's body, his fingers twisting at the nipples on delicious view all for him.

"How did it go today?" Hadrian asked, as he bit his lip arching up against the tugging. "Did they finally get the spell down?" it was hard to believe that they couldn't use the Imperius curse or the Killing Curse. Cruciatus curse they had down to a fine art. He supposed they were called the dark arts for a reason, in fact the magical world considered them the most sinister of spells – The Unforgivables – known to Wizardkind. Personally, Harry didn't agree, there were darker spells that left you dying in excruciating agony. The killing curse could be used for good, to end someone's suffering, to defend yourself. Yet simply using the spell on another human equated you to a life sentence in Azkaban.

"They did," Tom stated, he'd been very unhappy yesterday with their inability to cast two simple spells. His fingers just brushing against Hadrian now, as they got into another serious discussion.

"That's good and all, but you do realise they can't use them in this fight? Teaching them, using them...it might result in them accidentally using them in a fight to save themselves automatically and that will just lead them to a life sentence in Azkaban. I still reckon you shouldn't have taught them it, at least not until later when they're more used to fighting with spells they decide as their own." everyone had their favourite spells, everyone knew his had been the disarming charm. "The fight is going to happen to suddenly, too quickly well for the most part, and with too many people around for us to say all the dark spells were cast from Grindelwald's supporters."

Him using the disarming charm when he was fleeing the Dursley's had made them realize out of all the seven Doppelgänger Harry Potter's they had, that he was the right one, the real one. In future, it would need to be something they kept an eye on, especially if they didn't want caught. Unsurprisingly, it wasn't something he actually wanted. It could potentially lead back to Tom, and that was unacceptable.

Tom frowned thoughtfully, as he mulled over Hadrian's words, quite often he discarded Hadrian's suggestions. However, there were times when he was unusually serious like now, and his advice was always worth contemplating. He knew it was good advice, but he didn't want the others left vulnerable because they couldn't cast the correct spells.

"Then what would you suggest?" Tom asked after a few moments of silence.

"Easy, non-verbal, Wandless spells," Hadrian stated firmly.

"You say that as if it's easy," Tom said dryly, and it wasn't, well, for them it was, easy as breathing as a matter of fact. Not so easy for others, and trying to teach them non-verbal, Wandless magic wouldn't be easy, perhaps not even possible. They were powerful in their own right, but nowhere near his or Hadrian's capabilities.

Hadrian grinned in amusement, "Well considering I have infinitely much more patience than you, perhaps it should be left up to me?" half serious, half joking.

Tom didn't even pretend to be offended or deny that it was true. He was very impatient, he demanded perfection, and if that perfection didn't happen when he wanted it he got angry easily. Not that Hadrian was a saint, he got pissed off, it just took a hell of a lot more to annoy him. If anything seeing people trying to wind him up actually amused him to no end. "Are you going in tomorrow?" Tom asked, referring to his schedule at St. Mungo's. It wasn't always the same days, the schedule changed each week.

"No, I'm free for two days," Hadrian explained, shifting closer to Tom, the heat from the shower still evident in the warmth of Tom's skin. "I'll see what I've got to work with."

Tom chuckled in amusement, the sound of it vibrating through his chest.

"Do you know if Abraxas is capable of Wandless magic?" Hadrian pondered curiously, he knew he could do non-verbal spells, it was something taught at Hogwarts after all.

"Yes, now can we stop talking about them while we are in bed?" Tom groused almost sounding petulant.

Hadrian burst out laughing, turning over his chin resting on Tom's chest, as he stared up at him. His green eyes filled with fondness, shaking his head a little, wondering what he was going to do with him. He had started the conversation after all, but judging by the touches Tom's attention definitely wanted to be elsewhere tonight.

"Oh, I don't know, I'm not sure if I'm up for it," Hadrian teased.

"I'd believe that, if there wasn't a part of your anatomy pressed so ardently against me," Tom whispered seductively, black eyes gleaming with carnal desire. Just seeing Hadrian was enough to light a fire under him, the more vindictive he was the greater it became. That side of Hadrian never made an appearance often, so he made sure to cherish each moment, imprint it within mind mind for later perusal. Just thinking of it had made him harder, grasping Hadrian's hands he pressed them up against the pillows as he pressed himself on top of Hadrian, tearing a delighted gasp and a moan from both of them. He'd never get used to the intense feeling that washed over him at having Hadrian at his mercy, knowing he was causing this desire. To see him come undone under him, or on top of him he thought with a muffled groan slipping past his lips. Bad idea to think on those things.

Hadrian just smothered his amusement, smirking at Tom, knowing exactly what he was thinking and feeling. So without more ado, Hadrian arched up, drawing a curse from Tom, his retaliation was to bite his shoulder. Hadrian hissed at the throb and burn, before bearing down on Tom's nipple, not enough to truly hurt, but enough to get him back for that bite.

Their lovemaking that night was passionate, possessive, ardent and both arousing and slightly painful. The third time had both of them beyond exhausted sleep claimed them very easily before ten that night.

The Next Morning

Hadrian stumbled out of bed, groaning in discomfort at the light trying to burn out his retinas. Bloody Merlin, what the hell had they been thinking? He thought, as he limped to the bathroom, his ass ached, he was so going to kill Tom for this. A grin – belayed that thought – made it's way onto his face despite his obvious discomfort, thinking or not, last night had been incredible.

Although his body didn't quite agree with that yet, it was covered in bites, scratches and his neck was covered in little bruises where Tom had given him hicky's he realized upon seeing himself in the mirror in the bathroom. He'd given just as much as he received though, they didn't normally play quite so rough, but it had been so good, they definitely needed to do it again.

Stepping into the cubicle, he turned on the shower, which was warm immediately, his wound muscles slowly began to unwind. Closing his eyes, Harry faced upwards, letting the water rush down against his face, moving his head from side to side getting out the kinks. This new body wasn't as worn down as his old one had been. Even at twenty-one he'd been in constant pain, nothing he couldn't handle of course, but yes, he'd been persistent pain. The lack of food, the spells he'd been hit with, the unhealed hurts, the malnutrition, it all amounted to one fucked up body. One that no longer existed and wasn't a problem.

"What are you thinking?" Tom asked, standing in the doorway, eyeing Hadrian with intensity that would have surprised anyone other than the wizard he was gazing at. He'd been quietly relishing the rush through the bond, that was until they took an unpleasant turn.

Hadrian turned to face his husband, shaking his head his lips twitched showing his amusement, "It's nothing, it doesn't matter any more" and that was true.

Tom hummed, deciding to let it be, if it had been worth sharing, Hadrian would have done so. He already had a mental list of people he had to deal with in future...way in the future. He didn't like knowing he was having to wait for his revenge – sixty years as a matter of fact – on those who hurt his husband. Yet that wasn't what irked him the most, they wouldn't know why he was doing it.

"I told the others that training would take place here today," Tom informed him, letting him know they'd have company soon. When he told the others, he meant demanded of course.

Hadrian grimaced, remembering his promises last night, he'd been slightly distracted what could he say?

Tom chuckled in devious amusement before he turned and left, giving Hadrian a delicious view of his backside.

After showering thoroughly, Hadrian already dried wandered into the bedroom, "Tell me again why I agreed to help?"

"You're less liable to kill them?" Tom stated the obvious, as he finished getting dressed, leaving the door open for Hadrian to help himself, "You also don't like when I torture them, which is ironic, considering you've tortured Avery far greater than I ever did." admittedly that was only because he hadn't known you could use the Cruciatus Curse within Hogwarts and get away with it. Even after the latest debacle with those foreign wizards he hadn't tortured Avery as much as Hadrian did that day the idiot had tried to kill him using a snake of all things.

"And what...you weren't tempted to kill him?" Hadrian asked, snorting in bemusement as he too got dressed.

"I didn't say that," Tom replied, he had been tempted to kill him, and if they hadn't been in Hogwarts he would have done just that. Instead he had been treated to a delectable sight of Hadrian in all his vengeful fury.

"Get your head out of the gutter," Hadrian laughed, shaking his head, nudging him for effect. "When are the others coming? Same time as usual?"

"Yes," Tom replied, ten o'clock, enough time for breakfast, a little bit of a lie in and then training begun.

"Then we have an hour to have breakfast," Hadrian relaxed a little, enough time for it to actually get into his stomach before he begun the hassle of trying to train them Non-verbal and Wandless magic. Not his idea of fun, nor would they consider it a good time. It wasn't going to be easy, and he'd be very surprised if anyone managed it for months yet. There was a reason Wandless classes at Hogwarts were so small in terms of people. Not many took the classes, and for good reason. It was a long arduous process with only a few people able to do more than a very simple spell.

What he was asking of them was even more difficult, not just Wandless magic, but non-verbal to top it off.

He would need to figure how best to teach them as individuals not as a group. Everyone had different ways of achieving their goals.

"Come on, lets get this show on the road," Hadrian said determinedly, wandering out of his bedroom, the smell of breakfast already wafting up the stairs, beckoning them down.

Within twenty minutes they had polished off their plates, a full English breakfast was exactly what they needed to do to start the day.

Forty minutes later, the first of their friends began to emerge from the fireplace. Abraxas was unsurprisingly the first to appear, he was the most prompt of them all. It helped that he didn't need to endure any worry from his parents before they finally let him leave.

"How are you enjoying your apprenticeship?" Abraxas asked, grey eyes gleaming.

"Enjoyable," Hadrian admitted, his relationship with Abraxas had settled somewhat, mostly due to the fact Abraxas didn't end up annoying the hell out of him. That and the fact he probably didn't want to get on Tom's bad side. Abraxas as Draco's double, it was uncanny really. Even Lucius wasn't quite a double of Abraxas, the hair and eyes and stature as well as the aristocratic features. "It's quite an achievement," he was the youngest there, but that wasn't why he was doing it.

"Mail for Master Hadrian," Dobby said handing over Hadrian's mail, a little shy due to the fact Abraxas was there and wary too. He immediately popped towards Tom and silently handed over Tom's mail before he was gone.

Abraxas glanced speculatively at Hadrian, "Is it something you want to do after leaving Hogwarts?" genuinely curious. Being a healer didn't pay well, nor did it offer much in the way of promotions, it was a dead end job, menial labour.

"Not at St. Mungo's," Hadrian said, lips twisting, "Without Healers and Potion Masters we wouldn't have the lives we do. They deserve our respect, and more importantly they should be paid more and their discoveries and inventions should be their own." Abraxas especially, he died in the care of the healers, at home admittedly, but he still died with a healer by his side. Dying excruciatingly of Dragon Pox, in a time where there were no cure or potions to aide him losing his magic at the same time. Just thinking of it made him shudder.

Abraxas just waved his hand, dismissing Hadrian's words.

"How are you with Wandless magic?" Hadrian asked, Abraxas would learn he was right one day, for now it was time to concentrate on more important matters. Sitting with his mail still in his hand, he opened the first letter and read it in titbits to see if it was important or interesting. Humming in interest, he set it aside, glancing at Abraxas expectantly.

"I've never taken the class, I have no interest in such a useless endeavour." Abraxas explained, pondering on why Hadrian would even ask. He was distracted by Avery and Orion stepping through the fireplace.

"This is...fascinating," Hadrian blinked at the missive.

"What is?" Tom asked, moving closer, reading the letter over Hadrian's shoulder, sensing his genuine fascination with whatever he just felt.

"Did you know the Greengrass' have a genetic blood disease?" Hadrian queried.

"Yes," Abraxas told them, "It makes getting them a bride very difficult, nobody wants to marry their child off to someone who won't live past thirty. The only upside they have working for them is the fact they're in the sacred twenty-five. Graham Greengrass is very sick right now, he hasn't even turned twenty yet." too sick to even marry someone.

Hadrian frowned thoughtfully, Lord Greengrass who was frail, weak and only forty was asking for his help. He had two sons, one was very sick and liable to die before him, something Lord Greengrass is begging him to prevent. Apparently his published work had convinced the Lord that he could help him. He wasn't actually sure he could, but he also knew that in his time the Greengrass name was no more. The last two Greengrass' had been two girls, Daphne and Astoria, one married Draco ironically enough...the other had remained unmarried, but fairly promiscuous, considering what he'd just learned it was little wonder. Why have a kid if you were just going to die? Leaving them to a short life as well? "Every single one of them? It doesn't miss any of them?"

"Everyone of them inherits it," Orion gave his own input. "Their graveyard is filled with people who never live to see their fiftieth birthdays. Youngest to die because of the condition was eleven years old, the day before they were due to start Hogwarts," it was the worst kept secret when it came to information that they all knew, but kept quiet from outsiders. By outsiders that meant those who weren't Pure-blood's. They were born with a ticking time bomb, it was no way to live your life. "You reckon you can do something for them?"

"I have no idea, I'd need to do testing, scans, blood works the whole nine yards," Hadrian mused thoughtfully, "Genetic blood diseases can't be fully cured through non-magical means, but they can be managed and sometimes symptoms ceased for a time. I've never heard of any genetic blood testing being done by the magical world, if I did do this...I'd be opening a whole new world of science for us." excitement filled him at the thought of being success, and not for the Greengrass' benefit either, but for him, for science, for magical science. The money Greengrass was offering him was nothing on the prospect of creating something new. Something that wasn't even available in his own time.

Tom cleared his throat, giving Hadrian a pointed look, he was getting way off topic at the moment. As much as he loved to see Hadrian's beautiful mind at work, this wasn't the time to get distracted.

Hadrian huffed, rolling his eyes, "Fine, fine," he grumbled, shoving his letter back into the envelope he shoved them to the corner of the couch. Keeping them safe until he returned, the others wouldn't dare open his mail he knew that.

Tom just smirked, only Hadrian would get away with such disrespect and especially in front of the others.

"Let's go to the duelling room," Hadrian stated, standing up, expecting the others to follow him as he moved swiftly from the living room – or sitting room it was officially called – but Hadrian didn't care for it. The room wasn't a built duelling room, but a converted one. It was just a simple guest bedroom, that hadn't been made up into one. It was situated next door to a study/library. They had done a lot of shifting to make it theirs, putting things were they wanted them. The bathroom in their bedroom had been one such place, the shower was just divine.

"Alright, I want you to put your wands on the table over there," Hadrian called to them, from the middle of the room. Pointing towards the side of the room where the tables were situated along the wall with the windows. He flipped out his own wand and stalked over and placed it on the table. He didn't need to fear them, he was capable of Wandless magic, and even at that, if they tried anything he trusted Tom implicitly to have his back.

Black, Avery, Nott, Lestrange, Dolohov and the others – except Abraxas – all swung around to glance at Tom, as if seeking an understanding as to why this was happening. Or perhaps they just realized how long the day was actually going to be, knowing or suspecting exactly what they'd be doing.

"We don't have all day!" Tom retorted seriously, and they didn't, sometimes they trained all day, but only half of that was with magic. There was a reason students didn't or weren't supposed to use magic during the summer holiday's. It allowed their magical cores a chance to fully replenish, to rest and get ready for another hectic year of magic casting. He had been casting magic since he was old enough to realize what it was, way younger than the age of eleven. Hadrian had as well, without the realisation that it was magic, simply believing himself to be a freak of nature, an abomination, or all those despicable things those disgusting Muggles called him. Believing it too, oh, those Muggles would definitely pay, whether they damn well knew why it was happening or not.

He was very grateful that Hadrian didn't believe that about himself, because Tom would have been disgusted by it. Powerful or not, if he'd let the opinion of two – perhaps three if you include the cousin – pathetic Muggles cloud who he really was...he would have seen him as weak. Not that it mattered, he wasn't and that was the end of it.

The others reluctantly removed their own wands and complied with Hadrian's request. Order really.

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